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Author(s): Marcos
total rating:8.76 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
AdamR 7 9 10 8
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Christian 10 9 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
dmdibl 8 10 9 9
eTux 6 8 8 7
Gerty 7 8 8 7
Jay 9 9 10 10
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 9 9 10 10
manarch2 7 10 9 9
McRaider 10 10 10 10
MegaGamer 8 8 8 8
MichaelP 6 9 9 8
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 7
Phil 8 9 9 8
requiemsoul 9 9 10 9
Ryan 8 9 9 8
category averages
(18 reviews)
8.17 9.00 9.22 8.67

Reviewer's comments

"I thought you're supposed to get the horse out and smash that differently looking support beam which holds the roof, while the interaction desired was totally different and I still don't have a clue what actually happened - all I know is I lost 40 minutes in that room... were it the chickens which made the difference or am I already brainwrecked by another absurdally creative level of this guy... Also, yes, the visuals are underdone as always but this is Marcos and I will let him get away with this... Absolutely recommended." - DJ Full (26-Jul-2019)

"Advent season and a level by Marcos, hmmmm. Here you are Kurtis and you have to free the poor guy so he can go back to his family I presume for Xmas. There are no enemies so exploring is high on the list. The crowbar eluded me big time but I found it in the end. The catapult was indeed a brilliant idea. For the rest it is a little romp, no more no less." - Gerty (20-Jan-2019)

"This pretty much stays true to the author's typical style: macabre and slightly spooky, but in a more compact format. Once again, the animations and cut scenes steal the show, with my favourite being the one with the Angel "defeating" the mutant, and the custom objects are once again put to good use. There's not much in the way of taxing gameplay in this release, but it's a nice little tidbit nonetheless." - Ryan (05-Jan-2018)

"Nice level. The game is relaxing, the puzzles were good, and the atmosphere was your typical spooky tower kind of atmosphere. Good level for Christmas. Recommended." - MegaGamer (12-Apr-2014)

"Another jewel from this author with the same peculiar style and a huge dose of imagination and well done work with the editor and another tools. This short level is full of incredible animations and new features players will enjoy. Not difficult to play if you explore the rooms, sometimes it seems there's nothing to do, but if you return the way you came it's possible you see something. Short but very enjoyable level. Recommended." - Jose (29-Apr-2013)

"If you've finished "The Eggs" but still want to dwell a bit longer in familiar surroundings as Kurtis - this brief level works as a nice companion piece for it. Compelled either by the angel, guilty conscience or both - Kurtis returns to the spooky fortress for a prisoner he rather disagreeably left behind. At twenty-something minutes, this game works as a bite-sized version of Marcos's usual adventures - encompassing both the favourable and the not so great parts of his usual style. There are some great moments like entering the mirror world, using the catapult, the horse opening a door for you, the brief encounter with the cyclops - but they're coupled with some matching obscure tasks from the author's repertoire - the horse moment is triggered by your attempt to backtrack to the mirror area, which, to me at least, did not feel that intuitive, some of the switch placement tests your eyesight more than your intelligence, the secret would've been hidden well enough without the dark water to obscure its location - but when all is said and done - there just isn't that much to do to warrant a higher rating. That aside - I think it's a good length for the chosen format, and the level is charming in its brevity - maybe just not top-level material quite at this scale. The looks are decent (though nowhere near as macabre as the other reviewers let on) - but maybe the rooms were a bit too bare, the lighting could've been more sophisticated - and there aren't really that many memorable areas, though I did like the mirror room with the funky floating objects. But the only reason you really need to play the level for is the story - and it's put in scene excellently via use of custom objects and cutscenes and is up to par with anything you've seen before by the builder. If your ears wither at the mention of cuss words - maybe mute the initial cutscene (though I don't blame the unnamed character - Kurtis was being quite a dick leaving him behind there) - but apart from that, it's a great little level to play if you enjoy the builder's work." - eTux (18-Mar-2013)

