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Author(s): Voldemar777
total rating:5.23 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 5 6 5 4
dmdibl 5 6 5 5
eTux 5 6 6 4
Gerty 5 6 6 4
Jose 3 4 3 5
manarch2 3 5 4 4
MichaelP 4 7 6 4
Nuri 10 8 7 7
Obig 5 6 6 5
Orbit Dream 4 6 5 6
Ryan 4 6 6 5
Treeble 3 4 7 6
category averages
(12 reviews)
4.67 5.83 5.50 4.92

Reviewer's comments

"I could paraphrase an early review one of my levels received at some point in the last 20 years to summarize this level, something along the lines of "bang! bang! bang-bang! oh and bang!", because what you get here is pretty much that. The mansion itself is rather nice looking I thought, but the exterior area is often plagued by the horizon breaking in and there are so many baddies running around you might find them popping in and out of existance. Crucial to gameplay is retrieving the items they drop, as 7 of the 40+ enemies will leave behind keys you need to proceed. In this new run I managed to miss one, so I had to double check pretty much every dead body left behind and that wasn't quite as fun as shooting them all down in the first place, which really wasn't the most exciting thing I've done today. 30 minutes. 05/17" - Treeble (28-May-2017)

"Shoot, shoot and shoot all the time. Hundreds of enemies, you'll have to explore carefully all the corpses to get all the keys you need. No puzzles to solve, I think the very long final coridor in the sewers before the end of the level was totally unnecessary. If you are a killer, it's a level for you." - Jose (01-Nov-2016)

"This is a plain, unabashed and shameless shooter. If that sounds like your thing, give it a go. I sort of enjoyed having to use my more powerful weaponry against the massed attacks, but the rest of the level revolves around finding switches and a lot of keys. Lighting wasn't bad, although texturing seemed patchily applied." - Ryan (09-Jul-2016)

"This level is perfect for all those, who love shooting and killing^^. There's a big villa to explore with many enemies to shoot and some keys to collect. I couldn't find many weapons, so I had some trouble while playing this but it's good..." - Nuri (09-Jul-2015)

"If this level manages to demonstrate one thing above all in particular, it's that on the unlikely chance Lara ever runs out of tombs to raid in future, she could always try applying for a position in hired assassination schemes. But anyway on a more serious note, this debut release isn't too bad if you're a fan of shooters and will most certainly offer a satisfying 23-25 minutes of gameplay, depending on if you manage to find all the keys or not rather quickly, in-between the slaughter of all of Toni's security force, for the priceless jewel Lara is after in this escapade. Overall though, despite some tedious searching for that one key I missed near the end amongst all the enemy bodies and finding the outer perimeter of the level design a bit too barren for my taste(on top of texturing that could have used quite a bit more variation from room to room), I still had a fun time gunning down anyone that managed to get in my way, remaining ever cautious about any deadly opponent that could show up out of nowhere and gun me down in retaliation, without so much as a warning. However, while relatively harmless for fans of shooter levels, if you're one of those who are craving a TR experience built more around puzzles and exploration rather than combat, than steer well clear of this one and download another level more attuned to your tastes, as this release probably isn't going to satisfy you as easily as others." - Ceamonks890 (17-Aug-2014)

"If you are a fan of shooter levels, this will be the heaven for you. I don't know, but I think I had to kill 50 enemies. A bit unrealistic, of course, to break into a house with so much guardians, but OK. Gameplay only consists of searching several keys, which is quite hard because you have to shoot every guy to look if he has got one. The mansion was well-built, was completely different from Lara's. The outside area was rather barren, I wish there would be other textures than just grass. All in all, a nice beginner level." - manarch2 (12-Jul-2010)

"Be aware this is a nasty shooter. You have to keep your distance and flip sideways or back wards to get them all, as you have to get the six Keys these goons are carrying. As well as ammo and better hardware. The house on the inside is bigger than on the outside suggests. I could have done without the more than a minute wade through green goo, but Lara leaves with a jewel. Not bad for a days work." - Gerty (23-Apr-2010)

"Just fights and bloody killings on the level. And you have to kill everyone, because you have to collect keys, but just under the boddies. You can find a lot of weapons, medipacks for the killings." - Obig (11-Apr-2010)

"I've changed my mind about this level; I enjoyed this quintessential shooter the second time playing this. Originally I thought this was crude design work, which it is, and mindless battles. But this time I knew what to expect. Lara has to initially keep her distance, side flipping with pistols blazing to take down the first enemies. The goons come in groups, so Lara has to be sure to aim for the most heavily armed one and take him out first. There are thugs armed only with clubs, and for them Lara switches to pistols to conserve more powerful ammo. It is clear the author has done much work to plan this. Most of the goons drop important pickups: ammo just when Lara needs it, or medipacks as she is running low, or keys, or weapons. If you're going to play a shooter, you might as well play a real shooter. Lara could have done without the long slough through slime at the end." - dmdibl (18-Feb-2010)

"If you ignore all those draw-distance problems caused by the somewhat unneccesary vastness of the surroundings,then this is a surprisingly entertaining 'shooter' level.The fact that the TR2 baddies don't disappear when killed means that a rather strong sense of morbidity gradually builds up as you progress through the Villa and continually run past the bodies of all those victims whom you so ruthlessly slaughtered.By the adventures end there are corpses littering the lawns,the balconies,the Dining room,the Bathroom,the bedrooms - in fact,absolutely everywhere;and somwhere among those lifeless human carcasses are 6 keys.Should you miss one (as I did) you need to methodically search each and every one of them for the vital pick-up,which is a slightly soul destroying experience.Mind you,the final epic wade through an endless sewer isn't particularly uplifting either! When all is said and done,this is a hardcore shooter and little else;competantly built and textured and quite entertaining to play for those in the mood for this sort of thing." - Orbit Dream (23-Jan-2010)

"Well, it pleases me greatly that with the addition of this level in the listing, I am no longer the only builder from the Baltics represented! It did start getting a bit lonely after all those years! The author uses probably the most trademark gameplay TR2 can offer - namely the shooter variety. As such, I didn't find it to be too bad with usually not being a fan of shooting everything that moves. There's plenty of baddies around, but with nearly every one of them dropping either ammo or healthkits, it feels fairly balanced out. I actually felt that the author could've upped it and added some boss ending after you get the much desired Jewel and was actually half-expecting to meet the revolver macho. Alas - you get a Shawshank Redemption kind of escape, that was a bit longer than I would've preferred, but I suppose that serves Lara well for slaughtering all those unsuspecting baddies just to satisfy her greed! The surroundings are kind of plain-looking, but solid enough not to scare you away. A fun level to play overall and by far not the worst pick." - eTux (12-Jan-2010)

"This is as much a shooter as it gets. Essentially you kill all the baddies (44 of them!) to get a total of 7 keys that eventually bring you to the jewel you are stealing and then you escape via a very tedious and unnecessarily long wade through a straight sewer. It is still sort of fun for the almost half hour it lasts and not too easy to stay alive, although there are quite a few medipacks being dropped. What I enjoyed most though, was shooting all the windows, with the neat flying glass animation and sounds." - MichaelP (09-Jan-2010)
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