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Author(s): Miro
total rating:5.22 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 4 5 4 4
dmdibl 7 8 7 8
eRIC 5 6 5 4
Jose 3 4 3 4
manarch2 5 6 5 5
MichaelP 7 8 7 8
Orbit Dream 5 6 3 5
Ryan 5 5 5 6
sonnyd83 4 4 4 4
category averages
(9 reviews)
5.00 5.78 4.78 5.33

Reviewer's comments

"Again an overrated level. Very simple architecture; floors, walls and ceilings textured with the same tile, no cameras or flybys (except in the room with many switches, where you don't need them), no musics, no worked lights, no objects to ornate the rooms, no puzzles, no secrets... Definitely, many missed features to release an entertaining level. I don't know if the author realized that players can drive the quad on 1 click high tiles. This time you'll advance from room to room picking up goodies and shooting all kind of enemies (or kill them with the quad). There are some switches to pull, some buttons to push, a short timed run and few more. Good as a test level, but only for the author so he can build later a more elaborated level." - Jose (05-Jul-2017)

"This was surprisingly long for a test level, notching up at around 17 minutes for me. You get some raptors, compys and guards to fight, a bit if climbing, a couple of switches to use, a brief jaunt on the quad bike and finally a lava jump room with timed run. There are also some nice textures to look at. It is still short though, so not really one for an extended raid." - Ryan (24-Jul-2016)

"While offering a tad more gameplay variety than is traditionally expected from test levels in this day and age, I'm afraid that taken as a full-on finished release, this one just falls flat on its face from the get go. With many rooms that are just far too boxy and lifeless(including plenty of repetitive/nonsensical texturing, non-existent lighting, missing sound effects and very few enemies/objects used that just feel randomly thrown in on top of that), its more than likely to turn a good number of potential players away. But if you're willing to embrace the generally entertaining albeit short gameplay time and ignore the obvious flaws spread throughout, then it will serve as a nice distraction. But nothing more beyond that." - Ceamonks890 (12-Oct-2014)

"This level should have more reviews , as it is not difficult and rather fun. After defeating some various kinds of enemies , a ride with a quad to have the pleasure to crush more enemies , even a T-Rex. Gameplay by foot has not been forgotten , with some easy traps , jump rooms , a timed door , and a puzzle with switches and symbols. I saw some of the symbols just before this room , the others I may not paid attention to them ,but even without all symbols and pulling the wrong switches, we eventually make it anyway. I noticed a bug in one section with the Quad bike : when I saved and reload , Lara died. The texturing tends to be repetitive and there is no lighting. Recommended for 20 minutes." - eRIC (23-Sep-2012)

"This level consists of enourmous rooms filled with dinosaurs and dogs and other baddies. Some baby dinosaurs don't attack you. You even get a quad bike, which is the highlight of the game, but unfortunately this spoils the gameplay since you can avoid traps, baddies etc. A few keys have to be found and placed, and switches pulled. There's not many objects other than computer desk and statue, and the texturing is very repetitive and no lighting exists." - sonnyd83 (06-May-2012)

"As a test level,this was quite substantial and fluent - but taken as a genuine stand-alone adventure it offered only the more basic of raids:run a gauntlet or two;shoot raptors;perform a few jumps;ride a motorbike. The T-Rex is virtually unkillable without the aid of this aforementioned piece of transport but,should you leave it behind early on in the level,you'll not be able to return for it. The raptors are fun,and some of the texturing and lighting works well;but the overall appearance is generally bland and indicates that perhaps the 'test' appelation was indeed correct,as this seems to have been built in order to display a few gameplay concepts rather than to be an actual game in itself." - Orbit Dream (05-Aug-2010)

"Strange, I thought. At some rooms textures were very good but at several rooms the author seemed to just used one non- fitting texture for whole room. Gameplay was nice. It was a good and enjoyable adventure. I recommend it; if you don't bother it's rather short, try it." - manarch2 (27-Jul-2010)

"Indeed oddly titled a test level, but looking at Miro's later work, I guess it is always relative. This seem to be his early attempts into building and shows all the promise that he delivered on with his later work. Fast paced and quite action packed with quite a few enemies to kill, good looking custom textures, a quad bike to ride and more. This lasts only just about 20 minutes but it's great fun to raid through." - MichaelP (12-Jun-2010)

"With good game play and appearance, I don't know why this is classed as a test level. It shows a distinctive style of texturing, and it's nice to see something different. I assume the author made up the texture set. Lara confronts compies, raptors, T-rex, and guards. I found it a positive to have a choice: should Lara pull out the Desert Eagle to shoot raptors, then use the long-range MP5 to drop the T-rex stomping around below? Or should she get on the quad bike and run over the lot of them? If one plays diligently to hunt out the crowbar secret this will take about thirty minutes. I did notice a paper-thin wall, and the quad bike is strangely silent, but probably Lara is now using an environmentally friendly electric quad bike. I liked the decorative last room, and was sorry to see the level end when it did." - dmdibl (09-Jun-2010)
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