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Author(s): sonnyd83
total rating:8.08 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 8 8 8 8
Ceamonks890 5 6 5 5
Christian 7 8 8 8
dmdibl 8 9 9 9
High Priestess 9 10 10 9
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jose 8 9 8 9
Kyle 8 10 9 9
Lara_Fox_Croft 9 10 10 8
manarch2 6 8 7 7
MichaelP 8 9 9 8
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 9
Ryan 8 8 9 8
Shandroid 8 7 7 7
young Lara Croft 8 8 9 9
category averages
(16 reviews)
7.69 8.31 8.25 8.06

Reviewer's comments

"A nice level that has the classic setting of Tomb Raider AOD. It's very well made, with various puzzles to solve, including typing codes or passwords. I liked the rainy setting and the grey sky. Although there is a bit of backtracking, but all in all I enjoyed it the time it lasted." - alan (24-Aug-2018)

"Another worthwhile level in this builder's dependable and recognisable style, this is a decent reinterpretation of the original Angel of Darkness Paris segment, only without the limitations of that game. Although there is plenty of retracing of steps and running around, there is some creativity shown with the numerous code puzzles that are nicely hinted at and the method of destroying the helicopter that's been draining Lara's health throughout the level. The Parisian decor and general atmosphere is generally rather barren and plain, but I'm assuming that this was done purposefully to emulate the original game. If you find all secrets you get to run through the level again, only with numerous guards, which I felt was slightly overdone, despite the copious amounts of ammo provided. Still a nice, enjoyable effort." - Ryan (08-Jan-2018)

"I really have to bring into question the amount of high praise that this attempt at a remake has gotten over the years. Because ultimately, it doesn't deserve such applause. In what world is having to redo the vast majority of the level you just played(only with tons of 'cops' to kill), considered a worthwhile reward for thorough secret hunters? Or why exactly do you need to shoot a police helicopter to conclude the final main level proper, when Lara is trying to prove her innocence in the face of the Monstrum killings at this point in the plot of the original game? Questionable design choices like these are a constant here and only serve to detract from the quality of the original base AoD level structures(as many of the builder's own ideas feel either redundant or are just completely nonsensical). General atmospheric immersion takes a serious hit too(with music originally intended specifically for cutscenes looped constantly to the point of muted annoyance). And gameplay grows tiresome fast with unnecessarily vague puzzles and boxy, unappealing level design that simply clashes with the higher-quality objects/enemies used, leaving us with an unfocused and at times buggy mess, which isn't very good to look at or play. To conclude, it's probably the best attempt at an AoD remake within the editor that I've played thus far. But that isn't really saying much." - Ceamonks890 (25-Jun-2017)

"I returned to this level having progressed through it some time ago but never finished it. Happily a fan has given us some YouTube videos if you prefer a visual walkthru. This time I did manage to find the first secret to accompany the other four required to access the bonus level but I had to backtrack quite a way for it. Was it worth it? Well as far as I could tell, you just have to play the scenes again only this time with a LOT more enemies. I went a fair way through the bonus level but decided against continuing as I kept getting killed high up on a roof whilst shimmying. Other than that I thought it was a nice revisitation to the Parisian Rooftops/ Back Streets from AoD. The rain changes to snowfall in the bonus level also. Very enjoyable but perhaps a little tricky for the beginner who is not yet accustomed to the gameplay in general." - High Priestess (28-Mar-2017)

"I had to return to this level a week later from my starting point, due to constant crash reports. I'm glad to say the problems disappeared and I could resume my play. The fluent gameplay alternating with the rainy setting made the level much enjoyable, almost authentic to the original AOD. The music brought back many memories and so did the level building. The puzzles from Von Croy's apartment were clever. Especially the spawning cats :) My time was well spent and I would gladly recommend this to the fans but not only, I think this could easily pass as one of the best remakes out there!" - young Lara Croft (19-Apr-2014)

"This is basically a remake of the Murder Scene, The Dog Chase, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Awesome Game play and graphics. The Best game the author has released so far. I'm A fan of AOD and I would like to see this author continue with the 3rd Level and 4th Level and more. This TRLE game is in my Top 10 List." - Kyle (23-May-2013)

"A sort of remake of an Angel of Darkness level through the roofs of Paris. Gameplay is not very complex, with some backtracking if you want to get all secrets (not difficult to find, of course). Good appearance with well textured objects and houses. Well balanced enemies, enough medipacks and ammo and convincent atmosphere. The bonus level was not really a bonus level; replaying the whole level again shooting hundreds of enemies on the same places, repeating the same tasks was not funny for me. Even so I recommend this level for nostalgics of AoD. Here you'll find a fine work from Dave." - Jose (26-Mar-2013)

"A typical start with several tasks to perfofm (e.g.: feeding the cat) to get out of the appartment. The police waits for Lara and she can expected a lot of shooting; enough medipacks and ammo will be provided. A code-puzzle allows us to enter another area in this game based on an AoD-atmosphere. Some tasks are directly inspired by TR 6, so as a staicase with poisend air. The rest is climbing and shooting. Nice little game." - Christian (22-Dec-2012)

"This is pretty good, although maybe the brief shooter ending won't appeal to some. Lighting is good throughout. Starts in an apartment with typical puzzles--feed the cat before it gives you a needed key--then Lara exits to the streets of Paris where there are a lot of trigger happy police. A puzzle with three number keypads was the low point for me, but one can check Dutchy's walkthrough for the solution. The best sequence followed, reminiscent of AOD, with Lara traversing city rooftops. This is well designed, creating a sense of place with intricate scrambling at real height, and a helicopter with machine gun hurries Lara along. Lara often has to grab "gutters" and shimmy along, yet these aren't marked to make them distinct from the building, but once players figure this out it is okay. I found this section impressive, the best thing that the author has done. I kept trying to shoot the helicopter, but this seems possible in only one spot. Then, if players have found all five secrets, there is a bonus level. By this point Lara has accumulated numerous medipacks, so the relentless shooter bonus level gives her an opportunity to use them all. I think this may have been overkill, literally, for some players, but Lara does have the grenade gun. A couple puzzles are a little obscure, but for scenic (wet) atmosphere and rooftop design this is remarkable. Took two hours to play." - dmdibl (24-Nov-2012)

