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Author(s): Lara_Fox_Croft
total rating:7.53 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 8 7 8 8
Ceamonks890 5 5 5 5
Diz 8 8 9 8
DJ Full 6 7 8 8
dmdibl 8 8 8 8
eRIC 5 7 5 5
Jack& 6 6 6 7
Jay 8 8 8 9
Jose 7 7 6 7
manarch2 7 8 9 9
MichaelP 8 8 8 7
Orbit Dream 8 8 8 8
Phil 9 9 8 8
Ryan 7 7 9 8
Scottie 9 8 7 8
TheStig 7 7 7 8
Torry 9 10 10 9
category averages
(17 reviews)
7.35 7.53 7.59 7.65

Reviewer's comments

"I'm sorry, but this was an utterly miserable experience for me. Gameplay is incredibly unfair with poor weapon damage balancing against foes to accommodate the arbitrary limited ammo for the pistols(not helped at all by the infuriating collision detection on background objects and forced fixed cameras obscuring your view, which shouldn't make traversal this frustrating!). And it only gets worse from there, as objects lack the proper lighting tint to blend in with the surroundings, texturing is very crude-looking, plenty of sound effects are missing and there's no consistent ambient track playing in the background to help better immerse the player into the game. Overall, a sloppily-handled remake that's barely an improvement from the demo version by the same builder. Not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (01-Jun-2019)

"What a wonderful re imagining of the Great Wall from TR2. The atmosphere textures etc are fantastic and I enjoyed every minute here. This is sufficiently diverse from the original that it plays like a new level entirely. Yes, the basics are there but there is so much more to explore and enjoy. If have two minor complaints. When someone was firing at Lara there were no gunshot sounds and the spikes raising from the floor had a kill range disproportionate to their size. The gauntlet was tough but manageable and the box puzzle at the top of the cavern near the end inventive with surprises just about every where. I managed to find all five secrets. The only thing missing was the T Rex. Loved it." - Torry (21-Jun-2018)

"I haven't played the demo version of this full version yet (well... you know what I mean), and judging by the review comments, I probably won't anytime soon. Looking on this as a standalone level, it holds up pretty well. A bit excessive in the darkness department, but I did like the textures that were used, bringing new life to an old favourite of mine. I wasn't so fond of the limited ammo "feature" as I ran out of pistol ammo fairly early on and had to resort to using the shotgun, and eventually the revolver, to shoot the spiders and guards. I liked the trap sequences and the demolition of the crates, though." - Ryan (26-Mar-2017)

"Twice we play with explosions, once with a suddenly fallen block and that's all what's new - for the remaining time, "longer and more challenging" means "more locked doors, keys and traps". In this case I would normally recommend to imagine them in the original map and skip the game, but this time graphics are completely different, many new rooms exist and the place doesn't feel like we know it. Unfortunately a lot of chromatic inconherency between particular objects occurs, as the author throws in billions of polygons without a trace of proper tinting which, if existing, would make you notice all this placed content is stylistically coherent. Unfortunately, the level suffers a lot from bugs. Collision glitches are frequent, sfx is omnimissing and once a local tune takes over, it stays forever to overlap with any other music. Such errors always make me wonder, especially if I see 12 people credited in the readme. And even more unbelievable, this is a third level in a row I play with a flare bug. A level deletion penalty should be issued if such things stay unfixed for too long, because people keep suffering from what would take several clicks to repair. The border was eventually crossed when the builder noticed a prematurely accessible ledge and had a brilliant idea to solve that with unmarked spikes - RIP all the newbies who save while pulling up on that, can you imagine what a fresh player must feel if he begins raiding with a level like this? And even experienced patients will die multiple times while trying to access a secret placed on the same ledge. SUMMARY: Could be a very fine remake. I hope it's possible to fix these nasty errors and it might turn true." - DJ Full (01-Jul-2016)

"Contrary to his later level, this full version is actually more significantly extended versus the demo, so you get almost an hour long raid in a rather pretty environment that later on gets to be a bit too dark. It is actually a rather diverse adventure as you get a few timed runs, a bit of key searching, enemies to kill with limited (but plentiful) ammo, quite a bit of a gauntlet in the middle with moving spikewalls and such and five rather nice secrets to find as well. It did feel a bit tedious at times for me to find my way through this, but that may just have been me, so I thoroughly recommend giving this one a try." - MichaelP (10-Sep-2011)

