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Author(s): The Eye of Isis
total rating:8.63 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cory 6 7 8 9
dmdibl 8 8 9 9
eRIC 7 8 9 9
eTux 8 8 9 9
Gerty 9 8 9 8
Jay 8 8 9 9
JesseG 8 9 9 8
Jorge22 10 8 10 10
Jose 8 8 9 9
Josey 7 10 9 7
manarch2 8 8 9 8
MichaelP 8 8 9 9
misho98 8 9 10 9
Nina Croft 8 8 9 7
Phil 9 9 9 10
Ryan 8 9 9 9
sonnyd83 9 10 9 10
Taras 9 9 10 10
TheStig 8 9 9 9
category averages
(19 reviews)
8.11 8.47 9.11 8.84

Reviewer's comments

"Unbelievable, I tested this level about 6 years ago and I couldn’t remember a thing. On the plus side it was a new adventure to go through, on the down side I probably have to wonder what is going on with my brain. Nah… too much fun in playing and replaying at the moment. I liked very much what I saw, beautiful rooms, small and big. The start however was very dark at my end and blue flares are not helping. What I didn’t like at all is the long swim towards the end. Too dark and Lara got stuck too many times due to collision. Oh well, I did make it however. There are some nice puzzles and a timed run with a torch that wasn’t too hard. I did explore everything and everywhere as I was enjoying what I saw. Dare we hope for more from this builder?" - Gerty (16-Nov-2018)

"This was a nice, relaxing level. Nothing too strenuous or unreasonably difficult (save for a couple of extended swimming passages near the end), just fun to play through. It's certainly an eye-pleasing level, with nice colouring effects which contrast well with the TR1 Gold and TR4 textures. I enjoyed the torch puzzle, the Anniversary-style platforming for the jump switches and the four sisters puzzle the most. All in all a fun and not overly taxing raid." - Ryan (02-Oct-2016)

"I'll let myself talk about the atmosphere first since it's the highlight of the level - it's enchanting and it catches the feel of a classtic Tomb Raider game. I loved the horizon and the relaxed darkish lighting, the water cave was stunning with those big crystals, so was the one with the demigod with the smaller ones. The music, textures and the used classic objects do a great job in building the perfect atmosphere. I wish there was more ammo for the shotgun but since there's a very small amount of enemies (most of them being crocodiles underwater) and the weapon actually being only a secret I guess that's the right decision. Textures are applied nicely with very few mistakes here and there that can easily be overlooked, definitely shows that a level can look great with original TR textures. I enjoyed most of the gameplay and even if I wasn't a big fan of the underwater puzzle with the four switches I have to admit it was a good one. The timed run with the torch was great, I like how you have to make yourself a proper path first. A good one was also the one with four cat statues. I usually love climbing but the crystal room with four jumpswitches got kinda irritating for me but after a while you understand how you have to adjust Lara in order to grab the next ladder and it gets better. After an hour of gameplay the level ends with a nice boss fight and Lara has a new artifact for her collection." - misho98 (27-Dec-2015)

"This level kind of clicked with me really well. Somehow I always had a sense of what to do next and it just kept flowing along very nicely and I got through within just over an hour. It is an Egypt by night Setting, but lighting and colors are rather nicely done, so I never had to light a single flare. The atmosphere works great, there are a few nice flybys and audio cues are well used numerous times. Gameplay felt stronger in the first half, with two push puzzles, a nice timed run with torch in hand and a multi underwater lever puzzle being the highlights. In the second half I found the slow climbing for the jump switches and the long swims a bit too tedious. The end if also a little sudden, albeit nicely introduced with the explosion and the flyby, so it screams for a sequel... Overall, very solid and classic raiding. Recommended." - MichaelP (17-Aug-2015)

"It's hard to do an Egypt level without just endlessly revisiting what's been done before. So how does this one stack up? Los Lunar Complex makes a great impression from the get go with it's great lighting, really nice and colourful architecture and well balanced gameplay. I really like the author's style and the atmosphere is pretty much perfect. Camera's are used nicely and everything flows pretty well (I only found myself stuck for a short while once). All in all I netted 1 hour 46 mins from Lost Lunar Complex. Proof that there's still plenty of fun to be had with Egyptian levels! Recommended, Stiggy :)" - TheStig (11-Jan-2015)

