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Author(s): dh5696
total rating:3.58 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
afzalmiah 3 6 8 9
Blue43 2 3 4 2
Christian 2 2 3 3
Cory 2 2 4 3
Diz 3 3 5 5
DJ Full 7 2 6 8
dmdibl 2 4 4 2
eRIC 1 3 3 2
Gerty 2 3 3 2
Jack& 2 2 2 4
Jay 2 3 5 5
JesseG 3 4 3 4
Jose 2 4 5 4
Lara_Fox_Croft 4 3 6 6
manarch2 2 3 3 3
MichaelP 2 6 5 5
Orbit Dream 2 2 6 6
Ryan 2 3 4 4
Scottie 3 2 3 4
TheStig 3 4 3 5
category averages
(20 reviews)
2.55 3.20 4.25 4.30

Reviewer's comments

"This did have some merit as a demo, I suppose: the use of the guide and a surprise explosion, but this is far too short to be rated high (or rated full stop). Five or six minutes of gameplay isn't really enough and an abrupt ending and a couple of wafer thin walls don't really redeem the level either. It needed much more time and effort overall, but over seven years later, I don't think we'll be seeing a full version anytime soon." - Ryan (05-Dec-2017)

"This is more of a 'test' than a demo release strictly speaking. Very little technically wrong with it, with the exception of some wafer thin walls in the side rooms where you collect items. What this level does demonstrate however that the author is prepared to put time in implementing some of the more advanced features of the editor (flip rooms, fog effects, and the 'guide' logic for triggering doors etc). Unfortunately it's really too short on gameplay for a proper evaluation. Completed in just over 5 minutes. Not a bad start. Stiggy" - TheStig (14-Oct-2011)

"I don't think that the word 'demo' correctly tells how short the level will be. Gameplay is Lara waiting for the guide to open doors, and placing the Eye of Horus. Sounds were used effectively, and a flyby was used to show you what was directly ahead of you. Texturing was okay, as was lighting, and this did help to create an atmosphere. I'm still not sure what the light on one of the textures was, but maybe I'll find out in the full game. 5 minutes of playing time, not recommended." - Cory (18-Apr-2011)

"I played this level very recently becaude I liked his level one day before chrismas. The builder uses the settomb wad and textures. I tried using the settomb WAD & textures but for me it was too hard to place textures correctly. This builder put the textures a lot better than I had. Even though the textures were pretty nice, there were paperthin walls in the crawlspaces, the game was super short and the finish trigger was hard to find! At first I thought this was an amazing level at first but this demo was way to short for a demo! I just hope the builder would improve when he releases his full version of this. I actually can't wait to play it! Don't give up building and I know you will improve :)!" - afzalmiah (09-Mar-2011)

"Well what can I say, nice guide person that ignites the torches so Lara can continue. One big NO is that if you don't find the two pieces of the eye, you are up to so called creek without a paddle. There is no way you can go back. Some illegal slopes, paperthin walls and a bit more attention to the textures. Nice flip map though." - Gerty (07-Feb-2011)

"Gameplay is really poor, only pick up the pieces in the crawlspaces and let Anaya does all the work. At least it notices an effort with the lights, the flyby, the guide and the effect when statues explode. That's the best of the demo, but still many defects to fix like the paper walls in the crawlspaces, not fitting textures, and I can't understand how the author forgot that big untextured triangle after the explosion... Too short to can rate it properly." - Jose (04-Jan-2011)

"Well, the download of this demo has lasted almost as long as the playing time. Of course a demo must have no playing time of one hour, but just 3 minutes are quite unequivocal not enough. However, the few what one could see here was not so bad at all. Of course the paper-thin walls are not so nice. And the lighting could sometimes have been better. And Illegally Slopes must also not be. And as unsightly are missing textures. But hey, it is only a demo. And it is a beginner's level. If the level builder invests still some more time and care, it could become a suitable level absolutely. Indeed, the level builder should allow to test his level absolutely before. Well, we will see." - Scottie (01-Dec-2010)

