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Author(s): Ray Croft
total rating:2.42 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 1 1 1 1
DJ Full 3 2 4 3
dmdibl 2 3 5 4
Eelkemama 7 3 3 4
EssGee 3 3 2 3
Gerty 2 2 1 1
Jay 2 2 2 2
Jose 2 1 3 2
manarch2 2 2 2 1
MichaelP 2 2 1 1
Orbit Dream 1 2 2 2
Phil 5 4 4 5
Ryan 2 2 2 2
category averages
(13 reviews)
2.62 2.23 2.46 2.38

Reviewer's comments

"Indeed a beginner's effort by this builder and unfortunately not one of the better debuts. It's not a terrible level by any means, but it doesn't have a whole lot going for it either. The surroundings and textures are crude, unexciting and the actual mixture of them wasn't very appealing and there isn't too much to do on the gameplay side of things either, short of some very tedious backtracking, an incredibly simple push puzzle and a couple of easy timed runs and traps. 20 minutes and you're out of here. Not really recommended, sorry. According to a previous reviewer, the sole secret is impossible to access, which was a bit weird." - Ryan (06-May-2019)

"This one has something specific about painting of certain rooms: they seem textured randomly but after a closer look it turns out the author knew what he does, even though adjacent tiles don't cooperate with each other. This might indicate some parts of this level were once a test field but were never adjusted since that moment. Other rooms look a bit better and the whole thing, with intense aid of player's imagination, resembles a very crude city. Puzzles aren't good, they require too much intentional backtracking, though the flipmap part is quite creative. Cameras are particularly interesting. SUMMARY: Many aspects of building were tried out here, but definitely without enough effort taken." - DJ Full (26-Jan-2016)

"This is undoubtedly the first effort by this young builder. But hey lots of people started this way, so there is no way in telling how the next level will look like. Huge empty room, lots of backtracking through huge empty rooms. Textures could use a lot of attention and paperthin walls. Lighting could also be improved upon. Keep at it though, you never know." - Gerty (06-May-2013)

"Nothing interesting in this short level. A couple of timed runs, a poisonous pool, place a couple of items and few more. Very huge and empty rooms, missed textures, paper walls, no enemies, no puzzles, very simple architecture... At least there are some cameras showing you where to go. The final backtracking was completely unnecessary. No worth to play, sorry." - Jose (30-Apr-2013)

"This is one of those debut levels that shows how a builder is learning the ropes and hence should maybe not have released to the public. I actually played the second level of the builder first and it shows how quickly is learning curve is advancing vs this one. Here you have about 20 minutes in badly architected rooms that could be much less if you did not have to go back and forth a loooong way through the level twice. Not much to do and no real eye candy either - except for the decent use of the disco object with suitable music added. Only for completists..." - MichaelP (08-Mar-2013)

"Undoubtedly a first effort,this level isn't 'bad' as such;but it shows a complete lack of ability on the builders part to discriminate between good ideas and poor ones. The gameplay was never going to score highly anyway,but I deducted a couple of potential points for having the player backtrack tediously for an all-important pick-up;and for the odd inclusions of gameplay cul-de-sac's,where the player is invited to explore rooms and passages that serve no purpose whatsoever.Likewise,the texturing (never good at the best of times)shows little understanding of what the various textures actually denote,and is generally completely haphazard.Objects suffer similarly - they seem to be placed to make the overly large rooms appear interesting,but make little sense.There are attempts to vary the lighting from area to area,but not in any shape or form that creates atmosphere. In short,it's the sort of level where the sprint button is used frequently,in order to cover all the vast distances;but where little interest is actually engendered." - Orbit Dream (09-Feb-2013)

"A beginner young Lara level, so with large boxy areas, and even a paper-thin wall. The 30 minutes of gameplay is a little strange, starting with a timed run initiating from a tile that is merely the recess square for a tree. The use of lighting was colorful, and intermixed texturing was interesting, even if there were squashed and expanded textures on otherwise normally textured walls. Having a disco with Egyptian artifacts and grandfather clocks and such intermingled makes perfect sense if this is being done in the style of Salvador Dali. This demonstrated promise in learning the basics of the level editor, and some of it looks nice." - dmdibl (08-Feb-2013)

"As most of those in the community know, I'm a pretty easy grader when it comes to reviewing custom levels. For one thing, I usually stick to those levels that have been warmly received by other raiders, so I won't be stuck with a lemon. For another, I find it distasteful to mark down someone's hard work, work whose sole purpose is to provide plaeasure for other people, and particularly a maiden effort by a young builder. But we've had young builders before who have shown amazing talent from the very beginning (Justin comes to mind), and there's no better time to learn humility than when you're young and relatively changeable. But to be honest to the standards I apply to other levels that I play and review, I have to say that this one falls well short of what I would consider an average (that is to say, one falling in the 6 to 7 range) raid. The areas are huge and mostly devoid of pickups or meaningful things to do, the surroundings seem to have been thrown together willy nilly with whatever texture happened to be handy at the time, and there's little to tax either the imagination or one's playing skills. Having said all that, I do find some merit in the gameplay, which offers a fairly stiff timed run at the beginning (once you realize it's a timed run) and a logically developed plan from start to finish. I laid on the sarcasm a bit more thickly in the walkthough than I perhaps should have, but this was only because I felt this puckish desire to outdo Mulf at his own game, and I hope that the builder is not thereby discouraged from continuing his efforts to hone his skills with future levels." - Phil (05-Feb-2013)

