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Author(s): Yodaraider
total rating:3.47 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 2 2 3 3
eRIC 2 4 2 2
eTux 4 4 3 3
Jay 4 4 4 4
manarch2 4 6 6 5
MichaelP 3 4 4 4
Orbit Dream 2 2 3 4
Ryan 3 3 4 4
category averages
(8 reviews)
3.00 3.63 3.63 3.63

Reviewer's comments

"The Level of Doors and Levers. If that doesn't give you a clue about the nature of the level, I don't know what will. You open lots of doors, pull lots of switches, find lots of keys e perform a tedious backtrack. Sorry to the builder, but this was fairly boring." - Ryan (25-Aug-2016)

"While sounding like a clever idea on paper in terms of trying to re-create a real-life location under the TR3 engine, the builder's obvious lack of familiarity with how the editor works, ruins any amount of potential fun that could have been gained while playing. Gameplay is boring, enemies and objects feel thrown in, level design is unfortunately pretty uninspired(including plenty of easy opportunities to see the end of the world) and the overall atmosphere ultimately fails to engage the player in any real effective or meaningful way. Better off just skipping this one." - Ceamonks890 (27-Oct-2014)

"Doors galore! I didn't get to open them all, but there were more than sufficient that I didn't feel at all deprived. There are keys to find, guards to kill (no problem with the generously supplied weaponry) and quite a bit of backtracking. It's a short level (well under half an hour), which I have to say is probably a good thing as it might just appeal to die-hard TR3 fans, but has little else to recommend it really, with its minimal gameplay and uninspiring scenery, replete with huge holes of the 'edge of the world' variety. For TR3 fans, there are far better options out there." - Jay (22-Aug-2013)

"Quite an inspired idea with then rather uninspired execution in terms of level design. You get to do rather boring lever pushing and key collecting in the 20 minutes you will spend in and around the building and the author sends you up and down a looong slope a few times to pad out the duration unnecessarily. There are hints of good in here, with some camera work, good enemy placement and good use of multi levels to progress through the game, but all in all it falls short in so many ways and the fact that you see many thin walls and the end of the world is not helping the impression either." - MichaelP (29-Apr-2013)

"A level having the ambition to take place in a real location , but it is not very well built as there is various visual bugs , you can reach the end of the world , see in a few places textures of adjacent rooms appearing/disappearing , trees floating in the air , doors not placed in portals. The best is that it is not a dark level and enough ammos are provided to deal with the enemies , some gunmen in the first part of the level , Lara being alone later on to come to the end. I wish there would be a vehicle so to not run up and down this long alley several times. Basically you find some keys , flip some switches , explore to see what door is opened , with sometimes the help of a camera. Very easy level , but you need to spot a movable crate in a little room and a crack by which you can shimmy and pull up in a cave where Lara will find the final artifact. I wonder what was the use of the switch above the roof , aside from opening a useless door below in the courtyard. Good to see the TR3 crowbar. 25 minutes." - eRIC (14-Apr-2013)

"Unlock a multitude of doors.Shoot guards.Collect keys.Admire the end of the world.Repeatedly perform an epic backtrack whose tediousness goes beyond all forms of human forgiveness.End the level.There's really nothing here to recommend." - Orbit Dream (27-Feb-2013)

"Another level with many downsides and only few nice things. First of all, the positive things: I really liked the start with the prisons and the textures gave it a very sterile look. There were some nice sights outside (on top of the building, the natural "street" leading down), and the map partially opens up very interestingly. Unfortunately, the atmosphere of this level suffers from too many and too obvious end-of-the-world moments outside, partially odd geometry of the building on closer look and many misplaced textures. Gameplay is an everlasting to and fro and I think I had to run down the long street too often. A few camera hints more would also have been nice as I often was lost in the prison as all corridors looked equal; thankfully it wasn't very large. Along the way you'll find quite a few enemies but thanks to some of the heavier weapons you find, this was quite entertaining. All in all a mediocre 15 minute level." - manarch2 (26-Feb-2013)

"Without much explanation or backstory, Lara is thrown in a mountain base for some shooterific action. To alleviate the dearth of information, I used some google- fu mastery, and learnt that the titular mountain is located in the Italian Alps and has been a site for a military base ever since the times of the Austro-Hungarian empire, so the level may be an attempt to turn a real-life location into a level. So far, so good, but that still doesn't explain what possible grudge Lara could hold against the soldiers located there. Oh well, I guess it's another one of those levels where Lara's mission is to yet again be a force of evil and chaos. All pondering aside, the 20 or so minutes spent here do seem a bit aimless. While you do mainly kill a bunch of soldiers, they confront Lara one at a time, or in pairs on an occasion or two, so with the firearms Lara has pried from the cold hands of their dead brothers-in-arms, she is virtually unstoppable. And there isn't really much else to it - keys unlock doors, a crowbar breaks a door bolt, switches open doors, albeit using the same kind of logic that would require you to go to your next door neighbour's balcony and flick a switch there to flush the toilet in your apartment, thus effectively prolonging the time spent here via redundant backtracking. The highlights for me came in the two sneaky moments the level had in the way the crowbar and the golden star (which, I assume is Lara's ultimate objective here?) were hidden in a not-immediately-obvious manner, but it will hardly knock you off your feet with anything else. The looks are passable at best, and while some areas reveal the author had higher ambitions for the set-up, they were not carried to completion. It's suitable for 20-something minutes of mindless fun, and should you approach it with no higher expectations, you'll enjoy it alright. Found no secrets." - eTux (26-Feb-2013)
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