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Author(s): spooky shadow
total rating:8.02 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 8 7 8 7
Blue43 8 7 9 9
Brikas94 8 8 9 8
Christian 8 7 7 8
Daffy 7 7 9 9
Diz 8 7 9 9
dmdibl 9 8 9 9
eRIC 7 7 8 8
eTux 8 8 9 8
Gerty 7 8 9 9
High Priestess 6 8 10 9
Jack& 6 6 6 6
Jay 8 8 9 10
Jessica Croft 7 8 8 10
Jorge22 7 7 9 9
Jose 7 7 8 9
manarch2 7 7 8 8
MichaelP 7 8 10 9
Nina Croft 9 7 8 6
Orbit Dream 9 8 9 10
Phil 8 8 9 8
Ruben 7 7 8 9
Ryan 7 8 9 9
Scottie 9 9 9 10
TheStig 8 8 8 9
Zhyttya 6 4 9 8
category averages
(26 reviews)
7.54 7.38 8.58 8.58

Reviewer's comments

"This is mainly reliant on lots and lots of cracks and lots and lots of jumping, but it's enjoyable for all that. It's a supremely constructed landscape, and the settings are really realistic and beautiful to look at, and the music helps to relax you as you play, and isn't that intrusive as in other levels. I could maybe have done without having to retrace my steps back all the way up those pits for a third time, as although I had a rough idea where to go, it was still a bit wearying having to take the long route back. I also found that the jumps to the two ropes took a few too many tries, and that the parrot fights were a bit long- winded. However, all of those are minor gripes in what is otherwise a very well constructed, good looking and quite relaxing adventure. Recommended." - Ryan (13-Jul-2018)

"There's a lot of pros and cons on this one. I'm going to start with the cons and finally i'll speak what i most enjoyed on this game. Although the platforming is enjoyable, there isn't much more than that. The puzzle of the level itself it's pretty simple and with a lot of backtracking (not the good one tho! it felt tedious on the very last part of the level). Besides the little puzzling the glitches with the environment is immense! There's little flat surfaces which causes Lara's model to glitch a lot. There's also lot of...who do you say? gaps between the textures, and some other random white screens, and it kinda gives the impression that the author didn't fix these glitches. Now moving into another topic, the action/enemies. I've giving four because i find it really poor. You have almost no enemies at all! and a bloody blue parrot is more tanky than the tribes man that you'll encounter deep in the level! But that's not my point. Almost no enemies means almost no pick ups. Ofc that's implemented but you can loose health easily by falling a jump. I'd wish it had more medipacks to pick up. BUT!!!! enough of the bad things. This level was absolutely stunning! This level is really gorgeous and completely gives you the vibe of a lost forest. The textures and water effects are beautiful. Above i've mentioned platforming - yes it's all about it but it's incredibly well done, and with it's new animations it makes the level extra fun. Also, Lara shimmies super fast! Which is definitely a +++ to me! The music is wonderful, the soundtracks are from TR Legend which in my opinion are part of the best OST on the series. And last but not least, Lara's model is great. The sound effects, animations, you name it - perfect." - Zhyttya (19-Jul-2015)

"After having playedseveral long games, I decided to search for the newest game I haven't reviewed yet that takes less than an hour to complete - that took me longer than expected, but this was just about the right level after those mega levelsets, this being a quite peaceful and charming 30 minute level with nothing special in it, but definately enjoyable and visually attractive. The gameplay is mostly restricted to long climbs, with good usage of the new moves that make up for a few moments that left me puzzled how and where to use them next. Here and there, you have to use some pushables or levers, but in general the variety in gameplay is missing. Not many enemies in this level, but here this is actually a good thing since it rather suits the atmosphere, which is really nicely done, but there are also no secrets. I would have liked a little less green in this level and sometimes the rooms looked a bit repetitive, but there were several highlights that make up for this feeling, like the great-scale caves and the Mayan pyramids. The lighting did not feel very realistic though, it was definately too bright in the outside areas and in general lacking contrast. All in all a good debut and just the right thing you might need after or between some larger levels. Recommended." - manarch2 (05-May-2013)

