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Author(s): Sinead
total rating:7.23 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 8 7 8 7
eRIC 7 7 6 5
EssGee 8 7 8 8
Gerty 6 7 7 6
Jay 8 8 8 7
Jose 8 8 8 8
manarch2 7 7 6 5
MichaelP 8 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 9 8 7 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
Rambo 6 6 6 4
Ryan 8 7 8 7
category averages
(12 reviews)
7.58 7.25 7.33 6.75

Reviewer's comments

"A nice example of a basic level producing better atmosphere than it should. The river location stands out a lot and if everything was of this quality I would rate above 8. Gameplay is often a nope with too many switches but it also includes some clever bits and even has a little prologue and epilogue. In short, ugly but recommended." - DJ Full (18-Jul-2019)

"If it weren't for a few odd and rather annoying builder choices, this level would be very nicely executed indeed. The gameplay has many great moments that show what this builder could be capable of in the (hopefully) near future: I particularly enjoyed the monkeyswing-cum- trapdoor puzzle, the pushable puzzles, the spike trap sequences and the waterskin puzzle. The kayak ride was probably too irritating and precise for its own good though. The enemy attacks were also effective despite the fact that the Shivas and a few of the other objects were slightly ill-fitting to the South American setting. On the downside, the maze was a poor choice considering the variety elsewhere, the darkness is a bit too overwhelming, and the forced damage parts were a bit of a cheap shot. I enjoyed the audio choices though. Overall nice work, but maybe just make the next one a bit more player-friendly." - Ryan (11-Feb-2018)

"This could have been just the level for me. Peru setting (overlooking the fact that shivas made a sort of out of place appearance), about 90 minutes long, some really nice gameplay ideas, but unfortunately it is also spoiled by a few odd choices the builder made: the prevailing flat darkness in many places that really kills most of the atmosphere, the dark maze section near the end, unusual choices for climbable textures, a rather easy way to reach the end of the world right in the first area and worst of all the well intended but rather poorly designed kajak ride at the end. Still, I really enjoyed the interesting design of the puzzle room with the three ceiling trapdoors, how you get to play with raised and lowered water levels, the spikes and traps to master, the audio choices and the flybys. Lots of good thing in here. Maybe next time a little more beta testing and collecting feedback before the release and this author will create a real winner!" - MichaelP (14-Nov-2013)

"Gameplay & Puzzles: It seems this builder is able to construct a solid level, the tasks in this level are good (good puzzles and action sequences) and I think that if some things like the horrible looks and the bugs didn't exist, I could give a much higher rating for the gameplay. But under the dash, I didn't have fun in this level. Mainly I think I can blame that I couldn't see much in many rooms and getting through some rooms thus was a bit of a puzzle, not a very interesting though, itself. I often found myself in situations where I had to reload an earlier save because I was stuck, in the area with the strange current. The puzzles are often needing running back and forth quite a bit. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The enemies were placed in this level simply to have an added action and don't want to make sense in the context. There are tigers that don't seem to fit in the setting (but there are other things that don't fit even more). The objects are from Egypt and India, and all that in a setting the builder claims to be in southern America? Functionally, they are working okay though, it just doesn't make much sense. The secrets were the high part of this category, I liked how they had to be found much. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: It's already said, some enemies and objects don't fit and the atmosphere is downgraded by this. The rooms themselves are sometimes more atmospheric, though the construction lacks coherence too. The sound and cameras are okay. Lighting & Textures: It is not only the darkness that makes this category the worst of all four. It is not only the very badly textured starting area. The inside areas increased a very bad feeling to me that I can't really describe, the looks are incredibly monochrome sometimes and this is the most serious problem in this level. I think it would have been better if the builder had used 128,128,128 lighting and the way of texturing from the outside areas, then I at least could have enjoyed this level for the gameplay, without the looks disturbing the game. Positively, the builder knows how to place textures, after the start there are not so many mistakes in here. Total: 5,5/10, skilled but strongly betterable." - Rambo (14-Sep-2013)