"This is a shorter offering from Marcos, featured with a message for the season (well - or a general message about humanity, sort of) and would have fit right to the back of the previous level 'The Eggs', which I just played before this one, as another sort of Bonus. At 20 minutes it is brief and still holds some of the creative special moments we have come used to see from this imaginative builder: The jumps through the mirror, the helpful horse, the catapult scene and the 'mutant experience'. Still, it does remain a brief encounter with little gameplay as such, and a few obscure moments in that gameplay, so I cannot really score higher in that category. Best played in conjunction with The Eggs for maximum enjoyment, I would say." - MichaelP (22-Jan-2013)

"I'm not a fan of dark, macabre levels, but during this brief (20 minute) adventure I had to admit that the story unfolding here was indeed suited for the Advent season. This builder has set a well-earned high standard for himself, so I wasn't unduly impressed until I got to the part where the protagonist is transported from a mirror room to an outdoor area. Things really picked up from there. I saw for the first time a horse pushing a button to open a door. Perhaps the neatest touch in the whole level, however, came when a crowbar was used to trigger a catapult. There was a heartwarming moment at the end, when what was left of an abused prisoner was delivered to his family with the help of a Guardian Angel. Not the stuff that legends are made of, perhaps, but definitely an enjoyable vignette and a perfect warmup for Christmas." - Phil (04-Jan-2013)

"I am a bit dissapointed by this level of Marcos. I was used to play really great levels from this auhtor. This mini level has similar textures and lighting to his last levels, so I don't think it offered something new. You may say that this is happening because you are back at same places, but, in my opinion, they could be greater. The gameplay is way too simple. I mean, just running through a corridor and trigger a horse to press a button, isn't a puzzle or just get close to a monster to make the angel come and shrink it, isn't a boss fight and not even a puzzle. I surely have to admit that all these animations and objects were awesome. I think that if the author used them in another level, then the result would be great. I just don't give the "enemies, objects, secrets" a 10, because of the secret. I don't consider an item in a black water secret, because I had to imagine that it was there and after that I was checking every black water in my way to see if there is anything there. The atmosphere once again is very great. Marcos knows how to make his levels atmospheric. All in all, it was good, but too short and very very simple to play. I was expecting something greater, like his other levels." - AdamR (03-Jan-2013)

"This seems very much a Marcos level, but this time the intent is to create something sweet and brief, perhaps for the season. Of course, this level still has macabre and dark demonic touches, but maybe this is as sweet as the author's levels get. Play is about puzzling situations, with solutions that occasionally require glancing at the forum to find out what to shoot. An angel steps in to solve things for Kurtis by shrinking a monster, or directing a horse to press a button. Special effects enhance the game in delightful ways. The simplified play is fitting for what the level does. The environment could have been more elaborate, as this takes place in a confined and grungy dungeon plus castle keep, but even if these are basic, the added objects create plenty of interest. I stood for a while watching four chickens scratching around in one corner, then there is a full-sized catapult to trigger, with good results. The level is not as elaborate as the author's previous releases, but play this one for what it is, and enjoy." - dmdibl (30-Dec-2012)

"Excellent mini game by Marcos, less than 20 minutes but very entertaining.Typical atmosphere of the author with simple and creative puzzles...A short adventure with a good finish in which demonstrates the Christmas feeling..." - McRaider (30-Dec-2012)