"I missed this level when it was released and I am glad I finally caught up and played this little gem. Right from the start there is plenty of eye candy to look at and I have to say that I did enjoy every minute of this game - even the rather long backtracking part. Lara's main goal is to find a mask, which acts as a key to open a final door and it happens that this exit is almost at the beginning of the level. There is plenty of vertical climbing and I personally do enjoy that style of game play with the new moves. Nothing is overly hard or complicated and progression is mainly based on exploration and finding two keys and a safe way up and down along steep canyon walls and some ladders. There is a good atmosphere, which does fit the area perfectly and in general it is a rather peaceful level only interrupted by a few Spanish words spoken by Lara. Those sound files were way too loud and I didn't understand them anyway. Since I liked the level a lot I will replay it and delete these wav files before starting it again. There are very few enemies as Lara encounters only two angry natives, a bat here and there and also two really hard to kill parrots. The absolute best part of the level is texturing and room architecture. I love those deep chasms with the very realistic looking canyon walls. There are some beautiful textures used and all of them are well placed - all has a professional look and feel to it. The lighting is also very nice with only a few spots where I though it could have been a little darker for realism. All in all this was a great level to play. I personally didn't mind the backtracking at all, but I can understand that some players don't like it. Highly recommended and I really hope to see another level in this style released by the author. (55min, 0 secrets)" - Blue43 (23-Oct-2011)

"A great level lighting and texture is very interesting, new moves make it very easy locomotion in the game, the graphics are great you will be great developer levels!" - Jessica Croft (23-Dec-2010)

"This offers allot of punch for a relatively small download. Set in a Mayan environment you'll find yourself exploring massive caverns which have allot of height to them (in terms of having to scale up and down them during the gameplay). The music seems to fit the scene almost perfectly, with the music coming from Tomb Raider Legend. I guess that if I could sum up the author's work here in one word it would be organic. Maya's Treasure represents some of the most convincing and natural looking geometry that I have ever seen. The textures used are of low-ish quality but were always thoughtfully applied (proof here that you don't have to smother a game in high-resolution textures to make it look good). I think where the author could really add to their level though was in the lighting. The basic ambience is pretty good, but some spot-lights and more intense areas of light would really have added to the experience and shown off some more of that fabulous geometry. All in all I got around an hour and a half worth of gameplay. Well paced, very enjoyable and highly recommended. Outstanding for a debut level. Stiggy" - TheStig (28-Nov-2010)

"I think that it must be difficult to construct landscapes which have the most true possible air, on this point the author made one very great work, The chasm with its lake in bottom is very successful. In this level Lara's sports capacities are more useful to it than its talents of warlike, a lot of escalation to be made in the first part and not a lot of enemy to fight. I think that some diversions during escalations would have spoilt nothing and a few pricking to game would have given nothing. To finish, the gameplay is not of the most complicated and allows to cross a right time, congratulation to the author." - Daffy (02-Oct-2010)

"I played this one together with Dutchy and I was glad, as I don't like game play that goes back and forwards over long distances. We had a hard time to pick up the first Key after diving down into a deep cave filled with water at the bottom and then finding the way back up again and realizing that we didn't had a key. Then also doing the same thing again and again. For a debut level, it is outstanding; the atmosphere puts you in a cave in the jungle. There are some places where there are invisible blocks at doors and also that my screen turned white in a couple of room (never have rooms in the lower right corner of the editor). Some illegal slopes and no proper name for puzzle items and cracks showing. The only thing for me that I didn't like is the vast backtracking but for the rest it was a great adventure." - Gerty (26-Jul-2010)

