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Author(s): Ankhrae
total rating:6.02 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
dmdibl 7 6 7 6
Drakan 8 8 7 7
eRIC 5 5 6 4
Gerty 4 6 6 5
Jack& 5 5 4 5
Jay 7 6 7 5
Jose 6 6 7 5
Lara_Fox_Croft 7 7 7 4
manarch2 5 5 7 4
MichaelP 7 8 7 6
Orbit Dream 6 7 5 5
Phil 7 8 8 7
Ryan 5 7 6 5
Taras 6 6 5 5
category averages
(14 reviews)
6.07 6.43 6.36 5.21

Reviewer's comments

"This is a one-shot by the builder, but it's a surprisingly good one, and I'm rather surprised that it has been played and reviewed only one other time in the past six and a half years. Anyone familiar with my reviews knows that darkness in a level is one of my pet peeves, and this level is dark (to say the least). But with unlimited flares it's quite navigable, and I really had a good time with the two parts for the hour and twenty minutes I spent here. The builder has provided a readable walkthrough that ignores compass directions, but it's easy to follow and documents a generous eight secrets with tangible rewards for finding them. It's pretty standard Egyptian fare, but it's put together well and has some memorable moments. I suspect that the darkness, universally condemned in the previous reviews, accounts for the low scores, which may have discouraged the builder from honing his skills with later releases, but it's definitely worth the download." - Phil (20-Jun-2019)

"This could have been such a solid and enjoyable double debut level, were it not for the encroaching darkness pretty much through the entire duration. It has even more of an adverse effect in the first section, as the cave areas are pretty much pitch-black and there is a necessary key to find. The illegal slopes in that area were also a hindrance and the texturing was a bit crudely applied (at least when I could get a good look at it). It's a shame, because the gameplay is quite solid and ramps up in difficulty throughout, culminating in a tense and excellent boss fight and subsequent escape from the crumbling temple. There's also enough ammo to get rid of the copious enemies around. A valiant effort, but the darkness took away much of the pleasure." - Ryan (29-Oct-2018)

"I really wanted to like and enjoy this double level that plays in just under an hour, but to quote directly from the author's very own walkthrough: "The only difficulty comes in how dark it is.". While the statement refers to a particular room, it is actually valid for almost the entire adventure. Very dark and very flat lighting whenever there is a hint of lighting. This took away a lot on the entertainment factor, as otherwise it is at times basic pzzles, but still set into nice progression and with some increasing challenge in level 2, as a few more agility tests and especially tougher enemies get added into the mix. I also liked the hunt for a total of 8 secrets. There was one crash when shooting a box which according to the walkthrough contains a medipack, but I just left it alone and had no other technical issues here. In summary - if you can survive the darkness, this is a very solid adventure to raid through with a nice difficulty curve along the way." - MichaelP (08-Jan-2013)

"What comes to mind is illegal slopes and lots of them. Also the darkness and not many flares. Glad I could use the editor to add them to the game. Story is not a bad one but I am sorry to say that it didn't pan out the way the builder probably intended, mainly because of the darkness. Textures could use a lot of attention (same goes of course for the illegal slopes). A pity though as this could have been a little gem and now it just falls short." - Gerty (26-Oct-2012)

"Adventure consists of two levels, Unsanctioned digsite and Inside the temple, immersed in total darkness. In the words of Dante: "The dark in the hell is like that you find in the depths of a cave in on a moonless night". The similarity makes it a good idea. Very few rooms have a glimmer of light, the flares are not enough though numerous. It is an adventure classic, with objects and textures, some very elongated, taken mostly from Costal, Cleopal and City. However, towards the end of the level, while I yelled and groped in the darkness, I realized that the ld has worked hard in the construction of the adventure. It is evident, by the number of rooms built and some detail and I basing me on this, I am sure that he will improve in the future." - Taras (01-Oct-2012)