"I think this level is underated, I've seen in this level a lot of intelligent ideas, like the scene between Vonc croy murder and the street of AoD, I felt like I was playing AoD, again, but with a lot of good things, pistol, or unlimited grip bar for instance. I feel like I have to rate this level, because some gamers rated it like ****. To conclude I really liked the whole level. I liked the passage when Lara have to run away from the police, it makes me really though to the AoD cutscenes. The helicopter passage too etc etc. I wish I will be able to play games like this! Good game!" - Lara_Fox_Croft (23-Nov-2012)

"Dave has a special style of conceiving a level and this one is another excellent representation to it. There is a storyline and really cool atmosphere created that almost lets you forget that progession is rather linear through the 50 minutes you will spend here (without bonus). I really liked the many small touches: like feeding the cat (although a bit obscure that this would make a key appear on the floor?), several camera clues, code puzzles that were possible to figure out without too much head scratching, the whole toxic gas / elevator area and the helicopter explosion. And then to spice it all up, you even get another run through the setting as a bonus, if you find all the 5 secrets, during which you can then happily blast everything away with grenades. Quite a special adventure and a bit underrated so far, in my opinion." - MichaelP (20-Nov-2012)

"It may be cold, and it may be wet, but it's certainly not a dark day in Paris, and that suited me just fine. Rarely have I played a level so rich in ambiance that afforded enough light where I could see my surroundings with no difficulty whatsoever. I suspect that some later reviewers, namely those who are enthralled with dark levels, may grumble about what they consider unimaginative lighting here, but I look forward to playing more levels like this one. They're definitely more fun to play when you can see what you're doing. And the gameplay is sufficiently complex that I was glad to have Dutchy's walkthrough close at hand. There's a bit of required backtracking that got tiresome near the end, and the "bonus" shooter level is just a repeat of what you've done before, only with a whole lot more soldiers to encounter along the way. The nice touches for me were the toxic hotel and that ubiquitous helicopter. I didn't try to shoot the latter until the walkthrough told me it was okay to do so (maybe it wasn't possible before), but it took only one shot from the revolver to blow it up. Including the shooter portion I spent about an hour and a half here. Entertaining from start to finish. Recommended." - Phil (19-Nov-2012)

"Lovely quirky title and what a nice homage to the opening section of Angel of Darkness this is. I really enjoyed clambering around the rooftops of Paris in the rain again. Gameplay is fairly linear, with some nice puzzles and well placed secrets. Lara has to dodge quite a few policemen and dogs, but the real interest, enemy-wise, comes from the helicopter. Fear not, revenge is sweet! Cold and wet the visit may be, but it's good fun too." - Jay (18-Nov-2012)

"I haven't played TR in a while and this was a nice level to pick back up with. I thought it was a pretty fun level with some tricky secrets and a few nifty puzzles. I liked the Angel of Darkness connection. The only improvements to the atmosphere would possibly a bit more ornate Paris. I thought the level looked a bit sparse. My favorite area, even though it drove me nuts, was the hotel with the gas. I wish that area was bigger. All in all, I enjoyed this level, it is definitely worth playing." - Shandroid (17-Nov-2012)

"This another highly individual level from a dependable builder,and it's filled with many really interesting and creative concepts.Unfortunately,many of the puzzles either defy logic (shoot at a helicopter in order to make it drop a key,e.g.);or involve extremely long climbs up and down ladders and poles,which gets very tiresome after a while. Nonetheless,forward progression is cunningly and creatively devised,and offers the player many opportunities to stop and ponder awhile on their strategy for moving onward.Enemies are fairly sparse,although there was one particularly vicious and health-draining battle with a platoon of guards;while objects are used well enough.Nonetheless,the Paris depicted here is a rather spartan looking place;filled with deep,empty and desolate alleyways surrounded by enormous red-bricked walls.The atmosphere is something of a matter of taste as a consequence,but the texturing is nicely done,as are the various vocal passages. Those who have played this authors previous levels will know the sort of thing which lies in store for them,and will probably not be disappointed. A good effort(with reservations)." - Orbit Dream (17-Nov-2012)

"Dave's two previous levels presented a high step upwards regarding his skills, I especially liked the original gameplay attempts in his previous level, but unluckily this one didn't quite catch me. Gameplay was rather mediocre with only occasional fun elements like the multiple keypad usage, the elevator, the fire puzzle and a couple of nice platforming elements, e.g. the usage of two pushables, but in general a bit tiresome and lots of long climbing parts took away the fun. The secret system was rather well thought out but to backtrack through the whole level shooting lots of enemies is a somewhat strange reward. A lot of high-def objects are used to enhance the atmosphere but I think the builder should have cared a little more about the visuals since in comparison to the objects a little less care has been put into them; the city setting looked too high, too monotonous and dull. I found the background loop to be a bit annoying after some time. This review is a rough replica of the one posted three days ago and being lost, my ratings are simile but if I reviewed this game the day I finished it, I would have given it even lower scores but "after sleeping over it", I thought this game deserved a little more, as it has a few really good ideas, but it still didn't manage to convince me much. 45 minutes of net gametime spent while not having backtracked completely to the end." - manarch2 (12-Nov-2012)
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