"This is an action-packed level that took me nearly two hours to complete. It's a well-conceived Peru adventure that's much too dark in much too many places. One of the highlights is an extended sequence opening and closing monkey bar connectors while pushing levers along the way, all to get the first Shiva Key. I never could have managed that one without Jose's walkthrough. Then you have to raise and lower the water level in a room several times after getting the second Shiva Key. I could have done without that kayak ride at the end. Too many currents and traps along the way, and I was unable to dismount in order to get the rather useless ammo that accompanied the final secret. There are several other nice touches in this level, so it's well worth the download. Too bad it's so dark." - Phil (13-May-2013)

"Although this builder masters many things the editor offers and he gives us a varied gameplay I am sorry to say that it doesn't pan out. It is one thing to have everything in your head, quite another to go through a game and doing things in a different order. Maybe this level is not tested? I encountered quite some bugs (like falling through a closed trapdoor) as well as finding out I had to do some things in a certain order. Meaning for me to go back to a saved game and trying to find that order (as in the room with the spiked water and trapdoors). The level is quite dark and I found the lighting quite flat. Needed more flares than I found. Textures also could use some TLC. I also could use more camera work, as sometimes I had no idea what I did by flipping a lever. More the pit as this builder has quite a potential. It did ruin the gameplay for me though." - Gerty (03-May-2013)

"A long level that took almost 2 hours of net gaming time and where I was stuck a few times, but not entirely my fault. The looks are quite average , not only in the short outside area at the beginning even if the setting is more solid after that , yet the lighting is not very good , either absent or not very pleasant. Textures choice hesitate to give the level its complete identity , also some objects do not really fit in overall , such as the Egyptian pushable statue. Enemies placement is efficient. Quite a busy level , sometimes ingenious , with also some more laborious moments. The author masters many things like sinks ,flip maps , mirror room , and various sorts of puzzle, and has creative ideas. Gameplay would have benefitted even more if some annoyances were ironed out. There should be a camera when you push the button after the scales puzzle. There should be one also when you push that button that deactivates the spikes in the falling swords room allowing to go to the mirror room. Lara could fall through the closed trapdoor in that falling swords room. There is no way back possible if you go pushing that button in the river area before having the kayak. In the well made closing trapdoors/monkey swing room , the climbable walls were not consistent as those which are textured with greenery are sometimes climbable and sometimes not. The end of the level I found very hard passing the vortex with the kayak, this was not very fun. (so far, there were no hard actions to perform). Despite these aspects of the game that do not work quite well , a first very promising level from the builder." - eRIC (02-May-2013)

"Here we have a new builder with a good potential. The level is really good, sometimes half lineal and no very hard. There are several defects, like the water in the river, but they don't affect seriously the gameplay. Pretty long game with a lot of tasks to do, some inventive puzzles and a convincent environment. Some areas are too dark, and the maze was not very funny for me, like the room with the long monkeyswings and three switches, but the level is very enjoyable anyway. Looking forward for next creations from this author. Good work." - Jose (23-Apr-2013)

"This is not for the faint hearted, being at times really challenging. It's an extremely good debut level however, filled with cleverly devised and well varied puzzles, agility tests and traps. I most especially enjoyed the action in the room that required flooding and draining to access certain areas and it was nice to see the waterskin puzzle again. Enemies are effectively used and not too numerous. It ends with a kayak ride and I'd forgotten just how tricky those things can be to manoeuvre, especially past sinkholes. The level is slightly buggy in parts, but most enjoyable (well apart from the dark maze) and a very creditable beginning from a builder whose work I definitely want to see more of." - Jay (18-Apr-2013)

