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Author(s): Turbo Pascal
total rating:7.18 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 8 6 8 6
Ceamonks890 8 6 5 5
dmdibl 8 8 7 7
eTux 9 8 7 5
Fabio 7 8 6 8
Gerty 8 8 7 5
Jose 7 7 7 8
manarch2 7 7 6 6
MichaelP 8 7 7 6
Nuri 10 10 9 10
Obig 8 7 8 6
Orbit Dream 8 7 2 3
Phil 7 7 8 8
Ryan 7 7 7 8
Torry 9 10 9 7
Treeble 6 7 6 7
vienna 8 7 7 7
category averages
(17 reviews)
7.82 7.47 6.82 6.59

Reviewer's comments

"This is quite a solid effort for a TR2 level. It's fairly lengthy at around 48 minutes and the gameplay manages to entertain by presenting the player with all of the classic TR2 elements we know and love: timed trapdoor runs, breakable tiles, quests for keys, a block puzzle that was quite well executed despite the inevitable tedium, bounce pads and a few tense battles against the thugs. The rooms are a bit devoid of furniture, but the textures had a bit of a colourful look that I quite liked, despite a few clipping errors with them. Nice one." - Ryan (11-Jun-2018)

"Another masterful level from Turbo. Sure, the graphics were sometimes lacking with fade outs and such but the game play (which is most important) was as usual exemplary. Loved this hour long romp in TR2 territory. The one moveable box puzzle near the end was a bugger to work out. Here you have all the great TR2 experiences. The moving spike walls, giant spiders, slamming doors with teeth, sharks, jump pads and those collapsible tiles. Loved it. Thanks Turbo." - Torry (09-May-2018)

"Turbo Pascal is quite humble in saying this level is only a collection of rooms intended to test his tools (context: long before we had an official Level Editor, he alone reverse engineered the Tomb Raider engine and created a toolkit of his own, thanks to which we have non-TR4 custom levels), but the reality is that this leve packs quite a lot. Ok, so the rooms are boxy and perhaps often too big, but generally speaking they look nice - I was especially surprised by the quality of TR5 textures in the TR2 engine - and you always have something to do. Mostly traps, but there are some puzzles along the way, including a simple two-tiered pushblock one that took me a while to realize what was supposed to be done. Might be losing my edge. 40 minutes. 05/17" - Treeble (28-May-2017)

"Great TR2-level from year 2002. The pool with sharks was hard if you didnt find the harpon. Big spiders was great piece of this level. The hardest puzzle is to find solute right sequences of switches. Breakable tiles and textures makes this level recommendable." - vienna (12-Dec-2016)

"Another good level from this author. The classic and typical TR2 features: moving spiked walls, breakable tiles, spiked swinging bags... You'll find the big spiders, sharks (dangerous pool with 4 levers to pull) and bad guys; the last one who dropped the golden mask was hard to kill (I disposed only of the pistols 'cause I wasted all the automatic pistols ammo). Perhaps the three moveable blocks puzzle was a bit tedious, but usually the gameplay is entertaining, lineal and nice to play. As usual from this author, the rooms are very nude without objects, and I didn't find secrets. The best, the texturization. This 45 minutes level was worth to play for me." - Jose (08-Aug-2016)

"This is a TR2 level, so don't expect much. At least it didn't crash on me, as several TR2 levels have done lately. In certain places, particularly near the end, the textures flicker in and out of view, but I assume that's an inherent failing of the game engine. Gameplay is relatively uncomplicated and straightforward, although that needlessly tedious block puzzle consumed a good chunk of the hour that it took me to play the level. Someone who called himself Virus-Inside has provided a remarkably clear walkthrough. Too bad he's not still around to write some more of them. Nothing really memorable here, but it's well worth the download." - Phil (05-Aug-2015)

"Wow!! Many puzzles, enemies and a lot of fun at the same time." - Nuri (07-Jul-2015)

"And it seems like Turbo Pascal's found a good niche to build his 'Fenician Temple' series around, as the gameplay is still quite as entertaining as you'd expect here, with the addition of TR2 traps and bouncepads adding quite a bit to the formula, alongside a good variety of enemies thrown the player's way(including giant spiders, several types of gunmen and sharks.) Having said that though, I'm disappointed to see that not much effort seems to have been made on the textures and lighting since 'Fenician Temple 2', and with a lack of objects on top of noticeably blocky level design, leads to a particularly flat atmosphere on the whole. Still, if you're willing to ignore these major gripes for the purpose of having fun, then go for it. As this is one level that has to be played through once at the very least, just to see what kind of thing you'll run into next." - Ceamonks890 (19-Aug-2014)

"Wow, that was fun. This level is a must to play and you will have fun. Just don't look to close to the textures or even the environment but as game-play goes.. you will not be bored. There is for every one something he likes and altogether it kept me busy for over an hour. The timed run is not that hard to do and jumping breakable tiles might have you reloading once or twice. The level itself is sort of straight forward and I jumped in my chair with some of the enemies I encountered. Especially those very, very hungry sharks almost at the end. There are also some nice puzzles to solve. You'll have fun, I promise you that." - Gerty (15-Dec-2013)

