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Author(s): Beck
total rating:1.41 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Athukraz 2 0 0 1
Ceamonks890 2 0 0 1
Cory 2 1 0 2
DJ Full 1 0 1 2
dmdibl 3 1 1 2
eTux 0 4 1 1
Jay 1 3 1 1
Jose 1 0 0 2
manarch2 2 0 0 1
MichaelP 0 5 0 1
Nuri 5 3 10 9
Obig 1 0 1 2
Orbit Dream 1 0 0 1
rtrger 4 2 0 1
Ryan 1 2 1 1
totizedger 1 0 0 1
Treeble 1 1 0 1
category averages
(17 reviews)
1.65 1.29 0.94 1.76

Reviewer's comments

"In the first level I recognize that I was not able to reach the pool using the bounce pad, so I had to slide from a lateral and drop to ground floor losing a lot of health. The second level works ok and there are not problems. At least there are finish triggers." - Jose (29-Jan-2018)

"Two test levels demonstrating the use of bounce pads. The first one was incredibly brutal and required precise timing in order to avoid Lara crumpling (but it CAN be done) and the second simply transports you to an earlier room. That's pretty much it." - Ryan (21-Jul-2017)

"A couple of test levels for the bouncing pads. I am not entirely possible the first one is possible to defeat as intended by the author " apparently none of my fellow reviewers managed it either. The second one, in comparison, is much simpler and pretty much played out by itself. 5 minutes. 05/17" - Treeble (28-May-2017)

"A few test levels with bounce pads. It was actually fun..." - Nuri (20-Aug-2015)

"I really like ski jumping and it's nice to see it applied in TR2, though the chances for a really good flight over the hill size are none here, possibly because of the lack of hill. And You can totally forget about proper telemark landing. I thought this is possibly one of these objects still under construction, because each nation involved goes for the biggest and safest. Since this hill fails both tests, Lara is chosen for a trial jumper is in a great trouble. Crashed and confused, she wakes up in some hospital at the Himalaya feet, probably put on her own by some Buddhist monks which are apparently off to meditation. But the nurses were kind enough to leave her some trampolines for rehab purposes, so she can follow her attitude and train jumping further. SUMMARY: Buddhists have a lot of balance so Tibetans would indeed be great in ski jumping. They still need more experience in hill construction so You can play this game before they join for real. An interesting option yet way too short, both in duration and in-run length." - DJ Full (26-Apr-2015)

"Another series of test levels, only this time revolving around the bounce pads(which you can re-use again and again, to your heart's content.) Beyond that fun little novelty, this is still another release with absolutely no purpose to it. Still, it would be rather cool to see this implemented in TRNG someday and see it better utilized in a more professionally-designed levelset however. But I suppose its merely a dream at this point in time." - Ceamonks890 (24-Jul-2014)

"It was fun. Loved bouncing." - Athukraz (26-Jun-2014)

"Well what should i say... its basically a test level. In the first one you need to slide down and land in the water, i never made it in the water though. If you slide on either the right or the left side where you see the black textured squares with a green arrow, you will stop on it and you will be able to get down from there alive. The second level consists of bouncepads where you can have some fun bouncing around." - totizedger (14-Jun-2013)

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I'd forgotten how much fun bounce pads are and also how tricky to use they can sometimes be. This small test level is entirely about using them - the second part is easy and you can just have fun bouncing up and coming back down for more as much as you wish. The first part however is a swine of a jump to accomplish, trying to get poor Lara into the water rather than breaking her neck on the ground. I tried and tried and just couldn't accomplish it. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a bounce pad expert, you really should have a go." - Jay (07-Mar-2011)

"Never arrived alive at the bottom in first level. Second level (I tried it) is doable in less than 10 seconds. No enemies no secrets and no real atmosphere. If you want a real challenge, please do first level. It is the hardest challenge in a custom level, in my opinion." - manarch2 (26-Jul-2010)

"Having finished Vinci's Bounce Pad extravagnza level, I thought these brief demos would be a piece of pie. Well, there's not so much to do in part 2 but wonder why this particular setup has never been incorporated in a proper level, but I have to admitt defeat as far as leve 1 and its getting Lara to land in water via a springboard-jump goes. It seems nothing I did could get me closer than a 3 tile distance to the water. The author wins here, as far as I'm concerned. If it is possible, it would be neat to know how, though..." - eTux (20-Jun-2010)

"I hate springboards. I couldn't manage to pull down the tasks with it, only after Lara died ten million times. Same thing happened there, so I took the non-intended way to get down, I safety dropped down from the A. Like the idea, even if it's a test, but it's brutal hard in my opinion. The second level is less than 30 seconds long, and nothing intresting there. It really makes me sad that I've never seen this cool idea with the springboard in a custom level. For this, it's definitely worth to check out this one." - rtrger (15-May-2010)

"A neat little demonstration of bounce pads. The first level has Lara sliding down onto bounce pads, and trying to reach a far pool after she is thrown into the air--difficult. The second level isn't demanding of Lara, but shows perfect timing as a bounce pad throws her to an upper story: Lara passes through a closing trapdoor to land safely. Repeat. I don't remember seeing this used in a game." - dmdibl (15-May-2010)

"Two short levels. In the fist one a long side, and jump to an "A" character. On the second level we can try out the catapult." - Obig (10-May-2010)

"Ok, there is really no point to it, but I still thought these bouncing pad variations are great fun. So there..." - MichaelP (01-Feb-2010)

"With its spring platforms, this level was quite fun, well, for the 2 minutes that it lasted. Easy to play, step on a beige tile and it all ends." - Cory (31-Jan-2010)

"Should we really be reviewing Test levels? There's nothing to do in either of these apart from bouncing around on springy pads - although getting Lara to end up in the water in the first level(as opposed to going splat on the ground) is quite fun." - Orbit Dream (28-Jan-2010)
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