"Lara spends 4 minutes watching her guide open stuff for her. That, and finding two items in some paper-thin crawlspaces before reaching the prize. The explosion was kind of neat except that the rooms look horrendous in their flipmap forms - squashed, stretched, and missing textures everywhere. That pretty much covers this one. After you find the oddly placed finish trigger, you move on to other things." - SSJ6Wolf (28-Nov-2010)

"We really need to advertise the beta testing forums more... recently we seem to be having this flood of Demo level releases that really should not be seeing the full public yet. This one here is a 5 minute long snippet of an idea of a future level. It is by a very junior builder and quite competently done, with some solid features such as the usage of Anaya as the guide, a flipmap, a flyby camera,... yet even the little gameplay there is is flawed, as you are irreversably stuck if you do not pick up the eye pieces when you need to, as you cannot go back to them. An encouraging view of this builder's early efforts - let's hope he develops the patience to finish a complete adventure before his next release to the world..." - MichaelP (28-Nov-2010)

"I have recently played 'Demos' which were really full levels and commented that demos should really be a taste of things to come. Well this one goes too far the other way. At only four minutes or so, and that's with looking everywhere, this is too short to give a full review. What I've seen is promising but obviously hasn't been tested fully as it's possible to get stuck without both halves of the eye. (I didn't get stuck the first time but reloaded and went through without the half eye, just to see) That, and the couple of thin walls, were the only glaring faults. I liked the placement of the shotgun, that'll teach players to look behind them, and the flip-map was very good. I think this has the makings of a good level and look forward to seeing it developed fully." - Diz (28-Nov-2010)

"well this is not even a demo ........ is a 4 min long game ..... lol .. pick up a shotgun + some ammo at start ..... at next room shot 2 dogs .. climb up at a opening get half eye piece .... at next room u got the second one ...... jumpz at 4 tiles open a door another empty room ..... put the eye piece ... get at another empty room .. get the time of samd ..... explosion . go back at previous room ...... and at a corner off that room without any reason game ends ......... is a very poor game even iff count is the first one from this builder ....... but with time he may gert better .... who knows .? ........" - Jack& (27-Nov-2010)

"This Demo displays a retextured Guide (Anaya),and a rather good flip effect; but there's not much else here to pique anyone's interest,as it's yet another Demo released (presumably) in order to get rapid feedback in lieu of going through the rigmarole of recruiting a team of Beta-testers.Texturing and lighting is fine (if a little on the dark side),while objects are placed a little carelessly (floating statues and pointless light beams) and there are two wafer thin walls within a map which can't number more than eight rooms.If this were a part of a larger level,it would be fine.It isn't;so the builder must expect a few negative reviews - such as this one." - Orbit Dream (27-Nov-2010)

"Here we have really short test or demo level, which consist of only a couple of small rooms. Texturing and lighting is nicely done with one small missing texture. Architecture was good and the builder avoided those huge boxy and empty rooms we see in so many debut levels. Two wafer walls can be spotted in the crawlspace areas so that's not too bad either. Game play is simply disposal of a few dogs, finding the eye of Horus to open a door, taking the timeless artifact and escape. The player just has to follow the guide who opens the doors for Lara. Some good effects are use like the exploding statues, which cause a change in the room architecture. Atmosphere was nice and there is a short flyby with music. The levels ends sudden and leaves the player wanting to see more from this builder, as that was definitely a promising start, but is way too short to be rated properly." - Blue43 (27-Nov-2010)