"It's hard to say this level is better or worse in comparison to the previous FT level, as on the one hand there are a couple of really interesting gameplay ideas realised in this level, on the next hand it often feels as the direct continuation of the second installment with a myriad of different traps, on the other hand the gameplay is rather over-paced in my opinion. There is no denying of the quite quirky ideas the builder had - the usage of breakable tiles, bounce pads and most of the traps TR 2 offers are used very nicely throughout the whole 25 minutes this game lasted for me and the block puzzle at the end was pretty well set up; the solution for the six lever enigma that was part of the mentioned block puzzle was a tad too clumsy though. But the way to kill the two sharks little earlier was pretty clever in my opinion - the health-reserving strategy is to shoot them from the small hole where they can't follow you - and the rolling blade/lever trap/puzzle was quite unique and challenging. I also liked the usage of the teleporter which is even better done as in the previous FT offering as you get to explore a rather dream-like blueish area that worked well for me. Still, the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired, as mentioned I think it is too fast-paced in my opinion as you mostly don't spend more than a couple of minutes in one of the rooms before you move on and on in a very linear fashion. The architecture was still not overly complicated and the textures were often wallpapered making the whole appearance being rather crude, but the colorful texture set from TR 3 was creating a nice twist to the first two levels of this series. And the boss fight with first five gunmen and thereon a modified (Pierre-like) Bartoli was quite a nice finale to this level that ended all too soon and abruptly." - manarch2 (08-Sep-2012)

"It's always fun to play a level made by the level-editior himself, as the Fenician Temples are like water divisors in TREditor history. I liked the gameplay, and Turbo Pascal shares the TRE file too, so anyone can use the maps to do their very own version of this. It's a very linear level, so there's no need to return to any of the visited rooms - a usual thing in Tomb Raider series and the reason for me to lower the gameplay. I missed secrets too, there's none of them. In the shark's pool, a bug don't allow you to swin up to breath. The great usage of collapsible floors makes regular saves necessary, as it will be impossible to go on if you miss one of them. In spite of that, I liked the colorful textures and got amazed by the great variety of enemies and traps - something difficult to do in a TR2 level due the engine limitations. Totally worth it!" - Fabio (03-Jan-2011)

"I played them out of order, so coming from the huge Fenician Temple 4 level, this one seems almost a little underwhelming, but it still gives you about 45 minutes of a very entertaining raid. In fact, it has a lot going for it, as it is always clear what to do next and never too hard to achieve, but not too simplistic either with many traps and the occasional enemy. The breaktiles were well used and also the bouncepads, which are great fun. I was a bit annoyed with the room with the many switches, which promised a puzzle that turned out not to be one and the tedious push block exercise in the same room. Also had a bit of trouble in killing the two sharks with the harpoon gun. In comparison the boos fight at the end with Pierre was a piece of cake. Overall, a solid and recommended adventure." - MichaelP (29-May-2010)

"Many puzzles, but many traps in the same time. Don't miss the harder weapons. In this part you can kill Pierre too. As you going on the level, you will find diving boards from the TR2 too, so you can jump huge. I suggest this level for everyone." - Obig (11-Apr-2010)

"This is an interesting level with great game play. The textures are clean but there is not much decoration. Nice background sound and lighting. Good use of a variety of classic TR2 elements. Collapsing tiles, moving spike walls, swinging spike balls and even some spring boards. A few surprises like the drop into the blue underworld with the attacking giant spiders and also a dive with great white sharks. A very enjoyable level with quite a few challenges like a jump series of collapsing tiles and some other goodies. I had lots of fun playing through this one. The push block room was my least favorite part. It just seemed to take forever to get those blocks where you want them. I would highly recommended thos level for TR2 fans!" - Blue43 (22-Mar-2010)

"A good entry in the Fenician Temple series, in which the author demonstrates current features available in the DXTRE3D unofficial editor. The surroundings are rather basic, but the point here is to confront Lara with challenges, having her avoid multiple roller blades, squeak past moving spike walls, or run over collapsing tiles. This keeps players constantly involved, and is a lot of fun. As this is TR2 there are a few bounce pads; enemies include giant spiders and two sharks that seem delighted when Lara drops in on them (the harpoon gun is here). Lara did spend some time in the push block and lever room. I had read the author's extensive readme, and it mentions players' puzzlement about the combination for the six wall levers. Turbo Pascal says that the solution can be found. In this author's TR3 "Return to Palace Midas," Lara discovers codes for five switches as each new combination is needed. I was expecting something similar here, so Lara hunted about for the code underneath a push block and so on. I was forced to read the walkthrough to find the in-plain-sight solution. There is a gun battle near the end with heavily armed thugs, so it makes Lara's life a lot easier if she finds the automatic pistols. Recommended." - dmdibl (21-Feb-2010)

"Clearly designed to showcase all of the various gameplay elements of TR2,this makes no concession whatsoever to aesthetics.It's not that the textures are wallpapered (although they are,but bearably so),it's just that the level's whole appearance is one of remorseless utilitariansim; it's geared up entirely for gameplay enjoyment and not at all for beauty.It must be said,however,that it succeeds admirably in the former category,as the 55 minutes that I spent here were continuously enjoyable and full of action and movement.Gauntlets by the dozen;a wide variety of enemies;a thought-provoking push-block puzzle;and a sense of non-stop forward linear movement.Great fun!" - Orbit Dream (13-Jan-2010)

"Being familiar with Turbo Pascal's style - you probably wouldn't play it for eye-candy. As far as that goes, your views won't be changed drastically here - the effort put into shaping the room geometry seems minimal - both the geometry and the texturing is more functional, with little artistic value to appreciate, though it does look fairly solid overall. What any level of Turbo Pascal's shines for however is the gameplay - and this is probably as good as it gets for TR2 levels. The traps are tricky enough to keep you scratching your head at times and to test your agility skills another, but enjoyable to master nonetheless! The enemies come in reasonable amounts, though conquering the 2 sharks took some reevaluating of strategies as I don't get that many underwater battles in my regular TR custom level routine. The springboards, collapsible tiles and movable blocks have their shining moments too, all amounting to one fairly inventive and fun 40 minute game. If you need a good looking game to keep you constantly captivated, this probably won't do much for you, but if you can overlook that you will be in for a ride with all the great gameplay moments you get here. Recommended." - eTux (12-Jan-2010)
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