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Author(s): Joker
total rating:8.69 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 7 10 10 9
Diz 8 10 9 9
dmdibl 8 10 9 9
Gerty 8 9 10 8
Jay 8 10 9 9
Jose 7 9 9 7
manarch2 8 10 10 8
MichaelP 8 9 10 8
misho98 9 9 8 8
Nina Croft 7 8 8 7
Phil 9 8 9 8
Ryan 9 9 9 8
Scottie 8 9 10 9
sonnyd83 9 10 10 10
TheStig 9 9 9 8
Torry 7 6 9 9
totizedger 8 9 10 8
category averages
(17 reviews)
8.06 9.06 9.29 8.35

Reviewer's comments

"I am off two minds on this one. On one hand the Dinos were great but on the other hand for nearly half this level set nothing happened. I was wandering about expecting to be attacked at any moment and nothing. Anti climatic to say the least. The second half was much better. Game play again in the first half was rather pedestrian and if you cannot find your way forward shoot at everything, boxes, gates, fences as there are many shatter objects incorporated into this. Now let us discuss "secrets". I am normally fastidious about finding these for the rewards they provide the player but in this level set there is simply no reward. Yes, you find Dino DNA but for what purpose? It does not help you in your quest and has no bearing on the progress throughout the level, so about half way through I simply stopped looking for them as it was a waste of time and resources. Please guys, make a secret worthwhile. Give the player some reward for effort. Ammo, new guns, health packs, some damn thing. This is why the Enemies, Objects & Secrets score has been decreased by one third. One last gripe I am sorry. At the very end the T Rex drops the exit key on his or her demise. Where did he or she keep this key? Is the T Rex now a marsupial and he kept the key in it's pouch? Hmmmmmmm. Please, a little bit of common sense. The one part I thought was well thought out was the collapsible tile puzzle over the chasm in the quest for the skull. That was nice and took a little thought and experimentation to figure out. So, a good level set overall but marred by a few ill conceived points." - Torry (30-May-2018)

"This long levelset will likely be one of the top contenders for "most convincing atmosphere in a custom level". The steamy jungle atmosphere is so potent you can almost taste it and combined with a great use of audio files and custom objects (the dinosaur carcasses were a masterstroke!), it's a real stunner. Initially, this desert island is scarcely inhabited, but as you progress through, you'll encounter what has presumably been let loose in this place (rather like the Jurassic Park films). The gameplay is occasionally a little bit confusing due to the fact that the areas are rather vast and mainly based on exploration and finding your way around, with little puzzles as such, but it at least entertains sufficiently. The textures maybe aren't the most attractive ones you'll see out there, but the appearance manages to convince and not be entirely ugly. All in all, I spent around three hours here and enjoyed it very much. Definitely recommended." - Ryan (20-Feb-2018)

"This adventure is based on the Jurassic Park movies i've seen many times. First thing to note is that keys and switches can be hard to find which caused me to run around a lot looking for these. Gameplaywise it could have been more complex but what made me enjoy this so much was the atmosphere as it feels like you are there. Favorite section of this adventure was the research center with it's scary sound fx. Puzzles were few and very easy. I also liked the room with all the containers. It has it's flaws but i really did enjoy it very much. Highly recommended" - totizedger (22-Nov-2013)

"This is a long and very immersive game of about 3 hours, which really accomplished for me a sense of being there and becoming part of a story. Even with fairly basic and simple tools and methods applied, the whole atmosphere created throughout is very impressive. The use of audio, sounds and speech hints is very well done. Only the draw distance clipping Errors spoiled it a little bit for me (and I tried both, Vol FX on and off to see if any of the two would work better - they did not). Use of a few special objects is well done and the array of theme suitable dinosaurs is cool as well. I managed to reasonably enjoy the gameplay, because I chose to move through the levels with the walkthrough very nearby, but it is evident that interesting puzzles are rather few and far between and you do run around a lot and back and forth a lot until you find the respetive next switch, key or door. Nevertheless, I really loved this adventure for the sense of 'being there' that it manages to create and recommend it highly." - MichaelP (11-Nov-2013)

