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Author(s): Ader
total rating:8.80 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 9 9 9 9
Drakan 9 9 10 9
eRIC 8 8 9 9
eTux 7 8 9 8
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jose 8 9 10 9
Josey 8 10 10 9
manarch2 8 8 9 9
Phil 9 8 8 8
Ryan 9 8 9 8
category averages
(11 reviews)
8.45 8.64 9.27 8.82

Reviewer's comments

"This level pretends to be one of those where nothing happens but in fact you're almost never stopped by bullshit and a lot of time is spent on pure immersion and exploration - so if it feels a bit empty, it usually does it in a good way. The major thing I would fix was the surrounding rampart in level 2 - you will never get a correct illusion of open world if the entire outer rim is on the same elevation, this simply never happens, neither in natural sceneries nor in complex manmade ones, so if you want to avoid that boxy effect you HAVE to vary the surrounding elevations. Some lighting was unexplainable as well, and I think the switches were too many. Other than that this is very solid, also it does NOT end with a pickup but with a (rather too slow but still) proper aftermath. Ader is a great builder, and the more I play him the more I appreciate." - DJ Full (23-Jul-2019)

"This is an entertaining three-level set taking place in next generation Greek and Egypt settings. It combines the bright outdoors with the stark indoor sections rather well and it managed to occupy me for the best part of just over two hours, and although it is dark in places, plenty of flares are provided. Definitely recommended." - Ryan (12-Jun-2017)

"A very beautiful game, with places that look very like reality. (By the way, I loved the sky of the first level, Temple of Apollo.) The lighting is very good in the first two levels, and not so much so in the third one, perhaps because Lara arrived to a cavernous environment. Gameplay and puzzles were well devised enough. I considered the Colour Puzzle confusing, for the possible colour combinations apparently had nothing to do with the pretended result (according to the walkthrough): Green and Blue result in Aqua? I'd say Turquoise; Red and Green result in Yellow, a primary colour? In fact, only Red and Blue resulting in Violet seemed correct to me. (I confess that I had to solve this puzzle by trial and error.) I was also angry when I discovered that the only timed run that I didn't consider fun (the crowbar one) really wasn't necessary! (Was it done purposefully?) And in the third level, the similarity of the sandy rooms also confused me; I spent a lot of time looking for the first Scarab Talisman, for Lara was completely lost, and without the walkthrough I wouldn't have arrived to the empty pool area. Nevertheless, the game has a lot of strong points. See, for example, the creative room with mirrored ceiling; the rock that is magically transported through the air, in order to open a passage; the smart places found for the Secrets; the fluency and logic of the gameplay; the elevator sequence (with its Secret; that was cruel...). In resume, a game that I recommend emphatically, and that I enjoyed very much." - Josey (05-Jun-2013)

"For me the best adventure from this experienced builder. Many areas are too dark, but there are plenty of flares though (I think this was 'cause Gerty beta-tested the levels, je je). There are a lot of timed runs, but never too tight, also very long ladders, many traps and often the backtracking is present, but never losing excessive time. I liked the architecture and design, and there are also some good puzzles here and there; excellent work with cameras and sounds. Recommended." - Jose (20-May-2013)

"A wonderful game this Feather of Ma'at. :) The adventure start in Greece and the goal is to discovered a scroll where is situated the resting place of the famous Feather. This first part of the adventure is incredible with wonderful textures, objects adn challenges (maybe hard something). The sequel of the advneture take place in 2 levels in Egypt, in the temple of the Feather. The second level is very nice too with a lot of beautiful places and interesting puzzles. It's the less hard level of the adventure and it is very pleasent. Mu favorite place in this level is the big hall with the timed door sequences to find one of the two golden serpents. The third level is really amasing and take place beneath the temple, where is situated the feather. The news big egyptian textures are awsome and the lighting is perfect. I really enjoying the pyramid near the end and the many puzzle around. A great level and my favorite of the adventure. To conclude, a very wonderful adevnture playable by everyone and to keep on our computer. I found 6 secrets, missing 3. Congratulation Ader and big thanks for this game. So a perfect 10." - BigFoot (04-May-2013)

