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Author(s): Jordan
total rating:1.97 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 2 2 2 2
Ceamonks890 1 1 1 1
Christian 1 1 2 2
Cory 0 1 1 1
DJ Full 5 3 5 4
dmdibl 1 2 2 2
Gerty 0 1 0 0
Jay 3 4 4 3
Jose 2 2 2 2
Lara_Fox_Croft 4 4 4 1
manarch2 0 1 1 0
MichaelP 3 3 2 2
Orbit Dream 1 1 0 2
Ryan 1 1 1 1
sonnyd83 5 5 4 3
category averages
(15 reviews)
1.93 2.13 2.07 1.73

Reviewer's comments

"Oh joy, Sophia's here again and this time she's shoving Lara around like there's no tomorrow. This is another concept level that doesn't quite come together in a coherent fashion, with bland surroundings, lacking atmosphere everywhere, dodgy object usage (including a particularly weird placement of a heart) and non- threatening enemies. About 10 minutes if you just follow the path straight to the end." - Ryan (30-Apr-2019)

"And so ends the abysmal career of a builder who never seemed to understand anything but the basics, going out in a somewhat twisted blaze of glory, by releasing yet another rubbish level that would have been better off lost to the mists of time, over being made available for the masses to look at and immediately chuck into the recycle bin shortly afterwards. So if the builder's previous works weren't enough to convince you that he's just not worth looking into in retrospect, than this one will undoubtedly set the final nail in the coffin. Not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (19-May-2015)

"Another one of Jordans "concept" levels, thankfully short at about 8 minutes in duration and mainly a rip off of many of the Lara at the Movies textures and objects, but in a fairly incoherent way. Only one to look at for the completists among the players..." - MichaelP (19-Aug-2012)

"This isn't a level or an adventure. This is an exercise. Some creative potential can be seen concerning textures and creating rooms; The author should have left this one on his hard-disk as an exercise. Why such works are released?" - Christian (15-Jul-2012)

"Well, it's still no masterpiece, but I did detect a morsel of gameplay in this latest offering from someone who is rapidly becoming a prolific builder. Long way to go yet, but any glimmering of improvement is to be welcomed. The enemies are more interesting than hitherto, but you still really won't need the lashings of fire power and medipacks on offer. Also, don't let the title fool you - this looks absolutely nothing like a mansion level." - Jay (13-Jul-2012)

"This returns to the senselessness of Jungle. The author should first of all be concerned with making an attractive physical setting--even common architecture that is well textured creates a believable stage. That just isn't happening. There is no attempt at that in any of these short projects. Here at most we get a few effects: an old woman rushing out of the dark wielding a dagger; some playing around with transparent textures (probably no textures) as though Lara were looking into a dark theater. I don't know why the author is still stuck on using Sophia; it's time to move on. Somehow experienced players can actually figure out how to reach the finish trigger, which is interesting as this is sort of an incoherent mess. Very short." - dmdibl (09-Jul-2012)

"Gameplay & puzzle: not really clear, I read the walkthough to know how to use the shovel. Sophia was rather borring when we got to use key or open doors. I dunno why you like Sophia like this, she was just a boos in TR3, she died, end of the story. The whole level was easy, nothing new, or special. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Ennemies: I've not killed the spiders, cause they killed the knights, without attaquing Lara. It was funny. Objets were bad placed, and no secrets? Atmosphere, sound & cameras: atmosphere was not so bad, sounds need really to be improved, cause when lara hurt a wall we hear an "open door" sound, quite weird, and borring. Lighting & textures: Texture are stretched, sometime missed, I've to say something to the builder: you better to take your time to texture your level, and for pitty sick, read the manual, or some tutorials, I think you really need it. (take a look to the "shapes" button on right top of the NG level editor, there are interesting possibility, "grid selected wall/grid all wall" button is really useful, try it. And one more thing, use correspondant puzzle to correct puzzle hole/puzzle done. Use an heart in a key hole was strange." - Lara_Fox_Croft (03-Jul-2012)

"This time Jordan tries to go classic, providing us a torch puzzle and a hinted "bad or good square" riddle. The keys and items continue to appear, together with more customization involving e.g. the "?" corridor - for me, the most memorable thing of the level. While I still like the style the builder shows, I sometimes have enough of unicolor dark walls combined with gloomy lighting of high-ceiling architecture. On the other hand, that mixture helps achieving the climate of level, similar to the one I praised in my review on the previous part of this series. Achieving an impression of Lara watching a movie screen only by poking a rectangular hole in the wall was also both disgusting and intriguing, like if I watched a kind of "pretty ugliness". I can't even completely dislike that the author copied The Movie Theatre - because all in all this action has formed a kind of topic, a strong theme to set the game in, which felt good and stable in the same moment when the ripoff looks bad and unstable. Anyway, the prevailing argument is FOR this level, not against, because the unity between all three parts, connected with the character of Sophia Leigh, leaves a feeling of adventure and tension till the very end - if only the series is played in the correct order, one level right after another. So if You pick this game (what I really recommend), please follow the above tip, because it'll allow You to better perceive the game than playing each part independently. For those of You who fear the rating: It's NOT a bad game as the numbers suggest - it's simply very ugly for most of players, used to more regularly shaped levels. But the climate of previous parts is continued, and I even got a bit spooked by a knight coming out of the darkness with an appropriate accompanying sound. Yes, I know things don't belong to each other - I mean I am fully aware that knight should drop a sword instead of a shovel. But really... I don't care. It could have even dropped parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, and I wouldn't mind as well, if only the game maintains a decent atmosphere, and this one does. For those who still are afraid, I can only say: THIS LEVEL IS SHORT, so don't worry no matter what You see in them and how ugly You'll find it." - DJ Full (01-Jul-2012)

