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Author(s): ChrissyDoc
total rating:3.06 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
afzalmiah 2 2 3 3
Blue43 4 4 2 4
Bradley 3 3 1 3
Christian 3 3 3 3
Diz 4 4 4 3
DJ Full 6 3 1 4
dmdibl 5 5 4 4
Gerty 3 3 3 3
Jack& 2 2 1 4
Jay 5 4 4 5
Jose 2 3 1 3
manarch2 3 4 5 4
MichaelP 5 4 3 5
MpGrill 2 2 2 3
Mulf 3 3 1 3
Nina Croft 3 3 1 2
Orbit Dream 3 2 2 3
Ryan 3 3 2 3
Scottie 2 2 2 3
TheStig 4 3 3 3
category averages
(20 reviews)
3.35 3.10 2.40 3.40

Reviewer's comments

"A one-off oddity with reasonably competent, if not particularly exciting, gameplay in a TR3 Jungle setting by a builder who shows nothing but disdain for aesthetics. Room design and texturing are basic and strictly functional (or dysfunctional, as there are some illegal slopes), and the level is entirely silent except for a (fine) background loop, Lara’s footstep sounds, and the ‘little “hup”’ (as Bradley endearingly calls it) that can be heard on one occasion. Under the circumstances, one cannot but wonder why they chose to bother with lighting at all." - Mulf (25-Jan-2018)

"Not bad at all for a debut and from what I can see, an attempt has been made to craft an Indian Jungle environment, although rather empty and dark. The missing sounds spoilt the atmosphere somewhat and the gameplay is rudimentary but has some nice touches. I feel there's potential here." - Ryan (23-Feb-2017)

"A short India level here from ChrissyDoc. Texturing and are not bad for a beginner level though there's a few wallpapered bits and stretched textures. Towards the end there's a few wafer thin walls however. Unfortunately it feels a little incomplete as it's also missing all of the main sounds. It's not a bad start but I feel the author would benefit from going back to the tutorial supplied with the editor to help their future releases. Stiggy." - TheStig (19-Apr-2012)

"Apart from the missed sounds and the missed background music in the second areas of the level, there are still a lot of defects. Paper walls, stretched textures in rectangular surfaces; walls, floors and ceilings textured the same way, no cameras, no puzzles, very simle architecture... There is a flipped room, some tigers to shoot and some boulder traps to avoid, a couple of gems to place and couple of switches to pull; no more for a poor debut with a short level." - Jose (24-Jul-2011)

"The lack of gun and object sounds really kills any hint of atmosphere in this short 15 minute adventure. If the author had worked to fix that before releasing it, I am sure it could have scored higher. Progression is fairly straightforward in a classic jungle/India setting, with a few jump/climb efforts, boulder chase and spike traps, push block and a full collapsing room flipmap near the end. The one secret medi at the start does not count in the inventory stats. Still, as a debut, this is a solid enough effort. Looking forward to seeing more elaborate work from this builder." - MichaelP (30-May-2011)

"A debut level and it shows. We all have been there and most of us made the same mistakes. No sounds in here and paperthin walls, textures could use some attention, yes everything that comes with the so called beginner mistakes are in here. A boxy jungle and some camera work wouldn't go amiss to show where to go next. But it is a nice short adventure, rather straight forward. A pity there were no puzzles but that might come in the next level?" - Gerty (29-May-2011)

"This short level is obviously made by an inexperienced builder. The are two sounds I heard (lara's feet and a little "hup" when she shimmied around a corner) and some backround music. I found 1 secret that was hidden in a plant. There were a few ennemies (inefective) incuding tigers and bats. I died 3 times : once by jumping in the river, once by getting run over by a boulder and once by spikes.Over all the rooms were unfurnished, big, ugly and missing music. (completed in : 5 mins/overall rating : bad)" - Bradley (14-May-2011)

"Large open areas with little or no 'furniture', paper thin walls, illegal slopes, mid-air spikes, wallpaper scenery, bad sound files. These are some of the things that are wrong with this level. What is right is that the builder has come out and had a go! It's a debut level and I hope the builder continues to make levels as there is definite promise here." - Diz (12-May-2011)

