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Author(s): Jordan
total rating:1.87 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 2 2 0 2
Ceamonks890 1 1 1 1
Cory 2 2 1 1
DJ Full 4 6 5 5
dmdibl 4 3 2 1
Gerty 1 1 1 1
Jay 2 3 3 4
Jose 2 2 1 1
manarch2 1 1 1 0
MichaelP 2 2 2 2
Orbit Dream 1 1 0 0
Ryan 1 1 1 1
sonnyd83 2 3 3 4
category averages
(13 reviews)
1.92 2.15 1.62 1.77

Reviewer's comments

"Apparently based on a famous Sherlock Holmes novel, but I doubt Holmes or Watson would have recognised Seth, Sophia or a flashy convertible back in the olden days, I actually doubt they were around back then. Everything here was just done to a nonsensical degree that it's almost hilarious. Sophia follows Lara around like a puppy, Seth is used in a pretty much useless manner and the textures are unrealistically dreary. It may be a joke or a rushed effort, but I can't really recommend this one." - Ryan (26-Mar-2018)

"And yet again, it seems that Jordan has decided not to listen to what reviewers at the time stated about his previous works, and what does he let out the door this time? Essentially the same mess as always, with barely any improvement made whatsoever. Seriously, you'd be much better off playing through the countless Sherlock Holmes-themed games available on Steam and GOG nowadays(which are not only more faithful and actually fun), but are also much more polished than this garbage, any day of the week. Not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (19-May-2015)

"Well, if it weren't for the bad gameplay, wafer-thin walls, bad texturing, lack of lighting, random death switches, short and pointless car ride, long corridors and strange enemies which don't attack you I'd say that this was a pretty good level. Unfortunately it does have all of the aforementioned things, so I cannot describe it as a good level in any way. The only part I even remotely enjoyed was using the switch to blow up the baddy. Other than that, it was a waste of six minutes of my time (counting this review, more like twelve minutes), which I could (and should) have spent watching some paint dry and some grass grow. Not recommended." - Cory (25-Jul-2012)

"Another short, surreal and largely claustrophobic level from this builder, involving running away from Sophia, finding a few keys, enjoying an all too short car ride and blowing Seth to bits. Not sure Conan Doyle would recognise any of it." - Jay (13-Jul-2012)

"For me, from the three last levels of this builder, this part is surely the best. A crime story of constant tension. Just like in case of the first part, there are numerous flaws in the execution, but the progress Jordan made from his last attempt is clearly visible. I only can say something directly to the author: Dude, YOU NEED A BETATESTER, because most of these flaws are common issues easy to appear, but also easy to get rid of. E.g. Sophia following Lara to her position is caused by a wrong OCB. Sound of opening door playing when Lara bounces off the wall is a wad SFX mismatch issue, also very well known, discussed and solved. As for the creative side of the level, I have no objections - custom textures, secrets harder than main gameplay, customized car (I find it good the author tried it) and inventory, and almost no errors with the scripting, while it would all read "Load" in case of most beginner builders. Plus setting Set as mortal and killing it with explosion. And now the direct word to my fellow reviewers: From everything I mentioned above, I can see the author IS reading the manual, IS learning the script and IS taking his time - only for each level he tries something new, so no wonder he forgets about certain things, as he tries to learn too much in the same time. So much motivation and will to create should be ENCOURAGED, and we mostly tend to BLAME what he did wrong... Of course some of those things matter, but... guys, let's listen to ourselves - "wrong anim here, wrong color there, wrong texture here, wrong theme there". I don't mean it's not worth to mention those - because it is - but I'm just asking is it worth to FOCUS on flaws? Good thing at least Dave noticed the author has learnt OCBs and the savegame panel, and appreciated those. THANK YOU FRIEND. You saved our honor. Such game filled with potential ends up rated between 1 and 2? It's not good, and Cain really needs to return - because back then in his times, everyone was THANKFUL for ability to reach a finish trigger, and now... what do we even discuss??? How DARE we state the author's age at 9-10, while from our complaining one could assume we're all 90-100, + unsatisfied with our lives??? But the worst thing is that some play something wrong, and blame the builder. Some don't read the story, and ask questions answered in it. So please don't stress the guy more than he deserves it, because this level isn't made of flaws only. P.S. I gave my - some might say "overrated" - scores BEFORE I read the other reviews, so - if anyone suspects I'm artificially pulling up the rating - I can assure You I'm not even trying to. I simply LIKE the level, the climate of the whole storyline and I enjoy every single decent pixel the builder made with care. Finito. The end. Fin. Schluss. Koniec." - DJ Full (01-Jul-2012)