"It was back in July that I played the Demo version of this level. I found the approach refreshing (even if I wasn't so keen on the limited pistols aspect). So how do I rate the final product? Well firstly lets comment on the level structure itself. While it does borrow heavily from the original TR2 level, there's allot of new and interesting areas to explore. The very last part of the cavern sequence is almost completely different so you wont find yourself rushing quickly through this level knowing every key area. There's lots of climbing and you'll have to do some good and proper exploration to make progress. Lighting and texturing are pretty good for the most part. The outdoor spaces feel much more naturally lit even if the areas of shadow are perhaps at times a little intense. Some of the geometry at times can be a little off, and I think the author needs to work a little on making their indoor rooms feel a little more organic. The difficulty curve is reasonable so you shouldn't find anything causing you too many problems though I did find the running blades/spike traps sequence a bit of a nightmare initially. Music queues are pretty well selected too. It's a strong 2nd release from KurtisLara which definitely shows evolution from the original demo. All in all I got 1 hour and 20 minutes gameplay from the Great Wall. I look forward to seeing what the author releases next. Recommended. Stiggy." - TheStig (05-Sep-2011)

"The level is good and there are enough new features different from the original to be worth to be player. There are many defects: missed sounds, Lara stucked inexplicably in certain places, cameras which don't return to Lara... I also can't understand all those black walls in many rooms. There are some hard tasks which force you to reload many times, but salvageable. In my opinion textures are good but very colourful and unreal. I found enough ammo but it'll be good the unlimited for the pistols, 'cause I had to let back a lot of enemies and shoot small spiders with the shotgun. Not bad to be a debut but not properly beta tested." - Jose (27-Dec-2010)

"I didn't (and probably won't in view of the many objections voiced in the reviews) play the demo version of this release, but I enjoyed the full version a great deal during the hour and a half it took me to complete it. The "new look" textures are a little jarring to the eyes, but the gameplay flows smoothly and the tasks are easily attainable by the more experienced raider. Manarch2 has provided a comprehensive walkthrough that documents all five secrets. Adequate armament and flares are available to get the player through the dark and dangerous spots. The Great Wall is another of the well-made and complex standalone levels that have been released in recent months, and I can recommend it heartily." - Phil (18-Dec-2010)

"Well this level was in the first part very frustrating because there was a large area and you have to search everywhere to find the next key. Keys are another minus point in this level as most of them are named similar (Old Key, Rusty Key, Detonator Key). But the second part which differed much from the original was really a highlight. Good cutscenes, great textured rooms with dark atmosphere (sometimes too hard). I really liked the way of placing the secrets; for one you had to do quite much and it was very hard to spot all of them. The ammo was quite tightly given but if you conserve it for the enemies in the caves you can manage it (I didn't shoot a single ammo at the tigers or crows). When regarding the gameplay, there weren't many puzzles, but it was a nice exploring level with many areas to find. All in all a nice one-hour long raid!" - manarch2 (02-Dec-2010)

"A level which was painful to go through , as there is some irritating things along the way. Fixed cameras, keys hard to see, inconsistencies in the use of some features , no background audio atmosphere (only the audios that are not loops were playing) , and crashes probably caused by the new exe. Texturing is high-resolution and lighting is worked on, but are far from being neat and mastered. Some good tasks to perform in this extended and different version of the great wall." - eRIC (24-Nov-2010)

"That's better! This is the level that the author should have built after THAT demo. Still fixed camera angles but they can be knocked off. Thank you, thank you! That's the comments, now the review: A remake of The Great Wall with better graphics and the builder's sneaky imagination thrown in (I like 'sneaky'). As the game progresses it veers further and further from the original until it's like playing a new level. Timed runs, spiked-wall runs, some agility and well placed baddies all added to the enjoyment. I mentioned in my previous review that, on the whole, I quite enjoy the occasional 'limited ammo' level, having to decide what to shoot and what to avoid etc. In this case there was no need for decisions as there was plenty of ammo, especially the shotgun. The lighting and textures were good if a little dark, this was mitigated by, what seem to be, an ever-lasting flare. I don't know if the builder designed it that way but towards the end I lit a flare and used the same one for about 20 minutes of gameplay! All in all, a very enjoyable romp!" - Diz (01-Nov-2010)