"Before I write anything else: ISN'T IT SIMPLY AWESOME WE STILL HAVE NEW CREATORS BEGINNING THEIR ADVENTURE WITH TRLE? What sits in the author's mind is even more mysterious than the riddle how he has managed to include old TRLE executable together with NGLE setup in one download package. Stretched texturing mixed with nice flipmap usage. Dead ends and backtracking existing together with quite advanced platforming. Missing sounds on the contrary with fast action. Common wafer-thin walls versus one of the most epic ways of preventing one of them from appearing (You need to turn around in a certain moment in order to see it). Dull lack of ambience appearing right next to a flickering, living waterfall. Such mixture is very rarely witnessed, and somehow attractive. I think it deserves an extra point for gameplay. SUMMARY: Epic fail and masterpiece living their separate lives in the same moment without disturbing each other. Can't be rated high... so what? I'm telling You: remember this builder, as this is an extraordinary one." - DJ Full (09-May-2011)

"This really isn't so bad for a neophyte effort,and provides around 15 minutes of gameplay;but it takes more than simply plastering large boxy rooms with wallpaper'd leafy textures to create an authentic jungle setting,and it's abundantly clear that this debut builder was in no way concerned with visual niceties.Nor audio,either,as sounds were predominantly missing and therefore did little to create an atmosphere.Nonetheless,the gameplay showed promise (a few decent rolling boulder traps,and a couple of jump sequences);while enemies were placed competently,albeit sparsely.There was even an attempt at creative lighting,although the stretched textures spoilt this somewhat.Nonetheless,you get enough fluid gameplay to entertain;and there are definite signs that this builder is perfectly capable of progressing to bigger and better things." - Orbit Dream (09-May-2011)

"This level shows probably just the first steps of ChrissyDoc TRLE adventure. Not much to say about this one, At first sight it looks like an Indian adventure, but the ilusion is destroyed at the very beginning. The rooms look like ˝rooms˝ and the ilusion of creating an Indian world is failed. Also, there are soooo many Indian themed levels here on, it just takes so much more to make a good, playable and fun level. There need to be more new ideas. Playing a level like this is just boring !" - MpGrill (08-May-2011)

"This jungle/temple themed level is a short debut and as such it does have many of the problems we have seen several times with first releases from inexperienced builders. The game play itself is really not that bad and contains some tree hopping, ladder climbing, boulder dashing and finding two gems which need to be placed to open the final door. There were also a few hidden secret pickups, which didn't register in the end but I did hear the secret chime twice. Unfortunately that was one of the few sounds in that level that actually played correctly. I did hear a back ground loop and Lara's foot steps. Other than that the level was pretty much silent and that was it's biggest flaw and really ruined the atmosphere. The room architecture was rather simple and a little boxy but the texturing was not too bad for a first level. The lighting could have used a bit more work, as it was fairly flat in most areas. All in all it wasn't so bad and there is obviously a talented builder at work - a bit more experience, a little more testing and advice from experienced builders and there will be a lot of progress in no time. (14min, 2 secrets?)" - Blue43 (08-May-2011)

"Who does not know him, this nice saying which one hears reluctantly at school or in the job? "He has endeavored". This means nothing else than "Theme missed, sit down, 6". Or "This was a lead balloon". Stretched textures, missing textures, boring Gameplay, paper-thin walls and the most time I thought, I am in a silent movie. A few more or less good attempts were to be recognised now and again. But before the level builder relinquishes his next level on the humanity, he should deal absolutely thoroughly with the manual. Since such a level prepares more frustration than joy." - Scottie (08-May-2011)

"Other reviewers have made clear that this is unpolished: no sound for pistols or for rolling boulders, a few paper-thin walls, spikes that float in air after a room flips, and so forth. But the author clearly has ideas for game play in a semi-hidden jump switch, a retracement to the beginning for an open door, then a search for two serpent gems, first in a jumbled flip room, and next in a room dodging a bunch of boulders. The presentation needs work, but the concepts are there. It would be interesting to see this author improve." - dmdibl (08-May-2011)

