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Author(s): Dgenocroft
total rating:1.98 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
afzalmiah 1 2 1 1
Ali 2 2 2 2
Ceamonks890 1 1 1 1
Diz 4 3 4 3
DJ Full 3 1 3 3
Gerty 2 1 1 2
Jay 3 3 3 2
JesseG 3 3 2 3
Jose 3 1 4 2
manarch2 2 1 1 1
MichaelP 3 3 2 1
Orbit Dream 3 2 1 2
Ryan 2 2 1 1
Scottie 3 1 4 2
TheStig 2 1 1 1
Zhyttya 2 1 1 1
category averages
(16 reviews)
2.44 1.75 2.00 1.75

Reviewer's comments

"Granted, it is a very slight improvement over this author's previous level (at least there's a clearer sense of progression and a couple of nice flooding sequences, but it's nowhere near a fully decent. The textures are so stretched that the atmosphere was subsequently spoilt and I wasn't really immersed in the experience. Not awful, but not really that great either. I wouldn't recommend playing it unless you want to increase your review count." - Ryan (19-Nov-2016)

"A very good concept is shown here of actually witnessing Lara getting locked by her adversary - usually we just hear about such things from the readme. The author has surely learnt a lot of the building basics for this project, and too bad the level only shows his skills utilized in a draft, without lights, with no music except the attack tune, and without a single piece of furniture - apart from two crucial enemies, three puzzles and one door, everything is made of pure geometry. SUMMARY: Sometimes I get filled with doubt and wonder about the meaning of my life. This easily happens in key moments like this one, when I've just played everything between 0.00 and 2.00 and I can easier compare what's behind to what is yet ahead. Upwards and onwards... Optional." - DJ Full (01-Sep-2015)

"This level is really basic, but the bad basic. Textures are horrible, the whole level itself it's pretty much horrible to look at. Tall walls, nonsense platforms etc etc. The level is called "Natla Returns" but she only appeared once and you couldn't even react to it. And i had to check the walkthrough to see if the crash at the very end was normal. The final part of the level is when it crashes. And you're done! You've finish the level. Bad overall, not recommended at all." - Zhyttya (03-Aug-2015)

"Not much of an improvement from 'Little Confuse World' in all honesty, with poor texturing, non-existent lighting/atmosphere, boring gameplay and still generally lifeless environments only making this test level all the more tedious to go through(with Natla's alluded return feeling so forced in, that you'll miss her if you blink while sliding to the next uninspired level.) So best to give this one a skip, unless you're looking for something easy to review." - Ceamonks890 (09-Jul-2015)

"Natla Returns plays like a test level that was being used to try out ideas rather than a serious release. 2 very short levels joined together it's created using mostly Venice/TR2 textures. The texturing itself is pretty dreadful with nearly every wall having hopelessly stretched textures which look awful. There's absolutely no lighting to speak of either. It plays very much like a 'test level' that many of us who've played with the editor might have created at one point or another. There are some advanced features like flip-maps & camera work, which is why I was dissapointed to see wafer thin walls & poor texturing. Finally there's the confusion over the subject matter? I couldn't see anything 'Natla related' at all. Completed in 10 minutes. A definite improvement over the author's first release, but they need to take more time & care with their texturing. Stiggy" - TheStig (26-Jun-2011)

"This level was a very short one but was separated to two parts. The first part was a boring litle adventure where there were stretched textures everywhere, some paperthin walls, the lighting was bad but the enemies weren' too bad. Enemies were only wolves but they didn't annoy me because they are easy to kill. The second level was quite better than the first one but there were still stretched textures and paperthin walls but I think the lighting was a bit improved although there was a bit where you are supposed to be outside but the builder but no textures to make it night. Even though the builder did this it still felt like it was day because the lighting wasn't changed. The only enemy in this level was a guard. I didn't actually see natla anywhere in this level. A very easy level but rot really recommended. I know that if this builder keeps practicing then he/she will improve a whole lot :-)." - afzalmiah (21-May-2011)

"All hope is not lost for this little two-level adventure,as there are some fun gameplay ideas to be had - but you'll need to put all of your critical faculties on hold in order to derive its full potential! Lazy texturing and lighting kill the atmosphere (which had little chance of being generated anyway,in such implausible and gapingly empty surroundings.) Nevertheless (the omitting of a vital climbable wall notwithstanding)the gameplay is rather interesting and fast-moving,with plenty of slides and jumps and flipped rooms.A couple of dogs and a Heavy spice up this 12 minute adventure,so the download time for this level won't be entirely wasted." - Orbit Dream (08-Feb-2011)

"Tedious levels with bad textures. Not recommended." - Ali (07-Oct-2010)

