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Author(s): wdavid
total rating:6.82 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 8 7 7 7
Ceamonks890 7 6 6 5
dmdibl 8 7 8 7
eRIC 7 6 6 5
eTux 6 6 5 5
Gerty 7 6 6 6
Jay 7 7 7 7
Jose 6 6 6 6
manarch2 7 6 7 6
MichaelP 8 7 6 6
Nuri 6 8 6 7
Obig 7 7 7 7
Orbit Dream 8 7 6 7
Phil 7 7 7 7
Ryan 7 7 7 7
Torry 8 8 9 6
Treeble 7 7 9 8
vienna 9 7 7 8
category averages
(18 reviews)
7.22 6.78 6.78 6.50

Reviewer's comments

"Short TR2 level of around 45 minutes with a few sneaky bits to keep you on your toes. Only enemies are the snow leopards and a couple of crows. How they managed to get stuck underground in a cavern is beyond me. One key is particularly hard to see whilst there is also an underwater texture that looks solid but you can swim through into another passage. Something I do not like. Had me wandering around for a while looking for my next move. A couple of timed runs that are relatively generous but other than that not a bad raid. Textures have the normal fade outs for these unofficial levels and there are also a few paper thin walls ." - Torry (21-Jun-2018)

"This is a pretty decent and fun TR2 level that makes good use of the classic elements. Apart from an oddly designed pool which contains a large medipack, but that you can't get out of, a couple of paper thin walls and a rather monotonous lighting contrast (nothing detrimental to the level itself though and it otherwise looked quite pleasant) this is an action packed and entertaining little jaunt through South America. There's a couple of challenging timed runs, plenty of trap combinations and some clever uses of pushblocks. There's also three dragon secrets (actually quite rare in these custom TR2 levels) and the occasional leopard or vulture attack. Provided you can withstand the occasional odd bit, you should find this to be worthwhile." - Ryan (15-May-2018)

"A TR2 level full of classic features: timed runs across platforms, deep pits full of spikes, tasks with moveable blocks, rolling balls, blades... Some things I should fix were the phantom floor, the paper walls, the colours of the keys don't fitting with the keyholes or the lonely key very hard to see over a rock with the same colour. I also found a large medipack into the pool near the beginning, but not a way to get out of the water. The texturization is not bad, but the lights are not worked and all rooms are too bright. Anyway a classic level you'll enjoy if you like TR2 levels." - Jose (26-Jul-2017)

"Here's another level that makes (good) use of the TR1 Peru textures so it instantly catches my eye, and it turns out to be a pretty solid and linear adventure. The ending came a bit too soon, just after getting the final set of keys, but the journey was still fun, with plenty of traps, timed sequences and a couple of pushblock puzzles. There were a couple of wafer thin walls but that's not an issue whatsoever, all things considered. 50 minutes, 3 secrets. 05/17" - Treeble (28-May-2017)

"Great level from year 2007. Puzzles are good and gameplay is clear. Lighting and textures are good. There is only a few sorts of enemies. Great level for TR2-fans. One interesting thing is the first pool with big health pack. You cannot rise up there because walls are too high for Lara." - vienna (19-Mar-2017)

"This is a remarkably decent TR2 level that has a couple of challenging timed runs. The builder has provided his own thorough and easy-to-follow walkthrough. He also released a TR4 level by the same name that I played and reviewed years ago, but I can't remember if the gameplay was identical or not. Anyway, there are some fairly obvious block-pushing exercises, a complete assortment of secrets (I didn't insert the TR2 CD, so I heard none of the ambient sounds or music), and a number of keys to find. I didn't keep track of my time, but you get a full raid that's more entertaining than some of the TR4 custom levels out there." - Phil (10-Sep-2016)

"In this tomb raider 1 based level, we have a short 10-20 minutes run in a city, similar to the city of vilcabamba. The pool at the beginning really confused me, bacause you can't actually CLIMB OUT OF IT! I don't know whether this was the authors intention or the authors mistake. Q_Q" - Nuri (19-Nov-2015)

"While most certainly an improvement in the gameplay department from 'Under the Great Wall', with a decent amount of variety included amongst all the keyhunting and block pushing, issues such as non-existent lighting, plenty of wallpapered texturing, slightly out-of-place enemy choices and a rather unfairly designed pool at the start(which you can't even climb out of upon retrieving a medipack), keep this TR1 Peru-themed level from being a true classic for the ages. But as it is, if you're looking for a decent level to play, than this is definitely one of those releases that will at the very least, keep you entertained throughout its overall half-hour length and is easily worth recommending going through solely on the gameplay alone, if you have the time available." - Ceamonks890 (29-Aug-2014)

"The second "lost city" in a row for me lately, and this time set in a nicely made Peru-inspired setting. The most glaring fault of the game is immediately apparent as soon as you boot up the level - namely, the completely untouched lighting. Sure, due to this it's bright and chirpy - but nothing is quite as detrimental to the atmosphere as effective use of lighting, and as well constructed and textured as the settings may be - they lose a bit of the power they could've had this way. If you can deal with that - this still offers a very enjoyable 30 minute raid with a variety of tasks, which mostly revolve around getting the next (set of) key(s). Along the way you'll evade nicely set up traps, timed runs, neat little push-block puzzles and encounter some wildlife unfortunate enough to be trapped underground. I could've used a camera hint or two along the way (at least there was none indicating you've raised the trapdoor in the big pit area), there's an unfortunate use of a swim-through tile that looks solid in one of the first pools you get in, come to think of it - if you're foolish enough to jump in the starting area's pool (undoubtedly due to the promises of an extra large medipack), you'll never be able to get out of it, and because the author only uses 2 types of keys repeatedly - you technically could skip some gameplay sections in the beginning as soon as you acquire the rusty key required for one of the first doors. None of these are deal breakers though, and it should still be possible to enjoy the charming little level for its better parts. Found 2 of the 3 secrets." - eTux (23-Mar-2013)