"A good 3 hours adventure with high-ref textures , well design settings , nice background audio loops , not many big enemies , and a decent level of difficulty, not too high , I found the timed doors and tasks rather easy yet enjoyable, the only point that gave me trouble is the run over pillars with spikes in the first level. Some good puzzles at times , and an interesting progression where the player is not too stressed and has the leisure to explore, with some more exciting moments. The progression is sometimes straightforward , you get also reentrances and vast areas to raid like in the very nice outside area in the second level where parts of the map open up , I really loved it there. Maybe more contrast for the lighting for the lighting , more music audios could have been used , and perhaps a dynamic escape after picking up the Feather would have been welcome , but that's all that I could say , anyway this is quite an accomplished and recommended raid. 3 h 13 - 6/9 secrets" - eRIC (02-May-2013)

"I just finished this adventure of 3 levels. It is quite easy, some timeruns are achievable by everyone. It is nicely textured. Some textures a little twisted but nothing serious. There are very few enemies except spiders and small scorpions and demigods at the end. I spent about 3 hours, a good time with this level, I recommend everyone to do." - Drakan (09-Apr-2013)

"This is a solid 200-minute (for me) adventure that begins outdoors for a tantalizingly brief spell of fresh air, then it moves indoors for the remainder of the game. The environs and enemies are almost exclusively Egyptian, but the use of the latest tools enabled the builder to avoid a dated appearance. Along the way there's lots of fun, with a few timed sequences thrown in for good measure (none of them beyond the reach of the average player). The game is called Tomb Raider, but the major objective of this one seems to be Escape From the Tomb. Alas, once the player sees the glint of blue sky again, the adventure comes to an abrupt end. Still, it's well worth the time I spent here, and I can recommend this three-level release with enthusiasm." - Phil (03-Apr-2013)

"This is an entertaining raid comprising three separate settings, all of which are very well made and attractive. The initial area seemed quite contained and involved exploring various Greek temples. Part two at first appeared to involve a somewhat confusingly huge, Egyptian styled area, but on acclimatising to the terrain, having run around a lot, it seemed to come together in a rational and coherent manner. The third part sticks with the Egypt motif but takes place indoors. There are a good variety of tasks to accomplish, including quite a few timed elements, but nothing that should prove too challenging for players with some experience. The enemies are not overused and generally feel appropriate and I suppose I ought to give brownie points to the builder's sneaky use of burning demigods to prevent killing them with the kneeling ploy. Definitely recommended." - Jay (27-Mar-2013)

"Temple of Apollo (8-8-9-9) - 40 minutes: The outdoor section is highly atmospheric, but that doesn't hide the fact progression at the start of the level feels rather uninspired, with linear and easy progression when heading underground, but after returning outside and getting up to the roofs, but definately when entering the temple, gameplay picks up considerably - with four chambers full of not very innovative but fun and demanding traps and puzzles. The amount of enemies is very low and (except for the wraiths) if you encounter some then only some of the "smaller" kind which are easily dealt with, but the hideout of the secrets was remarkable, especially the one including a timed run late in this level. The quality of architecture and graphics is of a high standard and the atmosphere really stunning. In parts of the level, I felt reminded of Max's Ancient Artifact, I don't know if these similarities were intended or not. If there was one complaint concerning the visuals, I'd say the lighting could've benefited from more contrast and some experiments with colours feel a little too awkward, e.g. the violet lights around the water pool outside.
Al-Rachun (8-7-10-9) - 45 minutes: The start of this level is already a highlight, with the sandy desert Lara shortly leaves to enter a deserted temple area (not even a single human enemy roaming around). While this enhances the isolated feeling of this site I'd say that I really missed some fights in here, even more so than in the last level, as the gameplay is not very action-based, mostly about exploring the huge setting, and a little "alternation" would've been nice this way; the scarabs and bats alone did not make up this feeling. There were a few good ideas with the gameplay (like the two blocks where one serves to create a "bridge" and the other having a double usage) and in general I quite enjoyed my time in this level (mostly because of the great setting), but it certainly lacks more gripping gameplay. There is a point in this level where things pick up slightly - when falling deep down after a fun timed run you'll be enjoying doing some good puzzles underground. I admit the end of the world is easily reached a few times but when knowing you don't have to climb any higher ledges in the "natural" outdoor areas it won't be an issue and the atmosphere is too great in my opinion to downrate it because of that.
Inside the Complex (7-8-8-9) - 40 minutes: The level I liked least especially from an aesthetic point of view, since most of the areas look pretty alike and I didn't really get warmed up to the setting. It's still professionally done with good texturing, though somewhat uniform lighting, and a nice architecture. Even the gameplay is not really to my taste with definately too many switches to find and often dull progression. The torch sequence and the platforming in the lava room are definately better moments but good ideas like those are rather few in the level. Later on, there were a few more memorable things like the nice timed run in the pyramid room the breakable tile challenge and the elevator, both including a well hidden secret each. I also liked the "fire demigods" eTux already mentioned and all timed challenges add to the fun, but the level as a whole felt rather underwhelming because of the mentioned rather unexiting gameplay and the partly dull feeling I experienced in here.
Summary: I enjoyed myself much in this more than two hours long level although I think the gameplay has potential to improve much as well as a few more and diverse fights could've been added. Both architectural and visual skills of the builder are outstanding especially in the second level in my opinion so putting all those gripes aside it's a well rounded levelset in most aspects, definately recommended - try it out!" - manarch2 (25-Mar-2013)

