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Author(s): kevindatsun
total rating:2.64 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
afzalmiah 2 3 4 3
Blue43 3 3 3 2
Ceamonks890 2 2 3 2
Diz 3 3 3 2
DJ Full 5 4 4 4
dmdibl 3 3 3 2
Eelkemama 2 2 3 3
eTux 2 1 3 2
Gerty 2 2 2 1
Jay 3 3 3 2
Jose 2 1 1 2
manarch2 2 2 3 2
MichaelP 3 4 3 2
Orbit Dream 2 1 2 2
Ryan 2 2 3 2
Scottie 2 2 3 3
sonnyd83 3 5 5 5
TheStig 3 3 3 3
category averages
(18 reviews)
2.56 2.56 3.00 2.44

Reviewer's comments

"Zombies indeed, and scads of them. Loads of enemies don't necessarily make for an entertaining game though, quite the contrary in this case. They can be easily killed with the shotgun, but it takes too long so it's probably best to just get the hell out of there. There's not much else in all honesty. Three keys to find and a brisk jaunt on the motorbike in crudely textured and amateurish surroundings and that's pretty much it. 8 minutes tops." - Ryan (25-Apr-2019)

"Zombies, yes, even popping out of thin air. You can run around them or find the shotgun a bit later and blast them. Looking for keys is your goal. No real exploring but a bike drive is a must. Short and not so sweet I would say." - Gerty (04-Sep-2017)

"This reminds me of Clara's levels because I think this how she would build if she cared just about the essentials and not about anything else. It's amazing how much you can achieve with one audio track, one kind of fence, one kind of car and one kind of enemy moving among several kinds of textures, provided all these elements are used properly. That timespot when I realized why all those shells are supplied was priceless equivalent to a turning point in these crap zombie movies, when some character (who's still alive) shouts "IT CAN KILL THEM!" in hope of survival. Just out of curiosity, after completing the game I repatched it with increased enemy limits to see the whole bunch without clipping (no I didn't bother to kill them all again). The only question I have is why do the zombies NOT attack in that very best moment when Lara rides the bike to her freedom? SUMMARY: Braaaains..." - DJ Full (30-Jan-2016)

"To start off, this demo, much like the builder's previous level, has been released with good intentions in mind and sports an interesting premise(this time inspired by the long-running Resident Evil series). But in the end, the presentation just brings the overall experience down, with plenty of bad examples of texturing, non-existent lighting and fairly simplistic gameplay that is undermined by the fact that you can just run past all the zombies you come across(who can appear out of thin air), without ever firing a shot. While there is a fun motorbike section in-between, a better-fitting horizon(compared to the first game by the builder) and a well-chosen ambiance track to reflect the appropriate mood, this still isn't enough to save this release from being one level that you'll play through once out of sheer curiosity and then never play it again. Hopefully the released full version of this game turns out better, than what I ended up experiencing here." - Ceamonks890 (09-Mar-2014)

"Doesn't significantly build on the basic skills the author showed us in their previous level (based on the Mirror's Edge concept). This time inspired by resident evil you find yourself running away from Zombies. In my case I literally did just that. Not being a fan of resident evil either I guess this wasn't going to appeal to me either. There's pretty much no challenge in open spaces and the fact that they just 'ping' into existence in front of you is also rather poor (seeing them emerge from alcoves, behind boxes etc. etc. would have provoked far more emotion!). Lighting and texturing are nothing to write home about and the environment build is very basic. Pretty short (lasted just over 7 minutes for me). Stiggy." - TheStig (14-Feb-2013)

"27.10.11 It has zombies in it, what more could you want! It's very much a shooter type of game. I think he should continue to focus on this genre of game but make the enemies much tougher and not just allow players to walk on by without delivering a bullet or two. I'd enjoy it more if it were like call of duty just with a focus on retrieving an artifact and getting out alive. I am very concerned that the level builder needs to pay much more attention to detail in their creations. The basics are there though." - sonnyd83 (10-May-2012)

"The entire level is made with seven or eight rooms in the level editor. Lara is crowded by zombies (mummies), picks up three easy-to-find red keys among prison courtyards and cells, then rides a bike to reach the finish in ten minutes. Somehow I expected more after the author's Mirrors Edge Demo. The landscape is crude with end-of-world views and lots of missing texture transparencies. Lara gathers plenty of shotgun ammo, but there is NO shotgun. Are the other reviewers mistaken? So Lara goes back to the beginning. Turns out that if Lara picks up one, and only one, shotgun ammo in the first corridor, then this triggers a flip map or something. Or maybe Lara had to pick up all shotgun ammo, as this was the only ammo remaining. Then the second cell on left transforms, the bars are gone, and ammo and shotgun are now on the floor. The bike is useless for running down zombies as it goes harmlessly through them." - dmdibl (12-Nov-2011)

"This was an...interesting level. A LOT of zombies (obviously). The builder did make a good atmosphere of the place being hellish and demonic. The texturing wasn't very good but in some place it looked nice. There is also a bike you can ride in. I actually think the object placement was pretty good. There isn't anything else I could say to be honest but I did find this level a bit fun but I don't like scary gamea. could play for short raid" - afzalmiah (29-Oct-2011)

