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Author(s): TRWad
total rating:3.38 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 4 3 2 2
dmdibl 4 2 2 1
EssGee 4 3 3 3
eTux 4 4 3 3
Jay 4 4 3 3
Jose 5 3 4 5
manarch2 6 3 2 2
MichaelP 4 5 4 4
Nuri 3 3 2 3
Orbit Dream 5 2 2 3
Ryan 4 5 3 3
sonnyd83 5 4 3 4
category averages
(12 reviews)
4.33 3.42 2.75 3.00

Reviewer's comments

"Short level with a kayak route and some little traps and puzzles aside. There are also two secrets including some weapons to find + the rocket launcher, but there's only one tiger to kill so what's the point? The environment was pretty undecorated and boring, so was the gameplay." - Nuri (04-Jun-2019)

"Short test level, but entertaining enough to take a try. Simple architecture and texturization, classic tasks with moving spiked walls and rolling ball traps, pull some switches and few more. Correct the operation of the kayak, very few enemies (I think only a lonely tiger) to shoot and secrets easy to find. I missed some more cameras and musics, and also more variety with the texturization and more objects, but the level is enjoyable and worth to play. Good work." - Jose (08-Jan-2018)

"This little test level is really only for die-hard fans of either kayaking (admittedly rather fun) or TR3 levels (which I tend to find almost unbearable clunky these days). Not much more to it other than avoiding spike walls. Not bad as far as it goes, it just doesn't go very far." - Jay (18-May-2017)

"In this short test level, you simply navigate a kayak down the (relatively) linear path, stopping to pick up optional weapons and ammo that you don't really need. Apart from that you avoid a few spike walls and boulders, wander around a few hastily designed environments, pull a few levers, find two keys and then you use a zip line to end the level. Worth a look if you want to hone your kayaking skills, but it could have been more if longer was spent on it." - Ryan (29-Jul-2016)

"As you will have no doubt gathered from the other reviews for this title alone, this is essentially another test level that focuses around the use of the kayak this time around, with a bit of platforming, trap avoiding and exploration thrown in to offer a bit more gameplay variety, compared to the usual test release. Beyond the quick novelty though, there isn't much else to this release beyond my brief description however. So overall, I'd only really recommend this as a quick distraction and nothing more." - Ceamonks890 (12-Oct-2014)

"Looking at the title, I was under the impression this was a 'full' level' but it is a test level. Anyway, you begin by embarking on a very short kayak voyage, then after getting off, you're faced with a rolling ball which doesn't roll, and a timed spike wall, unfortunately, this spike wall finishes on a switch, so you can't get any further if not pulled in time, then more balls which move this time. Followed by a fight with a tiger and long climb up. Then more kayak fun, but it's hard to not go over the waterfall which is fatal, then collect keys, pull swithes and then more spike fuelled fun, followed by a zipline, and then a rather premature end. Architecture is nicely 3 dimensional but only on the upper area, and most areas are quite empty. The textures are those from India rapids level but aren't used that well - e.g. you have tree texture underneath rock, and most of them are repetitive. The rapdis texture is fairly good. Lighting at the start is very bad - almost non existant, gets marginally better in indoor areas. Sound is sometimes present and sometimes not - e.g. it disappears for a while then when you get a savegame crystal, it starts up again, and I'm not keen on the fire sound fx." - sonnyd83 (09-May-2012)

"As much as I love anything with the kayak in it, I remember far too well from the first time I took on the Madubu Gorge how overwhelming a whole level centred around it could be, so a short raid such as this was the right thing for a trip down memory lane. You escape spikey walls, hunt for keys, and eventually even conquer spikey rapids and currents in the 10 minutes or so spent here, so the game is relatively eventful for its duration. The inside areas look decent, but the exterior is probably a bit too rough and blocky in comparison. But I dare say you'll play it for the kayak ride and not for the eye-candy anyway, so that is not a huge defect in this case." - eTux (03-Mar-2011)

"It was just a 10-minute level with many weapons to get and two (are there three?) secrets to find. But I liked the (one time) challenging kayak rides and also the whole architecture, despite of the level's simplicity. Fun factor was high for me. Recommended for a short break!" - manarch2 (10-Nov-2010)

"I did not know of this level, but thanks to seeing dmdibl's review I wanted to check this level out, as it's always interesting to see what builder's do with boats and water environments. There are a few good gameplay ideas in this short (approx 10-15 minute) level using roll balls, moving spike walls and sink currents in the rapids. Also some remote camera views as one plunges over the falls are an effective view. Being a test level of sorts, there was not a great deal of effort to build attractive environments. Hills/jungle style rooms are not the easiest rooms to build, and require some work to give them a natural earthy feel. That feel is not captured with the simple square flat-topped outdoor areas on show here. Effect lighting is minimal which further impairs any atmosphere. The level provides a fun short interlude, if you just want to go and have a paddle in the river with a few exploratory diversions." - EssGee (02-Oct-2010)

"It's not much more than a Test level;and the craftsmanship of the outdoor areas and assorted rooms and corridors is generally rudimentary...but who cares? It has a Kayak! You negotiate spikes in the river;find ways to steer into the various sections of still water for the corresponding rewards;plummet down a giant waterfall.You even get chased by boulders;avoid spiked walls and ride a zip-line.That's a lot of activity for a mere 13 minutes of playing time. Give it a go for the enjoyment factor,and the opportunity to experience a mode of transport rarely encountered within the Custom Level genre." - Orbit Dream (25-Aug-2010)

"Any level with a working kayak is worth a look in my book. In the 15 minutes here it seems almost a bit underused though as you only get two short paddling passages to master. The rest is about avoiding boulders and spike walls and flipping a few switches. Interesting, but could have been so much more with a little more effort." - MichaelP (13-Jun-2010)

"Action with kayaking, escaping spike walls, and a boulder chase, but this never becomes more than a test level because of its basic scenery and elementary texturing. A lack of environment makes for disinterest, so even the tiger doesn't seem to care. The elements are here for a much better level if the author had just done something with the boxy landscape." - dmdibl (07-Jun-2010)
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