"A Double level , quite dark (except for the too bright Coastal area in the first level) even for my bright screen , that was sometimes annoying. The atmosphere and immersion was good though , not because of the darkness but by the intricate areas you need to raid and the good audio loop in the first level. Finding the grenade gun came in handy to make life easier so to deal at least with the skeletons. There is a good range of enemies in both levels. Gameplay is simple but rather good , exploration in the first level , more action in the second which is temple oriented, I like some of the actions , for example in the harpy room how you return to the entrance of it guarded by big scissors. I experienced a crash in the end when using some weapon while dealing with the demigods and the 'boss'. I can't understand what caused this , for I used the weapon in that same level. Not bad at all for a first release." - eRIC (29-Sep-2012)

"Not a bad debut, fluid gameplay with small rooms and no much backtracking, except for the continuous darkness. Secrets are very easy, but rooms are too empty with no objects or furniture giving a poor appearance to the environment. Also textures were well applied (except in the caves area) but they were monotonous with many rooms textured the same way. I missed some cameras (the jumpswitch you reach with the rope) but generally atmosphere was good with well worked sounds. Please, next time try to let players see the scenaries." - Jose (14-Sep-2012)

"This is reminiscent of many early custom levels, a legitimate Egyptian-themed experience that takes its cue from Tomb Raider 4 in that it is way too dark. There are convoluted passageways, which can be entertaining, and threats about lurking beasts and traps, and the threats are made good. This comes with a standard tomb4.exe, so to play I whipped out my TREP version, which has flares that last for 90 seconds, plus enhanced dynamic lighting. I know this has much better dynamic lighting because I've done comparison tests with other levels, but it's hard to tell with these two short levels as they are still pretty dark. The better flares are really necessary, and made this a mostly enjoyable exploration, but I would have complained with crummy standard flares. I was fortunate to find the grenade gun, and this does make things easier for Lara with skeletons and giant scorpions. Good game play for a debut level, although places had textures stretched or compressed. Played this straight through, engaged for an hour and ten minutes, and found six secrets." - dmdibl (11-Sep-2012)

"Gameplay and puzzles: It was rather good, but the gameplay was a bit tedious because of too dark areas, I suggest you to add light bulb, or to setup flare to durate more time. It was quite easy, with objects from TR4, but it was cool. Enemies objects and secrets: Secrets, I don't think I found all the "70" secrets(you have to setup it in the script) But it was quite easy to find them.[maybe not all] Enemies were basics, from TR4, no surprise, the ahmet was a bit tedious because Lara fell in water...or burnt. Cameras were ok. Lighting and texture: The biggest problem of this problem, the first level was really horrible: too dark and texture were quite ugly: compressed/stretched/misplaced. I think this is normal for a debut level. Darkness was too heavy, don't setup too many "shadow bulb". Or put flare with longer durate... In the second level it was better than the first, but not perfect To conclude: A quite interesting debut level, but with two bigs problems, too dark and poorly textured. I really loved the end, with the earthquake and the fire wraith. So I rated your level 6.25/10 for a first level it quite nice. You really have to work on textures/lighting. Good luck for your next adventure! Keep working!" - Lara_Fox_Croft (10-Sep-2012)

"Given my utterly woeful history of missing crowbars, stumbling across one in the first few seconds of this level certainly put me in a receptive frame of mind. I'd also like to say how nice it is to see a builder from Wales joining the community as I don't think we have any other Welsh builders (my apologies if I'm wrong on that one). For a debut level, this isn't at all bad. It could have done with more light as it really is very gloomy in some parts, despite the fairly generous allocation of flares. You might do well to play in a darkened room. Wouldn't you know I played it on one of the increasingly rare bright sunny days we get in England so even with the blind drawn I was still having to use flares like they were going out of fashion. That aside, I quite enjoyed exploring the settomb style environment, searching for keys, pharos knots, eye pieces, cartouches and quite a generous amount of pickups. Enemies started quite gently with occasional guards and an easily avoided skeleton or two, then hotted up a bit with a couple of bulls, a harpy, a fire wraith. giant scorpions and jackals. Not to mention a somewhat exhilarating boss ending, but I'll leave you to find out about that. I found five secrets so I expect there were at least ten. Enjoyable, but it would have been much more so with more light on the subject." - Jay (09-Sep-2012)

