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Author(s): Bjorn
total rating:6.98 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 8 8 8 8
Diz 7 7 7 8
dmdibl 7 9 8 8
Gerty 7 8 8 7
Jack& 5 5 5 5
Jay 7 8 8 8
Jose 7 8 7 8
manarch2 6 5 7 6
MichaelP 7 8 8 7
Nina Croft 5 5 5 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 8 7 8
Scottie 5 7 6 7
TheStig 5 6 6 7
category averages
(14 reviews)
6.50 7.14 7.00 7.29

Reviewer's comments

"This is a classic but well-made Catacomb setting, with a twist in the gameplay in that you have to choose the items you want to get, rather than being able to grab them all for the first time. As a result, this means that certain enemies will appear and some won't. I did opt for the more powerful stuff, but if you're up for more of a challenge you can try to rationalise a bit more - there's nothing really difficult. It's an interesting concept and makes for a somewhat different but still entertaining raid. You also have the option of going through it twice more in "Candybox" (with some funky creative lighting added) and "Skeleton" (with scads of them, plus some mummies) to try and get everything. I couldn't find any a finish trigger, so once I had explored everywhere I took the advice of the walkthrough and ended there after spending around 75 minutes in total. Not a bad raid at all." - Ryan (19-Apr-2019)

"This level continues the builder's very unusual style, this time the secrets are actually used as "money" which you can use to "buy" various weapons or ammo, nice idea. A few puzzles like the pillars' ones, while quite easy, are original as well. On the other side the hideout of the pharos pillar is questionable, appearing somewhere in the level after you passed through once, and the two bonus levels aren't very interesting to play through as well as they are basically copies of the main one with smaller alterations; the wraith in the third level also never left me so I had to shoot at it. The visuals are stronger here, the lighting is not that dull as in the builder's debut, but there are still some texturing errors, cramped and sometimes strange architecture and lighting cracks. I liked the psychedelic lighting in the second level, although it's of course quite nonsense. What really annnoyed me was that there was neither a finish nor a conclusion of the storyline as the scroll is not readable. Anyway another quite novel concept that is presented here and recommendable. 25 minutes in the first level, 5 in the third, didn't finish the second as there are no real gameplay changes." - manarch2 (21-Nov-2017)

"Funny enough I did like this sort of triptych of a level. Here you have three levels for the price of one and with the last level I played (Skeleton) I even found by accident a shortcut, as I was desperate to flee from those nasty beetles. I have to say that I took my time and did one level, took some time off and then did the next and so on. I do like the idea of getting Gems for extra ammo and the choices you can make which one you fancy or need." - Gerty (23-Apr-2013)

"I'd definitely categorise this level as unusual. Basically it's the same map re-used three times over with varying lighting and different levels of difficulty. Gameplay (at first at-least) is reasonably uncomplicated and straight-forward. I rather liked the notion of having secret pickups which you use to unlock rewards throughout the level. On completion of the 1st level you then have 2 options - Candy-Box & Skeleton. Both give or take minor adjustments are very similar levels. Candybox is really just an exercise in uber-colourness! It's very bright and nice but doesn't really add much more in terms of gameplay. Skeleton is a bit of a horror, and I'll put my stig-mitts straight up and be honest here....I had to cheat. There's so many bugs, so many skeletons and so many mummies I wound up just playing it as a frag-fest to get through it and get it completed. Texturing and lighting over-all are of a reasonable standard though and I got an hour and 30 minutes game-play out of the download. Stiggy" - TheStig (08-Oct-2010)

"There are three TR4 files bundled with this release, but they're all essentially the same (with the second, Candybox, providing brighter colors and the third, Skeleton, providing scads of skeletons, mummies and beetles). The builder may have done better simply to release the first level as a standalone, as I suspect that in such case the scores may have been a bit higher. All I can say is that I grew a bit weary plowing the same ground a second, then a third time. Other than that, this is a fun raid in the classic style that I found quite enjoyable. There are gems scattered throughout the levels that enable access to different pickups, and you have to choose which ones are more valuable to you. A nice concept, and I had a good time for the hour or so it took me to get through that first segment. Recommended." - Phil (19-Jun-2010)

