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Author(s): Bamba
total rating:5.92 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 5 6 4 3
dmdibl 7 8 7 6
eRIC 7 8 7 4
eTux 5 6 4 3
Gerty 7 7 6 6
Jay 7 7 6 6
Jose 4 5 5 4
manarch2 5 6 5 4
MichaelP 7 6 5 5
Nuri 7 8 7 8
Obig 8 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 6 7 3 3
Ryan 6 7 5 5
Torry 6 7 8 5
Treeble 6 6 6 6
vienna 6 7 5 6
category averages
(16 reviews)
6.19 6.75 5.69 5.06

Reviewer's comments

"Not a bad little TR2 level but texture fade outs are numerous here, so much so that at times it made me nauseous. Health becomes an issue as the temple is infested with tigers and spiders, both the small and the large ones. The underwater maze was short but sufficiently frustrating and safe tiles the same colour and texture as the fire tiles was maddening. The opening sequence alone is nasty as you fall to a pool with barracuda and cannot get out until you pick up the harpoon gun and two shards of harpoons and deal with them, all the while they are nibbling away at your health bar. 30 minutes tops for trhis one." - Torry (04-Jul-2018)

"Well, not an entertaining level, but still playable. There are a lot of defects in the design: the ilegal slopes, the unmarked climbable walls, the unmarked traps, the paper walls... In the room with the moveable block (deep pit with slopes) I found a big bug, a phantom wall where Lara falls a long way and finish dying. The level is based only about avoid and avoid a lot of nasty traps. The architecture is very rude, and there is not any care with the texturization or the lighting. The absence of hints in the first lava rooms was not very pleasant. At least, the timed runs/swims were not too tight. I also missed a lot some more ammo for the shotgun and some more extra weapons. Even so the medipacks were enough this time, and I was able to finish without problems in this sense. Playable but not a good level for my taste. Sorry." - Jose (12-Aug-2017)

"I have mixed feelings towards this level. It's a fun and linear level with some nice temple-ish areas, but it's otherwise spoiled with weird cave formations. It's got a few neat jumping and trap sequences, but then throws at you unmarked death tiles and an underwater maze (a small one, but still, an underwater maze). I am not entirely sure how many there were in total, but I also believe this level alone houses more tigers than we killed throught TR2 and TR3 combined, among a few other enemies. Among the TR2 offerings, it's above average for sure, even if just marginally. 25 minutes. 05/17" - Treeble (28-May-2017)

"An average level from year 2008. I hated unmarked fire trap because there is not any logics to solve it. There are quite much tigers on enemies, maybe too much. The underwater maze is also little frustrating but passable. Otherwise OK TR2-level but there are beter TR2-levels for TR2 fans." - vienna (23-Mar-2017)

"This was fun, sort of. I enjoyed the trap sequences and the timed burner platform run, but it's a bit unimpressive as far as looks and puzzles go. The rooms are rather crudely constructed with not much care put into texturing and lighting which is dark overall. Okay for a quick diversion between longer and more taxing levelsets, but nothing more." - Ryan (27-Jul-2016)

"Seems like this is a lost part of the temple of xian from tomb raider 2. It's very similar to that level with regard to the enemies and objects. Just like other levels, this is nothing more than a 10 minutes run." - Nuri (19-Nov-2015)

"Despite this level starting out rather promising with its 'Temple of Xian' inspired setting, it quickly begins to devolve into an experience that relays on too much obscurity in its incredibly trial and error gameplay design to remain enjoyable for long and by the time I got to a certain timed sequence, I was already fed up with playing through this any further overall. While the few object choices are decent and the enemy variety is appreciated(despite a good number of them feeling out-of-place), those small praises are unfortunately lost among the more serious issues demonstrated here(such as uninspired-looking environments that can be confusing to navigate around at times, glitches, flat lighting and a generally lackluster atmosphere to name a few), that only seem to compound what little thought and effort was actually put into this release at the end of the day. So unless you're willing to put up with plenty of potential tedium while getting from one trap-filled room to the next, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who can get easily frustrated(as I later discovered to my dismay.) In regards to those who are still willing to take the plunge however, best approached with caution and see how it goes for you, before making a final decision." - Ceamonks890 (08-Sep-2014)

"To my maybe somewhat unjustified surprise, this "Temple of Xi'an" based level turned out to be more involved than I initially expected it to be. In the first few seconds of this 30 minute venture Lara has to get her grips around the modestly sized pool she's thrown in or become fish food, and it doesn't let on from there on, as she'll switch from being prey for spiders (big and small), to eagles, to tigers in a variety of combinations. At its best - the level has some exciting jump sequences and timed runs to offer (hated the unmarked fire trap here, though), at its worst - there is an underwater maze (albeit it's not a very intricate one), lots of running around and suspect use of textures (sometimes the same fiery texture will be perfectly safe, and sometimes... well, exactly not that). Speaking of which - the looks don't really give you a lot to write home about - the geometry is really rough, and textures tenfold of that roughness. You can see some inklings of more ambitious ideas, but ultimately they never fulfill their potential aesthetically, bar the exception with the last few rooms, which come a bit closer to the possibly intended ominous atmosphere. You could do a lot worse than playing this level, but it's probably not suited for the times you want to play the best the level editing subculture has to offer." - eTux (02-Mar-2013)