"This could have been a pleasantly entertaining two-level adventure,of reasonable challenge;were it not for the extraordinary decision on the author's part of filling the entire 65 minutes duration with almost constant pitch-black darkness.Flare after flare;peering through the gloom with binoculars;turning up the brightness on your Monitor to the maximum;drawing all the really won't make an awful lot of difference,as (in the first level) you mostly run around in a labyrinthine cave of all-encroaching gloom;and (in the second) a Temple of constant darkness.The gameplay (what you can see of it) is quite alright;with plenty of moderately challenging quests and enemies.Firepower is plentiful;objects and enemies are well incorporated;and the adventure flows rather well,with an attempt at a storyline as an agreeable addition.It's hard to tell if textures are applied properly or not,as they're all so hard to discern;but I'm prepared to give the builder the benefit of the doubt.The atmosphere would have worked far better with the light levels creatively reduced,as opposed to the obsessive blanket use of shadow bulbs throughout;while sounds and cameras,although generally absent,were occasionally incorporated to spice things up somewhat. Those with generous degrees of tolerance toward all things visually indistinct will probably enjoy this debut;but I strongly urge the builder to locate his second custom level in a bright and sunny locale!" - Orbit Dream (09-Sep-2012)

"Perfect agree with manarch here .... this is a very dark game ...... in fact u need to light flare after flare ...... too see something around ...... and u get 1 pack off flares only least i find only 1 !! not much trust me .... the areas are constructed blocky .... u need to crunch alot ....and flare after flare to see the crawl places in the rocks wich lead usualy to nowhere .... u need to pay atention to get even the cogg wich alow u acces at grenade gun small room ....... also ... u need 2 pharos knott to open the door to advance .... one off them is a pain in the ass to find . moustly cos is totaly darkness in that cave .............. pfff .... a typicaly begginer work .... not much fun ..... graphics also suxx ..... i can recomand it only iff u play it drunk lol .....cheers ........" - Jack& (09-Sep-2012)

"This is the first level of the builder. And for the first level I think there is a big future potential. Many dark rooms, what makes the wrong side of this level, but the puzzles are well found. The texturing also require more care to the next level and some slopes illegalles.J 'liked the side' back to basics of the publisher, with textures of coastal cleopal.The second level is a little more difficult with the final battle with the 3 boss.Pity that the pyramid is open. Good luck for the future." - Drakan (09-Sep-2012)

"Right from the beginning of this two-parter one can see its biggest problem - the ever-present darkness as there are only very few light places and mostly you will be using flare after flare in pitch dark areas. The texturing, in case you'll notice it, isn't very well done either as there are too many streched, squeezed textures; I'm not sure because of the lighting but there might be some missing too. Nonetheless the atmosphere created here is quite well done with good sound and camera usage and the gameplay has quite a few nice moments like the pyramid room or a couple of sparse agility tests - if not for the darkness spoiling the gameplay heavily, but it also suffers from often maze-like settings, a lot of to and fro and not much variety. There were a few more unnecessary things - the weapons one can get in the first level cause crashes when using them in the second which could be easily avoided by inserting them in the wads of both levels, or the too tightly timed fires behind the reach-in switches; maybe it was a bug as they directly restarted again after the fires go out. There were eight secrets in this game, some better hidden, some impossible to miss. All in all a rather improvable debut - please don't make the levels so dark, as that completely takes the fun away and only makes the levels tedious. Finished in 40 minutes - spent 20 minutes in each level." - manarch2 (08-Sep-2012)
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