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Author(s): misho98
total rating:7.67 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
afzalmiah 8 6 8 7
Diz 7 8 8 7
dmdibl 8 8 8 9
Gerty 7 8 8 7
Jay 7 8 8 8
Jose 7 8 7 8
Josey 10 8 9 7
manarch2 7 7 8 7
MichaelP 7 8 8 7
Orbit Dream 8 8 8 9
Phil 9 8 8 9
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Shandroid 7 8 8 8
sonnyd83 7 5 6 6
TheStig 7 8 8 7
category averages
(15 reviews)
7.60 7.60 7.87 7.60

Reviewer's comments

"I do seem to have been playing quite a few classic based levels, but I do agree that it is nice to take Lara back to her roots, so to speak. This in particular, is solid for a debut effort. Maybe a little more music could have been added and the camera angles a little less intrusive, but that's about as far as my negativity goes, because this is really good otherwise. The gameplay, while probably not as challenging as some would like (aside from a couple of tricky slope jumps) is varied and engaging, the environments attractive and atmosphere well up to par. Enemies are numerous, but not difficult to take care of, while objects and secrets are placed well, the latter quite craftily. Very enjoyable if you have a hankering for the early days." - Ryan (26-Apr-2018)

"A very worthy beginning here from misho98. The builder starts at the roots of the editor, using the standard TR4 objects & textures (all be it bundled with a newer.exe which supports wide-screen etc). I always find this approach encouraging with beginner levels as it shows they have tackled the tutorial. Set in a series of Egyptian chambers, there are 2 this that immediately stood out for me. Firstly the quality of the lighting, which for the most part is excellent. Secondly was the use of the central 'hub' room. This means lots of traversing not only along the ground but vertically. I love features like this because you know the author has put some thought into the layout of their level, and it really shows here. Puzzles are not too complicated, with a few block puzzles, torch lighting and tricky jumps to contend with. The jem soldiers seemed a little out of place. Camera work is pretty good for the most part too. The last jump sequence is probably a smidge on the tricky side but it is perfectly achievable with a little patience. All in all I netted just over an hour from Egyptian Adventure. It's a cracking star from misho98 and I look forward to playing more of their levels in the future. Recommended, Stiggy :)" - TheStig (18-Jun-2013)

"14.11.11 The level started off nicely. Theres one or two little bugs such as the unusual reflectiveness of Lara or the invisible object in front of one of the ladders, and the flare bug. I was stopped in my tracks by the room with a deep pit and some sloping blocks - just couldnt do this bit. This was however, a very original and well built level. I think the bit where Lara has to light the lamps to open the door near the beginning was good - you dont really see that in many levels. I wouldnt say it has anything particularly new but it does take Lara back to her roots which is always a good thing. Good first level." - sonnyd83 (10-May-2012)

"Probably not the only person who played this level a couple of times. All because this hasn't been tested properly by someone else than the builder. Hopefully he now knows that that part is also pretty important. After getting the final version I started the level all over again. Even then there are some stuff that can be improved upon. Textures can use some attention and the flare bug is present and cracks that are showing. Apart from nasty (sometimes irritating) camera work near the end I did like what was on offer. The hunt is on for four Hands and that is easier said than done, so go exploring and oh, do pick up the crossbow right away, as the spikes are not lethal." - Gerty (30-Mar-2012)

"The first time I was playing this level I couldn't finish it due to the missing torch late in this level, but since the problem is solved now I re-started it and still found it to be an engaging debut with a nice mix from many classic texture sets (Karnak, Catacomb,...), the gameplay being set around a central hub room with four hands to find and these side quests are rather challenging as you have to do several tricky jumps, solve a few pushable puzzle of which only the last one in the mummy room was a little pedestrian because too long, and admire the builder's ability to create a nice atmopshere even with the basic tools. The texturing should have been better at some parts but the lighting was very nice, the architecture was quite complex for a debut and the cameras were really well placed, both flybys and hints. I found the crocodiles in this level a little unfair as it's often impossible to kill them and you have to swim through narrow corridors with them huntin you, and there were a tad too many monkeyswing and ladder sessions in this level, also a few objects floating in the air; some objects in the treasure room flying in the air and the crossbow being obscurely placed on a spiked pedestal even if it's not lethal to grab it, but I had great 40 minutes in this level and found all six secrets." - manarch2 (11-Mar-2012)

"Nothing special in this egyptian level, but well builded and very playable. You must look for four Hands in any order from a main room you'll be back each time you get one so you can open the exit door and tasks are not very difficult for the players. This way gameplay is not hard and there's no much backtracking in any case. Entertaining and recommended to have a good time without complications, except a jump to an alcove in the final room. Good work." - Jose (16-Jan-2012)

"My kind of level. Old school gameplay, environs that are pleasing to the eye, lighting that enables me to see everything around me without squinting. The flare bug showed up almost immediately, but that was no problem because of the player-friendly lighting. Dmdibl has provided a walkthrough that might not be necessary for anyone other than the perennially slothful (and I'm one of those), but even with his help it took me more than an hour to reach the finish trigger. We need more levels like this one, levels that are good-looking and just plain fun to play. Recommended." - Phil (16-Dec-2011)

"Very nice classic Egyptian level with the central hub design. Some of the puzzles and jumping sequences could have been made more challenging and the pools were textured as sand, but this was a fun excursion in Egypt. Perhaps better use of music in the next level, as music is important, plus try and fix that flare bug. Very nice work!" - Shandroid (27-Nov-2011)

