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Author(s): The Quad
total rating:4.08 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 3 3 4 4
Diz 5 4 5 4
dmdibl 4 4 4 4
eRIC 4 3 6 5
Jose 3 3 3 5
Leeth 4 3 6 5
manarch2 3 3 5 4
MichaelP 4 3 5 4
Orbit Dream 3 3 3 4
Ryan 4 3 4 4
Torry 5 6 7 4
Zhyttya 4 4 4 5
category averages
(12 reviews)
3.83 3.50 4.67 4.33

Reviewer's comments

"For one of the earliest attempts with the unofficial editor this little TR3 level is actually fairly accomplished for it's time. Sure the game play is relatively simplistic and it only last seven minutes and yes, we have floating plants and wave like motion in some of the walls but hey, without these early attempts we would not today have the accomplished level sets compiled with the unofficial editor that we enjoy so much. So, if you would like to see history unfolding then load this one up." - Torry (24-Aug-2018)

"Few things to comment about this short level; I liked the trapped situation near the start with the timed switch and the rolling boulders, but later I think there is an error in the gameplay design: if you don't use the key before do the second timed run you'll be trapped forever and you'll need to reload. Few enemies to shoot, no much care with the texturization and some plants floating in midair in the Shiva area, but still a level worth to play for me. Entertaining." - Jose (27-Jan-2018)

"This was actually pretty entertaining. You get a snake to shoot, a brief door puzzle, rolling boulder traps, a brief maze with timed run and a Shiva statue. Fun to play, if rather short." - Ryan (09-Aug-2016)

"Really enjoyed this Example Level. Would love to see the final release! It's pretty simple, with a few good time runs, some boulders traps and that's that, but overall it was not that bad, only thing to point out negatively was the water texture. Just didn't seem like water, either in or out." - Zhyttya (08-Jan-2016)

"Well this was a level! It was promising but nothing especial. There were some random ball's that were lovely when they did the corner and the fight with Shiva had some "flying grass" on the ground. Still, not bad if you only have 3 minutes to play. It seems like a good introduction to Tomb Raider, even randomly dying to a ball is part of a experience so there you have it!" - Leeth (08-Jan-2016)

"As is alluded to in the title and provided screenshots, this is merely a jungle-themed test release that sets to demonstrate a basic level map in action via actually playing through it yourself. And while certain design aspects such as the texturing and overall gameplay to name a few could have been done better, it certainly serves its purpose as a rather short but mildly entertaining distraction regardless. Recommended, especially if you're bored and in the mood for a quick raid." - Ceamonks890 (12-Oct-2014)

"This is good solid raiding. Some timed runs, a neat boulder trap (yes, I was caught by it - well done builder!), a Shiva, levers to find and classic 'temple' textures. The main problem is that it is far too short, after ten minutes I was just beginning to enjoy myself when 'boof' it's all over. If you want a 'coffee break' level then this isn't bad - enjoy!" - Diz (27-Jan-2012)

"6 minutes of classic Jungle atmosphere and ordinary gameplay, but often streched textures and very low number of enemies. I liked the red lightning in the last room. Some boulder parts were a bit challenging, but overall not worth to take a look at." - manarch2 (20-Nov-2010)

"A short and basic India adventure of about 10 minutes. It works pretty well, but has few real surprises. Some rolling boulders to watch out for and two timed sequences are the highlighty and the Shiva at the end is easily avoided." - MichaelP (13-Jun-2010)

"If you fancy a short little level with quite a lot crammed into its small duration,then this accurately named small adventure is indeed a good example of its type. Indian location;door opening puzzle;sneaky rolling boulders;timed run;cobra;Shiva.Entertaining for the brief time it lasts." - Orbit Dream (13-Jun-2010)

"A well-done mini-level using India textures, cobra, and a Shiva fight at the end. Sneaky boulders trying to flatten Lara, and a timed run. Nice appearance, so good over all, but short duration." - dmdibl (08-Jun-2010)

"Not bad , this short Indian romp. A good puzzle with a couple of timed doors at the beginning, but I missed more flares in the dark corridors section, in these circumstances it was not easy to do the timed trapdoor in the dark and added some more flares with savegame Editor. The battle with a Shivah at the end does not seem to be necessary. [ 10 minutes - 1 easy secret ]" - eRIC (06-Jun-2010)
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