"Another strange and poorly textured level consisting of a couple of boxy rooms, some hallways, a ramp, multiple (unnecessary) death tiles and a couple of more or less dangerous enemies. Gameplay consists of finding some keys. Places an item here and there and use the torch. The wrong door sound when Lara touches the wall was annoying, just as in the builder's previous level. Although I found it a little bit more entertaining than the other 2 releases, I was glad when I found the finish trigger after 11 minutes." - Blue43 (28-Jun-2012)

"I should say to this author to spent more time in the architecture, 'cause it's terrible with all that paper walls and invisible walls showing the end of the world. Gameplay is the same from previous levels: press buttons, and find keys to open doors and some spike traps; also this time he added the shovel, but there are some strange things though, like a Sophia you can kill even with the bike and she doesn't shoot you, or a heart you can place in a keyhole! (what happens with the keyhole when you place the heart?), strange sounds of doors open continuosly, etc. The work with textures and lights is very poor too. This way I'm not wonder that this author can release a level in few days." - Jose (27-Jun-2012)

"Not so healthy obsesion with Sohia if you ask me, there she was again and getting in the way of Miss Croft. What an utterly buggy level. Door opening sounds when Lara bumped into a wall, untextured bits all over the place. Wrong animation for the shovel and a key lock for a keycard? This builder is either very impatient or very young and thinks he knows it all. Go back and read the manual. 0 1 0 0" - Gerty (27-Jun-2012)

"Is there anything to say about this level? I don't think so; the other reviews are essentially walkthroughs. Copying a lot of things from two Lara at the Movies levels is not showing progression. Pointless as always." - manarch2 (27-Jun-2012)

"This morning,a surgeon inserted a small camera up my urethra and into my bladder.It was not a pleasant experience,and I rather wished that I hadn't had to be subjected to it.I then returned home and decided to play this level...and came to exactly the same conclusion.The gameplay is minimal and oddly developed;enemies consist of a couple of spiders and a guard,but they pose no threat against the liberal arsenal in your Inventory.The audio looped uncomfortably in places;and there was no atmosphere engendered through the bland texturing. Nonetheless,the final room almost worked for me and gave this tiny adventure a mildly entertaining conclusion.You too can decide whether to play this level;or,instead,opt for a camera in your bladder.It will be a surprisingly tough choice." - Orbit Dream (27-Jun-2012)

"Where I live, we had a movie theater exactly like this one. Unfortunately, it was closed down because it looked horrendous and no-one could understand what they were supposed to do. Customers used to do random things like pick up a heart and a shovel, and dig a random piece of floor in hope for a key. Then they used to use the heart to get a ticket, and just ran around for another few minutes until they arrived at the end. It really is no wonder as to why everyone disliked the movie theater, especially as it was from the same builder who released some other rubbish movie theaters only a few days ago. In other words, I found this level awful in every possible way, except for one. I kinda liked the two pieces of music played, because they gave me a bit of a fright. That is the only positive thing I have to say about this level. It was not worth the ten minutes of my time that I gave it." - Cory (26-Jun-2012)

"I feel this builder has got the technical skills to build a very good level, but a week and a half isn't long enough for this to be fully appreciated. I could produce this in that length of time but few players would enjoy it. I'll set him a challenge: if he can spend just ONE month on his next one, I'll volunteer to test it for him? To the level, and sound is still a little odd, the spider sounds strange, and once again the door sound makes an appearance when bumping into walls, and some audio sounds repeating constantly. There's also a exploding sound every so often. There's a few enemies to deal with such as giant spider, a rather butch looking woman (horseman), and locusts. The objects are the best feature of this level and my favourites are the shatterable window panes, torch, doors. I notice the door frames have now got collision. Also, the pillars holding up the movie theatre sign should be lower. Texturing is a mix of ok and some badly stretched ones, and missed altogether (e.g. after the door near Sophia), the signs such as 'Motel' are good. There needs to be one block between all rooms as you have paper thin walls. The tasks include lighting a lantern to attract a horseman whom you shoot to get his shovel, using the shovel to dig (albeit with wrong animation) up a key, drive up a ramp with a bike, use the key to access a sort of armoury, and place a heart in a key slot, the key slot seems to move places, when you enter this room, the only decent sound in the level plays indicating your getting somewhere, then we get into the back end of the cinema which resembles a level from some years ago, there's a nice flyby of the Blair Witch Project playing, and we get teleported into a corridor with question marks and then our time here is at an end. There's quite a few doors to open behind the cinema screen - I'd have preferred the corridors to have higher ceilings as it looks odd. This is one of his 'better' releases and has sort of logical gameplay, but much work still required especially missing textures. Net gameplay 15 minutes." - sonnyd83 (25-Jun-2012)
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