"Well, although this level is very badly executed, with too big squaric rooms, texture errors, a non-registering secret, wrongly named items, wrongly placed spikes, illegal slopes, dead ends, paper-thin walls, no puzzles, the shotgun placed near the end trigger (nearly all beginner mistakes I can think of), it still had some nice ideas like the river crossing, the boulder parts and the flipmap room and the little puzzle with the four gems (fairly easy). Even if it is unwanted and not lethal, I liked the boulder that came back after Lara comes down running from the gem room. All I can tell today is: Continue building, you certainly have talent!" - manarch2 (07-May-2011)

"well this one can be rewieved in two ways .......1- iff dont take in consideration that its his first game than worth 2 ..... iff u take in consideration that is his first game u can give a bit higher mark .but is a poor game anyway ...... ok to talk about the game itself .i can say that is very short . builded simplistic with 2 or 3 big squared rooms with some platforms to climb some monkeyswinging .....some lions to shot ..... with pistols cause the shotgun u get when is uselless .....somme boulder runs .-easy-.... 2 levers to push one block to pull out ---- 1 JS ..... this is all gameplay lol ...... guns have no sounds ...... camera shots are INEXISTENT ....very poor game about 5 min off boredom ....." - Jack& (07-May-2011)

"This is a short debut level and admittedly does bear many hallmarks of the inexperienced builder, most noticeably missing sound files, so don't expect too much. Having said which, there's obvious potential here and the gameplay, although simple and linear, does have some nice touches. Being an India level, there are of course tigers to shoot and a few trees to climb (which appear to have been pruned to within an inch of their lives). There are two gems to collect, one which involves a little puzzle and the other some major boulder avoidance. It's quite a decent first attempt and I'd like to see more from this builder in future." - Jay (07-May-2011)

"Another debut from an author who still has a lot to learn. Paper-thin walls, large rooms with uninspired design, pistols didn't make any noise in my game. Two games have to be found to exit the short game. Thats all. Some boulder traps, some curved jumping. I couldn't see a single new and promising idea. The jungle setting is not convincing at all." - Christian (07-May-2011)

"This level was a very short debut level and it did have a lot of flaws but for a debut it was alright. A TR3 style jungle but for me it felt like you were indoors and the atmosphere wasn't that good. There was some paperthin walls as well. There were a few enemies and there wasn't too much. Enemies were bats and tigers. Texturing was good for a debut but could've been better. It was pretty fun though and I had fun playing it. I say the builder should keep on building and I know he/she will make amazing levels." - afzalmiah (07-May-2011)

"I regret to give such low review when it is obvious that the level is a debut, and when it is obvious that the builder just wanted to test his skills. But I hope that the builder will learn something from these reviews, and build a much better level in the future. This is a very short and easy level, I finished it in less than ten minutes. Your goal is to open one door (of a temple or something) and then to collect two gems to open the exit door and finish the level. There is no quest for Lara here, so I see this level as a test level only. The architecture is simple and "blocky", and although we know it is a jungle, we never feel like in a jungle. Textures are not applied correctly, the builder did not divide walls to smaller sectors, and there are to many cracks because of this. The lighting is poor, there are no camera tips to show you what you have just opened, there are no objects (except plants), and there is a huge problem with sounds in this level. Many sounds are missing (pistol sound, boulder sound, climbing sounds, tiger sounds and so on). I know the Editor has a huge problem with sounds, and builders must find a way to apply them correctly, so I think this lack of sounds here is due to the builder's inexperience. Also, spikes in the final room are not placed correctly, there are many illegal slopes etc. The gameplay is not so bad, only the level is short, so the gameplay is not at all elaborated, and there is absolutely no reason why Lara came to this jungle at the first place. But, I must say, the game has its good moments, and one of them was the last slope with a boulder, or also, the flipped room after you take the first gem... It is obvious that the builder has some talent and good ideas, and I hope that he will make a much better level in the future. He needs experience and some guidelines from senior builders, and of course, a lot to learn, and I hope he will not get demotivated after this debut, which is, unfortunately, rated too low by the players. But I must again repeat: don't take it personally, but rather, learn from the mistakes and continue building, I am sure next time everything will be much better." - Nina Croft (07-May-2011)
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