"well i start with to say : i was never a fan off ''remakes'' i cannot tell u how was the demo level wich prevously released this builder cause i dont play demos ..... but i can tell that this game was not my piece of cake ..... its a remake after original TR2 released many years ago but worse in every piece except the better graphics ...... through not much better ..... well its start in a cave .. u need to climb up to the top off the rocks where wait for u 2 or 3 howks ... they take alot off shots and U HAVE LIMITED AMMO - FOR STANDARD PISTOLS !!!- very silly thing ..... found urself on a bridge ... u need to get some keys to could open the doors at the ends off the bridge so must go down and find it .... now start the silly frustrating gameplay with underwater caves to serach for the key... u need to swim alot deep in the UW cave untill u get in the place ..keys are very small . u can miss them easy .. and useles to say u need to doo the way all long back so might run up air ....also u need do find detonator key to can progress further.. wich also is hard to find ... moustly iff u dont know where to search .... low ceiling tunnels with slicers . spike walls timed silly . all this to give useles more difficulty like should be normaly ...+ confusing gameplay + alot off silly fixed cameras . this is mainly what u can expect from this game ..... al in all a sub-mediocre game .. i cannot recomand it unless u was a big fan off the original release ... cheers .." - Jack& (31-Oct-2010)

"This final version is a big difference from the earlier released demo. Not just is it now a full-length level, the builder has reworked several of the already existing rooms with new addition and even new lighting. Also, the game play has changed a bit, as locations for pickup of items are somewhat different now. The game play is quite interesting and differs a lot from the original in certain areas like the canyon with the T-Rex. It is now a dark maze with some pushable blocks and spike traps (and no T-Rex). There are several timed areas throughout, which make this level even more interesting. The spikes in this game were a bit weird. I was able to walk through some of them, like in the pit where I picked up some goodies. Others will kill Lara instantly just when you get a little too close to them. Lara has limited ammo for the pistols but this is not really a problem as there are plenty of shotgun ammo pickups later in the game. Some of the enemies were tigers, crows, big and small spiders and gunmen. Most of them were easy and some even rather harmless, like the crows, as they got stuck on the wall somewhere and could be avoided. I found the atmosphere really good and enjoyed the sound track. The texturing was excellent and definitely a big upgrade from the original. Decoration was plenty but the vegetation was a bit too much. I experienced some serious fps slowdown and it is also in the way a lot of times when using the look button. I'd say this is a very enjoyable level and one of the better remakes of earlier TR levels out there. Good job by the builder!" - Blue43 (29-Oct-2010)

"Irony on
Hmm, this is strange. I have played the demo and have written an absolutely insignificant Review. And I have valued the demo with 6.75 on average. What is so noteworthy at the fact which I am mentioned now in the Credits? Nevertheless, I have done nothing for this level. And what happens if I value this level higher than the demo? Does the level builder transfer a bigger sum Euros to me then? Should I give in my Review my bank connection? Or does the level builder send me an email? Questions upon questions. And the longer I think about these questions, the more I think that I will value every point with 10. Since only than the donation of the level builder will be high enough.
Irony off
Have I already mentioned that I am no fan of Levels which are only a 1 to 1 copy of the original? Do I have? Then everything is said. Or also not. Since with this level the level builder has done alterations so much which one can hardly recognise the original. And exactly so it gives damn a lot of fun to play this level. There are many converted areas and new tasks, there arise guaranteed no boredom. Indeed, there are a few sound problems. Positively is to be valued which the level builder has read quite obviously the Reviews, because he has mended many mistakes of the demo. And he has used less Fixcams.
Result: Apart from the sound problems this was a good level. Please, more like this" - Scottie (29-Oct-2010)

