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Author(s): Mr King
total rating:2.25 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 2 3 2 2
Ceamonks890 1 1 1 1
Diz 3 2 3 2
DJ Full 3 4 2 4
dmdibl 3 4 1 1
Gerty 1 2 2 1
janachorider 1 4 2 2
JesseG 2 4 3 3
Jose 1 2 3 2
manarch2 3 2 2 1
MichaelP 2 4 1 1
Mister-B 3 3 2 3
Orbit Dream 2 2 1 2
Ryan 2 2 2 1
Scottie 3 4 3 2
TheStig 2 3 3 3
category averages
(16 reviews)
2.13 2.88 2.06 1.94

Reviewer's comments

"I do sort of appreciate the enthusiasm to get stuck into level building and to release your first effort, but enthusiasm is only half the story: time and effort is another thing. This is a case in point. The geometry is unnatural, the texturing work is sloppy and unfitting, the illegal slopes are an irritant and the gameplay progression is blatantly unfair. Walkthrough walls and fallthrough floors abound, long and tedious climbs and running through corridors and oddly obscure puzzles alongside a definite lack of camera work. The highlight (if you can call it that) was the timed rope swing, which was actually nicely set up, and a couple of the secret locations were well placed. But as a whole, it's not worth the download. The inclusion of the FMVs escapes me too, as it just seemed to bloat the download size while doing nothing else." - Ryan (24-Apr-2019)

"Oh my god, where do I begin? Unmarked death traps, boring gameplay, out-of-place objects & enemies, pointlessly included FMVs & ripped audio, utterly dreadful texturing, incoherent level design... pretty much every sin of game design is here and accounted for, with seemingly very little cohesive thinking put into it. Not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (28-Jul-2017)

"Not as boring as this level." - janachorider (06-Mar-2014)

"A surreal experience. As other reviewers have said pretty much every capital sin the building world committed here. Walls, texturing, darkness, dis-jointed rooms. I don't mind unusual other-worldly levels but this one was just too strange for me to enjoy. Definitely one for completists only. Stiggy." - TheStig (03-Feb-2013)

"Almost all capital sins of level building are represented in this adventure. Excessive darkness, walkthrough walls and fallthrough floors, massive tedium in gameplay with long ladders and crawls, unmarked climbable walls and illegal slopes, dismal texturing, stretching a normal square texture to the max - you name it, it's there. Which essentially leaves a surprisingly tight timed series of rope swings and a few added secrets that are fun to some extent to go for - and the actual highlight: a rather nice song at the beginning of the second level. Not much else though and only for the completists out there." - MichaelP (25-Nov-2011)

"This is not my favourite sort of gameplay. Also texture wise and placing object could use a lot of TLC. The timed challenge was rather well done, but that alone doesn't make or break a game." - Gerty (24-Nov-2011)

"Lara must have hired a cheap labor force to build her new mansion. Very large, empty rooms with either pitch-black or 128-128-128 ambient lighting, along with stretched textures that are also ambiguous as to whether you can grab on to them or if they are even solid. I felt like my sanity was slipping when I entered the mansion lobby and threw the trapdoor open to find a highly booby-trapped Egyptian world was installed underneath. There are "hints" written in another language thrown on the floors and walls, but the "puzzles" they solve are not puzzles that make the player think, but rather they are basically a series of hidden pitfalls that make players feel like the author is just trying to make them miserable. Speaking of which, you will not be able to pass the level if you forget the shotgun at the beginning of the level, which the author decides to make a requirement for defeating Natla (long after any hopes of backtracking to it). The only thing I really enjoyed was the audio, as I am always interested in hearing music selected by builders around the world. Either way this is a level I would recommend only for the morbidly curious." - SSJ6Wolf (09-Oct-2011)

"Well this is one of those levels that I started and lost interest quickly. In order to finish the review I finally finished it after multiple attempts. Coming straight from playing all those wonderful BTB series games, this level was a like a rude reality check, as it has really awful visuals and contains all these attributes I dislike in a level: Objects are in mid air, cameras that seem to be always behind and object so you can't see a thing, unmarked deadly floor traps, unmarked climbable walls, unmarked everything, massively stretched animated texturing and huge boxy rooms and absolutely no indicators where things are or camera hints on what happened after using a lever. The game play is actually simple once you find the shotgun, if not you'll be stuck in a room with an invincible enemy. The best part was the timed lever with the following rope swing and monkey climb. The problem here is that one doesn't know at first that the lever is timed, since there is no indicator whatsoever. I know it is a debut level, but this one sure gives you the feeling that it was thrown together in a hurry and without much planning at all." - Blue43 (01-Oct-2011)

"This should have been called 'Lara's Boring Level'. Massive areas with nothing, or next to nothing, to do starting with a run down slope after slope after slope, with nothing but a few wolves (shoot them or run past them, it makes no difference) and hundreds of trees in mid-air. On then to the roof of what looks like a giant's Faraday Cage to pick up a shotgun. And you'd better pick it up 'cos it's the only weapon that will get you a required key later and if you miss it you'll have to go all the way round again. Then searching a weird dark area with oily walls and hidden pitfalls (pointless). It just goes on and on. Bad lighting, poor textures, iffy gameplay, permeable walls, I don't need to say more. The only good points were a well made timed run using ropes and a monkey swing and a song near the beginning. This is a level only for those who must play everything." - Diz (27-Sep-2011)

