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Author(s): Iceberg
total rating:1.18 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 0 0 1 4
DJ Full 1 0 2 3
dmdibl 1 0 2 4
eTux 1 0 1 2
Jay 0 0 1 3
Jose 0 0 1 3
manarch2 0 0 0 2
MichaelP 0 1 1 3
Orbit Dream 1 0 0 1
Ryan 0 0 1 2
sonnyd83 3 0 3 4
category averages
(11 reviews)
0.64 0.09 1.18 2.82

Reviewer's comments

"Not really playable this level for a "normal" player, but only interesting for TR3 builders, showing the ways to setup water and dry rooms so the players can or cannot go from a room to another; and some issues about the climbable walls and the monkeyswings related with the architecture too. So not interesting for most players." - Jose (27-Jan-2018)

"Two more test levels, and with quite possibly the shortest duration ever. Water Test demonstrates how a water wall works, while Climb Test, showcases different climbing methods and some amusing textures. That's about it." - Ryan (23-Feb-2017)

"One could think about putting all these test levels together in a common compilation, because each of them provides something different and if nicely connected with some pickups to obtain, they would even work as a normal game - why not to hit two birds with one stone? Since it hasn't been done yet, here's another piece of ancient knowledge to discover. Here it's about climbing, texturing connections and water portals - something like in Lara's gym, so nothing obligatory. But it's a travel to the past when unofficial basics were being decoded. It's like a piece of graffiti excavated from ruins of a fallen city by some technologically advanced alien race who would come to Earth when all the people including Will Smith are already dead. Most likely these aliens would assume the writing served religious purposes while the real meaning would be consistently rejected. SUMMARY: I was born too late but early enough to touch the beginnings. But if this level feels like a bronze age artifact to me, the next generations of builders (or Next Generation builders) won't have a chance to understand it, what is a real pity." - DJ Full (27-Apr-2015)

"I have to admit. This has got to be one of the most redundant pack of test levels I've played yet, as it demonstrates two aspects to building(in the form of climbable ladders and water rooms), that anyone bored enough to read the manual would quickly master in not too short a time. So, generally not worth bothering with for the average player. Not too bad texturing for these test areas though." - Ceamonks890 (18-Sep-2014)

"Two test levels which explain things that the Official Manual does already.Climb assorted columns (and get stuck on top of some of them);do some slightly fun trick swimming. It might be instructional for one or two players;but honestly,it's really not worth the download." - Orbit Dream (27-Sep-2013)

"This is not to be considered a level but more of a brief demonstration of how levels are built. The first one looks at climbing, and is quite useful for example, the fact that if you make one room climbable, the room above will be also climbable. The second one was relating to water, but really only demonstrated the use or lack thereof, of toggle opacity function, and how water rooms are built in the same way as normal rooms. Texturing although not relevant was useful in demonstrating how LE works. You do get to climb and swim, but one of the climbable walls didn't have climbable texturing." - sonnyd83 (06-May-2012)

"As said by the other reviewers - and *clairvoyant moment* will be said by future reviewers - there's not really all that much to do here for the players. The climb test is a sort of a tutorial how to handle climbable/monkey-swingable surfaces, and the swim test is actually more interesting to play with and observe the transitions between the different areas - but as said - no real gameplay value for someone looking for something more substantial." - eTux (20-Apr-2012)

"These two short test levels give an insight into the building aspects of climbing textures and water and have interesting annotations plastered over the scenery. That's about it really." - Jay (07-Mar-2011)

"Another two test rooms to show how to build levels. I couldn't see anything to rate except the nearly acceptable textures in these levels and some funny graffiti by the author. Despite of that not recommended." - manarch2 (11-Sep-2010)

"More a tutorial for builders than a level per se, as it demonstrates how to use climbs, monkey swings and how transitions between dry and water rooms can work." - MichaelP (12-Jun-2010)

"Test levels that are really that: a builder's test. The climbing tests demonstrate how a climbable wall goes to the ceiling, even though only the wall in the lowest room has been marked as climbable. Similarly, a monkeyswing is determined by the floor, even if that is in the lowest room. Swimming tests show various situations where Lara will, or won't, swim through a vertical water wall. Interesting, and well constructed." - dmdibl (08-Jun-2010)
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