"Ok, if you can imagine the scene, crystal clear water, palm trees and fine blue sky, then you're not far off. Sadly, this tropical paradise has been spoilt by it's previous inhabitants. I'll not refer to each level separately since you travel back and forth between them all the time. The graphics are very impressive with a sandy beach, and all sorts of tropical plants, and a few rocky outcrops to break things up a little, the textures are not repeated at all and make this place look almost real - could easily be off a holiday brochure! Then there's some huts which are equally well done and at least one of them is a proper object which means less blockiness. You'll notice Lara talking to herself in an American accent and giving her impressions of the site - I've not seen this in a custom TR level before. From what she says, I got the impression it's some sort of Jurrasic Park type facility. The soundtrack lets you know that strange and terrifying creatures are in the area. The atmosphere has plenty of suspense. The gameplay begins with a lot of exploration but you can easily find your way around. The first tasks are to shoot some walls then collect and use a crowbar, the next area gives a scary camera shot of something watching you. Next you enter a large sink hole which looks like it might contain something big and dangerous but in fact has a couple of bees and a key, with a few not-too-difficult jumps in between, the shimmying to get past the plants was a puzzling. The key opens a new area with a warehouse complete with broken windows, overlooking a very impressive cliff side scene and a lighthouse across the bay. I notice if you jump into the water the game finishes?? Another confusing thing is the shoot able switch - sorry I don't think they're always a good idea. A few pushable blocks and levers later and maze later and you get a dino DNA, and a nice grenade launcher - the use of which was quite obvious, to blow up a jeep blocking your path - nice touch. Next is probably the best flyby I've ever seen - it's only some pterodactyls flying but over a large plain, it's done flawlessly. This area has a brachiosaurus and stegosaurus with matching dino sounds to admire, as well as a beachside property and deck chairs! Get some more dino dna by climbing a little, then a little swim for a key, once inside the house (it'd take a genius to realise you can climb on top of a tree to get inside!), there's a lever and jump switch and some bats to contend with. The interior looks like it's been abandoned for quite some time. An access card is then collected and used to gain access to a more secure area, this contains crates than I've seen before! One of which is shoot able. The soundtrack makes this area more edgy, especially some of the creepy dinosaur screams. It does have the general feel of the Strahov levels of TR AOD, it does get quite sinister the further on you travel. A bit of monkey swinging, push block pushing, and crawling, then your third batch of dino dna comes into view. There's a bug in this game - not sure what triggers it, but if you try to use action to climb up onto a block, it stops working. Once you've found and placed a battery, it's deeper still. I like the flashing light in one of the rooms here. And there's a large conference area with a nice staircase leading off, and a few offices and bathrooms, all furnished adequately, has a very blue theme to the texturing. A few more air ducts and a bit of swimming and the moment we've been waiting for arrives (at last) - a showdown with some dinos! Albeit small ones, then the 4th dna capsule is found. I think the pushable block in the ladies toilets blends in too well with the wall so it's easy to miss it. One of my favourite objects was the roll up curtains revealing a path. A few ID cards, a few jumps and a few control rooms and IT rooms further on, you enter a dinosaur breeding centre, complete with baby dinos giving you the runaround, there's a flyby of them escaping some containers. The 5th dino dna is waiting for you here. Your first timed run is a door with a few jumps in between, then after placing a plug, you're back outside. You get to eliminate some more baby dinos, and flood a big compartment which contains a sea creature, then an underwater section where the path must be followed as per the map provided unless you want to die, although it's difficult to remember it all, then there's a few large storage containers, and a cold area. This reminds of a shipyard with such big containers. You have to press a button and find a key, kill some raptors, accompanied by a dramatic sound track, a few jumps and some monkey swinging whilst avoiding moving cranes and flying dinosaurs. You gain access to a very cold area which is more like a time trial, a button and a little backtracking later and you get to climb out of this area. I like the fact that the sea monster doesn't follow you into tunnels. Even further on you end up in a few rooms with storage boxes, here's the second timed run of the game - quite easy though, I like how there's an indicator where to stand to open some cabinets, anyway, find and place a circuit bulb after emptying some water, and back into the previous level with offices and conference centre, to place a CD, and a flyby with computer voice telling you in not so many words, you're in for a nasty surprise! You don't actually need to defeat this t rex as you can walk out the doors, which is fortunate as I didn't collect a shotgun - would've been a game killer if you were forced to kill it. Through to the last area which has several valleys, plenty of vegetation, even minor details such as lilleys on the water, and a few dark corners, and there's multiple directions you can travel in here., however, you're surrounded on all sides by high cliffs. Take out a few more raptors, and the most impressive cliff top jumps I've ever seen, collect another dino dna, more jumps, then back down to earth, the next bit reminds me of TR1 the lost valley. There's a some prehistoric looking crocs in a sort of maze, then you raise a cage which contains a diamond, unfortunately, you have to backtrack with a few jumps, a nice looking waterfall with Lara going over the top of it, back to the area with the tent and place the diamond. The final section is underground and you'll need your flares here as it's quite dark and damp looking. There's a few cavemen around - they protect themselves with their clubs, and a flyby of a helicopter presumably here to rescue you. There's a very dangerous area with falling rocks you access by lighting some torches, find a human skull which is hidden below a rather nicely built falling block puzzle, then the obligatory rolling ball run, then the scene changes to a much brighter, leafy vista once again. You're forced to lure the stegosaurus to get 2 doors open, Sadly in the next area, there's also an angry looking beast just itching to make you it's next meal, lesser men wouldn't be brave enough to take this one neither! This epic game ends here. The exploration in this game is perfect as the areas are large but you always know where you are. Atmosphere is always appropriate to the area, the texture and lighting are stunning, and sound is the same with really impressive sound tracks for major battles etc. I can't believe this is not in the hall of fame set of levels! Overall, it's almost perfect - yes, there's a few annoyances here but only very minor ones. Highly recommended. Net gameplay 5 hours 10 minutes." - sonnyd83 (30-May-2012)

