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Author(s): Igor
total rating:6.43 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 7 5 5 5
Ceamonks890 6 5 5 5
dmdibl 7 6 7 6
eRIC 7 7 7 6
eTux 6 6 6 5
Gerty 7 6 6 6
Jose 6 7 7 8
manarch2 7 6 6 5
MichaelP 7 6 6 6
Nuri 7 8 9 9
Obig 7 7 7 6
Orbit Dream 7 5 6 6
Phil 8 7 7 7
Ryan 6 7 6 6
Treeble 6 6 7 8
category averages
(15 reviews)
6.73 6.27 6.47 6.27

Reviewer's comments

"Although this is an older release, it has some creative puzzles and a more detailed, pretty environment. The only enemies you encounter are spiders, rats and a crow. I couldn't find a shotgun, although I collected ammo for it, but the enemies are no problem anyway. Actually a nice 30 minutes level!" - Nuri (26-Feb-2018)

"It seems to me I've played more than my share of TR2 levels lately. This is one of the earliest ones, dating from 2003, and I have no doubt that if it were released today the scores would be higher (given current trends). It provides about 45 minutes of fairly decent entertainment, although there's a devious spot where you have to pull three wall switches (there are six in all, three of which are dummies with no visual clue provided, requiring trial and error and an inevitable reload) before the spike wall reaches you. The ending is rather abrupt, but after 45 minutes that's not a bad thing. Enemies are rats and baby spiders. There are no secrets documented in Harry Laudie's walkthrough, and of course I didn't find any. To me the level compares favorably with the more recent TR2 offerings. When things haven't changed appreciably in nearly 15 years, you have further evidence that the engine is dated and needs to be scrapped." - Phil (15-Jan-2018)

"A fun adventure, and despite the way it's designed, it's pretty straightforward so you might find yourself stumbling into closed doors if you try and do things in a different order. Not that you'll have to backtrack much, of course, as areas are generally speaking small. Gameplay has you questing for a few keys to open doors, nothing too taxing. Highlight was flooding a spiked pit to swim into it and retrieve a key, but other than that it's pretty standard. I liked the combination of the TR3 Pacific outfit with TR1 Peru textures (and all within the TR2 engine, lol), it worked rather well in my opinion. Enemies are restricted to rats and spiders, and there was a notably lack of background audio which spoiled to some extent the otherwise good atmosphere. 25 minutes. 04/17" - Treeble (29-Apr-2017)

"This isn't at all bad for a short and sweet TR2 level. The looks are quite nice, with only the occasional wallpapered texture and some nice rat and spider encounters to keep you on your toes. There are also some fun tasks to perform, particularly the one where you have to pull four levers while being pursued by a spiked wall as well as some blocks to push. Quite fun." - Ryan (03-Dec-2016)

"The game never worked with the archives I downloaded, so I had to replace the "tombpc.dat" and rename the "caves.tr2" to "wall.tr2". Even when I have the original tr2 cd, I never heard any music except in the title screen. The level is easy to play and without backtracking; pull some switches, press some buttons, move some blocks and avoid some traps. Never found a hint to know the right switches in the passage with the moving spiked wall, and the same in the room with falling stalactites and four switches. Enough guns, ammo and medipacks, good work with the camera shots, classic environments and a nice experience for all TR2 fans." - Jose (26-Sep-2016)

"Playing this now in 2014, this is one of those levels that certainly hasn't aged very well(at least in my eyes), with its boxy room design(where almost nothing interesting seems to happen most of the time outside of the occasional trap or painfully easy to put down series of opponents), repetitive/wallpapered texturing, non-existent lighting effects and admittedly rather plain atmosphere as a whole. Does that mean this level is still worth playing however? Well, if you can tolerate the issues I mentioned earlier and find yourself entertained by what this release has to offer on the more positive side of the spectrum(such as the cleverly-designed puzzles and passable gameplay), than this could be the level for you. So, its worth recommending to anyone wanting to play something decent under the TR2 engine at the very least." - Ceamonks890 (17-Aug-2014)

"This is one of the non-TR4 levels I played a long time before they were reviewable here - and my opinion had been overall positive back then. Not a great deal has changed after playing it now - what I found to be good back then still counts as such now, and what was lacking then is still an issue for me here. It's a relatively brief romp through cave settings mostly spent killing spiders and rats (and a lone crow), moving about pushable blocks in more or less conventional patterns, but is livened up by the occasional trap, falling stalactite and most notably - a moving spike-wall sequence where you have to activate switches to escape your doom, but are thrown off with the existence of dummy switches. I have to admit I was pulling my hair out in frustration trying to figure out why Lara won't even as much as touch some of the switches - so if that was the author's desired result, it was very effective. Not everything here is quite as effective though - you can survive the drop into a spike pit you're supposed to flood later on and be stuck for good, the jump sequence over the slopes can be easily avoided, since the pit is shallow enough for you to simply go to the final slope and backflip into the opened door from there, and though this is built with Turbo-Pascal's editor in a TR2 environment - the cave does look too boxy even given those limitations, some texturing (mostly the non-cave areas) is fairly repetitive and lighting is almost non-existent. I think the author could've added more and tougher enemies closer to the end to liven up the experience a bit (I have to admit, I was half-expecting the T-Rex to pop up any time), and my curiosity about what's hidden behind the final door wasn't satisfied. Was there supposed to be a sequel eventually? Either way - this is a fine, if a somewhat unambitious raid, worth a try from what the TR2 levels have to offer." - eTux (27-Apr-2012)

