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Author(s): Amethyste
total rating:8.62 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Christian 7 8 9 9
DJ Full 8 9 10 8
dmdibl 8 8 9 9
Gerty 7 9 9 9
Jay 8 9 9 9
Jorge22 8 8 8 9
Jose 6 8 8 8
manarch2 5 9 9 9
McRaider 10 9 10 10
MichaelP 7 8 9 8
Minox 9 9 9 9
Orbit Dream 7 8 8 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 8 9 9 9
Taras 8 9 9 9
The Boo 9 8 9 9
category averages
(17 reviews)
7.88 8.65 9.00 8.94

Reviewer's comments

"This level makes a lot of sense but I wish it was less eclectic and more transiting from one material to another, also the lighting wasn't my cup of tea again and the puzzles are series of tasks rather than a storyline - a problem very frequently recurrent in custom levels of many builders and genres. But this game has brilliant sound design made of incredibly catchy Peruvian folk music, and applying a different tune for each challenge room contrasts with calm outside ambience to provide a very on-topic alteration of focus and relax. Recommended but take some caffeine before it, this one can be quite challenging." - DJ Full (22-Jul-2019)

"This level does have a visually attractive appearance to it and there are plenty of eye-pleasing sections, particularly the opening area filled with South American pyramids. The gameplay may revolve mostly around trap avoidance, lever pulling and object finding, but I never found myself getting bored, probably because the visuals are so beautiful. As Michael mentioned, the looping audio could grate on the nerves after hearing it ad nauseam, but I suppose you could always turn it down. A pleasant and cheerful hour long journey." - Ryan (25-Nov-2017)

"A nice trip down memory lane here for me, as I had the pleasure to travel to Palenque quite a few years ago. And while this level does really not come close to how wonderful the 'real place' actually is, it does kind of capture the atmosphere and spirit of it surprisingly well. With a nice Lara Outfit and a great horizon added, the player can enjoy a generally bright and colorful raid that emerges around the large hub area with the several pyramids. You keep searching for objects that let you dive in further into the places and indeed there are two possible stuck situations if you are not finding the necessary objects first. Enemies are only some snakes and bats and then the rather cool flying skeletons at the end. All the burner and spike traps are fairly easily navigated as well and the four secrets are almost too easy to find. I liked the pan pipe audio, but it does get on your nerves a bit, as it is placed as ever Looping ambience audio. In summary, a quite relaxing raid in a good looking setting that is definitely worth a look." - MichaelP (05-Sep-2015)

"Thank goodness for walkthroughs. If I hadn't had Nina's excellent guide to help me,I'd have been stuck inside this adventure for months.It's all down to the bewilderingly complex non-linearity of the gameplay;where collecting a small medi or a key pickup will open a door somewhere else,which camera clues only elliptically hint at.After quickly getting irreversibly stuck within the first ten minutes (there are plenty of places where the hapless player can find themselves with no possible exit unless they have collected a specific item first) I resorted to the step-by-step guide,and sailed through in 80 minutes. The actual gameplay tasks themselves are all on the easy side,including some fun rolling boulder sequences and one or two timed jumps.Enemies are scant and easy to deal with,while texturing and lighting is of a very high standard and really pulls you into the environments (aided quite considerably by the enjoyable andean folk music - a musical genre I must admit to having a soft spot for).Astonishingly,I discovered all the secrets without any assistance;and the adventure itself (provided you keep full track of where you've been,and where you still need to go) has a generally placid flow to it. It all builds to a straightforward,and disappointingly easy,final confrontation;but those players who enjoy this type of non-lineal adventuring will probably put this quite high on their list of favourite levels." - Orbit Dream (18-May-2015)

"4 years ago I was in Palenque and I must say, that the author succeeded to catch a bit of the atmosphere in his temple-yard. Having no Aztekan style it's only logical to use the Peruvian one from BtB 2008. Gameplay is straight Forward, puzzles a bit too easy, there are no challenging tasks to perform. Enemies are several bats and a few flying skeletons in the final sequence. All in all gameplay is a bit uninspired, there could have been created more in this very well composed environment. All in all very enjoyable." - Christian (08-Feb-2014)