"An Epic 5 hour adventure here from Joker set on a Jurassic Island. You arrive on the coast-line, working your way through the park and it's facilities in search of rescue. Predictably there's a dinosaur or two around to deal with, but medi-packs and ammo are plentiful enough for this not to be a problem. The large organic looking environments are expansive and well textured for the most part too. Lighting within the indoor spaces is pretty good but I'd of liked a little more variation in the outdoor spaces which look flat at times, though the distance fog does add nicely to the atmosphere. Puzzle are straight-forward too. There was one room with a load of numbers on the wall. I couldn't really make any sense of what that meant but it didn't ultimately seem to cause me any problems proceeding. One area that did cause me to get stuck a few times is that it's not always clear what objects are shatterables. This left me running around in circles in a couple of occasions being stuck for way to proceed next. All in all I really enjoyed my time on the Lost Island. It's a fine piece of work here from Joker and definitely worthy of your attention for both it's scale and original environments. Recommended!!! Stiggy :)" - TheStig (20-May-2012)

"This is one fun levelset featuring some outside areas and some base levels. The first two levels were fun, I was expecting a raptor to attack me from the beginning, but the first one was in the base level. The big dinosaur in the big valley drinking water was amazing. It was good to see that some dinos were friendly. The base levels were good but kinda boring from me. The areas are made good, but you can see that at some places the textures aren't applied nicely. The lighting is on a high level though. This levelset was a great adventure through a lost island - recommended for expert players. It took me almost 3 hours to complete it and I had to use the walkthrough numerous of times." - misho98 (22-Apr-2012)