"I was a little bit disappointed when this level ended after just 17 minutes. It definately has all ingredients for a good Marcos level, which are of coruse fantastic objects (he has again beated himself in that regard) and the catapult, the appearances of the angel, the horse who pushes a button and lots more, but also great cutscenes in between for a again cute story, perfect sound usage, an atmospheric setting and so on, but I think the gameplay is not as inspired as in his previous levels. The tasks in this level are way too easy - the way to "overcome" the monster only requires running toward him, the horse scene is triggered by running out of the room (pretty uninteresting), the catapult is activated by a crowbar you'll find in the same room and so on. There were only very, very few more creative puzzles the player has to figure out oneself, like shooting the box to create a hole if I might give one example. I also think the setting despite good texturing does not quite had the charm of Marcos's previous levels with many large and rather boxy rooms, only being spiced up by the objects and not a diverse architecture. But despite my gripes, believe me, this is actually a very festive Christmas level with a touching story and conclusion and if you are a fan of the builder's style you won't be unsatisfied. Found one secret." - manarch2 (27-Dec-2012)

"This short level is by way of a postscript to 'The Eggs' and once again involves playing as Kurtis. It's a Christmas message in this builder's unique, darkly humorous style and involves some amazing animations that will really bring a smile to your face (that horse is incredibly well trained and the angel's treatment of the potentially 'boss' baddie is hilarious). The ending has a genuine feel-good factor and I heartily recommend it to all players." - Jay (27-Dec-2012)

"This is a tough level to score.It plays really well for the most part,although a few of the puzzle solutions are either too obscure(activate the horse by running around a bit,in a nearby empty corridor)or way too easy (open a door by pulling two adjacent levers). Nonetheless,the use of the catapult was brilliant;and the animations and fly-bys are superb.There are no enemies,and apparently only the one secret;so only the use of objects can be rated within this particular category. Lighting and textures were often highly effective,but occasionally bland with wallpapering evident on many occasions.Was it also absolutely necessary to begin this violence-free seasonal level with a hard swear word,which rather precludes it from being played by children? So many very good ideas amid a striking game design don't necessarily add up to a masterpiece.This is a superb 30 minute level (15,if you know what to do) all the same,though;so I'd strongly recommend everyone to give it a go." - Orbit Dream (27-Dec-2012)

"A more or less seasonal level in the Marcos' style, short but interesting in its puzzles, featuring Kurtis instead of Lara as in the previous author's presentation. The objects are also interesting but something always looks a bit undone graphicswise - not to class it among levels with bad graphics at all, just intuitively comparing it with some of the most perfect levels in that league. The atmosphere is gloomy as always but this time there's a compassionate angel that makes everything easier both for Kurtis and for the whoever-he-is that's killed by a couple of zombies and eventually returns from the dead to his home and family. All is well that ends well." - Jorge22 (26-Dec-2012)

"Very beautiful little level who is the sequel of "the eggs". We rediscover Kurtis in the giant castel where are hidden the eggs of the famous black harpy and the goal is to deliver one of the prisonner. Nice level with very good textures, objects and puzzles. There are also few funny moments and good brain teasers. An exellent moment with Kurtis and also an exellent christmas level (see the end). Marco is the only builder who built his levels with, sometimes, moments of cruelty and barbary against his character, of course, Lara or Kurtis (now) are there to stop it. There are also a big humanity in each of his levels. It's a fantastic builder ... Never stop your level Marco! There are uniques in our trle world! Thanks a lot." - BigFoot (25-Dec-2012)

"A dark setting is obligatory even if Marcos creates a christmas-level. So Curtis has to set free a tortured guy and bring him back to his loving family on Christmas -Eve. No need to say that this harmonic, peaceful situation only takes place in the final cutscene of this - too short!! - great game. Gameplay in this dark, but very well created environment with outstanding atmosphere is characterized by th well known creativity of this author. The player is accompanied by a good angel through that dark setting helping here and there, e.g. when she performs a berserking monster to a little harmless creature. Additional highlight is without any doubt using a catapult.... Rather too short!!!" - Christian (25-Dec-2012)

"My favourite level on December. Very short (20 minutes) but its objects, puzzles/challenges, music are unique and superb. An atmosphere that mixes the dark, with humor and good feelings. żMarcos= Tim Burton? xD. Gracias de nuevo por otro maravilloso trabajo. No te retires." - requiemsoul (24-Dec-2012)
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