"Good but frustrating. For a remake, play and appearance often feel different. Texturing and scenic atmosphere have been brought up to the standards of today's games. The opening scene with the helicopter is similar, as is the climb up, and portions of the Great Wall. The general layout is inspired by the introductory TR2 level, but most of the details are different. Game play is much more involved, often with tougher challenges. As an example, after two closing spike walls, there is a blade run down a passageway with a final tile from which Lara has to leap before spikes pop up. The spikes are on a hair trigger, and in this level Lara gets jabbed even if she is only in proximity to spikes. For added puzzles, there are a dark maze and push blocks at the end, as well as added timed runs first seen in the demo. Vegetation verges on excessive. By the Great Wall a luxuriant tree has leaves that are annoyingly in your face, and it flashes in an out of existence as Lara blindly tries to explore, a sign of overdone decoration. For those who played the demo, the binoculars are still missing, and are sorely needed in the dark maze at the end. A lot of fixed camera angles are still present, but can now be broken by pressing the Look Key: aerial shot of Lara on the Great Wall (hit Look Key), Lara takes a step for a new aerial shot (hit Look Key), Lara jumps toward first tower, for a slightly different aerial shot (hit Look Key), then climbs up on wall to look down into valley for an elevated fixed camera (hit Look Key). Lara finally gets an Olde Key to enter the tower and shoot tiny spiders, but suddenly a fixed camera insists on showing the exterior of that tower, even as Lara is moving inside it. I had to save the game and restore in order to get the camera back to normal. There is an inconsistency with climbable vines, which one also sees in other levels. Near the beginning Lara climbs down wall vines to get a key, then throughout the level identical wall vines are plastered all over the place, but are climbable only when it becomes convenient for the author. Instead of a T-rex secret, Lara climbs down into a dark maze. Lara was supposed to lug a push block around to climb on maze walls for a secret, as this gives the sound for a secret. But Lara can come off a ladder and jump over for the secret, mindful of flaky spikes. Lara acquired a blue gem (as in the demo), and gets to use it in a corner of this maze. Maybe I missed something, but the end results here is that Lara gets the grenade gun. I assumed this was a buildup for a confrontation with T-rexes, but then they never put in an appearance. In the original TR2 level the darkness worked, effective to make the T-rexes scary, but here the darkness is an annoyance without purpose. The conclusion imitates the original TR2 ending when Lara approaches the laptop. For the author, this was probably a good learning experience, but I wondered if I wouldn't have enjoyed this more if the author hadn't had to adhere to the TR2 blueprint. The whole remake notion maybe seemed good at the start, but I suspect that the author's creativity ultimately found the project too constricting for his own ideas." - dmdibl (27-Oct-2010)

"You'll be pleased to know that the builder obviously took note of the grumbles about fixed camera angles, because this full version of the game is far less cluttered with them and when they do occur, you can mostly get rid of them with the look button. The second bit of good news is that the first half of the game is not an exact replica of the demo, but has been made more interesting, with some additional areas and tasks to perform. In fact, I enjoyed the gameplay quite a lot - there's an excellent variety of good timed/spike runs, with a nicely judged degree of challenge (in fact, if memory serves me correctly, I think one or two of the timed runs have had a more generous length of time added to them since the demo), which should make the level accessible to anyone with a reasonable amount of experience. Ammo is still rationed, but I found more than enough throughout the game to deal with the various enemies. In fact, damn it, I just realised I never used the grenade gun. I think I'll go back and blow something up, just for the hell of it. The surroundings are lush and beautiful and the contrast between the dark areas and colourfully lit areas is very striking, albeit it somewhat hard on the eyes after a while. I must confess, after the demo I wasn't really looking forward to playing this game, but I was wrong. Go ahead and download it; I think you'll have fun. I know I did." - Jay (27-Oct-2010)

"Texturally superior to the original in most respects (although it becomes a little ragged in the maze area near the end)and still over-filled with unnecessary vegetation,this is nonetheless one of the very best 'remake levels' ever released.Reason for this being that the author uses the original chiefly as the inspiration and builds upon it greatly,adding his/her own level-building personality to the mix.It's often challenging,although never unfairly so;and many of the changes are actually more impressive than anything the original had to offer (a push-block puzzle;several timed challenges and a really tricky moving-wall gauntlet).I disliked the 'limited ammo' feature (there may still be a problem with not being able to despatch that all-important Spider),darkness is applied with too heavy a hand,there are a few (non-crippling) bugs,including an amusing scene at the beginning where Lara can fire her Shotgun uncrontrollably,and some of the spike traps are set up unfairly.This is still a very fine release and will appeal to those who fancy a sturdy challenge and who appreciate the idea of re-invention (it also has added sequences early on for those who may already be familiar with the Demo). Finally,the Author pays tribute to yours truly in the Read-Me - is this bribery,perchance?" - Orbit Dream (26-Oct-2010)
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