"I do have a soft spot for this builder and it all has to do with the story and his interpretation of it. Like with his first level Underground Kingdom, it oozes atmosphere. Don't get me wrong there is so much terrain to cover and not all is crystal clear what to do but you will have one or two"aha erlebness" afterwards for sure. I got lost in a big way, almost at the end and that took me two days to finally find the way back to the gem and then to the receptacle. I have to say that there was much suspence, hearing the roaring of the dinosaurs and luckily not encounting them. Don't get me wrong, they are there and you will have some nasty fights on your hand, but I mostly used only Lara's trusted guns (apart for the T-rex as the shotgun is still the best weapon for him). OK, textures could use a lot of attention and some parts are very dark (glad I found heaps of flares) but the rest is quite solid. Well done Stanislaw, I had a great time and will keep this on my HD for a while because now I want to find all the secrets as well." - Gerty (14-Oct-2011)

"Impressive set of levels where you'll need to run hundreds of killometers through a very huge valley full of prehistoric animals. I found you often find dead ends having to backtrack a lot running around and around through immense areas looking for an item or something to do; also have to go back between levels a lot of times if you forgot something was not a good idea 'cause players never know what they need before jumping from level to level. Rooms are very very huge, so I know is difficult to texture every corner properly, so I noticed the author didn't put much effort about this. The best for me were the background tracks and CD musics, very appropriate in each moment, creating a good atmosphere. The new animals and objects were very good too, as secrets, not very hard to find. Really a good set of levels worth to play, but best for expert explorers." - Jose (08-Aug-2011)

"This is a massive, four-hour adventure that certainly captures the ambiance and drama of Jurassic Park, particularly the concluding segments. There were some nice touches along the way, notably the retextured bull near the end that served as a door-opening Triceratops. The wide-open spaces and the complexity of these levels must have made the job of writing a walkthrough difficult indeed, but manarch2 has risen to the occasion. I can only imagine how long it must have taken him to map out the frequent backtracking through sprawling jungle valleys. Although the gameplay is engrossing and challenging in spots, the surroundings were somewhat crude by the standards of today's levels, and it got so dark near the end that I just wanted the whole thing to come to an end. But it's a noteworthy effort, one that I enjoyed a great deal. Recommended, but make sure you have the walkthrough close by before you start playing." - Phil (08-Jul-2011)

"This is quite an epic levelset with many refreshing ideas, but also quite complex areas to explore. I enjoyed it quite a lot, however there also were some backthrows that maybe prevent it from being a Hall of Fame contender.
The first two levels, Coast and Island Road, are interlinked with each other, and it rather felt like one bigger single level. It all starts rather with a friendly environment, very well built indeed with nice plants that at one area work as a wall which has to be overcome quite nicely. There were some big stone objects that looked good and felt nice, but the collision was rather strange. Tension raises quite well in this level by Lara's voice that more and more finds out she is on a dinosaur island. I mostly enjoyed gameplay in this first "chapter" of this series, at the start (and at few points throughout the whole set) there were too many shatterable things, so that the player easily gets confused if he doesn't think about it. Particulary, some keys were quite a challenge to find, as they sometimes seem to be just somewhere in the green (or in the blue - water). There were some really nice created enemies in this part, such as the drinking bracchiosaurus or some others. The atmosphere was very well created, with perfect camera work, beautiful sounds and a real primeval feeling. The river, the valleys - everything was so highly atmospheric. I sometimes felt lost in the too big areas, but they were so beautiful designed I didn't bother much. Texturing was quite good here, lighting could have some improvements, but overall textures were adapted brilliantly from the Coastal Wad. Here and there, you really get some inventive points, such as blowing the jeep away.
The next level, Research Center, is split into two interlinking parts again, but yet again this can be seen as one big level. While I have again to admire the beautiful objects, such as the dinosaur machines (I think they come from AoD), the primeval men freezers, the machine that works after placing the battery, plus the nice enemies like the pterodactyls, the T-Rex at the end, that all together deserve a 15 in the second category, I found this part the weakest one in terms of gameplay. It was mainly a plain base type level, and that's no good thing, as I tend to not like them much, as - just as this one is too - they mostly running around the area without knowing what to do, including long backtracks and "big stucks". At one point, there was a quite unfairly hidden block in the toilet, that was nearly not visible. There were some nice rooms such as the container room that was full of nice gameplay, or the number maze that had a nice map as a hint, but there were too many long corridors and it was not so much fun. The architecture here was good interlinked, but it was too blocky sometimes and the realistic textures didn't help so much here. But the objects made this level a bit better in this point.
The last level, Through the Island, yet again had the charm of the first levels, and it certainly was even more convincing. The level, set in a very complex area, involved quite tricky jumps, long exploration, a middle-sized maze. The beach area with the waterfall and the end with the two dinosaurs were the most impressive parts of this level. I really liked the idea of using the tricerandon to push a button to open a door, and also the caves with the living primeval men and the cave paintings - great love to detail! It indeed is a bit too long and the backtracks were too long, but I still enjoyed this level much, mostly because of the once more brilliant environment. Textures in this part were not as good as the wonderful nature objects, as somer looked a little ugly and some were streched, but the builder made the level look well because the objects were the focus again.
I admit I haven't played any level of Joker before, but this one is clearly a visually masterpiece. He clearly needs to do something with gameplay, as it often was a bit flat, but there also were some great ideas. Nice one!" - manarch2 (30-Jun-2011)