"The builder is truly an expert of unofficial games and this is no exception. The fun I had in "Return to the Opera" was there again. Maybe this time the level is a bit more rushed effort, and some parts could look better. The textures were from TR 1 and TR 2, creating a nice atmosphere in this level (at least outside), but there were issues with the fence textures. Lighting also was inexistent and some rooms looked a bit wallpapered. What made this level fun was the creative usage of pushblocks and especially levers, the builder was able to deactivate some of them and give the players (unlucklily not in the spike area) reasonable hints which lever to pull and which not. There are quite a few pushblock puzzles, they were not too long so it never got a bit tedious, and of course some more challenging jumps and traps. In the room with the many slopes however, the builder would have done better if he raised the slopes or made the floor deadly, so that the players don't get there, jump up this slope and thus cheated a little bit because they quit the slope jump session. There was one too long shimmy and an overdose of spiders, but this level has its moments. All the previous reviewers seem to be uniform in their gameplay ratings, and even I am d'accord. 30 minutes of fast paced fun." - manarch2 (23-Nov-2011)

"Quite simple in its structure but it works well nonetheless. What you get here is 30 minutes in a TR1 setting with fast progression and not really any difficulties. Tons of small spider and rat enemies to annoy you, but they obviously pose no threat. The highlights are the well executed water room flipmap and a small push block puzzle." - MichaelP (29-May-2010)

"This level is quite nice and will take you about half an hour if you are lucky. Some puzzles and a nice flip room. Texture wise some rooms have wallpaper and are a bit too big for my taste, which means the atmosphere is a bit lost. Enemies are well placed and lost of spiders and rats." - Gerty (17-May-2010)

"It was a great adventure. We get automatic pistol, but you don't have to use against the spiders and rats. The gameplay is quite easy, you can't stuck. Two harder challanges on the level, the first one is the rolling ball, the second one is the switch puzzle, where you have to use the switch before you die by the blade wall. Its will be harder to make it, because there are false switches too." - Obig (10-May-2010)

"A short level and fun to play. Nice puzzles. Not hard at all. Good game play with textures mainly from Tomb Raider 1. I like the idea with the flooded pit!" - Blue43 (15-Mar-2010)

"Not bad for an early effort, with textures mostly from TR1 caves. The transparency in some texturing shows this is an early use of the unofficial editor. The author creates a good layout with legitimate puzzles. A good use of push blocks, falling stalactites, and moving spike walls. At one point Lara daringly drops into a spike pit to get a key, then takes an alcove she had assumed was an exit. But it leads to a dead-end room, and the walls of the pit are not climbable. Lara can only use this pit when it is filled with water, though players may not realize this. There is a room intended to be crossed by jumping lots of slope pillars, but Lara need only back flip from the last pillar into the exit gate, and avoid the rest. In general, reasonable game play and a variety of ideas." - dmdibl (22-Feb-2010)

"This is certainly one of Igor's best levels,and offers 35 minutes of very fluent and well-devised gameplay.The puzzles are reasonably innovative and entertaining (the best involve a moving-wall gauntlet and a room full of dangerous stalactites)and the course for progression has been well worked out,with a clever use of flipped rooms;enemies are small in variety but plentiful and placed with care;camera's are helpful and texturing is competant. The lack of ambient lighting becomes painfully obvious,though;and the atmosphere never really gells as much as it should.Nonetheless,this is an entertaining and rather imaginative exploration level;and one that can be easily recommended." - Orbit Dream (24-Jan-2010)

"I just liked much playing this level , with a Peruvian setting, becoming a bit oriental at the end. True, it has its visual problems with some textures flickering, a couple of thin walls and some places with repetitive texturing but on the whole the looks are decent and the lighting although not varied is at least present as Lara always appears in 3 dimensions. Enemies are only small spiders and rats , found only one weapon when ammos of other weapons were found too. Now the gameplay is very pleasant , nothing difficult, I particularly like the room with the ledges and a breakable one at the beginning , the fact that you can only pull one switch out of two to escape the moving spike wall , and the Damocles room. Nothing too fancy , but it is good entertainment. And the flip map with the water to access the spiked pit is appreciated too and well done. As I don't have the TR2 CDs anymore, I made a long list with TR2 background audio tracks , that I launched before starting the game and that kept playing in parallel with the game. [ 33 minutes ]" - eRIC (24-Jan-2010)
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