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Author(s): Nusrat
total rating:7.94 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Christian 8 7 8 8
DJ Full 6 8 8 7
dmdibl 7 8 9 8
Jack& 8 8 9 6
Jay 7 8 8 8
Jose 7 8 8 7
MichaelP 9 9 9 8
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ruben 5 7 9 8
Ryan 8 8 9 8
Scottie 9 8 8 9
Soul 7 9 8 6
category averages
(12 reviews)
7.50 8.08 8.50 7.67

Reviewer's comments

"I may have rated this one a bit too high, but I decided not to let the few flaws interfere with my experience here. Yes, the copious amounts of vegetation is a little annoying. Yes, the looping music could get on your nerves. Yes, the frame rate slowdown drags it down a bit (although I personally never found it to be a major problem. It was definitely less annoying than in other levels). And yes, the jumpswitches are a bit too sneakily hidden. But those minor negatives didn't spoil my wonderful experience with this surprisingly long level (over an hour and a half net time for me). What I enjoyed most was the sheer variety of tasks to perform, many of them challenging but not frustratingly so. There are plenty of timed runs, enjoyable jumping exercises, traps, object puzzles and the ultimate objective of getting four boulders to free the monkey was neat. The audio can get annoying (as mentioned above) but it mostly fits really well. Definitely worth looking at, despite the relatively low average score." - Ryan (20-May-2018)

"Another level made of cuboid rooms filled with blocks and shelves, why not to create something which looks like something? Gameplay is a proper mission very nicely highlighted with text lines, the boulder puzzle and torch guidance during timed runs are quite inventive but everything else is casual and certain jumpswitches aren't even visible from close distance so I got stuck several times despite of attention gained from a Taras game just a day earlier. Secrets are useful but then provide ammo after weapons are removed, an anachronism which could be cleared in betatesting stage. Another issue overlooked is possible savegame corruption on game restart so it's best to play it without breaks, all together very strong argument in favor of using the walkthru. The strongest point the level is especially worth to play for is music and signposts which bring an extra dose of Indian mood. I wonder if this is something Mytly could translate... SUMMARY: Quite troubling but surely having some meaning. I'm particularly curious about this builder, we should see more of him." - DJ Full (14-Mar-2017)

"I have no idea how I missed this one when it was released nearly three years ago, and I'm amazed that there have been only nine reviews before this one. It's a thoroughly delightful and complex (of the hair-pulling variety) Indian romp that took me nearly two and a half hours to complete. There are several fiendish timed runs which, with the help of Jose's fine walkthrough, I was able to conquer with a reasonable number of tries. The lighting is good, and about the only complaint I have is all that vegetation hanging in your face while you're trying to move around. No, there's one thing more. Some of the ambient native background music got on my nerves after a while, to the extent that I shut off the music for large chunks of the level. But on the whole I had a wonderful time here. High recommendations." - Phil (18-Jul-2012)

"I may be a little generous with my scoring, but I decided to not hold the one single substantial gameplay flaw against the author, when the rest of the 2+ hours was so imaginative and inspired. The flaw is of course the rather too well hidden jumpswitch that brings gameplay to a grinding halt in a huge multi level room. I easily spent half an hour running around there until consulting the walkthrough. From there it does flow quite smoothly though and apparently my PC equipment allowed me to not have any technical problems running the level (such as graphics glitches or darkness - I did not have to use a single flare). What this level stands out for is the great diversity in activity that you need to go through - often coupled with some unusual ideas, two great timed runs and 4 great secrets - well, probably 6 great secrets, but I proudly found only 4 of them. The audio choice is unique and brilliant as well and gave this adventure another little extra spin. So, all in all, I really liked this one a lot and it kept my interest peaked for the entire time of playing it. Much better a level than its current average score is telling you..." - MichaelP (05-Apr-2010)

