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Author(s): Angea
total rating:7.17 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bigfoot 9 9 10 10
Ceamonks890 6 6 5 5
DJ Full 8 10 9 10
Gerty 5 8 7 6
Jorge22 7 7 7 7
Jose 6 7 8 7
manarch2 7 7 5 5
MichaelP 6 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 5 6 7 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Rambo 7 7 7 6
Ryan 6 7 7 8
sonnyd83 6 7 7 8
category averages
(13 reviews)
6.62 7.38 7.31 7.38

Reviewer's comments

"Sooooooooooo underrated... I don't have much against it except from switch overload and constant wish for some open space - if I got some, that would be a blast... There's also a spike softlock however in the very beginning so even if you hit it you don't lose a lot. Also, I simply have to give a 10 for graphics since this is the only level so far which uses weird colors in a way which doesn't give me headache - it seems dark ambience plus monochrome lighting was always the key for such scenarios and it's good I finally found a map which proves that. Brilliant work." - DJ Full (17-Jul-2019)

"Well that was interesting wasn't it....All those weird colours and patterns made my head spin and to be honest it all got a bit overwhelming towards the end. I've no idea where Lara has been transported to but it's nowhere in this universe/dimension that's for sure. It's surprising but this is quite a 'dark' level because of all the oppurtunities Lara has to meet an unfortunate end. There's plenty of spikes, fire, deadly fairies, dogs, drowning whilst trapped between 2 gates, and more. Oh and you sometimes get several of those aforementioned things at the same time, just for the sake of variety. You need to collect 2 weirdly shaped swords and some sort of circular thing we cannot remember the name of. But first you must collect a bunch of gemstones and place in their respective slots, actually you can do them in any order. There's challenges in some of the rooms, but some of them you just go in and pick the thing up! There's also a maze which did my head in, why must secret crawl spaces be hidden so well that only Sherlock Holmes would be able find them? Anyway, the level looks nice enough, it's all very artistic looking. I got 1 hour 25 out of this. It's pretty good if you don't manage to lose your head, I think mine's still in there somewhere though..." - sonnyd83 (29-Aug-2017)

"I don't know what drugs Lara has been smoking but...Man, this is one seriously weird dream. I liked the colourful textures that were used here, they certainly gave the level its psychedelic feel. Gameplay is relatively simple, consisting of a series of mirror room, a few spike traps, flame blowers and sneaky underwater openings. Worth a look if you want something that deviates from the regular Tomb Raider experience." - Ryan (09-Nov-2016)

"You have to admit that Angea is quite talented even if the gameplay she makes might not appeal to you. I don't know if she made several objects but if she did, well I for one will keep an eye on her. Gameplay wise this is not to my liking but on the other hand everything works which is a big plus. The walkthrough walls are still a big NO in my book, and the mirrors were a bit overdone. I have to admit that some tasks were a bit farfetched but then again that is the name of the game." - Gerty (21-Sep-2014)

"Gameplay & Puzzles: The puzzles in this level were good, there were many mirror puzzles and places where you have to look careful. The gameplay was very linear though. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: There are some good enemies and objects, they fit the scenery well, and are well placed. There are no secrets to find. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Liked the surreal setting and the use of colours here, and sounds are nicely used. Architecture is simple and the cameras are few but they are okay. Lighting & Textures: As said the colours are nice but they keep repeating and this is a bit dizzy. The lighting is a bit flat. Total: 6,75/10, a nice surreal level." - Rambo (03-Sep-2014)

"I am a bit surprised this level has so few reviews to date, as it is quite an interesting one to make your way through. The colourful textures and overall atmosphere created works rather well and at 45 minutes it is also not too long or too short. Maybe there are a few too many mirrors and a few too sneakily hidden crawlspaces and levers, but overall it flows smoothly without too much of a challenge along the way, even though the fairies are surprisingly tough enemies. Definitely worth a look for something slightly different from the norm." - MichaelP (07-Feb-2014)

"From reading the reviews I expected more of a challenge than I actually encountered. I played while writing a walkthrough, and I didn't have to consult the stuck thread at all except to verify periodically that I was on the right track. It's all pretty linear, although you can do some of the tasks in random order. It's bright and colorful, which to some raiders is nothing short of anathema, but I enjoyed the luxury of seeing everything around me as I progressed. Enemies are few, although there's a moment where you're beset by eight enemies at the same time, a rather disconcerting experience if you're not playing in god mode. There's one rather sneaky invisible opening in an underwater room that I found by sheer luck, but other than that everything here is rather straightforward and readily achievable by players of all skill levels. Recommended." - Phil (01-Nov-2013)

"Really psychedelic this level but only for the textures and teleporters; there are also a lot of mirror rooms and cool objects, but the gameplay is sometimes obscure like the phantom wall, the hard-to-see small key throwed anywhere or puzzles without hints. I think enemies were not well distributed along the level, sometimes nobody in a series of rooms and suddenly a lot of them appearing in a single small room. The ammo for the revolver was very limited, and the flares (only three) were unuseful lighting only a very short area around Lara. Textures were often with intense colors and too bright, hurting my eyes here and there. The best was the good use of the cameras and sounds, although the last camera repeated itself constantly. Worth to play anyway, it shows an effort to create a good level." - Jose (20-Aug-2013)