"When the level was posted I immediately downloaded and started playing, thinking that would be a quick one and could have not been more wrong as I found out very soon. First off - I think it is an absolutely beautifully designed game with interconnected sublevels, a stunning atmosphere with jungle and animal sounds that draw you into this world and make you want to keep playing and playing. Lara starts on a deserted Island after a balloon crash and must make her way through open areas, deep pits, storage warehouse, labs, jungle areas and maze like caves to finally reach the helicopter and finish the level. Unfortunately the game play is very complicated and confusing at times. It also includes a lot of back tracking and unfortunately concealed and hard to find items like an almost invisible push block. Luckily I was able to figure out where to go after getting stuck for hours and the few times I was really lost, there was always help from the stuck level thread in the forum. There are lots of great enemies in this level in form of dinosaurs of almost every size and character. They will fly, run, dive and all of them will try to eat Lara. A couple of aggressive cavemen are also in the mix. There was good use of a retextured bull in form of a Triceratops. I was able to outrun the first T-Rex but the last one needed to be killed in order to get to the important final key. Since I had missed the shotgun in the beginning (and no way to backtrack), I was unable to do so but could finish with the use of someone else's save game - thanks for that. Despite the hard and complicated game play I enjoyed this game a lot, especially because of the great atmosphere, sounds, cameras and flybys, enemies and the beautiful layout and texturing. I can only highly recommend this one! (3h 20 mins, 7/11 secrets)" - Blue43 (26-Jun-2011)

"Coast: Isla Sora? An island before Costa Rica?? John Hammond??? My goodness, Lara is on the way in the Jurassic Park!! On the islands on which dinosaurs were bred. And we all know what has happened. Well, hopefully the dinos are just busy elsewhere. Since otherwise it could become a hot dance. The wonderful voice of Lara is remarkable. The woman whom has lent Lara her voice should apply as a voice actress. With such a voice she would be definitely successful.
Island Road: Quite obviously the dinos are still there. But as long as Lara the suitable weapons and ammunition has, is this no problem. But the Brontosaurus and the Stegosaurus were peaceful journeymen. Even when Lara was in her direct nearness, they were absolutely relaxed. A problem can appear when one destroys the jeep. If one saves afterwards and loads the Savegame anew, one cannot jump any more about the pit, because Lara does not grab the opposite edge. This has happened at least to me so. So I had to take an earlier savegame.
Research centre: Here meets Lara for the first time dangerous dinos. The Velociraptors are not only quite clever, but also toxic. The level is built very good, has a suitable background sound and a good lighting. Unfortunately, he has the same bugs like in the level Island Road. In a room with long shelves one must press on top and a button. In principle no problem: Simply jump upwards, cling, pull up on the higher shelve and then completely jump up. However, a second attempt is not possible, because Lara does not want to grab the edge of the higher shelve. And an earlier save does not work. So I have tried it with an even earlier savegame. Now, however, suddenly I could not climb up any more the ladder in the pool. These problems can be repaired only if one leaves the level, clicks afterwards the TR4-Exe and selects the savegame. Such a thing is definitely not funny and I was just on the brink to extinguish the level.
Through the Iceland: In the last level Lara has to go to her taxi. Until now we player have seen already many very well built rooms and a great island scenery. And here one can see a spectacular gulch. This gulch is the territory of the Quetzalcoatlus. Then at the level end Lara still needs the help of a Triceratops and must snatch from a T-Rex the key for the gate.
And this level was built already in 2005? Why has Joker kept him from us so long? In any case, it is good, that Lost Island has seen the light of the day. However, the appealed bugs are very annoying. It would have been an advantage if joker had mentioned these problems in the Readme, because then I would have known how I can handle these bugs, or what I must make if I cannot further play any more. Apart from that is this a very good level. I am curious whether even more forgotten levels slumber on the hard disk of Joker." - Scottie (26-Jun-2011)