"The idea that in the universe of this particular level zombies have amassed to such amounts that they've been able to found a country of their own is intriguing (the readme doesn't elaborate the premise, so I used the title as my main source of information)... but not as effective in execution. The "mummy" enemy, which admittedly lends well to be transformed into a zombie in the TR universe, is at its most effective in small, claustrophobic areas, when Lara is not given any guns to kill it or run away from it. If you put them in a relatively large open area, they can't really pose much a challenge to Lara even en masse in large quantities. So I have to say the author here wasted his opportunity to use them for anything other than atmosphere and being easy targets. The horizon and the audio track are a good start for the atmosphere - but lighting needs much work for it to truly be compelling. The gameplay offers nothing but gathering 3 nameless keys half the size of Lara and a short bike-ride. The author would do well to start from the basics and build a tutorial level, then slowly develop a more ambitious idea based on that experience - all the while being patient if it turns out to be something that's ambitious on paper, as is the case of both of his levels so far. As it is - this is more a level for the completists and not the level-playing gourmets." - eTux (26-Oct-2011)

"No much to say about this small demo. I can't understand what all that ammo and the shotgun are for. A lot of mummies appearing everywhere when you approach to a pickup, three keys to find and a couple (?) of switches to pull in a poor environment is all what you'll find in this very short demo. Even the short ride with the motorbike is not very funny. A lot of defects in this demo can prevent you to not play the final version." - Jose (26-Oct-2011)

"I need 3:44 m to play this game. Don't pickup something. Use the switch, find 3 Keys for 3 doors and drive with a bike. The drive with the bike was the best. You can see missing textures and simple design. I don't have fun to play this game." - Eelkemama (25-Oct-2011)

"I've never played Resident Evil, but if the gameplay mainly consists (as this does) of running around picking up copious amounts of shotgun ammo whilst dozens of zombies appear out of thin air then I can't say I shall be clamouring to play it any time soon. OK, there were three keys to find and a short but quite fun bike ride as well, but that's it. You can kill the zombies if you want, or you can just outrun them - your choice. It also has a distinctly 'rushed' look about it, with carelessly applied textures and not really very much in the way of eye candy. It would take quite a lot of work to make it an enjoyable level; regrettably, as a demo it doesn't exactly leave me eager for more." - Jay (25-Oct-2011)

"Well, there are shooter levels and then there are shooter levels that miss the point. This is, unfortunately, one of the latter. There is no fun in having loads of shotgun ammo and to stand there shooting slow lurching zombies. Unless of course you have some strange fascination with zombies (it takes all sorts to make a world) or you want to take revenge for your great-grandmother having had her brain eaten by one (unlikely). Simple areas, pick up a key, use it in a lock, go into another simple area, and repeat. There is a longish bike run which is always fun but, in this case, not at all challenging and that's about it. You can't even run over the zombies, which would have been a blast from the past for those 'Carmageddon' fans of you out there. Perhaps the builder should have been less inspired by 'Resident Evil' and more by 'Shaun and the Dead'. Could have been interesting - wasn't. Nine minutes long and that was only because I was trying to find something to do." - Diz (25-Oct-2011)

"A rather poor second level from David, at least you get what it promised in the title. The only fun was a little bike ride." - manarch2 (25-Oct-2011)

"You have 3 possibilities for the choice
1. You gather everything what you find and shoots every zombie
2. You ignore zombies and ammunition and run on the shortest way at the level end
3. You ignore the level
I plead for point 3. This level has absolutely nothing what could interest a level player. He has stretched textures, missing textures, sound problems and the playing time are too short. Moreover, a reasonable lighting is absent. The opponents are absolutely harmless and absolutely superfluous. The excursion with the motorcycle is the best what this level has to offer. The level builder should throw away this project and build something absolutely new. But before he should deal thoroughly with the manual." - Scottie (25-Oct-2011)

"Unfortunately the TR zombies do not lend themselves very well to a thrilling Resident Evil style game - they are simply too slow in their movements and easily killed in this game with the shotgun. Add to that the fact that in this quick 10 minute adventure virtually no attention has been given to lighting, the lack of ambience ruins whatever may have been left of a survival feeling. A few jumps with the bike were fun and other than that all you have to do is find and use three keys and flip a switch. The end of the world can be seen everywhere and several textures are missing. In summary, not a demo that makes you want more. I really liked the Mirrors Edge demo better than this one." - MichaelP (24-Oct-2011)

"Great, a zombie level, just in time for Halloween! Unfortunately the game does not live up to it's interesting title. Game play: Pick up ammo, shoot a never-ending amount of zombies, ride the bike with multiple jumps, find two or three keys and escape. Don't know if there is a shotgun somewhere in the game. I found plenty of ammo but not the gun. No problem, it just takes a while for the zombies to fall under pistol fire. You can also outrun them - in case you are looking for a speed run level. There were missing textures, end of world areas everywhere, repetitive texturing and minimal decoration. In case the builder releases a full version, I hope it will have a bit more interesting game play than just that. As of right now only hardcore shooters can enjoy this." - Blue43 (24-Oct-2011)

"This is another walk down memory lane,to a more innocent time when many custom levels followed this same pattern. 1) High concept idea. 2) Short time-frame for the actual building. 3) loads of enemies,placed en masse. 4) Little attempt to put much effort into any of the 'fiddly stuff' (textures;lighting;gameplay;et al). A couple of motorbike jumps and a hunt for three keys and that's your lot. I encourage the builder to spend plenty of time completing the full level and look forward to playing it; but in this day and age,a demo release of this quality really wasn't necessary." - Orbit Dream (24-Oct-2011)
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