"Gameplay: 9/10. This level has a very dynamic and fluent gameplay, involving a lot of climbing, jumping and swimming, but not too hard in general. You can hardly get stuck in this level, and there are different ways of getting to most areas. However, the necessary backtracking is a bit excessive here, and sometimes the game becomes boring because of that. Design and architecture of the level is not grandiose as you would expect in Mayan world. I wished this quest did not involve so much climbing up and down so many abysses. I expected Mayan temples, ruins and pyramids, but I got chasms, mountains and caves in most of the level. Enemies and Objects: 7/10. There aren't many enemies in this level, and the surroundings should have been much more luxurious with plants and trees, since Lara explores jungles and mountains of South America. Atmosphere and sound: 8/10. The overall atmosphere is great, the caves are gloomy enough, the pyramids are mysterious enough, mostly thanks to great music themes from TR Legend. I immensely enjoyed the background music in this level, as well as perfectly done sounds and cameras. Lighting and Textures: 6/10. This aspect of the level is the poorest. Lighting in this level is dull, if existing at all. Caves are too dark, and even outdoor areas are too gloomy and boring. Textures are mostly applied correctly, but there are many cracks, especially when Lara is under water. However, this level is quite good and I recommend it to everyone, since you will finish it at ease, it is not hard, it does not involves extremely hard jumps or timed runs or traps. Also bear in mind that this is a debut level of spooky shadow, and as such, it is actually excellent and very interesting. I expect more of this builder and I can tell for sure that his next levels are going to be real master pieces, it is obvious here that he has a great talent for level building." - Nina Croft (26-Jul-2010)

"This is a pleasant one-hour outing that makes use of some of Lara's new moves (perhaps to excess, given all the crack-grabbing and ledge-hopping that's required). You cover quite a bit of ground during your quest, much of it going up and down great distances as opposed to trekking overland. I played at the office over a period of several days in 15 or 20 minute snatches, so I wasn't unduly offended by the backtracking over previously explored territory that you have to do to complete the level. That final artifact at the very end was a humorous touch, too. Jose has written a walkthrough to carry the player through the few rough spots you'll encounter along the way. Nice atmosphere, nice graphics, and a fun raid. Recommended." - Phil (15-Jun-2010)

"It was somewhat funny to hear Lara speaking and screaming in Spanish, here's globalization for you. The game itself is quite organic and interesting at that despite the perhaps excessive number of cracks in it. The pyramids are interestingly designed too. That adds to the atmosphere as well, together with the music, even though one can tell the game is heavily influenced by Crystal Dinamics, which isn't exactly a plus in my book. It isn't too tough nor too easy and relies a lot in jumping and orientation skills. Nonetheless, I guess I must add that all the going back and fro and back and fro may subjectively become a tad annoying. I didn't like seeing the Mayan mask being called Canopic Jar and I found the ending too abrupt. Recommended albeit not at the toppest top of inspiration." - Jorge22 (13-Jun-2010)

"I was very surprised when I played this level. I was expecting a much harder experience with lots of hidden pathways and hidden items and such. As much as I like those levels, sometimes it's better to play a lighter level, with less difficulties and more fluid gameplay. In this particular level, the main focus in terms of gameplay is navigation, mainly built around Lara's new (and old) moves. For the most part, what you'll be doing more often in this level is finding a way out of the area you're in. One of the highlights of this level is the platforming. Many builder tend to overdo it, and the result is usually boring, especially when you require endless shimmying to proceed. This is certainly not the case in The Mayas treasure. The platforming is clearly inspired by Crystal Dynamics' TR games, and manages to be quite fun and more enjoyable than many levels, perhaps because it's not too hard: you won't encounter hardly any impossible jumps. In terms of puzzles, there isn't much to be said. If you don't consider finding your way to be a puzzle, then there's really not much left, which is a shame. Most tasks envolve finding a key or an idol to open a door. There is also a part in the level when you need to return to the area you first visit. The pathway to do that is rather long and, although not being tiring, it can get boring if someone needs to repeat it more than once. That is the case if the player misses the first key. This, in terms of gameplay, is the main flaw this game has. I also found the ending a bit abrupt... I didn't have time to realize what was going on before the level ended, but that's not a great concern, given the rest. There aren't many enemies, but this level is all about exploration. I didn't find the lack of enemies to be a bad thing, but I wouldn't mind having to fight a raptor or two... Anyways, moving on to textures and lighting... The textures fit really well with the athmosphere the builder tried to achieve, and were applied mostly correctly throughout the level, although there are many examples of less perfect texturization. One thing that really bugged me was the lighting (or lack of it). The level is supposed to depict a lush environment, and lighting must be used a lot more to produce that effect. I found the lighting a bit bland. I missed some colour on the landscape, some green lights in the grass... It's not very bad, but it could have been a lot better. Overall, this is a level for everyone to enjoy. It was certainly a very well spent hour. I'm looking forward for more levels from this author. :)" - Brikas94 (12-Jun-2010)