"Pterosaurs, Compies, Utahraptors, Stegosaurus, Sauroposidon, Demetredon. Tricerotops, Plesiosaur, T-Rex, the list of beasties in this level just goes on and on (I watch a lot of Discovery channel) - all wonderfully made. That goes for the scenery too, great big areas with, maybe, just a pickup, made just to be eye-candy. Some of the minor touches are equally impressive, such as the electric fence, the secrets voice-over and the distant sounds of animals that you just know are not going to be your best friends. As well made as the outside areas are the underground tunnels and caverns, well but gloomily lit and decorated with cave art and strewn with the bloody remains of carnivores meals. The gameplay is, for the most part, fairly straightforward although I must confess to going round and round on some high crags at one stage because I forgot to look behind me (Doh!) My one criticism would be the amount of backtracking but that might be down to the order in which I did things. Visually brilliant and a fun raid." - Diz (25-Jun-2011)

"Oh goody, I just fancied a nice relaxing holiday in the sun. Yeah, right. Be warned - this level is absolutely massive and not something you'll dash off in a couple of hours. There's a lot of island to explore and it's easy to become confused. Luckily the surroundings are very lovely so at least you can admire the scenery whilst you're wondering what on earth to do next. Your travels take you from the coast, through the interior of the island with its fabulous inhabitants, ruined house and research facility and there's a lovely build up of tension via the 'Jurassic Park' style storyline and the wonderful sound files. I'd been anticipating a raptor attack for so long that it was almost a relief when it finally happened. The enemies are entirely appropriate and effectively used, the gameplay is decently varied, including timed and puzzle elements, but the real challenge is mostly figuring out where to go and what to do next. I found myself stuck on several occasions and once or twice had to dip into the stuck threads for help. The nicely inventive secrets (of which I missed three) are 'dino blood', accompanied by an amusing replacement for the secret chime, and can take a bit of acquiring in certain cases. All in all, I had a real sense of achievement by the time I reached the rescue helicopter, but I'm still totally unconvinced that a T-Rex would be carrying a key. Ah well, that's raiding." - Jay (20-Jun-2011)

