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Author(s): Jordan
total rating:2.38 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Andzia9 2 3 2 4
Blue43 3 2 2 2
Ceamonks890 1 1 1 1
DJ Full 3 4 3 3
dmdibl 1 4 1 2
Gerty 1 1 1 1
Jay 5 3 4 3
Lara_Fox_Croft 4 2 1 2
manarch2 3 3 2 3
MichaelP 5 3 5 4
Mister-B 0 1 0 1
Orbit Dream 1 1 0 2
Ryan 2 1 1 2
sonnyd83 6 5 4 5
category averages
(14 reviews)
2.64 2.43 1.93 2.50

Reviewer's comments

"From the very start, it's abundantly clear that this is a buggy experience, and maybe wasn't intended to be played through the end. The concept is a good one, but the execution is extraordinarily sloppy due to shoddy (or completely absent). Sophia seems to laugh every time Lara is underwater, which is annoying in the extreme, the texturing is slapdash, the lighting is erratic, the animations are bizarre and the gameplay so buggy that I'd be surprised if anyone could make it too far. The main three button puzzle doesn't really work as it should, and unless you're fortunate for a door to open after you press any combination (the first one listed in the walkthrough works fine, but after that it seems to glitch out completely) you could well become irretrievably stuck. The tasks behind those doors are mildly entertaining, but the level as a whole doesn't have anything going for it to make it a worthwhile download. Not in the slightest." - Ryan (30-Apr-2019)

"You know what I think when I play these levels? I ask myself the greatest question: about the Cause. I don't mean why I play such things (because nobody will ever explain that), but what caused the builder to leave all the obvious errors - if he just didn't bother fixing them or if he miraculously overlooked misplaced objects, confused sounds, missing animations, collision issues, reactivating triggers etc. What were the origins of the absolutely random pushable I didn't even bother to solve without a walkthru? Btw the description of "two squares back" should be more precise. And I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the sequence switch puzzle - did THIS builder really manage to utilize such a complex setup properly? I pushed all the switches multiple times and I still have no idea - no clue what went buggy here, his brain or mine. The squishy block jumpscare was a really good part of the main plot, the secret roses were as always nice to collect, and unlike many other crap levels this one provides some precious artifacts to take home... in this case, from home. The vase Iris was unusual. SUMMARY: A psycho variant of Underneath the Sphinx where the sphinx might get underneath the car. Much buggier than the original, but at least not that boring..." - DJ Full (01-Feb-2016)

"For all intents and purposes, this is merely a test level at the end of the day, with a few potentially decent ideas that are unfortunately crippled by, 'Say it with me now', poor design choices and loads of glitches. So don't waste your time here and check out something else." - Ceamonks890 (19-May-2015)

"Another strange, short level with partially confusing game play. I ran into several bugs, like doors not opening or Lara magically ending up on the other side of push blocks. Lara also had some wrong animations and there were the wrong sounds used at times. I did the 3 button part with walkthrough at hand, but had to go back to replay because of an obvious bug. Many textures were misplaced or stretched. Nothing enjoyable here but at least a little more to do, unlike in some of the builders other levels. Better train for your trip to Egypt elsewhere and skip this download.." - Blue43 (07-Jul-2012)

"I did the walkthrough for Back to Sophia's Office because I thought the author had made mistakes (removing the ability to save games for one), but should be encouraged to do something real. This level is several steps backwards. It is a test level, such as was sometimes done for early TR1 or TR2 levels, and should never have been released. If players are willing to put up with this, they will find some curious object use, such as platforms that repeatedly collapse or fall on top Lara, or a spiffy new car. When Lara pushes a block she gets sucked under it, and emerges on the other side. In the right setting this idea could actually have been used in a positive way, but here it is just something buggy, used to excess five times. The author never intended for any of this to be taken as a real level, so it can't be criticized as such. I would strongly recommend to the author to make a video--"hey, look at all the crazy things I can make Lara do"--and post it on YouTube where thousands will see it. People will laugh and praise the author. A two minute video would be watchable, and no one would have to play this." - dmdibl (24-Jun-2012)

"I wonder who needs to be trained and for what. I guess the builder needs more training with how to work properly with the Level Editor. Boy, this was a buggy game. I don't have to elaborate anymore as all is said already." - Gerty (23-Jun-2012)

"The concept of this level isn't at all bad, but unfortunately the execution leaves a lot to be desired. From the initial dip in the water, accompanied by the incessant sound of Sophia giggling away, through the bizarrely misplaced animations and sloppy texturing to the distinctly buggy three button puzzle, the whole thing just fails to gel. It's a shame too; given a good tweak and polish, this could be a really enjoyable twenty minute level, as Lara collects five pieces of armour from five different rooms, each with different (albeit very easy) challenges." - Jay (08-Jun-2012)

"Ok, maybe I'm a bit hard when I review that kind of level, but I wanted to be sure of what the other reviewer wrote. And I was not disappointed. Gameplay and puzzles: 4, because I liked the push block puzzle at the beginning, it was rather nice. The rest of the level was boring..And also really buggy. When I saw lara teleports after move a push block I laughed, but after made moving two blocks I tough it really annoying.4 is the best I can rate this part. Ennemies objects and secrets:2, demigod in a little corridor was not a good Idea, and what the hell Sophia Legg did there? I laughed when Lara moved the squeleton by thought haha. I did not knew Lara was a daughter of Yoda. Secrets: hard to miss...Objects: what objects, just some rare objects, useless. Atmosphere sound and camera: 1, no music, buggy cameras and this dirty laugh, all of this make me a bit crazy... The atmosphere seems to be a bad sets of old movie. Lighting and textures:2, textures were quite horrible and lighting too strong and unrealistic. And by moment lighting changes. I think the builder better to work longer than now, I saw He sent 2 levels in few days..If you don't work a long time, the results can't be amazing. And you better to ask the opinion of some people, you can ast to forums, or on facebook level editor page. I saw in you level some capacity, like your customize flares, the push-block enigma, I think you could improve a lot. Do not be discouraged by this rate, Work hard, and show us you're not so bad!" - Lara_Fox_Croft (07-Jun-2012)