"A young level builder give his debut. He is 13 years old. The puzzle are good. Some items are without a right name. The rooms are most big. And so the textures are stretched or squashed. The lighting must be better. I missing some more camera views to see what the switches do." - Eelkemama (22-Jan-2013)

"The opening flyby is quite well done until it rushes back to Lara. When I saw some really low ratings for this level I was expecting 5 minutes of nothing. But in fact you get about 30 minutes of cavernously big and square areas. To the authors credit he's avoided extreme stretching the textures in these vast rooms. When the level starts you get a Examine scroll and Young Lara tells us "Ich muss meine Mutter finden". This would become my mantra for the next half an hour. As I roamed through the vast landscape of tortured AOD-like textures with the AOD soundtrack ringing in my ears, I resisted being distracted by the bizarre texturing. I will not be thwarted by this green grassy maze. I will not be confused by your random Egyptian objects, I will not be unconvinced by the magical door-opening tree, I will not be tempted to dwell in the disco and sip on the cocktails left there for me, (OK my one weakness) I will eat your chocolate bars, but throughout all this those words kept ringing through my head "Ich muss meine Mutter finden". And when finally I place my cartouche and depart on the inevitable end-of-level slide I came to the sad realisation that "Ich habe meine Mutter nicht finden". As this level is entitled Part 1, I hope the author's next outing will deal with Lara's 'mummy issues' more thoroughly. Smaller rooms with greater detail and less random texturing would go a long way to improving the author's level designing skills." - EssGee (20-Jan-2013)

"After all I said in a recent review about the high standard of debut levels of late, along comes the exception that proves the rule. Regrettably, this is pretty much a handbook of common mistakes made by inexperienced builders - stretched textures, huge empty rooms with very little to do, lack of fluidity (or indeed logic) in the gameplay, etc. Added to which, it's a Young Lara level, which is likely to put quite a few players off by itself. I'm struggling to find a plus point really. Sorry." - Jay (20-Jan-2013)

"Starting up the game, we are given a first glance at another builder's debut level. From what little I can gather of the story, we play as Young Lara (in an awkward mix of the TR2 wetsuit and a completely different- low res outfit), who is apparently searching for her mother(which as a story isn't uncommon for TR), but this isn't really brought to light much, beyond the little mention at the title screen. We start off the level with a flyby showing off where we need to go, and that's when the flaws start to rear their ugly head. Big boxy empty rooms, bad lighting, randomly- placed objects and textures, the starting scroll you pick up is called 'LOAD'... the list goes on. While this level is provided with an English.dat file, much of the text that pops up for players to read is in German, so I was left completely in the dark from then on. With no clear objective to follow, I was forced to wonder aimlessly from one uninspired huge empty boxy room to the next, only to end up backtracking quite a distance in order to retrieve either a cartouche or a red star to progress forward. There aren't any enemies to speak of in this level, but there are a few spike traps, deadly water and 'lava' textures that will set Lara on fire, if she stands on it. The few music tracks used are all from TR Angel of Darkness, but are tragically just not utilised well enough, failing to capture any type of atmosphere whatsoever. Gameplay and puzzles are just as uninspired, with puzzles mostly being standing in a random spot, in order for something to trigger or pushing an out-of-place TR4 Semerkhet statue onto a particular spot for a door to open and then run onto another randomly placed texture to trigger another door opening. The statistics claim that there was one secret to find, but I never really gave it any real concern, as I completed the level sliding down into a dead-end room upon placing a cartouche, being blown back to the title screen, relieved that it was all over. In conclusion, I do not recommend that anyone play this level at all. It's simply not worth the 21 minutes that I wasted playing. There are definitely much better custom levelsets to play, beyond the likes of this atrocity." - Ceamonks890 (17-Jan-2013)

"This was an extremely tedious raid through blocky and badly textured rooms. All 15 minutes I spent here were pretty boring and only contained a few glimpses of gameplay like some jumping over deadly floor, a pushable puzzle and a timed run, but else you have to constantly run to and fro around many oversized rooms, including some unmarked triggers for doors (who would think of opening a door by stepping on a square with a tree a mile away from it?). The "highlight" of the game was the disco, or rather an room with disco objects in it as apart from those it wasn't so attractive either. Textures are a very odd mix between many sets that did not fit together and many rooms, sorry to say that, were just ugly and the builder most likely wildlessly textured most of the rooms. Laras mother isn't found either at the end - instead Lara will approach an illegal slope... - nor the single secret that is visible behind a door that can't be opened at all, so the frustration you'll probably have is not even a bit of rewarding." - manarch2 (16-Jan-2013)
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