"This can be an immensely enjoyable outing in a Jurassic Park world with a number of Wow moments. Lara progresses through five levels of huge island terrain, with impressive visuals and fauna, and an equally complex research facility. The author has created such a suspenseful and engaging story that common TR tricks do not feel worthy of the rest. For instance, a push block in one area of the laboratories is perfectly concealed in a wall; a lit flare will reveal it, but there is no reason for Lara to be lighting a flare. This hidden push block held up my play, and on consulting the forum, I learned it had held up play for others for hours. Things like hidden keys or push blocks are the stock in trade of TR, so perhaps it is unfair to feel frustrated here, but then the landscape is vast, going on and on, and it really is hard to tell which crates are shootable, or which similarly textured crates are pushable or not. I think the author might have done better to distinguish those features with clear markings, and leave Lara to fun exploration. I mentioned the suspense in these levels. After crashing her balloon, Lara soon recognizes that she is trapped on the infamous dinosaur island. As she drops into a hollow the ground shakes--a marauding T-rex?--and we hear cries of a big dinosaur. A nearby area has the bloody rib cage remains of large dinosaurs, so we expect Lara to be attacked at any moment. There are the usual carnivorous suspects, and pteranodons trying to push Lara off rock pillars to her death. Lara will also meet an apatosaurus (commonly called brontosaurus) drinking at a waterfall, and a browsing peaceful stegosaurus. There is also an aquatic reptile, something like a short-necked plesiosaur, which is technically not a dinosaur, and who isn't peaceful at all. The texturing is not up to another just released level set, but the author's readme file mentions that much of this work was done years ago. I had no problem adjusting to it, and thought there were plenty of areas that were quite impressive. When Lara goes for a grenade gun, there is a whole added section of lighthouse and lagoon for eye candy, rather than an end-of-the-world ocean area. The concluding, fifth level has a good trek through rock pillars and cliffs to reach an escape helicopter. Some of the play, such as a leap into the top of a palm tree, is amusing once one spots it. Note: A player on the forum mentioned that this jump to the palm tree was impossible until she quit the game and then restarted it. I encountered the same problem in a large room with three rows of shelves filled with small shipping boxes. It was impossible for Lara to grab a shelf edge. This is not the author's fault, but is a problem with NG levels, discovered in a Xmas level six months ago. The solution is to quit the game, then started it again, to restore Lara's ability to grab edges. There are all sorts of marvelous things going on here, so maybe this long adventure will be much better appreciated with a walkthrough. I just had to consult the forum too many times, which is why I gave an 8 for game play. I had Lara leave secrets, because they required too much patience, so maybe there is a good way to get a secret from a damaging cold room or from underneath a deadly electric discharge. Players will find much here that is memorable. Highly recommended." - dmdibl (20-Jun-2011)

"It is very hard for me to review this level, since it has some really epic moments, but also, some epic failures. The story starts with Lara being stuck on a tropical island, and as we follow her through the jungle, we soon realize that the jungle hides Bio Research facility for tampering with DNA of dinosaurs. Eventually, Lara gets back to the jungle to send SOS signal and call her helicopter to pick her up. The transition from jungle to base and then back to jungle is smooth and seems as realistic as it can be. The overall architecture is good, but the big problem here are HUGE maps, too huge, so it seems that the island is the size of a continent. Gameplay & Puzzles: This level is definitely not easy to play. Some puzzles are really mind twisting, and I am pretty sure that it is impossible to beat this game without a walkthrough or some help from the community. Due to very huge maps and massive backtracking (despite some really spicy shortcuts) the gameplay is seriously ruined. You will get stuck in several locations, I can guarantee this. Enemies, objects and secrets: This is definitely the strongest link of this level. Enemies are raptors, pterodactyls, compsognatuses, T-Rexes, so the action is great and not overdone, and you can collect a lot of shotgun and uzi ammo to beat them all with no problem. Objects are placed very nicely, and also used really imaginatevily. I was really amazed at a peaceful stegosaurus in the jungle, for example, that was great! Secrets are usually well hidden but not so hard to find, total 11 of them in the form of Dino DNA. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: They are also great, especially sounds, which perfectly match the settings and sometimes give you the creeps. Lighting and Textures are the weakest link of the level, since the most of the adventure happens outside and I did not have an impression that Lara is on the daylight. Textures are sometimes stretched and have a lot of cracks. OVERALL IMPRESSION: It was a really great expirience to play this level, despite the downsides (too much backtracking through huge maps, really hard puzzles and jumps), because it had so many great moments that you will never forget. Although I was hopelessly stuck at some points, I also enjoyed this game and felt so compeled to finish it, because it is really nice and the builder had some revolutionary ideas here. Highly recommendable!" - Nina Croft (18-Jun-2011)
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