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Author(s): Pascal Scherer
total rating:3.87 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 3 2 3 2
DJ Full 3 4 4 3
eRIC 3 2 3 3
EssGee 4 3 4 4
Gerty 4 5 5 4
Jay 5 4 5 4
Jose 3 5 5 5
manarch2 3 2 4 2
MichaelP 5 4 6 4
Orbit Dream 4 5 4 4
Phil 4 4 5 6
Ryan 4 4 4 4
sonnyd83 4 4 4 3
category averages
(13 reviews)
3.77 3.69 4.31 3.69

Reviewer's comments

"Very much in the vein of Pascal's first effort, this is again very simple, with a few nifty jumping sequences and fetch quests, plus plenty of ninja attacks and again well hidden secrets. Again, it's very basic visually and even a bit too dark down one pit that hides a secret, but overall it might be good as a starting-out raid." - Ryan (13-Feb-2018)

"Coming out a mere day after the builder's initial debut(and on the date of my birthday no less), I can't say that I'm surprised barely anything has been improved upon since then, with the gameplay still being arbitrarily drawn-out by long platforming sequences and irritating ninja battles. So if you didn't happen to like 'The Lava Temple', then this one isn't really going to change your mind all that much. Not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (11-Jul-2015)

"This level is even shorter than the previous from this author. Again, the same defects with the textures, lights, architecture, etc. This time was no so entertaining for me 'cause the excessive ladders and monkeyswings with no enjoyable puzzles. Perhaps could be enjoyable for all those who like to look for secrets, but it's not my case." - Jose (20-May-2013)

"I was rather surprised when this one ended rather abruptly after only 15 minutes, as I was rather enjoying myself. There's certainly nothing flashy or memorable here, but gameplay flowed smoothly, and that partially submerged room with all the pillars presented a neat obstacle course. I played this level to write a walkthrough for it, although one would not be required for anyone other than a beginning raider." - Phil (07-May-2013)

"Thirteen minutes of traditional Egyptian raiding, mainly involving shooting ninjas, climbing ladders and using monkey swings, plus a bit of simple sliding and bouncing. Easy, pleasant and an excellent little level for any player who is just getting to know Lara." - Jay (16-Apr-2013)

"Traps of the Pharao... dammit... Pharo... dammit...Pharoah...dammit...Pharaoh. This second effort from Pascal, shows a few signs of improvement that I'd hoped I would see as an author develops. It is essentially platforming workout for Lara with some good jumps and climbing to do. It's a bit frustrating though when a builder has some good gameplay ideas and tasks, yet the environments are pretty ordinary. The Ninja assault was almost identical to one in the builder's debut level, as was the finishing corridor. That's lazy level design. The level is about half the length of its predecessor. So just when you are getting into things - it's over. It's more like a demo than a full level." - EssGee (14-Apr-2013)

"More of the same here, since the texturing didn't improve at all and the gameplay is even more pedestrian than in the builder's debut level, because of incredibly long monkeyswing and ladder sections that kill most of the fun in this level. The only "remarkable" thing is the nice usage of cameras, both fixed ones and also some flybys. Else than that, not really entertaining for the ten minutes I spent here. Found three secrets." - manarch2 (13-Apr-2013)

"Traps of the pharaoh is quite short , clocking just above 10 minutes. Design and atmosphere are minimalist and the ninjas appear out of thin air. Your main tasks is about climbing , jumping, and monkey swinging. Not difficult to play and rather pleasant. Found only 2 secrets." - eRIC (06-Apr-2013)

"I can only describe this level as an assault course. The aim here is to place a couple of stars to open a gate. The gameplay is ok and includes a lot of platforming elements such as jumping, climbing, shimmying and avoiding the odd floating flame, there's some baddies later on who appear out of thin air. The level is reasonably well built but texturing is poor, I counted about 5 textures in total. There are some nice Egyptian murals later on. There's a couple of useful camera angles here and there. Total game time was just under 15 minutes." - sonnyd83 (06-Apr-2013)

"Another 15 minute raid that provides decent entertainment while it lasts, even though there is plenty of rather slow climbing and monkey swinging involved. There course as such is fun to master though and you again get the occasional ninja to shoot and need two hands to find and place. The author certainly is establishing a trademark for well hidden secrets, as I only found two of the alleged four. Most remarkable is probably the use of some good fixed camera angles on this one. Another one for the lunch break." - MichaelP (05-Apr-2013)

"Second level by Pascal but I think made at the same time (or even earlier) as the previous one. Enemies popping out in thin air, textures need TLC. Lots of jumping to do and long, long monkey climbs. Oh well, I got my two hands and made it." - Gerty (03-Apr-2013)

"When I see such a great devotion to lead cameras, apply sounds and design the thru-level path, I just don't believe the author is unable to paint it all properly. Does he try to convince us a game might turn out good without atmosphere? Or is he just sitting at home, having a lol at whatever we write here? In first case, he keeps failing. And in both cases, I'll anyway play whatever he produces, because I see he's good, no matter how hard he tries to hide it. One warning for players: first go to the beach, then follow the obstacle route above the water, because the star You can see in the beginning of that path is NOT for the receptacle in the end! And be sure to pick up that star later, because if You forget, You'll end up without a key to the final door yet without an opportunity to go back for it." - DJ Full (03-Apr-2013)

"Very similar indeed in concept and execution to Pascal's previous level (right down to the initial fly-by showing you exactly what lies in store),this is a very enjoyable 15 minutes (possibly closer to ten if you avoid repeating several moves in the water room) of acrobatics.There are no puzzles of any kind,simply a succession of quite well devised jumps to accomplish on your way to the exit door. I picked up two secrets and spotted a third;shot several ninja's;and destroyed a handful of vases - but there's not an awful lot of attention to detail anywhere here,particularly when it comes to texturing (wallpaper'd throughout) and lighting (non- existent). It's all visually basic stuff,but quite fun nonetheless." - Orbit Dream (02-Apr-2013)
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