"I do not know so surely what I should hold from this level. On one side he looks quite good. The lighting is OK and the textures were applied cleanly. And the Flyby's looked also good. On the other side the level was a little bit too confused to me. And the standard sound did not fit so properly. Among the rest, moreover, the doors had no sound. Sometimes it was a little bit too coloured for my taste. Though the idea which one could decide at the beginning from which of three stages one can take something was quite nice, however, had no bigger effects. Besides, it would have been substantially more interesting if the player could have taken up afterwards only such things on which he has decided at the level beginning. However, I am not sure whether, nevertheless, something had not changed. Since only in the forum and from the other Reviews I have got to know that there is, well, a few differences. Then, however, it would have been substantially better if one had had to play first everything, before one reaches to the Music Scroll. Besides, one ascertains hardly differences, because one must go through most rooms several times. What remains is a nice but also a little bit confusing level which is played through at less than 30 minutes." - Scottie (23-Apr-2010)

"Well, what seemed to be a great idea at the beginning of this game, later became badly realized. At first I liked the choices the player had to make, and I was excited thinking that I would have to replay the whole level once again with different choice. But eventually I was a bit disappointed. When I finished the level for the first time (and took the shotgun) I played it for the second time (and took the Uzis) and managed to find all the secrets. But I was annoyed and bored the second time through. This game is about exploring and opening a zillion of doors, and depending on your choice at the beginning, it may be packed with most annoying enemies (skeletons and mummies) when you are lacking explosive weapons and ammo. The game certainly had some good moments, like those invisible ledges at the beginning, but even those great ideas were realized poorly (you cannot see the invisible ledges with binocs or flares, they are absolutely transparent, which is bad, imho). The reward system seemed like a very good idea at the beginning, but later it seemed like the only goal of this level is to pick up those ten secret gems. That is something I don't particularly like. The secrets should be like side missions, and definitely not the goal of the whole game. The texturing of this level is decent, but not extraordinary, the lighting is very good, but the overall ambiance is poor, because it does not look like catacombs at all. It is too bright (although I don't like too dark levels, but these are supposed to be catacombs), it has too much colors, although it can look great at times. All in all, if you like exploring, if you don't mind backtracking from the end of the level to the beginning, if you like dozens of closed doors you need to open, if you like skeletons and mummies when you don't have explosive ammo, then this level is perfect for you. I hope that this builder is going to develop his great ideas much better in the future, because he sure has some amazing ideas, but here they are poorly realized. This is not such a bad level, but it should have been much more than this. You get so excited at the beginning, and so disappointed at the end. I sincerely doubt that any player had a wish to replay this level again, not after all those backtracking and frustration." - Nina Croft (21-Apr-2010)

"well this game i must admit was not at my taste .... runing around and colecting endles gems amount just for open the next door .... at the beggining was fun ..but once u progress in the game this become quiet boring ... mediocre game - to not say bad ....... boring anyway...." - Jack& (20-Apr-2010)

"A competently done catacomb level with a twist. As the readme states: "The choices you'll make will affect the monsters you'll encounter, the traps you'll have to pass, and the rooms that will open to you." This sounds like a good new idea, but it also means that areas will be unresolved. Lara selected the shotgun from the first pedestals, and consequently the level held a number of skeletons. I assume if Lara had selected the Uzis there would have been different enemies. In addition the level contains ten blue gem secrets, many of them easy to find, and these can be used to open doors to get goodies. The more gems required to open a door, the better the concealed item. In practice, this can be frustrating as players can't foresee a sequence. At one point Lara had three gems, but the door opened only to show another receptacle, then another, and still no goodie. (The revolver requires four gems, and players don't know which door this is. The laser sight requires two gems.) There are more gem receptacles than there are gems, so it is possible to place a gem, get nothing because another gem is required, go on to accumulate more gems, try to open another door and also come up short. The game ends when Lara gets the Pharos Knot and uses it; however, she can continue, find the Pillar, and have a choice of replaying this level with bright colors (Candy) or with tougher enemies. Choose "Skeleton" because Lara has the grenade gun, and discover the level also has hordes of beetles underfoot. These ideas have promise, but the basic play wasn't entirely solid. There were too many rooms crowded with pushables, often to no purpose. In a three-tier room there were numerous pushable pillars, but unknown to the player there are two unmarked trigger tiles onto which Lara has to push a pillar. Worth playing as something different." - dmdibl (19-Apr-2010)