"Had I not been present in Amsterdam for the better part of a July afternoon at the time Gerty beta-tested this level, I probably would've been unaware of its existence for quite some time to come, so it's fortunate for me I was. A level set in Egypt is unlikely to be something on most players' playlist due to the throng of drab, earth tone look-a-likes that dominate the custom level listing, so when the author, whether by design or by chance, manages to break nearly all of our prejudices with a lush, colourful, and vibrant temple with clever gameplay to boot, he/she has a winner. With the exception of the big water chamber close to the finale, where the rock textures were applied a bit too much in a patchwork manner, the texturing and lighting are top notch from start to beginning, though admittedly I am somewhat favourably biased towards levels that are not afraid to show a bit of colour. Both - the individual puzzles and the overall course of the level show ingenuity and forethought from the builder. I enjoyed setting up the course for the timed run to light the torch, the way you have to cross the great hall with climbable surfaces and rope is clever, if a bit repetitive, and the puzzle to cross the fiery columns enjoyable as well. Less appetizing was the hidden jumpswitch and the occasional sneaky lever (bit of a gotcha! moment compared to the rest of the gameplay), and as far as some puzzles went - namely the underwater lever and the four cat statue one - while I had the benefit of a prior playing session and Gerty's guidance, thus didn't have the issues a first-time player might have had - a worthwhile tip to the builder (all builders, in fact) if in doubt when constructing these puzzles is: err on the easy and less complex side of the spectrum. Purely by being the designer of the task, let alone after numerous replays, you almost inevitably lose some objectivity and the ability to see the game through a beginner's mind, and thus might feel self- conscious and consequently tempted to make the task tougher or more intricate because it seems so obvious to you. The tasks are usually complex enough without additional embellishments for most players, so it's best to not fall for that trap. As far as the 'negatives' go - the final battle loses a bit of its gravitas when you realize you can simply not awaken the cat guardians, and ignore the demigod altogether. But all these are relatively minor issues in what otherwise is a splendid gem of a level. Highly recommended." - eTux (28-Feb-2013)

"A most beautiful level in Egypt TR1 style, accurate in every detail and with a special atmosphere that captures all aspects of the Egypt more mysterious. The architecture of the rooms is well designed and textures, among them also those of the Anniversary Core Edition, well applied. The gameplay never fails and pushes the player to continue with puzzles,very beautiful are those of the torch and 4 Jump Switch, always stimulating." - Taras (30-Sep-2012)

"I wish i could rate this relaxing level higher , it lasted for me 1 h 30 as I took my time admiring the rooms , the textures (even if low-res) , and enjoying the atmosphere. Sun bulbs are sometimes missing, Lara not appearing always in 3D and some textures suffer from 'squishiness' neverthelss much of the level is pretty lovely to look at , richly decored , and believable architecurally wise. I like particularly these blue/violet textures. This level is much more unique and pleasant to the eyes than some which have the high-res ones. The author did not use much of the latest possibilities , and shows that you don't really absolutely need many of those to create an enjoyable level. Some sfx seem to be missing , even so the atmosphere is great. A bit of thinking is required so to find the right route to light up the torch at the top of a high room , and the puzzle with the 4 movable cats is quite fine in my opinion. The rest is fairly easy , the crystal room could have offer a more diversified gameplay , and the final battle is somehow a non event as you can escape quietly to the finish trigger. Despite some small weaknesses , an excellent work for a level worthy to be loved." - eRIC (20-Sep-2012)

"It's hard not to have a relaxing raid with so many chambers lit by moonbeams through the ceiling, with lovely cool hues used for lighting. There are some action moments, particularly the end, but in general it makes for a nice slower-paced level. The level is well ornamented, unsurprisingly with cat things. I must say the music chosen was pretty much perfect for setting the mood. A few of the puzzles are a bit tricky, but nothing impossible to figure out without some trial and error." - SSJ6Wolf (19-Sep-2012)

"You know, you read the name "Lost Lunar Complex" and your first reaction is to think of an "alien" level and that immediately captures your attention. Then, you find yourself dealing with a classic Egyptian level or... maybe it isn't really classic because it goes way beyond that. What can I say? Great atmosphere and design, nice and sometimes rather cryptic situations, caves, underwater caves, temples, ruins and a huge full moon afloat above the scenery. This is great reinventing indeed. Not that I'm telling anyone to start designing Egyptian levels but this one's definitely worth it." - Jorge22 (06-Sep-2012)

"I was beginning to accept what I had concluded was an inherent limitation in the latest level building tools: drab and colorless surroundings. This level shows emphatically that this is not the case. If the builder takes the time and effort to attend to aesthetic details, these tools afford the ability to provide rich, eye-pleasing colors to delight the player. In this case the gameplay is sparkling as well, and I greatly enjoyed the 80 minutes or so that I spent here. The title suggests a science fictional theme, but what we have here is an old school Egyptian adventure. Some of the puzzles have obscure solutions, so I was greatly aided by the D&G walkthrough. The only annoyance of note was the long and tedious swims near the end, but in all other respects this is a gem of a level. High recommendations." - Phil (18-Aug-2012)