"I do like builders that can think in three dimensions as I think it gives so much scope for packing more into a smaller space. This is no exception, everywhere you look there's a door or a crawlspace or a ladder, all taking you to well made and attractive areas. It's not without its faults; there's little use made of the underwater areas and there needs to be at least a few camera hints in such a non-linear level. Overall this is a well crafted and enjoyable level." - Diz (23-Nov-2011)

"Hail, misho98! Here is a very classic TR adventure, with plenty of imagination and creativity to design an interesting and varied gameplay! Some bugs? Yes... (I didn't find the real serious bugs, because when I downloaded the game they didn't exist anymore). A little darkness? Yes... but my attention was absolutely caught by the game from the beginning to end. Cool puzzles... difficult sequences... I may not know enough about game construction, but I certainly know much more than enough about having fun. Thanks, misho98!" - Josey (21-Nov-2011)

"This was a really good debut level. Even though this level did have a lot of problems when it was first released but when they were sorted you can tell this builder has talent. The texturing was brilliant in the level. There were some stretched or strange looking textures around the place but they were very minor flaws. I think the weakest part of texturing was the pools. It was just a sand texture so it looked more boring than the normal rooms. Enemies were nicely placed and it makes the game harder but not too hard to complete. The puzzles and gameplay was really good. The areas you explore are amazing and for a debut really impressive. As other reviewers have said you can tell that the builder has read the manual carefully and used that to his/her advantage. The flybys and cameras were really good and the builder can certainly make a builder feel amazed. Object placement was really good as well but there was a weapon on a pedestal with spikes on it and I thought I can't get the weapon yet and would have to deactivate the spikes but actually they were just there for show. I really enjoyed this level and can't wait to see what this builder makes next. Recommended." - afzalmiah (17-Nov-2011)

"If you like your Egypt levels in a good old-fashioned Tut1 setting then this is well worth a look. Hunting for four hands of Orion will take you through a series of (mainly) well made rooms with a variety of tasks to achieve, including a fun timed run, push puzzle and a bit of torch work. It moves along nicely and is entertaining enough, without being overly challenging. Enemies are jackals, harpies, tinmen and crocodiles, plus a giant scorpion or two, but they tended to run into the walls and were thus easily dealt with. A pleasant hour and a half raid, marred only, for me, by some excessively irritating camera angles at the end. Definitely a decent debut level." - Jay (16-Nov-2011)

""If at first you don't succeed." A salutary lesson for this builder: make sure your level actually plays properly before submitting it for upload.There,that's that dealt with;now for all the good news. This is a really impressive debut level;well-planned and often challenging gameplay;accomplished room architecture; plenty of varied enemies;atmospheric lighting and a few really devious moments thrown in for good measure.Nonetheless,there are caveats: the final 'four star' room is impossible to get out of should you end up there too soon;there is a crime against texturing in the long staircase room;and at least one of the jump sequences is too hard,but can be avoided (was this unintended?) by a simple climb up an untextured wall.Otherwise,this is eminently playable and a very good indicator of the studious work the builder has put in to fully assimilate the manual.Onwards and upwards!" - Orbit Dream (16-Nov-2011)

"The first time I played this I was enthusiastic about it, and others may also find it among the better debut efforts. Don't worry that this is in many ways an Egyptian tutorial level: colorful new textures have been added and are well applied, and extra objects are used such as the treasure from the title level, or coastal black grill doors. It starts out in a dark room, but after that the author uses good lighting so Lara doesn't need flares (forced maybe, because there is a flare bug). Play really begins in a tall multistory chamber, a good choice to lend interest to a hub center. I enjoyed most of the play, the way a simple monkeyswing instead turns into a hunt for multiple levers that are cleverly arranged, or the treasure room with a side timed run over lava. Secrets vary nicely with some easy to find. There are minor defects that can be mostly ignored while playing. Some textures are stretched. Many of the diving pools have sandy bottoms and sides so texturing must seem easy, but these pools show glaring cracks in their sides (the texture squares don't line up). This is painfully evident. In one room, Lara has to pull statues from doorways, but torches placed on the ground in the path of a statue prevent Lara from moving it. This is only solved if players know to have Lara pick up the torches and cast them to the side. In this same room the tall doors don't go to the top of their alcoves, leaving a large gap--maybe the statue inside needed the extra space, but it still looks weird. If players fail to get the crossbow immediately, then Lara may run into a nasty skeleton that she can't deal with. The crossbow needs to be gotten from spikes that look like they are guarding it, but the spikes are only show. Overall, this is an attractive, balanced, fun level, promising for a debut. Takes about an hour." - dmdibl (15-Nov-2011)

"A special debut level in many ways - the first listed builder from Bulgaria and a builder who was not even born (!) when the first commercial TR games hit the market. Special also, in that it took a few days of updates before a working version was actually available, so many players probably gave up on the level and never came back to play through it completely. But in the end that is really their miss - as the level is about an hour of very classic and very solid TR entertainment. It appears the builder learned his ropes by the book (aka the trle manual) and used largely the tut1 wad and textures with a broader mix of enemies added for good measure. The quest is one for four hands, which you can pretty much collect in any order from a central high room and the room geometry and gameplay ideas are well set in scene, including timed runs, pushable puzzles, jump sequences (including two or three tricky ones) and torch action. Lighting is fairly well done, but the flare bug should have been avoided. Texturing has a few smaller missed, but generally works out well. Found 5 of the 6 secrets. A promising debut level and certainly hope to see more from this builder." - MichaelP (15-Nov-2011)
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