"I was allowed to test this level and I must say, which he become substantially better. Though he felt well already before, indeed, here there were many Shortcuts and many possibilities to see the "end of the world". It would be difficult to enumerate all rooms which I have liked, hence only a few successful examples:
The central place with four Rollingballs and the building in the middle: One can say, that this the control center is. From here one reaches the most other areas and here one comes back over and over again. A small problem is the Jumpswitch. He is hidden a little bit too good.
The big lava space with many sloping and the crocodiles: nusrat had to rebuild here quite a lot, because there were many unlawful ways to get the key. However nothing has changed to the very nice atmosphere. And it is a very good idea to switch off the opponents with the Rollingball.
I could enumerate even more rooms, but these were my favorites. In the water space with the lever in the middle a few Rollingballs would have quite felt less well. Though the jumps were relatively easy, but the flow of play balked here a little bit. All together this is a very nice level with many good ideas." - Scottie (09-Feb-2010)

"A lot of work and talent has gone into this India level. It is richly decorated, and so filled with grasses and plants and hanging ferns and objects that my screen display was sluggish. Sometimes Lara would move in molasses, or jerkily. Probably best played on a modern fast computer. No doubt everything is very beautiful and atmospheric on a flat panel LCD monitor, though few players will enjoy having vegetation plastered right over jump switches. I played about halfway through, then stopped until I was able to consult Jose's walkthrough. There is an area with four spike-protected switches that other players found buggy: Lara is supposed to push two crates into water to remove the spikes, but it doesn't work. Finally I discovered that Lara could push the west crate into water, then run to the switch (first on the right) that was made safe, then come back and push the second crate into water, and finish the switches. (Lara did not move the third crate for the secret until after the switches were done.) At one point Lara jumps from fenced-in walkways to platforms, and pushes a boulder, then reaches a lever to release that boulder, and I had no idea of the purpose of these tasks. Worse, when Lara drops down to where that boulder killed crocodiles, one croc remained--and all of Lara's weapons had vanished! (Earlier, there had been a screen display, with words at the bottom of the screen, but several lines overwrote each other at once. Maybe this unreadable message had something to do with the lost weapons.) A flare bug developed, and this level desperately needs flares. At the end, Lara frees the holy monkey (given what had gone before, Lara was tempted to shoot it). In conclusion, an accomplished level that should be impressive, but that is too crowded with objects and vegetation for normal movement or visibility. A few bugs add to the confusion. The game play ideas are good, and there is much that is fresh and imaginative. Worth trying out to see if it suits you and your computer equipment." - dmdibl (10-Dec-2009)

"it's not an easy task to review this level. I had to fight with all bugs mentioned in the forum and additionally I couldn't save anymore. It was so boring. I finally finished it at all. Why didn't I stop playing? For it's full of great ideas, stunning timed runs, unorthodox ways and solutions. The builder has high creative potential. I hope he'll get it on solid ground next time." - Christian (04-Dec-2009)

"well i just finished this one .... what i can say ...all knows me that i dont throw with high marks only at very good games ..... but i find the overall rating off 7.5 a bit on the low side .... beside i dont encontered any bugg like i was read from the forums .... well this game is nics crafted with some tough timed runs and spike traps &fliping timed trapdoors overall is not a walk in the park ...i find a bit tough the time run for the 4th key over platforms with turns and twists moustly cos some blind jumps on the way ...the main jobb is to release the 4 boulders on the main hall and get the crowbar to open the door and free the monkey ... off course u need 5 keys for 5 doors untill u release all 4 boulders ... i was like this adventure only the graphics i dont find sharp enuogh .... recomanded ..." - Jack& (02-Dec-2009)

"I'll get my nitpicks out of the way first. This level is a bit buggy. It ran so slowly on my computer at times that I was getting motion sickness from the juddering, my savegames kept corrupting and at one point pushing two cages to deactivate spikes failed so I had to rely on a savegame very kindly posted in the stuck threads. Having said all that, provided you have the patience to put up with such irritations (and of course you may not experience any of them, such is the mysterious nature of the level editor) this is a game worth playing. The gameplay is sophisticated and clever, albeit at times confusing, and the atmosphere is extremely well crafted, with most appropriate music throughout (even the secret 'chime' is courtesy of a sitar). Without the bugs, I would certainly have rated it higher in the gameplay category." - Jay (01-Dec-2009)