"Just when I thought I had seen everything there was to see in an Egypt level, I got my hands on this level and it surprised me. The overall architecture is decent, outdoor areas are particularly cleverly built, with no chance to see "the end of the world", but indoor areas could have been built a bit less "rectangularly". The level is rich with objects, columns, statues, plants, fountains, textured with great attention to details, lighting could have been much better, but all in all, when it comes to ambiance, it is well designed, mostly thank to great sounds (from TR1), flybys and nicely chosen audio tracks. Enemies are well placed, starting from bats and small scorpions, to end with three golden cats (avoid them if you can) and a demi-god creature as a boss. One secret is cleverly hidden, but not too hard to find, which is good, imo. What surprised me here most were highly elaborated puzzles. I immensely enjoyed the timed run with torch, although it should have been indicated somehow that the fire on the high pedestal is lit temporarily when Lara steps on that block. Four jump switches puzzle was great, and I didn't mind a lot of climbing at all. Underwater levers should have also been indicated somehow, as I had to refer to the walkthrough in order to solve this puzzle. Pushable cats puzzle was also great, and required a lot of thinking to be solved. And swimming at the end of the level was just a bit too tedious. The builder should have indicated somehow the shaft with air, as it is easily overlooked. All in all, puzzles were great, and the reason why I am not giving the highest review for gameplay/puzzles was the lack of indications and clues. Also, the level ends a bit abruptly, but nevertheless, this short adventure is definitely worth of playing. The builder will obviously make even better levels in the future, as this one seems really promising and reveals a great talent. Well done!" - Nina Croft (13-Aug-2012)

"The music and sound clips literally made my hairs stand on end, they were that eerie. This is how lost ruins in the desert should feel at the stroke of midnight. You have to find your way through winding caves, some of which is flooded and make your way to a temple, hindered only by scorpions and bats. The temple you eventually get to looks superb with palm trees and a pool in the centre surrounded by columns. I have reservations about the sudden change in soundtrack here as it sounds too much like the middle of the day. The main task here is to light 2 pedestals, with a block puzzle and timed flame lighting, in between, very original. Next you collect a scroll, dogs attempting to get in your path, so many dogs, how ironic is it then that the puzzle here centres around giant cats! It is a little unclear as to which colour squares the cats should be placed on though. Sadly, shortly after, we have to leave this piece of paradise, and venture back into the cold dark caves once again, but fear not, it's only for a moment! I love all the objects used in this level, everything from gold vases, to bull statues and giant pillars, just a profora of stuff which makes this place look so natural. More puzzles await with a rather long winded one with jump switches, and another pushable block, Then finally we have a massive underwater cavern with a 'timed' swim before Lara's air runs out, then spike filled run back. Then we have the final showdown, demigod and his giant feline followers don't seem too pleased to have had their star stolen. The texturing and lighting in this level are incredibly rich and diverse, more than the usual run of the mill sandstone texturing. It's almost like a jungle within a desert in some ways, if you combined the zoo levels of TR3 Gold, and Egypt levels of TR1, it'll give you a feel of what the atmosphere is like. This builder appears to be a lover of very geometric design. I also love the vast array of Egyptian hieroglyphs used here. I've been desperately waiting for a new interpretation of the original tomb raider Egypt desert setting, and I think this may be just what I've been looking for. Net gameplay 2 hours 15 minutes." - sonnyd83 (08-Aug-2012)

"A very beautiful moon, a great sky full of stars, magnificent pictures and objects, along with a lot of darkness. If one MUST have darkness in a room like that hypostyle, why making it so beautifully appointed and decorated? My 7 is an arithmetic mean between a 4 for Lighting, and a 10 for Textures. As for puzzles, they were somewhat obscure, but I liked some gameplay instances such as looking for and using those hypostyle jumpswitches. I also take my hat to those lovely cats... but stay away from them!" - Josey (06-Aug-2012)

"This is a solid and in many ways professional level with Egyptian theme. The author put in a lot of work to create a good appearance, and the map layout is good. Players get a timed torch run, swimming tasks, a jump-switch puzzle, and an end with golden cats (retextured bulls, and I was surprised that there was more than one). For me the start was irritatingly dark, but other players don't mind that, and the main room felt overcrowded. Players do have to read the author's mind at places to avoid backtracking, or to solve cryptic puzzles. The forum was invaluable here as I encountered the same difficulties as others. I had trouble lighting a torch as the timed block for the fire isn't marked with a fire tile or anything. This level could have been called Return to the Temple of the Cat. For the cat puzzle I futilely moved four statues to an outer ring, facing inward to a pedestal, then moved them to face outward, then moved them to face outward and inward on gray tiles next to a pedestal. An underwater lever puzzle is tedious. There is a long swim where Lara has to know when to detour to reach a breathing hole, or she won't make it. (There could have been hints, sunbeams or moonbeams coming down a breathing hole, so that passageway is better lighted.) There is a dramatic ending with an appearing artifact and golden cats, except that the level actually continues, and has Lara return to a two-key room, for an odd termination. Players could be guided better, but overall this is a good work and well worth playing." - dmdibl (26-Jul-2012)

