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Author(s): Jordan
total rating:1.96 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 2 2 3 1
Ceamonks890 1 2 2 1
Diz 3 2 3 2
dmdibl 0 2 2 1
Gerty 1 3 2 1
Jay 3 3 3 2
Jose 1 2 2 2
manarch2 2 3 3 2
MichaelP 3 3 4 1
Orbit Dream 1 2 0 2
Ryan 1 2 2 1
sonnyd83 2 2 2 2
TheStig 2 2 2 2
category averages
(13 reviews)
1.69 2.31 2.31 1.54

Reviewer's comments

"I'm having trouble thinking of positive points about this one, really. It's possibly best looked at as an oddity rather than a playable level, but in either case you'll be a bit disappointed and wondering what it was all for. The first can be played by the book without any hitches (minus the hideous unmarked traps), but I DOZYed through a couple of portions of the level without any regrets as I just got irritated at being gunned down by hordes of guards and spontaneously combusting on seemingly innocuous tiles. I'd play something else if I were you." - Ryan (26-Mar-2018)

"Oh boy, it seems that even in his early years, Jordan's experience with the level editor was disappointingly limited. And frankly, I was unimpressed that all the problems that I'd brought up in my review for the builder's latter release merely titled 'Jungle' back in 2014, still persisted here in some form or another, with the only positive aspect involving the brief length of each poorly-designed level, included with this download. So overall, save yourself the time and don't even bother with this one." - Ceamonks890 (19-May-2015)

"It's hard to comment on levels like this at times without wishing to discourage the author. After-all they've done something I've never managed which is actually to get an idea up onto here. It's frustrating really because when you see the first room in the title fly-by which actually is built quite well you think hey, they've read all the rules for the editor. Then as the sequence goes on you get plunged into what you will actually wind up with. Texturing is repetitive and poor, room geometry often doesn't make sense. Flame and spike triggers with no warning. Silly spawning & numbers of enemies in the second level. The imagination is undoubtable there, but sadly for now the execution falls a short. There are sound issues throughout, model issues (like Sophia's head changing into Lara's when firing her guns!). All in all I netted just over 20 minutes from the two levels in this. One for complestists only. Stiggy" - TheStig (21-Jul-2013)

"In Ice World, You'll notice that the epic Legend sounding soundtrack doesn't really fit the style or quality of the level. Playing Jordan's latest level, it seems he hasn't fixed the sound fx issues, e.g. Lara laughs when she dies. The texturing is the same apart from a few near the gates, and stretched, and barely any lighting effects, just a couple of bright spots - looks like one giant storage container. The coins which fall from the dogs heads float in mid air, there's random objects such as Lara's mesh holding a handle, unmarked traps, etc. You collect Pharos knots and pillars, push a chess piece, then collect portal guardian pieces which lie right next to their resepticle! I like having Winston and his twin brother following you around getting very annoying. Once you've opened the gate, there's a strange camera angle (same as in his second level), light some baskets with nice looking torch which you must jump over whilst avoidng fire, then place second portal guardian, shoot a couple of items which look like gas valves, then finish, also, if you collect the wrong item right at the end, you die. Net gameplay 10 minutes. Second level (Sophia's curse) sees you playing as Sophia, again textures are stretched beyond recognition - they're all Egyptian from what I can see but badly applied, the objects are awful - helicopter has a whole side missing, the hanging ball is hanging in mid air, the door opens to a deep ravine but you can't see her falling. There's a nice showdown with a few baddies. Highlight here is the bike ride although I have reservations about the bike! Whilst on the bike, you must avoid fire, gaps, water and go up slopes in the correct direction. You then pull a lever before a deep ravine. This has 2 sets of music playing in the background which is bad. You can kill the baddies, which include Sophia clones, but you can just continue to the end and collect the armour, depends if you have any medipacks left. Lighting is non existant here, and there's barely any gameplay. Net gameplay 4 minutes." - sonnyd83 (04-Jun-2012)

"Very strange this copule of seperate levels. Very simple architecture, unmarked deadly tiles, stretched and missed textures, a difficult ride with the bike, strange explosions, pickups you don't need to use... No idea what this author wanted to do when building this. A level to forget." - Jose (16-Jan-2012)

"Hmmm! This builder seems to have more imagination than skill with the programme. Lots of unmarked death tiles, things floating in mid-air, lack of textures, morphing Lara (when she fires her guns), screen freezing and getting stuck with no way out but re-load a previous save. Lots more time needs to be spent on the gameplay and playability of the level and a whole chunk of time on the look of the thing. There are some interesting ideas here but they do seem to have been strung together flimsily. Oh, and by the way, no level needs more than one Winston, even if it is his laid-back, beachcomber brother. I'm afraid I was glad when I'd finished. Sorry, not recommended." - Diz (27-Nov-2011)