"A lot of climbing to be done in dark places , the new moves still do not appeal to me , meaning Lara being able to thrust herself backwards from a ladder or crawlspace or even climb up upon higher spaces by chipping her beautiful body upwards ! The builder was surely inspired by Christal Dynamics new games as to Laras dexterity where she does not show any limits in jump and run . Now honestly , who has found this key without Scotties Picture ??? The everlasting backtracking did not please me so very much . The game is dark in many places !" - Ruben (05-Jun-2010)

"This is an atmospheric level with lush settings by a new builder with a lot of promise. The back and forth is a bit tiring and the cracks and whiteouts are disconcerting but the ending at a Dharma symbol/station is all joy. The author doesn't mention Secrets in the Read Me and I don't know if there were any as I found none but there was an ideal place for one in an UW passage swim-through room that was either an abandoned idea or a mistake. Not a lot of traditional gameplay other then shimmies,jumps and lots of exploration but what is there is a bit tricky, the uncertainty of just where the rope is leading and then how to get higher for instance. I'm hoping the ending means there's more to come; Lara in a Dharma station is a great premise and this setting could easily be on an island.... Here's hoping that spooky is more than a shadow and continues to build because this debut shows lots of creative talent." - Bene (02-Jun-2010)

"With prior permission from MichaelP, I am reviewing this with the proviso that I decided not to ascend the cavern for the last time once I read that there was nothing further to achieve once one reaches the bridge again. It isn't ordinarily fair to review a level without completing it but since there were no new areas to cover thereafter, I really didn't see the reward in clambering back up to trigger the level end. The first rope-swinging task proved to be somewhat of a nuisance since one has to land on a cave overhang before safely dropping into the entrance once a key has been found. I couldn't even achieve this myself and had to have help so I found the level enjoyable but somewhat frustrating. Also, for some reason the game (for me), kept reverting to the manual shooting option whenever a parrot appeared and had to be reset to automatic." - High Priestess (31-May-2010)

"Just another debut level. It's built around the (no more so) new moves without using them excessively. The cliff-jumpers from Accapulco can retire. I don't want to discuss about the sense of making Lara jump down into a few hundred feet deep pit and letting her survive in shallow water. Anyway: We have to climb up all the way several times. This can be a bit boring. And with the utmost probality you'll do it one more often than needed - a key is nearly perfectly hidden and you'll probably reach the top of the pit with empty hands the first time. Visual highlight is an area with pyramids, the author shows talent for creating environment and atmospheres. The level ends quite abrubtly behind a door in the starting area. Good debut!" - Christian (28-May-2010)

"This is a very competent game, especially being a first from the builder. You get to traverse a well crafted, lush natural setting that begs to be explored. Either the author is a fan of the Legend and the following TR games or he wanted to utilize gameplay elements that would feel organic in a natural setting - but what you do most of the times is shimmy, use the new moves to jump up from the said shimmy cracks and ledges and only occasionally stumble upon a switch, movable block or an oponent. This does make it a bit samey in that department, and while I thought it was lazy gameplay for the commercial games, it does work here, though I was not fond of the part where you have to redo the entire climb to the top. If you happen to miss locating the key on your first time going up, you're punished with having to do it all again immediately, so keep your eyes open. There are some other small nitpicky things, like the puzzle items not having a proper name in the script, a few illegal slopes here and there and cracks all over the game that rob a bit of its otherwise professional feel, and should be addressed in the author's follow up works. But other than that - the author has raised the bar for himself rather high and I am confident he will deliver with the next installments. The shout out to a particular TV series that concluded within a few days after the level's release seemed fitting because of that and gave me a chuckle." - eTux (27-May-2010)

"The whole setting and atmosphere is absolutely stunning in its authenticity and it is really a joy to explore the caves and the luscious greenery for about an hour in this level. Nothing much to do in the end, except for finding the right way forward, leveraging a wide variety of Lara's moves (and two added ones) to hope from ledges to cracks and back. All cleverly done and good fun, although I have to agree with my fellow reviewers that I would have preferered NOT to make the trip up for a third time. Nobody has mentioned the funny ending yet, but I guess you need to be a fan of that particular TV series to find it funny. Certainly made me chuckle ;) Overall a wonderfully relaxing raid with really nice look and feel." - MichaelP (26-May-2010)