"BAD: The solid lava shocks me from the beginning, do you know how to make water?For lava, like in TR4 it look better to make a water room. Later "paper wall" looks bad. Static are in strange positions it look bad.Textures are original TR4 textures, there is a some error concerning texture in the mapping. At the end of the level(Demo) the flipmap make a lot of illegal slope..And to finish the end trigger don't take all the place so we can miss it. Last thing, the level it too short, less than 5 minutes.. Good: The creator show us capacities , he knows how to create nice lighting atmosphere, darkness areas and lighting are good. Builder knows how to use nicely the guide this is really good in my opinion. So, this level, it short, but let us see builder capacities, continue to work, and be patient." - Lara_Fox_Croft (27-Nov-2010)

"Well, just another demo. What does the author want to demonstrate? Two dogs to shot, two eye-pieces to find, thats all. Three minutes of gameplay. Will this be the starting-sequence of a longer level in traditional Egypt-design? Some paper-thin walls are disturbing; a bit too often Lara gets stuck in forbidden angles. There is no atmosphere to be seen in this short sequence. Let's wait for the final release..." - Christian (27-Nov-2010)

"Apart from picking up the two parts of an eye of Horus, Lara takes things easy and lets her friend with the torch do all the work in this short (less than five minutes) demo. Obviously, it's almost impossible to judge overall playability from such a short introduction as there simply isn't enough gameplay upon which to base a proper opinion. With the exception of a couple of wafer thin walls, it appears to be pretty well put together and there's a nice flip map effect after Lara places the eye. It definitely shows promise, and the finished version may well be worth a look." - Jay (27-Nov-2010)

"This was a very quick 3-minute raid with rather boring gameplay elements (searching two Eye Parts), but an interesting "use" of Anaya instead of the guard in the "Tomb of Seth" level. I liked the idea of the flipmapping very much and hope the builder keeps on working hard for the full version!" - manarch2 (27-Nov-2010)

"A dark Tomb of Seth level, with less than a dozen rooms. Designing and texturing a room can take hours, though not here. The author isn't worried about mismatched grid lines, stretched textures, paper thin walls, or illegal slopes. The title basically serves as a walk-through. I guess Lara did something with a reach-in switch (no animation). Lara randomly ran across a column of tiles on a floor puzzle, and a door opened. I liked the bit with the exploding statues when Lara picks up the Timeless Sands, followed by the flip effect with earthquake jumbled floor, so there is substantial author progress from the first few rooms." - dmdibl (27-Nov-2010)

"I saw Lara and Anaya well cooperating and it made me feel their friendship - a game gained a soul. Then, I spotted Timeless Sands in a truly remarkable chamber, accompanied by good sound and great gloomy lighting, so I got convinced I'm in something serious. Finally, the explosion opened my eyes wide and I thought "WOW! Awesome!" Then I admired a chamber bent with the explosion force and realized this author can see things as they really are. So I set off on an adventure... and right in this moment... THUMP. A finish trigger. What was that supposed to be? I know it is just another demo... but I've never expected it will last for less than 5 minutes! People, what's happening to You? The title is longer than the level itself. I treat this one wafer thin wall and that one missing texture as accidents, as I see the author has A LOT of talent. SUMMARY: Despite all disappointment and an original .wad, these 4-5 minutes have really made my day, so I honestly advise You dh5696 to continue building, as if gameplay keeps the same entertaining level in full version, You will make a really immersing raid. So I'm gonna rate this game quite high - not length, only quality." - DJ Full (26-Nov-2010)

"A very short demo , less than 5 minutes , counting the backtracking to get the shotgun, which then is useless at that point of progression in this demo as the only enemies , a couple of dogs , are already dead. The level ends when Lara picks up the timeless sands which triggers a flip map and there does not seem to be a finish trigger anywhere. Basically in this"tomb of Seth" type of level , you have to collect two halves of the eye of Horus , it was funny to see the well remeshed guide, a woman , entering through the big door before Lara places the Eye. Basic atmosphere and flybys are there , the looks are rather poor with illegal slopes or thin walls where Lara has to crawl. A bit pointless to rate so short a demo , waiting for the full scale level." - eRIC (26-Nov-2010)
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