"I played the start of this level two years ago and somehow didn't expect too much from it but I was positively suprised as I found the 30 minutes in here thoroughly fun with two longer timed runs, a lot of spikes -the way to jump down into them from ladders might be obscure for players though -, a few nice block puzzles that luckily never took more than a couple of minutes in comparison to Castle of Training and of course a lot of keys to find and use (why on earth do the rusty keys belong to golden keyholes and the golden keys into rusty keyholes?), but the gameplay works very well as all elements are nicely working together as a whole. What I didn't like so much was the maze (of course...) and the swim-through wall near the beginning, also had a strange bug with Lara always turning to her right so I had to restart but I think the builder cannot be blamed for that. The texturing was pretty good throughout but what lets it down was the literally non-existent lighting; still the whole place was pretty atmospheric in its Vilcabama/Qualopec mix. Found three secrets in this level of which I found the golden one to be hard to miss, but the others were better hidden. I would say give it a try when you are looking for one of the better TR2 levels and you won't be disappointed." - manarch2 (06-Sep-2012)

"This is a light, bright little TR2 level that nicely evokes the feel of the official Peru levels. It's mainly a key collecting, block pushing exercise (with Lara making those entirely unladylike grunts she used to in the old days), but there are a couple of nicely thought out timed elements to achieve and the occasional enemy to shoot, just to spice things up a bit. If you like your doses of Peru in more traditional mode, then you might just want to check this out." - Jay (29-Oct-2010)

"Quite a nice adventure with two pretty long timed-runs in it. Get into the rhythm of them and you can make it. A bit baffling was the jump to a ladder with spikes and I found out that they didn't kill me. There are some nice pushable block puzzles in here. You have to find some keys and slay a few enemies, not hard but very enjoyable. There are some paper-thin walls, no lighting to speak of as everything is brightly lit. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed." - Gerty (25-May-2010)

"This was a very pleasent surprise,and so much more entertaining than the rather more technically sophisticated remake by the same author.Although you'll encounter numerous wafer-thin walls,complete absence of lighting and a pool which can't be climbed out of (even though you're invited to jump in with the reward of a large Medi);none of these get very much in the way of the enjoyable,and often creative,gameplay progression.Pushable block puzzles (including a very good 'double use' idea);exciting timed runs;well-clued hidden passages;assorted traps;key hunts and numerous enemies all contribute to a fast-paced and continually interesting progression. The lack of lighting prevented a properly atmospherical experience,although the texturing was everywhere competant.For those in the mood for a fun 45 minutes,(and who can overlook a few technical shortcomings)this should do very nicely." - Orbit Dream (19-May-2010)

"It is more complex level, than the previous levels by the author. Here are timed runs, and harder puzzles. You can see, the author can make better and better levels. I'm sure we will see cool levels from the author. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:"" - Obig (11-Apr-2010)

"It has been a while since I had played the later version of this adventure by the same author, so I was again pleasantly taken in by this TR1 setting, which may be a little roug around the edges in terms of applied textures and lighting, but behind that offers a good half hour of engaged classic raiding with two decent timed runs to master, some solid push block puzzle action and a mild variety of enemies to kill and traps to avoid (mainly spikes and a few blades and boulders). It is all about finding and using keys, but you can do much worse then spending a bit of time raiding in this level." - MichaelP (24-Mar-2010)

"Another very good TR2 level. Highly recommended to those who love TR1, specially the Caves/Vilcabamba/Qualopec levels. Everything is nicely textured. The lightning is a little uniform. A long and timed jump/run/climb was one of my favorite parts. The timed swim was a little frustrating as it is timed so tight, that even the smallest mistake and imperfection when swimming around corners, will make you miss the time limit. I re-loaded several times here. Enemies are mainly Leopards, birds and some small critter. Some well designed use of push blocks. All in all an excellent level and lots of fun to play. One small annoyance: I never figured out if there is a way out of the pool in the beginning. Maybe it's supposed to be a dead end?" - Blue43 (20-Mar-2010)

"A pleasant surprise. This level borrows textures from Vilcabamba, and a few from Tomb of Qualopec, for an adventure that is so well done that a lot of the time I forgot Lara was in TR2, and instead thought this was TR1. Of course Lara can't climb ladders in TR1, but one forgets such minor details. For those interested in unofficial levels this is definitely one to check out. This does have a couple timed runs, but both are fun. My only real complaint was the uniformly bright lighting. Generally this doesn't bother me, as I know lighting takes extra work in unofficial levels, and it's a relief to explore without constant flares and binoculars. But as Lara is exploring caves and ruins some shadow would lend verisimilitude. The very early work done by The Vagrant in "Return to Vilcabamba" is an example. Got fooled by one secret and had to resort to the walkthrough to find it. A recommended level." - dmdibl (18-Feb-2010)

"A good level, where the main flaw is the total absence of lighting. As I like the Peruvian setting , I decreased the gamma of my dark screen so to have some 'atmosphere'. The level has little resemblance with the TR4 2008 version, I just think I recognized one area only. I don't know how the player is supposed to come out of that pool at the beginning if ever he falls into it. The progression is quite fluent , sprinkled with the use of movable blocks you can stand upon, the search for some keys [ I quite like the fact that the rusty keys are to be used on the golden locks and the golden keys on the rusty ones ] , a few battles with white tigers and eagles, a few jumps , the highlight for me was a couple of enjoyable and long timed doors. I also appreciated the use of the spikes here , like on that ledge with the ladder above it and the sloped block [ 40 minutes - 2/3 secrets ]" - eRIC (14-Feb-2010)
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