"This is another good debut level - which still did not convince me in every aspect as you might guess from the ratings - that in general shows a lot of creative ideas from the builder. First of all, I generally enjoyed the tasks in this level, e.g. the trapdoor/monkeyswing puzzle, the watering/draining of a high room, several pushable puzzles and the great canoe ride that served as a finale to the level, but on the other side there were a couple of things that are tending towards the unfair side, like a large, dark maze (come on, I can't understand why they appear so often in custom levels, since it's certainly a boring task to build it and it's also not fun at all to navigate through it for players) or a button in the river that can be accessed to early resulting in a dead end and the necessity to reload. The secrets I found (four of five) are rather nicely hidden (although one of them has a direct connection to that button I just mentioned) - especially liked the one with the door that has to be closed again - and the enemy placement is quite good, a bat was even able to kill me on a high pillar. The weak point of the level is certainly the visual quality. Nearly all graphical issues I had are already mentioned by the two previous reviewers (oddly with too high ratings IMO compared to what they complained about), so here's my list of things the builder should take into account next time: very darkish ambience - incredibly amateurish starting area - some badly applied textures (wallpapered, streched, misplaced, clashing badly against each other) - rather greyish and dull rooms - chaotic mix between Indian, Egyptian and Peruvian textures and objects - blocky architecture. Some cameras were rather nicely placed especially the fixed one at the end and sound design was solid (though way too loud in several occasions), but more camera hints would've been great since you often can't see what a certain switch does, for example the one that deactivates the fire on the mask receptacle. All in all the nice gameplay ideas although showing really high potential aren't able to fully outweigh the bad ones and the visual gripes so this game rather left me feel disappointed after 75 minutes of gameplay time, I hope the builder is able to do a better job next time." - manarch2 (17-Apr-2013)

"A very good and challenging debut level. The strength of this level is the gameplay and challenges. There's some quite challenging but interesting enigmas. Given that the setting is supposed to be South America, it's a bit unnerving to see Asian Tigers, objects from Egypt and India and textures from Asia and the sub-continent. Texture application is at times a bit under par, and the lighting whilst adequate lacks contrast and is somewhat dull. The author could have improved things by guiding the player a bit better. I was clueless that the button that is accessed after the Scales are solved, had changed anything in the Mask area. I also bypassed a vital button at the end which had me trying to get past a whirlpool that seemed impossible to pass. Although I'm still not sure whether this button actually affected anything at the vortex or whether I just got lucky when I finally was able to pass it. Other switches and doors remained untouched, and I can only assume they served for accessing secrets, which I obviously didn't find. In summary a rewarding couple of nights raiding. As a debut release, the author shows a good mind for gameplay puzzles and traps. The next step is to focus a bit more on aesthetic detail with careful texture application, more dynamic lighting and more selective object choice." - EssGee (16-Apr-2013)

"Is this debut adventure brilliant or evil? That's a verdict that only each individual player can decide,but they will absolutely be guaranteed several hours of extraordinarily well-devised and deeply varied gameplay. Although the initial opening area disappoints,once inside the Temple the gameplay ramps up the challenge to the maximum and the author throws in just about every variety of puzzle and challenge that it's possible to encounter.The room with the trapdoor-monkeyswing ceiling is inspired;as is the water- skin puzzle,and numerous fire and spike challenges.What lets it down is the somewhat buggy nature of the gameplay (I saw two hang levers which I never needed to activate;possibly due to having performed several tasks in an order uninvisaged by the builder);and the dark crawlspace maze was just cheap,after the sheer wealth of imagination displayed elsewhere. As a consequence,a few cameras showing the result of the many switch activations would really have been considerate to the player. Texturing is very good for the most part,although the lighting could have been raised a notch for the ease of the player without spoiling the atmosphere. Enemies were not copious,but appeared at just the right moments;and the overall design of the map is stunning - leading to a wonderful canoe sequence as a suitably fitting Finale. For a first level this is magnificent,and undoubtedly the result of a quite inordinate amount of hard work - but the gameplay takes absolutely no prisoners;and,when combined with a few potentially buggy areas,can really only be recommended 'without reservation' to experienced players.The rest will need a walkthrough..and tons of patience!" - Orbit Dream (15-Apr-2013)
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