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Author(s): gabiza7
total rating:5.57 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 5 7 6 7
Diz 5 7 7 7
Gerty 3 7 6 6
Jose 3 5 5 7
manarch2 5 8 7 7
MichaelP 5 8 7 7
Orbit Dream 3 3 3 5
Ryan 4 7 6 7
SeniorBlitz 5 5 5 5
sonnyd83 3 7 4 6
Xela 3 6 5 6
category averages
(11 reviews)
4.00 6.36 5.55 6.36

Reviewer's comments

"Average test level, kind of annoying to traverse through since you don'y know which objects you can\cannot interact with, but, aside from that, it is okay." - SeniorBlitz (13-Dec-2017)

"As usual in levels with new objects, it's not easy to play them 'cause the player doesn't know what objects you can pick up, move, shoot, interact, etc. Short level with few tasks to do, at least the author could add some musics or a flyby 'cause there are not enemies or traps. The best, the texturization." - Jose (25-Aug-2017)

"It is just a test level, but I did like some of the objects such as the shelves in the kitchen, the underwater lantern and the lasersight embedded in the icicle, as well as the coloured lighting effects in one area. You have to shoot various objects to gain necessary items to progress. Not to everyone's taste, admittedly, but it is quite lengthy for a test level." - Ryan (19-Oct-2016)

"Not being a builder myself, I am unaware of the importance the objects in this bundle have for the community, or if they have impacted it at all. The level that showcases these items is relatively short and simple. Shoot a few things and get some items, is basically what it comes down to. Still, the items have a bit of charm to them, and the lighting is nice and soft. Sort of a nice, calming level overall. Simple, but relaxing." - Xela (22-Aug-2014)

"A small level where Andrea shows us some of the objects she made. Included in the download is also the WAD with (I take it) the same objects that are used in this level." - Gerty (20-Aug-2013)

"I'm not sure I quite get this level - surely all levels showcase objects - perhaps it'd be better to release a demo of their work, although that still seems unnecessary. Anyway, it does have a little bit of gameplay, you shoot an object, open a door with a crowbar, swim a little, then swim a little more. Unfortunately, I couldn't open a door as the doorframe was in the way. My favourite object was the icicles, beautifully done, one of the trees was a little too spherical in appearance in my opinion, but the table and chairs underwater was intesting - I can just imagine having an underwater tea party. A few more objects would've been nice. Texturing was in some places great - mainly in the room after the icicles, and some places not, but water was nicely done." - sonnyd83 (05-May-2012)

"As a sort of test level,it was interesting to see where the builder was able to develop her ideas: the 'laser-sight in the icicle' reappears in her very next level;and I'm fairly sure the 'shooting something underwater' does the same. In fact,everything herein exists purely on the 'experimental test' level;from overly colourful lighting to obscure 'shooting unusual objects' puzzle solutions. It isn't for everyone,but it does at least have gameplay..and that's something." - Orbit Dream (14-Mar-2012)

"A quick 10 minute level, more a demonstration of what objects can be shot than a serious attempt at gameplay. The areas were quite well made although it seemed the builder got fed up with furnishing them half way through as some parts are well done and others are just, well, blank! I really liked some of the objects to be shot, especially the stalactite and the underwater lantern (although shooting a glass on a shelf was a bit obscure). No baddies, no agility, no timed runs, little puzzling and so-so lighting brings the scores down." - Diz (14-Jan-2012)

"A late addition to the trle listing two years after the original release of this level, because I was not aware that this was actually a playable level. The author herself advised of that oversight, so I got to play this now and had an enjoyable 10 minutes during which she presented a series of nice objects, many of which are shatterable and so the brief gameplay is largely about shooting a few things to be able to pick up items or trigger a door to open. The lasersight in the icycle and the key in the underwater lantern were a nice touch and I liked some of the colourful lighting choices here, but in the end it really remains a nice showcase for the custom objects, which are available in the WAD for other builders to use. A generous gift and a brief adventure to while away a few minutes." - MichaelP (29-May-2011)

"This is, just as the name says, all about objects and how to use and interact with them. The level has really nice looks to it and I especially liked the good lighting. I got a little confused about what to do here and until I read the walkthrough. I had not been standing inn the correct spot to pick up an all-important item and another object that had to be shot would only shatter until I moved Lara to shoot from a little more distant location. There were several helpful camera hints and a decent atmosphere. Definitely a good level to demonstrate how objects can be placed and what do to with them. (13 min, 0 secrets found)" - Blue43 (29-May-2011)

"Interesting idea to create a small level as a showcase for objects. Nice use of the different ones here in this level, as the shatterable lamps, exspecially (what I liked best) the shatterable stalactite with a lasersight in it, the cups of course and the flower at the end. Gameplay was a showcase of how to use these things, and it was not bad at all, no, it was quite interesting. Texturing and lighting was OK too but there were smaller texture mistakes in this level and the rocky area after the beginning felt at some places as it was the end of the world. Had big problems to shoot one glass in the kitchen, this could be solved by shooting from out of the room, and the end was a bit abrupt and I really would like to have seen what's behind the crawlspace (of course nothing, but the builder could've placed something there or delete this one completely). Summarizingly a very nice little raid and the objects used in it were indeed good and can be used greatly. And this was the aim of the level, so the builder achieved what she wanted..." - manarch2 (26-May-2011)
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