"It's with a very big pleasure I play this wonderful game trought the Palenque in Mexique with Lara. We are a mix of easy and medium gameplay even if sometimes some objects are very well hidden but nothing impossible. The enemies are very well use like the flying squeletons in the end. A great "BRAVO" for the exellent new objects and the nice outfit. I have also found the four secrets of the level, not really difficult to found. The game has also very good musics who follow Lara during the game and give a perfect Mexican atmosphere. So, a good level to keep on our computer. Congratulation Roseline and thanks a lot for this little adventure. Very recommended." - BigFoot (30-Jan-2014)

"This level does look very inviting and I for one loved that object on the wall with the hole in it. The ancient people who lived here used that for their grizzly football games where the losers did pay with their lives. Exploring is a must and I have to say that there are unfortunately two places where one can get stuck and no way out unless you have a savedgame from before you entered the area. That is a big faux pas in a level and I know it takes a certain way of thinking but it is possible. A pity that the testers didn't spot it or the builder didn't listen. Found a few textures that could use fine-tuning and even one water surface texture that wasn't there. But that is peanuts. Too many levers and it would be great to get some more puzzles next time around. I would be over the moon to find some flare pick-ups instead of all the medipacks. But all in all the whole area with the temples; breath-taking." - Gerty (19-Oct-2013)

"Very nice level for a first. Les lights and texturing are very good and reflect the harmony of the level. The gameplay is easy and not many enemies. Recommended" - Minox (04-May-2013)

"Another good debut with a level presenting a nice appearance, easy to play and full of exploration with variety of tasks. I can't rate higher the gameplay 'cause the continuous backtracking in the first part of the level exploring a very huge outside area often to find dead ends; also there are some situations you need to reload previous savegames (if you kept them) 'cause you haven't the necessary items and there's no way to go back (trapped forever); the big abuse of the switches (not too hidden though) was another feature I didn't like. Rest of the game was entertaining, many times with cameras helping to know the folowing place to visit and a more fluid gameplay. I think the next levels (if released) from this author will be much better than this; there is potential here. Well done!" - Jose (30-Apr-2013)

"Very nice debut. There are wunderful designed areas which creates a dense atmosphere, elaborated tasks and challenging traps. Hopefully we will get more of this good stuff. Keep it up!" - The Boo (09-Apr-2013)

"This is a visually stunning debut. Much of the action takes place outdoors in a bright, cheery setting, and even the indoor gameplay was amply lighted. This more than made up for some of the more pedestrian aspects of progressing: Push a lever or pick up something to open a door or trapdoor elsewhere, etc. Still, eye-pleasing surroundings cover a multitude of sins, and I never found myself bored during the 80 minutes plus that was consumed by this adventure. Nina Croft has provided a comprehensive walkthrough, and I appreciated the assistance it offered. If this release is indicative of the builder's preferences in setting and lighting, I'll be eagerly awaiting future levels. High recommendations." - Phil (18-Feb-2013)

"This seemed liked a breath of fresh air, something in the vein of the original games, where players are supposed to have fun exploring. Maybe the Peru setting isn't as "realistic" as some modern custom levels, as here the greenery isn't plastered in Lara's face, but is a more stylized greenery of yore, with a few hanging plants. This suits me fine. The opening outdoor setting is visually pleasing and well-lit, and Lara's outfit is from one of her red moods (for some reason her makeup gives her a resemblance to Angelina Jolie, or so I thought). Gameplay isn't entirely perfect--apparently players can get stuck if they enter certain doorways without a green gem--but it isn't too hard to recover. After looking around at the start to get their bearings, players should be able to recognize locations in later helpful camera shots and flybys. There are nice effects such as lifting large stones on chains, or the way in which secret skulls are displayed, progressively added to pedestals in a camera shot concurrent with their discovery by Lara. Hopefully this level can serve as a more relaxing raid. Play took an hour and ten minutes. Recommended." - dmdibl (14-Feb-2013)