"I've yet to finish the author's "Legend of Ancient" series, but from what little I remember from part 1, and have read about the subsequent installments, it was quite notorious for its difficulty. So it came as a bit of a surprise to me that this 3 level game of about 2 hours felt tame (for lack of better word) in comparison. But let's look at each level separately:
Temple of Apollo (8 9 9 8) 47 min, 2 secrets - You start out in a beautifully constructed, if somewhat hazy and low-contrast valley (not my cup of tea as far as visuals go, but I can't deny the technical prowess behind them), which seemingly promises all sorts of non-linear shenanigans, but thankfully doesn't really deliver on that promise - so the progression here is smooth enough. As mentioned, if you've come to expect a certain type of gameplay from the author, you might be surprised about the overall low difficulty level - with arguably the more challenging parts saved for the 4 side quests of the inner temple area. And this is where I'm conflicted - and not just in regards to this particular level of the set. While there's nothing intrinsically wrong with making the gameplay accessible and lean on the easier side - I found it to be a tad too dull and undemanding, actually enjoying myself the most in the more daredevil sidequests. Still, most likely in debt to those more action orientated and challenging sections of the game, this was my favourite level of the three.
Al-Rachun (7 7 8 8) 50 min, 2 secrets - While this has its share of clever moments - using a movable block to access a higher ledge, destroying a plaque using a magical boulder, and a few others - I have to say I found it to be even more tame than the preceding level. True, the slower pace may have been too subtle for me, or may be a matter of taste or a particular mood - but I found that most of the gameplay in here consisted of finding the next switch, with the author's idea of variety being making some of them timed. The looks change from Hellenistic to Egyptian and are well constructed, though the main area is open-ended from the word go, thus either makes this too confusing for those who love some direction or an explorer's dream come true depending on how you look at it.
Inside the Complex (7 8 9 8) 37 min, 2 secrets - More exciting moments to be had at the end - with a wraith chase, running over blades, scaling a boiling water room - though the bulk of gameplay still relies on switches and timed sequences whether they are necessary or not (I did find the one with the demigod and pyramid exciting if you don't opt to take out the demigod first). The author cleverly uses a fire effect to stop you from resolving to the regular TR4 trick of demigod fighting (approach, kneel, fire), and the audio tracks and textures are put to great use, introducing a bit of colour to the monotone, if well done settings (a sun bulb in every room is a must, though the author's skill distracts from their lack quite well for most part). I liked how the course was set up for Lara's escape after she gets the titular feather, sometimes crossing areas you've been to before, and the 2 secrets I found were fun to get.
Overall, I can't stress enough that there's absolutely nothing wrong with the trio of levels as they are, despite my more critical claims, and they are of a high aesthetic and gameplay quality, showcasing the builder's skills quite well. It merely lacked a bit of pizzazz and a couple of 'wow' moments to make it stand out more from the pack for me - and if taking out the more challenging aspects the author is more renown for in his games was in some way a reaction to what he perceives the players want - I'd advise against it in further works, and just embrace that he likes building more challenging gameaplay. Maybe not as many casual players will stick around due to accessibility as a result, but a fair share of others will join in for the sheer amount of creativity they showcase." - eTux (24-Mar-2013)
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