"I have no idea what Angea gave me but I've had enough solid (as opposed to more fluid psychedelias) psychedelia for a while. Not that I didn't like it. It's an ok level but in the end, despite all the multicoloured textures, teleporters and mirrors (and I did enjoy the mirror rooms), it ends up being rather classic in disguise. It does make you scratch your head once in a while but not always for the very best reasons, as in the pool with an invisible triangular passage you cannot spot in the mirror or a less harmful almost invisible crawlspace in a small maze. Still, I did enjoy my prizes, the sword and the rest. It's just more like the Psychedelic Furs than it is any true psychedelic band from the sixties, if you get my meaning..." - Jorge22 (08-Aug-2013)

"Starting up the game, my first impressions didn't start out well with the title screen being shown as a boxed-in room with a few objects placed in for good measure, but with seemingly no doors or windows for Lara to leave through and a flyby camera that glitches through one of the walls, shattering the convincing atmosphere that this title screen could have conveyed as a result. I will give some praise to the builder though in animating Lara tossing and turning while she's sleeping on the bed during the title screen, as it subtly conveys that the following level we are about to step into, is just a dream and never actually happened to Lara at all. Sure, this can work against the game but in my opinion, it works well in its favour. Beginning the proper adventure, it presents the levelset as more of a mixed bag, with Lara seemingly on an acid trip of sorts searching this ethereal world for some equally ethereal artifacts with names such as 'Magic erserne' for whatever reason. Gameplay is for the most part quite balanced although can become frustrating, due to obscurely hidden switches, doors or important items being difficult to spot without the use of the mirrors in certain puzzles or a keen eye for certain details with many solutions coming out of simple trial and error, which may prompt many players to stop playing. Enemies on offer in this level include bloodthirsty fairies out for Lara, as well as a flock of Butterfree and packs of Ninetails which originate originally from the Pokemon series, with seemingly no secrets to find amongst all the gems and keys you have to collect before the game is over. Now, while this is all a dream to Lara, that doesn't mean I can excuse the flat lighting in some rooms, random object choices and inconsistent texturing(which although does fit the dream-like atmosphere the builder is trying to create, may be bothersome to some due to the lack of a consistent tone throughout the adventure), but in my case, I didn't find it much of a annoyance to make me stop playing the game entirely and managed to complete it in around 42 minutes, admiring the artifacts I collected with credits rolling in the background, before moving Lara forward to officially end the level. In conclusion, I still found this level to be worth the time playing, which is definitely something for a builder's first release. While many elements fall flat(such as unfairly hidden switches/doors/items, majority of the music being hard to hear due to the constantly playing ambience track or the general lack of memorable moments), it makes up for in clever use of mirror puzzles and some challenging trap rooms to overcome." - Ceamonks890 (28-Jul-2013)

"This is a remarkable first level of the builder. It's a most of the time straightforward level with a row of interesting tasks, I enjoyed myself a lot here especially in the mirror rooms in which some puzzles were tending to be extremely difficult, but always logical. The fairytale-like enemies and the custom objects fitted very nicely to the scenery, but I think that the atmosphere relies too much on those fancy and colourful objects. Even if the level only lasts 35 minutes, I'd strongly recommend you to play this one in smaller doses, because the setting can be a bit of overwhealming if you are playing too much of it at once, and I had the same feeling of annoyance as if I had to listen to a noisy song until the very end of a level, thus I think the builder should have made the looks much more diverse. I couldn't find many "technical" problems with the textures, but admittedly all those unicolours aren't really hard to apply without fault. It's a very good debut nonetheless and I recommend it for the puzzles alone, but for me a bit less psychedelicness would have been much better." - manarch2 (27-Jul-2013)

"It's the first time I play a Psychedelic level and this little Psychedelic Dream was a very nice stroll. The adventure start by a beautiful title who showing Lara who is sleeping in a bed and after that we enter in the dream. This level is not really hard but some objects, switchs and corridors are very well hidden. But if you search correctly and if you are logic, I assure you it's not difficult. I really like the 3 beautiful quest items and the teleporters. Theses objects are fabulous. There are a lot of enemies sometimes so be warning, saves your ammos and your health when they appear. Some scary moment when they appear ^^. The textures are wonderful. We are a mix of psychedelic textures with grass and flowers objects for a very good effect and design for the game. The news musics are also very well use and give a originale touch to the level. We are lucky, the game is not really dark, so each players can easily founds everything in the level without use torchs or pistols. So to conclude, a very nice debut level with everything to do a perfect adventure: a title, a great level and a beautiful credit sequence at the end ;). Exellent job Angea! Very recommanded!" - BigFoot (27-Jul-2013)

"This is definitely an 'acquired taste' level,and I'm sure there are many hardy and resilient souls out there who will adore this;but the combination of bright pastel colour textures and gameplay which relies rather heavily on unmarked crawlspaces may prove just too annoying for some.Not that there aren't great moments in here,though.The custom enemies were fun,and some of the puzzles were well clue'd;the lighting,although dark in places,was at least vibrant and matched the garish texturing;while cameras were used well.For a relatively stress free experience I would recommend playing this with the Walkthrough to hand while wearing a pair of sunglasses." - Orbit Dream (26-Jul-2013)
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