"This might the best work of this builder until now, simply because it is much more playable than his other releases, especially his latest, and also with better visuals. But this doesn't mean I would call this a decent level - there are still a lot of unnecessarily untextured and thin walls, levers that do not have any function, bad sound and camera work and too many bugs in only twenty minutes of net gameplay. The three-button puzzle sometimes did not work properly for me and I had to reload earlier saves; there are still a lot of unmarked death tiles; the crumbling platforms never actually stop crumbling and so on. Else than that some tasks can really be enjoyed in this level, e.g. the very first pushable puzzle, and of course the (albeit very short and undemanding) ride with a fancy car at the end. Found two secrets that you only can miss if you don't want to get them." - manarch2 (07-Jun-2012)

"This level begins with Lara in a pool in her Mansion - I only know this from reading the included 'story',as there is nothing anywhere within this shortish adventure which even remotely resembles her Mansion.She is also laughing incessantly while swimming,until pulling herself up into a room with a buggy pushable object puzzle.If all of this sounds somewhat discouraging,bear strongly in mind that the remainder of the level exhibits an incompetence rarely encountered nowadays in the custom level world.Incorrect animations;bizarre gameplay;poor lighting;shoddy fly-bys. It all points heavily toward a builder who has either not played through (let alone tested)his own level,or simply doesn't care.Or perhaps they're too young to know better.Whatever the case,players should avoid this like the plague." - Orbit Dream (06-Jun-2012)

"This was very bad. Nice textures and objects and that's all. Boring puzzles, bad animations. Annoying Lara's laught while swimming. Advice for author: next time ask somebody to test your customs!" - Andzia9 (05-Jun-2012)

"Normally when I review a level, I try to honour the author's work however bad I may find it. Unfortunately this has to be the worst level I have ever played. There are wrong sounds (laughing while swimming), puzzles that don't work, miserable graphics and even basic animations like throwing a switch doesn't work. There are also blacks screen halves when picking up items. I have never seen so many fundamental mistakes in a level that most definitely hasn't been tested. The author has obviously miles of room for improvement." - Mister-B (05-Jun-2012)

"You can see that good progress has been made here. However, has this builder had his level tested? I don't think so. Testing is a crucial part of any game. Regarding flyby's, the flyby cam should be raised a few clicks off the floor and if the sequence goes round a corner, place a cam in front of the door, as the sequence goes througn the wall otherwise, as is the case here. I think there's an issue with a sound effect - uncontrollable laughing when Lara swims - made me laugh a bit! Also, some of the animations are a little buggy - e.g. pulling skeleton out of the way, wall switch, and end of push block animation. Glad there's a save function though. The background sound is that of Aldwych from TR3, although I always enjoyed that level, I don't think it really has the right 'ambience' for this level. The texturing is fairly good, especially in the block room, very nice Egyptian murals and symbols, perhaps a little more minimalistic in other rooms, and at least one stretched one in the climbable wall, and I also liked the pushable blocks themselves. Lighting is very colourful in some rooms, which may annoy some players - if you have colourful lighting, then the source of the lighting should be the same colour also - ie not flames. There's some places which are way too dark as well, or way too bright (e.g. place with floor blades), but mostly it's done fairly well. I notice some of the objects such as doors, and puzzle item holes appear through the walls, or have no textures above them. The flares are different to say the least - I do like them, but the edge of the sprite is visible. With regards to the gameplay, the main aim is to collect and place 4 items, and collect parts of the Horus armour (which aren't used). you avoid a crocodile, push some blocks based on placement of some symbols, a pushable button puzzle, again symbol based - there's some gameplay elements for each of these buttons - spikes (there should be appropriate spike holes in the floor but aren't), fighting Sophia, blades, triggering a ball to trigger a door - but you have to trigger other things first - interesting puzzle, but it doesn't seem possible without using many medipacks to complete, then we have levers, a torch to light - the torch lies below some collapsable wood where the animation seems to repeat constantly. Then there's a room with moving walls - the music sounds like circus music, and there's a wafer thin wall, and beetles. You place all these items and get a ride in a decent looking car, accompanied by a nice soundtrack, it is a little too short though (the car ride I mean). Overall, this is an almost decent attempt but still too rough around the edges for my liking. Net gameplay 35 minutes." - sonnyd83 (04-Jun-2012)

"Hooray, we can save this time. This alone adds a bonus point. And again we have a short level here designed by an interesting mind, but in a very sloppy fashion. There is Lara's laughing sound when she is swimming and plenty of incorrect and odd looking animations. There is overly colourful lighting with no real rhyme or reason to it and there is an attempt at a three button to open many doors puzzle, which does not exactly seem to work the way it maybe should. I got through with several reloads and try and error until a new door opened respectively. Behind the doors you get a variety of small puzzles to solve and items to collect and it all ends after about 20+ minutes. Interesting ideas? Yes - Properly executed and embedded into a level? - Rather no." - MichaelP (04-Jun-2012)
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