"If you played the previous level from this author you'll notice a good advance in the skills. The gameplay is quite better, with no much backtracking and good tasks, but the four cats puzzle is very obscure, even with the scroll hint; the four underwater switches puzzle is well done but a bit tedious, 'cause you waste a lot of time diving through that very thin crawlspaces to know what doors you activate when pulling a switch. The last long swim from the UW tower is really tight, Lara can easily encounter with angulous geometry and I had to use several medipacks near the end. I missed some more enemies along the game, and also some more guns and ammo. Near the end you can avoid triggering the golden cats if you go around the room. I found rooms with excessive objects and walls, floors and ceilings very recharged with many different colourful textures (the inhabitants from this place may waste a lot of money in paintwork LOL!). There are some special effects and a good atmosphere generally. Architecture is also very good. I've enjoyed it so I should recommend it. Good work!" - Jose (24-Jul-2012)

"The wonderful nostalgia of TR1 Egypt textures with the far more sophisticated TR4 engine - surely a perfect partnership. The atmosphere in this level is really good and I had 'Midnight at the Oasis' running through my head all the time I was playing it (yes, I am that old), but seriously the outside areas are beguiling under the starry sky. The gameplay can occasionally be a touch confusing given the lack of helpful camera shots when using switches, but otherwise the level of difficulty is fairly gentle and should be accessible to most players. There are crocodiles, jackals and a demigod for enemies and some timed elements, climbing , jumping and swimming - all readily achievable. There are also one or two push puzzles, one of which incorporates a rather nice timed bit of bouncing about to light the torch. It's good fun, try it." - Jay (24-Jul-2012)

"Never having played "Temple of Prithvi" to an end, this was actually the first level of this builder I finished. I must say that I was pretty impressed, if not to say overwhelmed, by the atmosphere in this game. The combination of TR 1 Egypt and TR 4 Karnak / Tomb of Seth/ Cleopatra's Palace worked really well for me and the night ambience with the giant moon skyline was impressive. Gameplaywise, this level didn't quite get me right from the start as you first have to explore some very dark caves and before you actually achieve anything, more than ten minutes might pass by. But the longer Lara explores the temple area, the better gameplay gets with a few really unique puzzles that were put in, as the cat statue puzzle (that could be a bit better hinted though), the underwater lever puzzle, it was such a great feeling to finally manage this alone, and - what I liked best - the timed run with the torch which was simple but great. Archtitecturally the game came up with quite a few surprises as the large underwater cave or the crystal room that were both very well done. However, and this is the only reason for not giving full marks to atmosphere, there were quite a few sounds missing for some of the levers and I missed a few camera hints for some of the doors; e.g. after using one lever a camera showed a door open, but another door opened too! The texturing was mostly professional enough but in the caves (where the architecture differs from being blocky) there were a few misplaced ones, also the lighting in some of the starting areas was as mentioned too dark for my taste. Nonetheless, I really liked how the Egypt theme was combined with all those different objects and textures, enhanced with a few custom ones (loved to see golden cats as bulls). Found the sole secret in this level that was nicely hidden but not overly hard to find. The game ended a bit sudden after 75 minutes, but with the quest item in the backpack and a lot of fun moments to remember. Recommended." - manarch2 (23-Jul-2012)

"One of the advantages of the Team Gerty meet is that I can play levels which are not yet uploaded onto So I had the joy of playing this level a few days ago, with the help of two of the beta-testers if I happened to get stuck (which did not happen very often). Once you get into the temple, you need to find your bearings. The builder makes the mistake of having a camera which shows a door opening, but not where it is. In my opinion, that is as useful as not having a camera at all. So I was running around the level most of the time checking every room that I had been to just to see if a door had opened up. Once you found the right path, gameplay was straight forward, and quite basic. There is some climbing and lever pulling, some running over collapsable tiles, and also pushblock puzzles. Annoying pushblock puzzles. Annoying, long, boring and frustrating pushblock puzzles. In fact, the timed torch puzzle probably made up half of the time spent in the level. The only really unfair moment in the level was probably the underwater levers puzzle, where I just guessed and luckily I was successful. The level looked great, and was lit really well. Objects were nicely placed and a nice atmosphere was created. Really, the only major quarrel I have with this level it the gameplay. If the gameplay were better, the scores would be much higher. Even so, I would still recommend this level, because it looks great and creates a really pleasant atmosphere." - Cory (23-Jul-2012)
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