"This is a level of choices. You choose which way to go, missing out certain areas, and you choose what weapons you get, providing you find enough secrets. The problem with this is that to get the maximum out of the level you have to play it repeatedly and I afraid I wasn't prepared to do that, as once was enough. The gameplay is OK, if a little simplistic, but why have so many pushable pillars/blocks? I'm sure there are many players who pushed every single last one, just to check they weren't hiding something. And they weren't! It seemed like there were dozens! The enemies were all right but there's little fun in luring a mummy to one end of the room just so you can sprint back to the other end to push a block. And repeat, and repeat. Perhaps I made the wrong choices and could have pick up explosives nearer the start. I don't know. On the plus side, the level is well made, the lighting is atmospheric, the secrets were well hidden without being impossible and the overall 'feel' made you want to carry on playing." - Diz (18-Apr-2010)

"Strange catacomb level; original and different at least. You'll have some choices during the game but essentially the level will be the same in all cases. I have chosen the shotgun and enemies were skeletons and some mummies at the end. If you want to finish the game you'll need to walk through twice, 'cause there is an artifact you need to open the door (Pharos Pillar) at the very beginning, which will only appear in a second round, so don't worry if you can't open all the doors in the first round (doors with the invisible block in front). Second round will be fast anyway, and you'll get the opportunity to find the secrets you've missed more easily. Also, even if you discover all secrets like me (they're easy to find in the first round), you'll not be able to open all the doors with the gem receptacles 'cause sometimes you'll need two or even three blue gems to get your prize. Once you finish the level you'll have the opportunity to play two more levels called "Skeleton" and "Candybox". Both the first and the second are the same as the first with very few modifications; in "Skeleton" you'll find thousands of enemies: skeletons, mummies, beetles... "Candybox" is calmer, but both have the same architecture and rooms than the first so, after a while, I decided to exit and not play again through the same scenaries. Not a bad level, but I can't see the need of those two last "extra" levels with the same structure." - Jose (14-Apr-2010)

"An aptly titled Catacomb adventure with a few unusual twists. Superficially you get a fairly standard level with classic Catacomb textures, going through a series of rooms with a few simple puzzles (pushing items around, stepping on the right sequence of triggers) a bit of jumping and rope swinging and making sort of a full circle to pick up the elusive scroll at the end. What makes this offering more 'special' is the author's creativity in offering a system of choices. You choose certain weapons and pick ups and then you cannot get others. This also leads to different enemies appearing in the level. You can find 10 gem secrets and then need to choose at which doors to use them to get your rewards and last but not least you can choose to end the level after one round through it (which should take you less than an hour) or you can follow the author's offering to play two bonus versions. I chose to have a look and would actually recommend doing it - 'Candybox' is the exact same level, but with much stronger colours throughout and you can still play it a bit differently by choosing different weapons and see what that leads to. And then 'Skeleton' is a quick adrenalin rush, as you are plagued with hordes of enemies (although with the grenade gun in hand they pose little actual threat) and as you know the layout by now, you will likely get through that in about 10 minutes. Bottomline, I would say this is an interesting 'concept level' that is definitely worth a look." - MichaelP (14-Apr-2010)

"Don't let the readme fool you into thinking you might be enjoying the sunshine of a Greek island; this is in fact a catacomb environment. The gameplay is indeed all about choices - from pickups, to routes, to which rooms you access with the secret gems, depending on whether or not you find all ten. Some of the secret goodies are quite useful, especially the explosive weaponry as you get to meet skeletons and mummies along the way. There is quite an element of backtracking and by the time I'd managed to finish one version of the game properly I really wasn't in the mood for playing the two further versions in their entirety. From the short trip I took in both, it would seem that 'candybox' is a soft and colourful version and 'skeleton' is, yes you've guessed it, full of our bony buddies. Worth trying if you feel like a readily achievable game that's mainly exploration based." - Jay (14-Apr-2010)

"This is a very interesting level where the player can make a choice in which weapon/item to pick up in the beginning and that will then determine the enemies that will appear. I chose to use the shotgun. I found the level to have a very nice atmosphere and lighting. The textures looked good and the game play was not very hard at all. Puzzles are very logical and there is good progress throughout the game although there is some back tracking. I found 9 of the 10 secrets. Once finished one can run through the level rather quickly to pick up a final item, which will then give access to the option to replay the level in different modes. I tried skeleton mode and it was quite funny to blow away skeletons while being chased by hordes of beetles. There is also an option to run through the level again and see rising smoke in the spots where the secrets were - in case you missed some during the game. I would definitely recommend this level!" - Blue43 (14-Apr-2010)
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