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Author(s): SnakeEater
total rating:7.27 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 7 8 7 7
dmdibl 7 8 7 8
eRIC 6 6 7 6
Gerty 6 7 7 6
Jay 7 8 7 7
Jose 7 8 8 7
manarch2 7 7 7 6
MichaelP 7 8 7 7
Orbit Dream 7 8 7 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 8 7 8
sonnyd83 8 8 8 8
category averages
(12 reviews)
7.00 7.67 7.25 7.17

Reviewer's comments

"This is a very pleasant level in a beautiful coastal setting. Although the texturing, settings and general atmosphere are more functional than awe-inspiring, they are still attractive to look at and be in in their own way, and the colourful lighting compensates for this somewhat. The enemies are strategically placed, secrets are enjoyable to go for (although I've never been fond of invisible platforms and walkthrough walls and the passage leading up to one seemed to go on and on), and the gameplay is spiced up by a variety of enjoyable challenges. Fun to play." - Ryan (06-Jan-2018)

"Nice debut from this builder as far as gameplay goes. In the texture department he can improve a lot but that probably comes with experience. If you are like me and stumble upon some secrets then you might have enough ammo and weapons to defeat the enemies you encounter. Some secrets I found out where hidden quite unfair, like behind a walkthrough wall. Also there is a big NO in my book with those invisible ledges. Also the hit and miss pulling of levers is not something I like, maybe it was too hard to come up with a clue for those? But all in all not a bad game to play." - Gerty (11-Aug-2013)

"At 45 minutes, this is a rather busy level , many secrets to find , objects to shoot , and fire emitters, with some traps and jumps. In the end there is a tricky rope swing to pass a timed door. The 'puzzle' with all the levers near the beginning is a big no no , and I don't know why there were so many barricades to shoot and crowbar doors to open to get one secret. The enemies and objects fit in generally except perhaps for the ninjas, the keys which look too recent for the setting , and the always annoying treasure chests. What I enjoyed the most is the return of the Coastal atmosphere for background audio , coupled with a rather warm lighting. Lighting was generally good, in a few rooms it was absent and in a corridor there were strange colorful spots. Overall an entertaining level set in too 'blocky' areas." - eRIC (04-May-2013)

"Nice to play this level with a fast gameplay and no much backtracking; beautiful outside areas to explore, many shootables and doable tasks. One of the defects I didn't like was the absence of hints in the room with the row of five switches to open all that doors. The other one was the absence of extra guns if you don't find the secrets, more of them impossible to find if you have not a X-ray vision to discover the invisible ledges. Except for this the level is entertaining, with easy tasks and can give you a pleasant time of play. Good work." - Jose (25-Mar-2013)

"When I saw - AGAIN!!!! - a hintless five-switch trial, I turned the game off and launched it again after four months, this time starting with opening a walkthru to copy the combinations and be able to progress without a problem. Really, people, I have enough of this puzzle, we don't need it anymore, we solved it SO many times and everytime wasted SO many minutes on trial and error that it should be officially forbidden to create it, and anyone who dares to disagree should be sentenced to solve all existing instances. Same goes for trial and error, invisible ledges and a phantom portal. Those are NOT good ideas. Apparently, the rest of the game feels really relaxing - what is more relieving than a warm sunset on a tropic island covered with comfy sand? Even though inhabited with blood-thirsty macaws and ninjas, even though filled with tight flame emitters and timed runs, the place still blooms with green plants and blueish-to-hurt water, which first seem too candy, but then introduce simple, basic pleasure which consistently surpasses any struggle we do. Secrets are many and useful to further increase our chance for easy-raiding, the more efficiently, the more of them we find. And last, but not least, default but well used, music tracks, in two points accompanied by flybys, improve the climate and guide us through, to stabilize perceiving this game as a really solid. SUMMARY: A bit too boxy, and several design ideas should have not been taken at all, but most of the game makes up for it, providing us with a rather good, tropical adventure. Recommended." - DJ Full (16-Mar-2013)

"This is a very solid debut level with plenty of things to do for about an hour in a friendly coastal type setting. The architecture overall is a bit simple and square, but functional, the texturing is a bit simple, careless and at times repetitive, but still works out ok. I did enjoy the progression which is smooth and quick with diversity in the tasks. The jumps are fun, the timed runs manageable (even the final one with the rope took only a few tries to get it right) and the enemies are well placed, even if some of them need too many bullets to finally be out of the way. I also liked the quest for the 8 secrets a lot, which showed that quite a bit of thought went into them, but the choice of invisble platforms and a walkthrough wall for them was rather poor and should be avoided in future levels. All in all, a well rounded adventure for a rainy afternoon..." - MichaelP (31-Dec-2012)

