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Author(s): Leoc1995
total rating:3.84 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 3 2 2 2
DJ Full 4 3 4 4
dmdibl 4 5 3 4
eRIC 4 5 4 4
Gerty 2 3 2 1
Jorge22 2 3 4 3
manarch2 3 4 4 3
MichaelP 5 4 4 3
Orbit Dream 5 6 6 5
Phil 6 5 6 6
Ryan 4 4 5 4
category averages
(11 reviews)
3.82 4.00 4.00 3.55

Reviewer's comments

"I'll be honest... This was a pretty difficult series of levels to review(not so much for their general gameplay challenges, but more along the lines of being a struggle to keep up the will of continued play, as the experience was just so uneventful & completely boring in my case). But as it is, gameplay consists of exploring samey boxy rooms for multiple items required to proceed onward, with plenty of platforming & a fair bit of swimming in-between. Unfortunately however, it never really evolves beyond that and with the environments being incredibly empty & ultimately let down by half-hearted texturing and unconvincing lighting effects(which gets especially egregious in the second level for the latter), it turns the overall experience into a mind-numbing, tedious chore. And while I can see what the builder was going for here, the inexperience shows too much for the game to have any real impact(with missing sound effects for enemies that make their sudden appearances more annoying than terrifying, some incorrect animations, at least two instances of the game either freezing or crashing to desktop and secrets that are not particularly well-hidden, even for someone like me). So in conclusion, wouldn't recommend to anyone." - Ceamonks890 (31-Oct-2017)

"Unlike other reviewers, my download did not crash to the desktop at the long ladder and I was able to continue to the proper end in front of some double doors. If you want to know what happened, then I'll tell you. SPOILER ALERT: After climbing the long ladder, Lara returned to the first deep cave in the beginning, now covered by an avalanche. I was able to collect the final secret, go back to the roof and into a different opening, which led to an area where I could use the golden stars. My scores may be slightly higher, bit I didn't find these two levels to be too dismal, despite the bland and crude environments, overdone darkness and buggy gameplay." - Ryan (21-May-2017)

"I can't be as unforgiving as the earlier reviewers. I actually had a pretty good time here, especially in the second level, writing a walkthrough that would once again give us 100% coverage for the moment. The first and shorter level was fairly pedestrian and provided few challenges. The second level was considerably more complicated, and therefore more interesting. Too bad the builder hasn't addressed the reported bugs in the five months since the level was released. Maybe they're just unfixable. Knowing nothing about the level editor, I'm not qualified to have an opinion. Anyway, this is certainly no world beater, but it's not a piece of junk either. That inevitable game crash as you're about to complete the level is a definite downer, but you get plenty of engaging gameplay before you reach that point, hence my relatively higher scores." - Phil (17-Feb-2013)

"The first of the two levels in this set is pretty fun,although poorly lit.You can't really go wrong with platforming up to the top of a really huge room (nor throwing Lara off to her doom from the highest point,for a spot of sadistic pleasure);and this ten minute prologue succeeds in its job of getting you immersed in the ensuing adventure. It's a bit of a pity that it all gradually falls apart in the lengthier second level,where a combination of epic backtracks;un-crowbarable golden stars;a cheaty climb- through ceiling;fall through trapdoor;and persistent darkness all contribute to a less than satisfying experience. The terminal crash to Desktop (instead of a Finish Trigger) was an ironically appropriate ending;although it must be said that enemy choice and placement was great fun throughout;and the use of background audio worked quite well. An incomplete adventure,then;but it probably ended not a moment too soon,anyway." - Orbit Dream (17-Feb-2013)

"As my fellow reviewers mention here, I did have the crash at the near final ladder as well, but up until then this is a simple but fairly entertaining adventure with a bit of platforming, occasional enemy battles, several keys and items to find and 5 secrets as some added goodies. I really had fun the 30 minutes plus it lasted, even though the atmosphere, lighting and texturing does let it down, with very square architecure, wallpaper textures and a generally too dark and same lighting in the second part. Worth a look nonetheless..." - MichaelP (16-Nov-2012)

"I failed to read the previous reviews before playing, and encountered the same game-stopping bugs. Before all the problems, I was thinking of scoring this more than a full point higher. Frosty Mountain - The climb up to a high key is fine, but the lighting is uniformly dim, so the 3D feels flat. I spotted a curious mark on a wall, used binoculars, and realized that must be the top of a large medipack sitting on a ledge. Looking around, the ice walls look flat and featureless; ledges don't stand out. The Ghost Factory - Is it haunted? Or is it involved in the fabrication of ghosts? Anyway, the lighting is even more lousy. An ahmet attacks, or is it more of a mutated frog-like thing? Who can tell in the dim light. Later an ahmet attacks in a small corridor, and there Lara can barely get by the burning corpse. Play gets to be better as the level map develops. I was enjoying seeing how things turned out. Then I had the same problems as other reviewers: stars fall off the wall without the crowbar; Lara can lift a trapdoor to the crowbar, but she can also just fall or jump through it. When Lara finds the laser sight she must jump through the ceiling. I don't think this was a clever ruse by the author, but a texturing mistake--from the upper side Lara can look back down into a hole. Lara gets a tile with her portrait, places it, approaches a ladder and the level permanently crashes. About 40 minutes of play in total, but to enjoy this the bugs should first be fixed." - dmdibl (22-Oct-2012)