"My fellow reviewers seem to be getting discouraged by these quickly released, barely there levels. This one isn't good, but compared to Jungle, this has gameplay that is sort of like Tomb Raider. Lara finds (obvious) keys and opens doors, a to-and-fro activity that is familiar. There is a legitimate way to destroy Seth, so he isn't a constant annoyance. There is a secret of sorts, but use the short-takeoff jump and Lara is quickly in and out. Appearance and sound are pretty bad. Lara drives over a thug with a car, but it passes through him and he ends up in the passenger seat. The only possible connection to the novel is the single word: Rache. In the novel Holmes had to point out to Lestrade that this isn't short for "Rachel," as the good inspector assumed the murderer fled before finishing, but was German for revenge. In this level the word doesn't look like it was written in blood--no drips--and isn't it misspelled? Took about 12 minutes." - dmdibl (29-Jun-2012)

"A short surreal looking house level with a couple out of place and misbehaving enemies, a few unfairly trapped switches, a car ride and some keys. That is all there is. Game play is minimal and there is nothing much to say about the texturing other than it looks thrown together. The wrong sound plays every time Lara touches a wall - very irritating. Definitely not worth the download. Good thing, it is over quickly." - Blue43 (27-Jun-2012)

"Sorry Jordan this was also not a success, I would read the manual again as in here are the same issues you had with your other level. That is not needed at all. Running before walking or something, even I can do (and did) better." - Gerty (23-Jun-2012)

"Pick up some keys, a very short ride with the car and push a couple of buttons to kill Seth is all the poor gameplay from this very short level made it connecting a few boxes and badly placing some textures. Worse than the previous. Directly for the recycle bin." - Jose (22-Jun-2012)

"If I would have to summarize my comments about this level in one word, it would probably be: 'Unnecessary'. It features the same sound issues, thin walls, stretched and listlessly mixed textures as the authors previous levels did, but this one does not have even the slightest hint of inspiration in it. Find a series of keys, one leading to an obvious secret, meet up with Seth, but only ever so briefly - and then it is all over after 8 minutes or so. This obviously did not take very long to build, but every second of building it was rather wasted time that I am sure the builder could (and should) spend much more productively - by reading a good book for example. We can only hope..." - MichaelP (16-Jun-2012)

"A very slight step up from the authors previous level released yesterday (which gives you a good indication of the thoroughness of his work).According to the Title Screen,this is based upon the Arthur Conan Doyle 'Sherlock Holmes' classic of the same name.I have read said novel,and jolly good it was too;but I don't seem to recall a giant Seth monster appearing in it anywhere.Nor,for that matter,Sophia Leigh walking purposelessly around a small room;nor a speedy racing car. Actually,that's about all there IS to see here;though it must be said that the slight vestiges of gameplay at least made this 10 minute run-around tolerable." - Orbit Dream (16-Jun-2012)

"If there's one benefit to this level in comparison to the builder's latest offerings - this is maybe the most "playable" of them all as he even got out of ideas how to annoy the players. One day after the last release he starts spamming us with - sorry to say - a level worth for the bin without any sense and fun in it, even worse texturing than before, this time also strange enemy behaviour and another Sophia in the first room - should this be a running gag? It's not funny, by the way." - manarch2 (16-Jun-2012)

"I would love to find out how old he is - perhaps he's about 9 or 10 and we've all been very unfair, that's my hope. What I don't understand is this level does have some aspects which show technical skills such as triggers, a new save game panel, ocb's etc, yet he can not and will not create a decent and quality level. Is it just because it'll take too long? It takes me about 3 months to do my levels so is that too long? He should realise quality is better than quantity. If he was prepared to spend 3 months doing a half decent level then he might gain a little more recognition. To the level, and once again, we have Sophia parading around like she owns the place, and a room which sort of looks like an office, although the artefacts and pedestals are not necessary. I think it's little too contemporary looking for Sherlock Holmes era but never mind. That mist doesn't want to be here either. I note the author is aware how to get Lara to pickup items from different heights by changing OCBs. The only nice texturing here is the flooring which looks quite good. Some of the rooms are huge with blocky texturing and only a static bad guy to look at. There's issues with sound fx once again, e.g. Lara bumping into things sounds like a door opening, and the car sound is not very good. So, you pickup a key, open doors, take a ride in a car, more keys more doors, then a nice surprise a decent home! It looks like a mutant with wings. Some switches here are spike traps but not marked. By this time, you'll have picked up a key card and USB stick which aren't used because you go straight back to the start of the level and the game ends. Overall, I think this is a classic case of 'what you see in the mirror isn't what the rest of the world see' Also, is it me, or do the average ratings on his levels appear to be going down with every new release? Net gameplay 10 minutes." - sonnyd83 (16-Jun-2012)
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