"This short and strange looking level set has odd game play, funny looking enemies and other characters and maybe it should have been categorized in the joke category. Besides the rather awful and crude looks with bad texturing and really weird item placement, there are also plenty of little aggravations like unmarked fire and spike traps tiles that make one really wonder what parts of this level were intended and what parts just happened during construction and couldn't be fixed. Objects and textures were mysteriously disappearing. In several areas like the one where Lara gets the second Portal Guardian the camera went crazy and got stuck outside the map so that the level had to be reloaded. The background music was nice, but other than that there was really nothing that left a positive impression." - Blue43 (22-Nov-2011)

"I'm struggling to describe these two small levels. The builder has obviously had very little experience with the level editor, but equally has a vivid imagination. Perhaps I should simply say this is a conversation piece rather than a thing of beauty. You'd probably be better off going away and playing something else." - Jay (21-Nov-2011)

"Sure this is bad, but I thought it would be a fast few minutes to dash through this and review it. Ha! Starts mostly with nonsense about unmarked trigger tiles and coins dropping that Lara can't get, or then she does. Lara uses a coin to raise a rope but, if she pushes an object to a sort of unmarked tile, stairs raise up instead. After getting to a cat there is a flip effect, and Lara won't move properly. The camera goes wild, up on top of trapdoors, but press the Look Key and suddenly the view is from the black area beyond all TR editor rooms. My computer screen froze and all keys seemed locked. Sometimes I could get out of this, and finally hit Ctrl+Alt+Del (after getting interesting screenshots of the game crash), but if not the computer had to be manually shut down, then restarted. After morning, afternoon, and evening attempts to play this, the next set of doors opened to finish the level. Not sure how. Lit baskets? Then why didn't that work before? It is impossible to set the screen resolution, so the builder has done something to NG tomb4.exe itself so that basic setup doesn't work. This is quite an accomplishment. I began to wonder if this program could damage my computer. Next level, Lara is disguised as Sophia, except when she fires her guns she is Lara, as those animations are unchanged. I added a bunch of extra medipacks to handle the gunfire. A bike ride. The part with the helicopter has an explosion that threatens to lock the screen again. Shoot four Sophias (demigods) with the crouching trick. I would have preferred that these two levels not be released. Have no idea what the true time duration was to finish." - dmdibl (21-Nov-2011)

"At the start you can have your pick which level you want to start. There is no mistake, this is a level made by a novice, hence the crooked textures, invisible blocks before doors, triggers that work not as they should and last but not least there is no way to tell which tile is safe and which not. To be honest I really didn't like either level, as it is not my way of fun to die almost on every tile I step on (or ride on). This I would call a hit or miss level and I have no idea what the story is all about." - Gerty (21-Nov-2011)

"Is this builder the heir to the Cain throne,I ask myself? OK,there are no enemies with bizarre heads to be found here;but there are plenty of stretched textures,unmarked death squares,lack of lighting and generally frustrating gameplay.The Ice level is just about enjoyable,but buggy in parts if you don't do things the proper way.The Sophia level is pretty much unplayable,although do-able without cheating if you persevere and re-load countless times.Both levels have a wealth of bugs,oddities and downright unfair moments;and it was with great relief that I hit the Finish Trigger of the second level and could go and do something (anything!)else." - Orbit Dream (21-Nov-2011)

"Every now and then the custom level universe produces oddities of levels, where a builder thinks a little different from the norm. The most prominent example may be TR Crazy, but this one here falls in that category as well for me. It is clearly a beginners effort with two separate levels that each last for about 10 minutes and are linear in nature with very obscure object usage and not always intuitive trigger settings that may catch you off guard a few times - most notable the one where you need to trigger a cat and then make sure it walks over two not really marked tiles in front of a door to open it. The choice of accompanying audio files is nice (from the newer commercial TR games), but also does not work so well when they overlap. And the bike ride in the second level is way too short and uneventful to be memorable. Like I said, more of an oddity than an exciting raid, but worth a look for that alone." - MichaelP (20-Nov-2011)

"I can imagine who the builder of this game really is, this level has big similarities to "Laras Boring Holiday". There are two levels, the first has some interesting but highly faulty looks, many glitches, non-marked trigger tiles, strange object usage, but also a little amount of gameplay, there is a mirror room, a little push puzzle and the tasks at the end provided at least a little bit fun, but sometimes were very unobvious and there were many booby traps. The second level had even more crude looks, textures would get a 0 here from me, and too many enemies, I had to use the weapon cheat to survive the first attack. The motorbike ride was a little fun, but there also were too many non-marked death tiles and everything was highly confusing. All in all I can say the best of this level was the title flyby. Nothing else was particulary interesting." - manarch2 (20-Nov-2011)
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