"I was very impressed by this debut level, not many first time builders produce a work of this quality (unless they've spent years at it). The game takes place in a coastal setting which with an Egyptian feel to it. The texturing is mostly very well worked with great variety, a few repeated or slightly mis-shapen ones here and there but nothing noticable. Lighting is ok, a few dark spots but I like the colour of the water. The aim of the game here is to collect 3 different coloured balls to open a gate, leading to a rope timed run and a final showdown with a multitude of baddies, although you don't actually need to fight them if you don't want to. Obviously that's not all there is, there's tasks including avoiding spikes and flames, pushable block puzzles, raising block puzzles, many different baddies like crocs, birds, skeletons etc. Skeletons were designed well. The doors were linked to the switches in such a well as to make it impossible to know which combination opened which door. There's also a bit of swimming here and there too. There was a section with a secret which Lara couldn't climb out of." - sonnyd83 (09-Dec-2012)

"This was a fairly nice level with a unique idea to use TR 1 Greece textures to create a coastal level, which worked in a way, but often textures seem wallpapered and rooms are too boxy. Lighting is a bit worked on but in some areas it felt really bland and uninspired. Despite of that this 40 minute level entertains with a couple of interesting platforming ideas, a few (partly obscure) lever puzzles that still were nice to figure out, especially liked the room with doors opening on different lever combinations, that gave this elseway linear level a better structure, although it was without hint. I have to critisize that too much gameplay is about finding the eight more or less well hidden secrets, of which some required finding absolutely invisible platforms or walkthrough walls, but some include clever thinking. The added custom objects were seen in other customs before but they add to the atmosphere, while enemies were placed rather strangely, often coming in groups of four+, and the cross knight at the end seemed totally out of place. All in all a solid debut and recommended." - manarch2 (26-Nov-2012)

"As a debut level this isn't bad at all: a cheerful setting and everything works. The use of TR1 textures works well in most places (perhaps because the context seems different), crocodiles come in groups of six, and those colorful blue and yellow birds swoop in to attack. The outside areas do tend to be rectilinear, which doesn't make for a naturalistic feel. I used Phil's thorough walkthrough, and so found all invisible platforms, and even a place where Lara has to jump through a seemingly solid wall. The trouble is I really dislike invisible platforms--they are hidden even if Lara strikes a flare or uses binoculars--and this seems a principal way the author hides secrets. Then there are groups of wall levers. The first set has Lara randomly pulling levers until she finds the one that doesn't set her alight. The next group of wall levers is like those found in TR1 Palace Midas, where Lara sets up/down combinations to open various gates. Considering the number of combinations to go through, this isn't the best task to emulate, unless the author anticipated an available walkthrough. The level maintains interest, and has a nice timed rope swing near the finish, but without the walkthrough to speed things along at the lever puzzle I might have rated gameplay a notch lower." - dmdibl (23-Nov-2012)

"This debut level is actually a lot better than I anticipated from first impressions. It's competently, if not especially excitingly, built, but where it really comes into its own is in the gameplay, which is quite sophisticated compared to the average first time build and includes some good puzzles, timed elements (timed rope swing anyone?) and good use of enemies. A builder to look out for in future I feel." - Jay (18-Nov-2012)

"I'm surprised that mine is only the second review two weeks after the release of this level. Presumably everyone else's attention is focused on the two mega releases that came out about the same time. Anyway, this is an admirable debut, and I played it mainly for the purpose of writing a walkthrough. It's a classic coastal level that's got plenty of light so you can see what's going on around you, and the gameplay is pretty intuitive throughout. I was a bit put off by those invisible platforms that don't show up even when a flare is lit nearby, but they lead only to secrets and aren't required for progression. Speaking of secrets, they are remarkably well hidden, and half the fun of playing the level is ferreting them out. I found three of eight on my own and later got two more by referring to the stuck thread. That leaves three more that have thus far escaped me, but hopefully information as to their location will be forthcoming so I can complete the walkthrough. Very entertaining, and I look forward to more levels from this new builder." - Phil (17-Nov-2012)

"Despite successfully crossing the Finish Trigger,I not only never managed to acquire any form of Treasure but left behind an island where several temple doors remained tantalisingly unopened. The gameplay was continually interesting,without ever being especially demanding,and had a decent flow (it was all about performing generally straightforward tasks in order to collect different types of keys);but the outside areas never properly convinced,despite occasionally vibrant and colourful lighting. Enemies were copious and there were some well-placed secrets as a bonus,so the 70 minutes were undoubtedly entertaining.A rather fine debut." - Orbit Dream (12-Nov-2012)
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