"I do sometimes wonder at the weirdest places you have to find keys. This is one of those. Then the huge fall down into a small body of water, normal you would be dead, but Lara can survive. Then the second level; dark doesn't mean spooky, dark is plain annoying. Glad I could add more flares to the game as the few you get is not enough. Getting keys and then the annoying part is to look for the locks. No camera work at all, a pity though. I felt sorry for the animals, cooped up in the dark. Fix the bugs, light and textures then this would be a little gem." - Gerty (11-Oct-2012)

"I think this either the author had an unlucky day, or it has been made before Folklorist Diary. Knowing Leo from his nice adventure through TR2 settings, I rather consider the first. I couldn't resist and, from the moment the game permanently crashes in, I launched Fexinspect and I can tell You how it all ends: Lara was to climb the ladder to the open space, I think it's the same roof she climbed in the prologue cave for the Factory Key. But this time, there's no deep cave beneath, but apparently a giant snowstorm has covered it almost completely, so the only thing remaining after that void is a shallow snowy pit hiding the 5th secret. One more time into the mountain from that roof, through the last corridor and the end.
I felt something opposite to my previous opinionproviders: I enjoyed the second level more than the first one. I agree climbing to the factory was easy, but that flat and boxy platforming part felt to me like a second Frozen Cave prologue I had bad memories from - and here it was even flatter and boxier than in Klona's attempt. Right after that, the action jumped into the earlier mentioned factory, which seemed more comfortable to me than the cold outside area. Inside were four secrets, a decent number of useful pickups, however all too easy to find. One camera helped me, pictures of Stalin on the walls and Russian boxes were nostalgic - it was again like TR2, however it would be possible to maintain without fearing to use features of TR4 engine (e.g. better lighting). Instantly after entering the building, I got used to spooky sounds, which somehow brought me peace instead of scaring - maybe I'm sick, but I perceived it like sitting on a corridor full of chatting people, so I never felt that need to escape the factory prisoners once experienced. This didn't even change when I got attacked by the leopard. BTW, this is when one of the most overused modern patches started to disturb: make enemies tougher than originally, increase damage they cause to Lara, place them EXACTLY where it's annoying and voila: ruin the fight balance with help of - as for example we have here - a hi-speed wild cat in a narrow corridor which becomes difficult to kill even with a revolver. I don't get it. In Folklorist Diary, the fight balance was EXCELLENT, and here Leo gets TREP and goes crazy with it. Don't do that, dude. Many builders fall into that spike trap. Climb out! Climb out! Then take it easy, write the issues down and get rid of them one by one before the next release. I know it's hard to do, because if I advised myself to focus on something, I would have probably failed to follow that suggestion. Anyway try, as it's worth it. The most awesome levels are products of talent and patience, and You certainly have the first one. Ending note: that final crash isn't bypassable even with the flycheat, so a version playable till the finish trigger would be good to upload." - DJ Full (10-Oct-2012)

"Alright then... Even though this is TR4, it feels like one's playing some level that was crafted ages ago. This is merely a personal opinion but the first part was... blank. As for the second part, it was rather uninteresting and messy even in the way one picks the stars (with or without the crowbar), the trapdoor one doesn't have to open to get inside, the idea of an invisble ceiling or the ending that crashes as soon as one places the Lara's card and gets near the ladder - fortunately, I knew the ending was after the ladder when one placed the stars that could be picked in a way that no one would imagine. To build a "ghost level", so think I, it's not enough to throw in several tigers and ahmets plus a dose of creepy sounds, even though the sounds were actually ok. A good level requires work and imagination, sorry." - Jorge22 (28-Sep-2012)

"The first level was short and fun mostly being about platforming, but there was a nasty bug with the breaktiles that fall down when Lara runs below them and thus cannot progress anymore. The texturing was rather wallpapered and the lighting too flat, but at least one can see everything, what is not the case in the second level, as it is constantly dark in here and finding all the items is a pain as they are too well hidden because of the darkness. Add to this not correctly applied animations concerning the stars (pick them up in the middle of a square), a climb-through ceiling, crashes when climbing out of the water, crashes when using the look button and a permanent crash when Lara runs toward the large ladder after using the card that caused me not being able to finish this level and you can say this level was very player-unfriendly and nearly unplayable. The four secrets I could get were easy to find and the textures, in case one recognizes them, were very basicd. There were no camera hints, few audio tracks used but some parts in this second level were nicely crafted like the ahmet that attacks even if you think you've explored the room, or the fires that turn on when finding a secret. I still can't recommend this level due to the horrible second part, but you might have some fun with the first. 40 minutes." - manarch2 (27-Sep-2012)

"An adventure made of 2 levels which would have been not bad at all with better atmosphere ( no lighting , sfx sounds missing) and without the bugs. The first level (10 minutes) consists in climbing a very huge icy squarish room to access the 'factory' , this was fun and not difficult. I played 30 minutes in the second level , the gameplay was simple enough but rather good , but a systematic crash did not allow me continue after using Lara's card. Before that , I saw other bugs which of course aren't stoppers , a floor trapdoor that works as a 'fall through' floor to find the crowbar which is not even necessary as you can pick up golden stars without it (wrong animation here). The audios in this level are on the demonic side , I replaced the background loop with the cold wind loop from TR2 and that fitted well. The setting of the 'factory' is simple but has its rusty charm with the TR2 cold war textures. The mutants were great. The builder has certainly potential and some competence , for example at one point you have a camera on target mode showing Lara a jump switch , and when you return later on that block after using that switch, the target is gone, which shows the author takes intelligently the player into account. Sadly his work has been spoiled by the bugs in that second level, these should have been fixed. Also the total lack of work on the lighting (you get only the ambient RGB) does not make the place as atmospheric as it could have been." - eRIC (27-Sep-2012)
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