"Getting there slowly, but it still needs a lot of work. Textures are stretched (see page 13 of the manual) and of course the paper-thin walls. The dog appearing out of thin air is also not how it should. Also getting a crash by leaving the game is not needed." - Gerty (27-Sep-2010)

"A very brief outing that doesn't merit much attention unless you want to get another review under your belt. Level 1: It took me a while to recognize the opera theater textures from TR2, since they were stretched and squished to oblivion. You use a key, hop some platforms and some weird looking curtains, and you slide to the next level as someone (Natla?) appears behind you and shoots at you. 4 minutes. Level 2: You cross a pool of water, and eventually emerge "outside" (there's no horizon and it's just blackness above) on a rooftop, which for some reason has a deadly tile on one side. Because of the pickups placed below, you must cross these odd rooftops several times and back to use the items in the previous area. This makes up the bulk of the gameplay for yet another short level. Plenty more mis-sized textures, and quite a few missing ones as well in the pool. Place the cartouche and the game crashes to a close, which I assume means the adventure came to an end. Never saw Natla again after the first level." - SSJ6Wolf (24-Sep-2010)

"Nice to see how this builder is getting better. In this set of two very short levels you can find some features like flipped rooms, animating textures or well worked cameras... Now the author only have to think about the very stretched textures, the huge and empty rooms without objects, the architecture, some puzzles, working lights... and I think next levels could have much better appearance and more fun. Continue so." - Jose (22-Sep-2010)

"This builder has come on in leaps and bounds. Alright, there are still faults, stretched textures, crashing to the desktop, simplistic gameplay etc., but if the next level is as much of an improvement over this as this is over the last then we may have a really good builder in the making. The areas are still large and empty and the gameplay very linear but there is, at least, the start of the feeling of a solid level. Please keep on building, Dgenocroft, this should be interesting." - Diz (20-Sep-2010)

"An improvement over the first 'level' by this (presumably very young) builder, but that was not hard to achieve of course. What you get here are two short 5 minute levels and you actually need to DOZY up to the exit at the end of the first, as the ladder is not climbable. And I actually did enjoy the general progression with a series of platform jumps and the use of the water flipmaps in both levels and the occasional fixed camera angle. But it all gets spoiled by the lacklustre texturing with tons of stretched and squashed and wrongly turned textures, plus a few thin walls and script errors. This release shows that the author has a decent sense of how to create gameplay progression in a level, but still lacks the skill (and probably patience) to create a more structured, believeable and better looking architecture around it for players to dive into." - MichaelP (17-Sep-2010)

"These two levels are a "great" improvement in reference to last level of builder. The wall textures were mostly unicolored and not nice to look at. One short cutscene shows how to go on which looked good. But despite of the rather boring and linear gameplay you could not load in the game, if you did, the game crashed. Fortunately you didn't have to restart if you unpacked your game, otherwise it would be a big flop. Only one secret which was hidden with a unmarked ladder in the first level - the Uzis. After I put the Bar Cartouche the game finally crashed. I think it should be the end. The builder has to learn much more because there are so many bugs (e.g. sometimes you can't climb into a door near end of first level)." - manarch2 (17-Sep-2010)

"Algo estranho em Veneza: At least, this level lasts longer than the first work of Dgenocroft. And he has more colours. Indeed, he has also stretched textures. And they are not the exception, but the rule. And a reasonable lighting also does not exist. But there are also the positive things. The Flyby looks good. And if one stands in the room with the grid floor, one has an interesting look down. Indeed, one is after only about 6-minute playing time already in the second level.
Tempo de Natla: As already in the first level there also are here paper-thin walls. And stretched textures. And no reasonable lighting. And very big and very empty rooms. And also this level is over after about 6 minutes. Here, moreover, there is the Savegamebug. But, at least, one can fight against a bully boy. However, this is also the only change.
Result: At least, the playing time is longer than in the first level of this level builder. And, at least, this level has textures. There is small progress. Though this progress is small, but visible." - Scottie (17-Sep-2010)

"This is certainly an improvement on the last release from this author, but I'm afraid that's still not saying very much. Granted, unlike Little Confuse World, this level does at least have some textures, but they are so stretched that Lara appears to be visiting some Brobdingnagian version of Venice. It's in two (very short) parts and the second section failed to endear itself to me when it crashed to the desktop every time I tried to reload. I had to assume the game had finished after the crash when Lara placed a cartouche (!). I did rather like the underwater dog in part one. Was it intentional? Who knows, but it certainly was hilarious. It looked so comical staring up at Lara swimming above it that I just couldn't bring myself to shoot it. In any case, being able to survive underwater, it was probably impervious to bullets so I left it alone. I suggest you do the same with the level." - Jay (17-Sep-2010)
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