"For those who like levels requiring you to find a route, and I do, this is definitely one to play. Not too difficult but enough to keep your interest and with good use of the new moves. On the down side were the lack of enemies and some strange slopes where Lara's legs disappeared and a pool where she seemed to dive into the sand. Little niggles and not worth much mentioning. On the plus side, the level looked good, the lighting was well judged and there was no irritating looped music. (Why do some builders think that even the best piece of music will sound good after hearing it 30 odd times?) All in all, I really enjoyed playing this level. Let's have some more please." - Diz (25-May-2010)

"well to resume ..... after i finished ...... somehow this game i remember another game 'Prince of persia ' same acrobatics .. but wich a much worse visuals + very dark setting ......... all the story is simple ..... u slide down at a ramp .. find urself at a bridge ... across the bridge is the grated door wich u will open late at the end off game ..... so u have 2 ways ....... 1 is down at a small lake from the bridge . at the middle off lake is a long UW tunnel wich lead at a door locked off course lol .. so u need a key /. to get it u need to get back again at bridge level and go ar right at a deep cave . at first glance u think how i can get down ?? simple .. at the bottom off this cave is a small lake too ...... well the anoying part now come ... u need to fin the key .... well is not easy .... moutsly cos is very dark in the cave ... u need to find cracks in the walls wich is hard cos texturing sucks ..... so u need to jump from crack to crack and in mean time to search for the key wich is hidden at a bigger crack hard to find .... after that u need a mask ..... unfortunately is up so u need to procced crack by crack again up at another location to find it ...... after u find it ... u NEED TO GO AGAIN DOWN IN THE PIT !!!! USE IT AND AGAIN UP ....... IS VERY BORING MOUSTLY COS IS VERY DARK IN THE CAVE. AND EVEN IFF U WAS ONCE STILL U FIND UR WAY UP AGAIN HARDLY .. get at a piramid . a easy block puzzle after that open the grated door at the bridge... so .u get up again go through the grated door across the bridge ...... u find some high tech pannel .... and u get kicked at desktop ...... personaly i find this game boring and repetitive with bad texturing and lightning . (uded again all my flares ) .... u can try it but i cannot recomand it ..." - Jack& (25-May-2010)

"Very promising this new builder with a very good control of architecture (fantastic) and textures. About the gameplay I was one of those players who missed the key in the deep pit and when I realized that I had missed something, the key was very very far, so I had to return to explore the pit again and later, when returning from the pyramids place I had to climb to the top again. Result: I had to climb the long way to the top three times. I missed some more enemies and traps too; I just could give an use for the well hidden shotgun. I liked the nice musics and the correct use of the cameras too. There are some small bugs, but they don't affect too much the gameplay of a good debut. Congratulations!" - Jose (24-May-2010)

"For a first level, the author did make a good work. Using high-resolution textures and with a pleasant lighting , some places are impressive, and the looks are rather good but with some spoilers ( in two areas textures disappear and texturing cracks are numerous everywhere ). Not many enemies here. Not a lot of objects either , but that fit well with the type of game which is mainly finding your way , that is not very difficult except for a couple of more subtle moments. The objects fit well with the Mayan environment and are lit conveniently. The couple of keys/artefacts you need for progression should have a proper name in the Scripts. Now this was a rather enjoyable raid for the most part with Lara moves to reach higher or back cracks, although that became a bit repetitive towards the end with the backtracking/redoing. A few bugs while playing happened : Lara legs disappeared in the rocks when standing on some slopes which maybe where places not intended to be reached. The column with 3 sides covered with ladders is a bit buggy : after turning two corners , Lara could not climb higher otherwise she found herself back at ground level as by magic ! The end is a bit weird or sudden, maybe a sequel is planned. A promising new author on the trle scene who certainly can improve in some areas." - eRIC (23-May-2010)