"A good start for this ld who built a level of fun and sometimes complicated. The textures, apart a few errors on triangular surfaces, are beautiful as well as the lights and the music. There are some obvious design flaws but does not affect the fun." - Taras (02-Feb-2013)

"This is the name of one of Tintin's famed adventures but not as inspired (who could expect that, anyway?). Nice settings and textures generally speaking and, as the author states, on the easy side... to a point. Meaning you have to have an elephant's memory to remember the location of all the places where the images never forget to let you know you're supposed to go to next. It's basically peaceful with bats as your only enemies despite all the skeletons that you'll see scathered around in this version of Palenque, plus these new flying skeletons at the end when you place the codexes. The music suits the theme even though I've been growing less and less a fan of loop tunes. To sum it up, you have to explore the place very thoroughly but everything's made easy for you safe maybe for the room with the flames. It's a large and well done map, I guess. Not thrilling but friendly and good looking, with loads of places to go and loads of things to find. I liked the final touch when you use the stone you still have to get one final medipack while the credits are already running - that's friendly like a friendly smile or wink." - Jorge22 (24-Jan-2013)

"First impressions of this level were good - it's a pretty setting with the temples set amid lush greenery and beautiful trees and Lara wearing a new, colourful outfit. Second impressions were that I was 'everywhere too soon' as I encountered lots of closed doors/trapdoors and a few odd ladders that seemed to have no purpose other than leading to empty holes in the ground etc. Having picked up loads of medipacks, I was expecting something much deadlier than snakes and bats, but apart from those, all that appeared were a few flying skeletons at the end, so I didn't need any medipacks at all! I found four secrets, which were shown on four pedestals in camera shots, so I'm assuming that's all there were. There are fire and boulder traps, timed elements, swimming and plenty of exploring to do, but it's all quite readily achievable and, combined with the hypnotic and soothing Andean flute music, managed to make the whole thing feel quite gentle. I thought the gameplay was well thought out, in the way all the areas meshed together so neatly as the level progressed and I would certainly recommend this for players of almost all abilities. Certainly a most successful debut level." - Jay (23-Jan-2013)

"Excellent adventure... the gameplay is entertaining and fluid when it is on the right track.Architecture, atmosphere and textures are good and the music fits perfectly, making it more entertaining.Congratulations to the author for this debut, great job!" - McRaider (22-Jan-2013)

"In general a magnificent debut level with rich scenery and plenty of beautiful objects and textures, but on the other hand it certainly would have needed a little more detail in other areas. While the start was rather fun exploring the main courtyard for hidden openings, the gameplay got more and more boring, you have to backtrack quite a lot and many rooms look very much alike so that even the camera hints won't always help. Another thing that lets it down was the lack of logic in this game, like picking up medipacks or shooting boxes opens doors which was more than obscure for me. At other parts, I felt like the game could have been tested better because they were some dead-ends when you don't find some of the green gems and enter certain rooms. Lastly, after the intriguing start the actions got more and more mediocre and not particularly interesting, mainly pulling dozens and dozens of levers of all kinds. The only reasons why I didn't rate the gameplay category even lower are the clever ways of connecting the corridors which was superbly done and also a bunch of interesting trap sequences; I still think that the whole game doesn't work so nicely together. Apart from that, the builder has done a rather awesome job in creating the setting, the outdoor areas in particular are spectacular in any regard. The inside areas looked mostly good too but sometimes the textures clashed rather badly against each other, the walkways were a little too high and as mentioned many rooms looked like they were copied and changed a bit. I spot a few texturing mistakes like a square of water not textured and some squetched triangular textures, but overall the quality of texturing and lighting is remarkable, creating believable rooms. The quest for four secrets is nicely done with a glimpse of a special room (unfortunately never visited) after each one, and the skeleton harpy enemies at the end were quite a fun surprise. Ends after 45 minutes, in a rather unspectacular way and the final trigger is done in the style of the odd trigger setups from the whole level. With a few adjustments (that normally should have been avoided by the usage of testers) and a few more real gameplay elements, the builder will probably get a deserved HoF entry with her next level, but this one was far too faulty to really convince me." - manarch2 (22-Jan-2013)
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