"Good attemp from the author but it seems that this level was nor properly tested. I've found several bugs, some serious; situations where you need to reload if you want continue playing, sometimes there's no way to go back if you do something wrong and get stucked easily; in the main huge area, there was no good for me to look for a very hidden jumpswitch wasting a lot of time; in the forums people said that there's a camera for it, but in my game that camera never appeared; there were many other cameras to help you, but sometimes the shots were about places you'd not visited yet. There are interesting ideas, and the level is well builded, but a lot of players got problems in different aspects. The best for me were the aproppriate musics and the ambience in general." - Jose (30-Nov-2009)

"It's kind of hard to review this level as the builder seriously put some hard work into it: Lara has to solve some clever puzzles and explore huge areas with loads of things to do. But while playing this level I have the feeling that this game was kind of rushed. I decided to do this review category by category so that I don't forget to mention anything. Gameplay: This category is definitely one of nusrat's strengths. He has realised some awesome ideas and used the great TRNG for it. So be prepared for some entertaining, clever, never-seen puzzles as well as old-school-ones such as timeruns, nice jumping sequences and pushable block puzzles. I would really like to give this category a 10 but sadly there are also some gameplay killers and I have the feeling that this game wasn't tested properly. If the game is ready for release it's always good to have another tester who has never seen the scenery. This way two Dead Ends, some illegal slopes, randomly placed death squares, invisible blocks in front of doors (only to name a few frustrating moments while playing) could have been avoided. I just can't give this category I higher rating than 7 but look forward to nusrats 3rd level as he definitely knows what good gameplay is. Objects, Secrets, Enemies: Again I find it sad that I can't just say:"All the object were fitting the scenery perfectly - 10 points" even if this seems to be another of nusrats strengths. If this category only was about objects I would give it a 10. Nusrat placed every blade of grass and every single plant with passion for detail and you really have the feeling that you are exploring a huge temple complex in the middle of the Indian jungle. But one thing I did not like was the way the enemies where placed. We all know that each enemy has to be triggered in the editor but while playing I don't want to notice this. I don't want a tiger or a crocodile to appear out of nowhere in a room where he would never be in the reality. This might be nit-picking but I just don't want to be reminded that it's just a game while I'm raiding tombs in this Indian temple... Atmosphere, Sound, Cameras: I'm especially interested how other reviewers rate this category as nusrat put in some uncommon audiofiles. I liked them but think that they could have been shortened a bit. On the one hand they increased the atmosphere as they fit the theme perfectly but on the other hand I found it a little bit disruptive due to their length. I loved the music during these great flybys but while playing I prefer a thrilling backgroundsound instead. Also 000.wav, the attention-sound was triggered each time Lara walked on the trigger. The most difficult thing to rate in a C-Level for me is atmosphere as it's influenced by all the other categories. The objects and the greenish lightening and the great architecture definitely increased the atmosphere, the bad placed enemies decreased it a little bit. However I couldn't put this game aside and enjoyed playing it very much. Textures, Lighting: Mostly the textures were applied well but I think that this category is nusrats weakness. It shouldn't be like that but if a player walks into a room with 98 nice and 2 stretched textures he will basically concentrate on the stretched ones as they just don't fit the scenery. During playing this level you encounter loads of stretched, squished or badly rotated textures and cracks. Also some textures just don't seem to fit or weren't applied"seamless". Lighting was pretty good (mostly different shades of green were used) Last but not least I just want to say that I can totally recommend this game to everyone. My review sounds rather negative (I didn't want it to be like that) but I think it's the best if the player forms its own opinion. It's definitely worth it." - Soul (28-Nov-2009)

"Sorry , but after reloading 10 savegames that don`t work at some stage of the game leaving Lara behind with the well known very long ponytail stuck and frozen I've had enough ! The builder says its a common NGLE fault but why does it work in other adventures then ? So far I was coming close to the end despite this very annoying feature ? just to say I have seen a short adventure with fantastic custom music , far too many keys and two crates pushed into the water that did not work their purpose . So it`s a Dead End . Other players were luckier than me (as in the forums) and did not encounter the full blow of inconveniences I had to suffer from . I cannot recommend this game to players who have not the time to load and reload it all day long to make it work ." - Ruben (28-Nov-2009)
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