"For those players who enjoy exploration,this is the level for you - par excellance! Almost the entire adventure takes place outdoors among deep ravines and caverns open to the sky;and almost the entire gameplay is devoted to working out how to clamber ever upward via masterful use of shimmies,jumps,rope-swings and assorted other gymnastics.A couple of pushable object puzzles and a hunt for a lever allow a little variety into the exploration scenario;but this sort of level stands or falls on the authenticity(or otherwise) of its setting - and in this case,it is truly superb (especially when you take into account the fact that this is the work of a first-time builder!) Everything just looks so completely right.The caverns are geologically plausible and wonderfully organic,while the temples and pyramids are perfectly located within the landscape.The only real weakness was the backtracking nature of the gameplay:the first ascent of the cavern was fascinating;the second was reasonably entertaining;the third was a bit of a chore.There were also issues with white-outs,and a wrongly placed door (which seemed all the more jarring in an otherwise supremely polished level).The ending was also a little odd and somewhat unrewarding. Enemies were very few indeed,although I found the amazingly resilient Parrot amusing. This is one heck of an ambitious project for a debut,and the builder succeeds magnificently. 70 net minutes of absorbing exploration - what Tomb Raider is ultimately all about!" - Orbit Dream (22-May-2010)

"There is moments, there one regrets to play Custom levels. Every player will know what I mean. There one rushes to full prejoy at a level and must ascertain at the latest after the level end which one could have used his valuable time also more sensibly. And then there is moments where one is just happy to play Custom levels. This happens always then when a level builder understands his craft. And Spooky Shadow belongs quite unambiguously in the second category. His level looks simply first-class. It is not only in such a way which the textures were processed cleanly. No, also the rooms and caves have the right proportions. Even as beginner makes one there fast mistake. One thinks by the level construction which the rooms the right size have, then must find out when he play the level, that these rooms are too big. However, Spooky Shadow has not committed these mistakes. Particularly I must mention here the big cave hole where one must jump from completely on top after completely below into a water hole and must work the way up then again completely on top. Now everything cannot function of course immediately right from the start. Thus, for example, the grid doors have no sound. And at a place all textures had suddenly disappeared. But this were, as far as I could ascertain this, already the only mistakes. Very good it was in my opinion which there was here only few opponents. A few parrots and two natives, that's it. I have liked this level, in any case, very much and I hope that we get to see still more from Spooky Shadow." - Scottie (22-May-2010)

"Mostly a fun scenic trek through mountains, with lots of what climbers call exposure, the open vertical drop beneath them. Lara enjoys herself, dangling over chasms from one hand. New moves we have learned from other games are featured: the vertical jump upward from once crevice to another, and the twisting jump backward from a crevice. Here the moves are utilized well, although it feels like there are many places where Lara shimmies back and forth to find just the right spot for a jump. Players who immediately find the first key have my admiration. I enjoyed the exciting gymnastics, first for a key, and then for a mask. The play itself is a puzzle, working out the right route. Not everyone can do such a good job portraying a natural environment. The section with the two pyramids starts with a grand visual sweep, but it seems as if the author almost throws away this part. On the large pyramid there are flashes of a sky box as Lara runs on ledges, so the visuals are pressing the limits of the Tomb Raider engine. The two Mayans are no threat--one fell into a pool. The only activity is finding two levers. Maybe the author felt that players would be exhausted at this point, and so wanted to let up on them with easier tasks. Perhaps there should have been more here, and the pyramid area should have been the ending. As it is the trek back is a repeat of the quest for the key. The gate at the end of the bridge is finally open, for a jarring last shot. Well done, suitable for all players." - dmdibl (22-May-2010)

"If you like climbing about in caves, you'll be in your element with this one. It's mainly about exploration, with emphasis on Lara's new moves, and finding your route through the breathtaking rocky gorges and caves and a couple of Mayan pyramids. Enemies are minimal and the readme doesn't mention any secrets so I'm rather hoping that the fact that I didn't find any isn't due to my normal incompetence in that area. This may be a debut level, but it looks like the work of a seasoned builder. Apart from the 'find your route' aspect, the gameplay is actually very simple, just involving finding a couple of items, pushing a few movables and a morsel of lever throwing, but it's cleverly done and makes for an absorbing and enjoyable raid. This is most definitely a builder to watch out for in future." - Jay (22-May-2010)
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