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Author(s): Tr1997
total rating:2.42 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 2 2 2 2
DJ Full 3 4 5 2
Gerty 2 3 2 2
High Priestess 2 1 2 2
Jay 2 2 2 2
Jose 4 4 5 4
manarch2 2 2 2 3
MichaelP 5 5 3 3
Orbit Dream 1 2 1 2
Ryan 1 2 2 1
totizedger 2 2 2 2
Treeble 2 2 2 2
category averages
(12 reviews)
2.33 2.58 2.50 2.25

Reviewer's comments

"If you like them big, check this one out. I don't think opera halls get any bigger than this. Not only it's entirely boxy, it's also very monotonous as far as looks go and generally speaking very empty, so all you do is proceed from one area to the next mowing down a number of baddies (my statistics screen said 52 kills). On the plus side, it was very straightforward, so there's that. 45 minutes. 06/17" - Treeble (18-Jun-2017)

"This is supposedly a variation of the Opera House from TR2, but it is so badly done, it is hard to tell. Sloppy texturing, tedious gameplay and too many enemies at one time. I'm struggling to find anything positive about it, sorry." - Ryan (08-Apr-2016)

"I couldn't believe this took me exactly as much time as the original Opera House, while containing almost nothing except crucial items, weapons and mafia. Not only it's so repetitive I was grateful for every crate which wasn't pushable - except the one filling subsequent gaps, quite creative - but it also drags unimaginably, to eventually register one hour in stats, because the map is just oversized and I mean OVERSIZED, as in at least three or four times. Distances between triggers can be measured in hundreds of meters and that mistake when twin holes surround a door but only one key is needed while another one opens something else is also here. As I paid attention to predictable design, at that moment I noticed nothing around might be left to check apart from that particular door so I just tried it, but any player unexperienced in such flaws might have a serious problem. In the end a weird paradox struck me: while atmosphere is non-existent, texturing is almost extinct and lighting isn't even born, then enemies, sound and cameras are unexplainably great and I really have no idea how such a difference in quality of various elements could have been achieved in a single level by a single builder." - DJ Full (03-Feb-2016)

"Achingly huge rooms,massive backtracking,tediously long pushable non-puzzles,wallpapered textures,no lighting.It's not very encouraging,is it? Hang on,though;there is some interesting progression in the first half of the level;and the enemy encounters are usually heavyweight and need a degree of strategy to get through.Unfortunately,this is nowhere near enough for a recommendation.It will still be 70 minutes of your life wasted." - Orbit Dream (17-Sep-2015)

"Playing through the third level released by Tr1997 on the same exact day, I have to ask. Was the builder even bothering to try and create a level that was legitimately fun, tense and exciting for people to actually go through or was it to just add another bad level to his increasingly poor track record at the time? Sure, there have been some improvements made here and there, but it still isn't sufficient enough to make it even worth bothering with any more than his earlier releases. Overall, this is just another levelset from Elnur that still cannot be made worth recommending to anybody, unless you need to find a quick way to become as easily bored as possible. But then again, why would you even want to do so in the first place?" - Ceamonks890 (11-Sep-2014)

"You really know things are bad when you start remembering Cain's spam levels with comparative fondness - at least they did have an element of quirky humour. Playing the TR2 levels from this builder really amounts to a chore best undertaken by reviewers and/or complete masochists. I really would implore the builder to make much more compact games and concentrate on some interesting gameplay elements before releasing another level." - Jay (09-Sep-2013)

"This is the last of the triptych I played and it was the longest one. Again it has nothing to do with an opera or an opera building and again huge empty rooms and the main goal is shooting enemies and gathering stuff to proceed. There are some pushable puzzles and they are OK although it could be quite annoying if you have to do them twice just in case you made a mistake." - Gerty (05-Sep-2013)

"It seems that this builder is getting better. At least here there are some block puzzles and some rooms are not very huge; also the amount of ammo was enough but not too much. But still there is excessive backtracking, very empty rooms and all the panels decorated with the same texture tile getting a monotonous environment. Your goal here is to reach the bottom of the opera where some strong guys are waiting for you. Not really sure what's the item at the end of the very loooooong corridor Lara couldn't pick up; a gem?" - Jose (04-Sep-2013)

"I have now completed the four TR2 adventures that this (presumably young) new builder has released within a week and indeed the review for each for each of these can almost use the exact same words; so - much like the builder copied one oversized, unlit, wallpaper textured and empty room after the next in his levels, I will copy this review text for each of his levels as well. What you get is a LOT (and I mean a LOT) of running around. Distances are large and backtracking happens often, only interrupted by occasional switches or key pickups and rather many bad guys that need to be killed. This particular Level at least offers a few more platforming jumps along the way which were quite fun, but then also a few very, very tedious push block exercises. [54 min, 52 kills]" - MichaelP (03-Sep-2013)

"This level is slightly better than his Out Monastery by gameplay but still it is very tedious. Textures are wallpapered and monotonous. Took alot of time to go through this level because of the size of the rooms. Some backtracking to the keyhole wasn't enjoyable. There wasn't enough ammo but medipacks were enough though. I am still curious about what he can deliver in the future. The level started out fine and what i like is that there is music in the level as all the other levels i've played had no music. It is a little bit better than his other levels but it's still not recommended though." - totizedger (02-Sep-2013)

"I am really sorry to have to give this level such a low score but technical merit has to be awarded as it applies so that better builders can truly deserve their higher scoring and other, less adept builders can take the low scores to help them to feel the need to aim higher. Sometimes though, one does not mind familiar textures but the title is a little deceiving because what made the original Opera House level in TRII was the fact that it was actually quite an ambient level. Here we see only the curtain, carpet and floor designs and nothing else. To have to go to all of the trouble to climb the ladder and run half a mile to find a key to a door that effectively, when open, triggers the level-end is beyond disappointing, not that I was (if honest), particularly looking forward to yet more vast rooms to drown myself in. Please, don't feel this was harsh Tr1997 because you clearly like to produce levels but take the advice given by others on the Review Staff and maybe downsize the rooms and concentrate on adding a little bit more ambience and gameplay :-)" - High Priestess (01-Sep-2013)

"If you played any other level of this builder (he was so generous to release three more levels on the same day), you'll quite know what to expect in this level - oversized and mostly blocky rooms with wallpaper texturing, flat lighting and tedious progression. This one is no difference, although I think that the gameplay in this level has slightly improved towards Fake Dagger. The backtracking, although still quite prominent (the return to the keyhole to open a door near where you found the key was a big no), is reduced a bit and the game focuses a bit more on block puzzles. Some of them are okay, while others are streched out too much and thus get really boring. Still way too many enemies and still enough health reserves but not enough ammo; I decided to give a point more to the last category because the placement is a little bit more realistic and aptly chosen for the various, despite being badly applied mostly. There also was a sense of atmosphere in the high room where you have to get to the bottom, but it's way too large to call it decent. Overall maybe a better choice than the builder's debut, because it isn't that long (40 minutes) and a notch better in terms of quality." - manarch2 (27-Aug-2013)
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