"Lara's Boring Level could be the title of this one. Only seeing the first level where I ran like fool between the trees to the very end avoiding all enemies you can make an idea about the second part. Really tedious and bored explore that big cube and bad textured rooms only to pull some floor levers and find some items. Evenmore the darkness was another negative feature present in all game; even with the flares I picked up behind the unmarked pit. It seems that the author didn't put much effort when building this." - Jose (26-Sep-2011)

"When Tifa sees her Banshee and pegasus used here, she will either die of heart attack or hang herself on Piega's chandelier (also used here). Apart from these objects not matching anything of building style applied, the most annoying thing is no matter how hard You will plan Your way and actions, You will do every single thing twice. Natla can be killed with a shotgun - but if You don't have one, You need to collect weapons intended to be collected later in game, and repeat everything once again to retrieve a missing key from her. A secret mummified Kurtis after Nesterenko fight is nicely-designed... but it's easier to find than the main gameplay way out. It all took me several hours... yes, HOURS - because I've been playing good levels recently and I am not used to unmarked ladders, unmarked monkey swings and unmarked walkthru floors anymore. If it at least was a fluent shooter... but it's not. If it at least was an intentional annoyment like stress tests or absurdal nonsense of happy creation like TR Crazy... But there is no such concept nor joke nor deeper meaning. It was intended to be a classic mansion level, and such ideas are always unbearable in case of devotion-less execution. Anyway, I see the author played with textures, writings, transparency and lighting, with the Great Gif water textures and cloudwalk being a kind of little achievements (not to mention the already mentioned Kurtis mummy). Also, he thought about design some more secrets - the Conan book is a nice motif(even though one of them is inaccessible), customized the soundtrack, made use of electric arcs and filled the game with some nice enemies. This is why I hope he was rather testing various features of the newly-discovered editor here, just playing with them, not caring about the overall impression - because it's clear for me that he has a lot of imagination and he can improve a lot, with reading the manual and waking the patience up being the only thing he needs for us to see a much more atmospheric level of his in the future." - DJ Full (22-Sep-2011)

"This debut has everything what a level should not have. Endlessly stretched textures, missing textures, sound problems, floating trees, missing camera hints, insufficient lighting, empty rooms, disguised ground holes and disguised passageways. There is no hint where the shotgun lies and if one finds her after which one has climbed again upwards into the house, one may make the whole way once again, because one can shoot Natla only with the shotgun. At least, the player finds enough Flares, thus the dark places should be no problem. No, in this form makes the level of course absolutely no fun to play. Though a few good attempts exist, but the level builder has a lot to learn if he wants to build a good playable level." - Scottie (18-Sep-2011)

"A two-parter lasting half an hour with bad (streched/missing/wallpapered) texturing and mostly dull gameplay, but with a few sound tracks that were badly applied (there were several triggers for them that worked each time you step on them). Else than that, there was an overdose of enemies in the first "level" that consisted on running down a long passage with a tree placed on each tile. Some parts seemed a little better, such as the (too) dark room with a nice pushblock puzzle to create a picture, a timed run with three ropes and some jumps and a car ride at the end. Lots of illegal slopes, bad architecture, e.g. on the roof. I found three of the five secrets that mostly were too easy to find. All in all a boring level with too much running around, I was glad it finally ended." - manarch2 (18-Sep-2011)

"Unfortunately there is so much wrong with this level. There are massively stretched textures, walk through walls that can only be found by coincidence and this level is extremely dark in places. A big problem was the hidden room towards the end of the level. This room could only be found by coincidence and so hindered further play. Worth mentioning in a positive way, is the timed rope swing sequence and driving a corvette is always nice. Unfortunately these two highlights cannot lift an otherwise painful level. This is one of those levels that you want to end quickly." - Mister-B (18-Sep-2011)

"The builder's probably young and has done his best under the circumstances...but that doesn't change the fact that this is a complete ordeal from start to finish.Massively stretched textures;incipient darkness;unmarked walkthrough walls - it's all there; but the timed challenge isn't bad,and the sports car Finale is quite enjoyable.One for completists only;the rest will find it all too painful." - Orbit Dream (17-Sep-2011)

"A novice work--perhaps the author is young, or else has chosen complete artistic freedom to interpret the concepts of "room" and "texturing." Lara wanders through "woods" to reach her "manor" (you'll find out why those words are in quotes). In a free-form impressionistic work it is sometimes difficult to know how to proceed (i.e. there are walk-through walls), but fortunately there are helpful hints in Chinese. Gameplay has its highlights: there is a timed triple rope swing that takes some doing, and a battle with four harpies and a retextured tin man all at the same time. Lara drives a sports car to a gate down a tortuous path (actually she bounced the car down to lower levels, then landed it on a dirt pile in the middle of the room, thus avoiding most of the ramps). Lara unlocks a gate, which seems wasted effort, as the level ends here." - dmdibl (16-Sep-2011)
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