"I honestly didn't have so much fun with this level than in the previous TR2 levels I played. The (quite linear) gameplay was partly interesting (with a few trap rooms) but mostly obscure and pedestrian, such as with the lava room with odd and unmarked antitriggers in the middle of the lava or a underwater maze with a easy to overlook lever. Had a few bugs in this level just as invisible walls in front of doors (at one place that disturbed a jump heavily) and a fake block that Lara can run through and then fall into the nothings. There was a large amount of unused space but since the player doesn't know that he often runs in dead ends, but luckily the right path wasn't too far away. On the other side I liked the small block puzzle for a high switch and the enemies were quite interestingly placed but sometimes they could be really annoying - I shot the golden fish at the start with the last harpoon I had and the tiger trios took too much health in my opinion. The texturing and lighting was pretty basic with a lot of misplaced textures and walkthrough walls and all in all this place didn't present much of an atmosphere. After placing a mask one finds directly beneath the receptacle which was a kind of strange ending the level finished after 20 minutes, and I think it's not the strongest TR 2 level around, rather average." - manarch2 (05-Sep-2012)

"Lara's pretty much beset by enemies right from the word go in this level. Voracious fish, spiders large and small, vultures and enough tigers to give a wildlife conservationist a heart attack. In addition, there's a rather good rolling ball/spike trap, a timed swim (easy) and timed run (definitely less so). It's a nice, pacey little TR2 level to while away half an hour or so." - Jay (28-Oct-2010)

"Quite a fun 30 minute adventure here, very fast paced and action oriented with fish, spiders and tigers appearing in groups to haunt you. There are a few mild trap sequences and a timed swim and a timed run that challenge you at least a little bit. The lava room burner puzzle was a bit obscure. I liked the oriental style rooms quite a bit but most of the level plays in rather crudely constructed caves. Still, it is a nice diversion and will keep you busy and entertained while it lasts." - MichaelP (06-Sep-2010)

"There are smack of flares, so be careful with them. First look what you have to do with flares and then load the level and do it in darkness. We have to collect the Dragon Seals at the end of the level. But there are many challanges before that. There are timed run, rolling balls, tigers, vultures, spiders, and on the end, two predator fishes. There are many medipacks for these. A bit dark level, especially hard to see the underwater challanges. It was a great adventure, I can suggest for everyone." - Obig (29-May-2010)

"If 'trap-after-trap' gameplay is your kind of thing,then this is a reasonably entertaining level;but there's not really that much else to recommend it.Textures are mechanically applied,while lighting is pretty much non-existant. You'll not be overawed by the visual spectacle,that's for sure.On the other hand,the wealth of enemies (many attacking you en-masse) is rather invigorating,and you won't be bored for the 30 minutes this lasts.Good fun,in a rough-around-the-edges kind of way." - Orbit Dream (14-May-2010)

"When the level ended after only 28 minutes, I really had the feeling to have played a satisfying raid, I found the straightforward course varied and sometimes inventive in the tasks at hand, with some more relaxing moments between actions with traps or jumps and battles with tigers , spiders and other enemies. A recommended level despite some flaws , especially in the looks with a bad lighting , some thin walls a couple of illegal slopes." - eRIC (11-May-2010)

"Nice little romp that uses the monastery textures. There are a few nice traps and a timed run, which isn't that hard. It is a bit buggy but you can end the level with no problem. Enemies are mainly spiders, big and some small ones. The big ones always freak me out. When you find the Gold Mask the level ends." - Gerty (29-Mar-2010)

"This begins well, with Lara dropping into a pool with hungry fish. The harpoon gun at the bottom of the pool is much too slow to deal with them. When Lara escapes, and pulls out on land to shoot the fish that have been nibbling at her, a giant spider attacks her from behind. This looks promising. But the entire level is too dark, and being uniformly dark is as bad as being uniformly bright. I turned up the lighting on my monitor to see everything, and then the less than perfect texturing is evident: the wallpaper textures don't look realistic, and the badly stretched textures automatically draw the player's eye. (Maybe things were dark for a reason.) Lara goes through two rooms jumping on raised platforms in lava, and the platforms also have lava texturing. There is a timed run to a raised door. I find that when Lara jumps to such an opening in a cliff face that the raised door prevents her from gliding into the opening, and she ends up hanging from the edge instead. Here that isn't possible because the door is right above deadly water, so making the jump into that door takes a few tries. There is much good here, with the death screams of giant spiders, so I hope the author continues, with more work being put into the environment." - dmdibl (20-Feb-2010)
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