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Author(s): Tr1997
total rating:4.17 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 5 6 6 5
Ceamonks890 3 3 3 3
DJ Full 4 6 7 3
manarch2 4 4 3 3
MichaelP 4 5 4 3
Phil 6 5 7 5
Ryan 4 4 4 3
Topixtor 3 3 3 3
Treeble 4 4 4 4
category averages
(9 reviews)
4.11 4.44 4.56 3.56

Reviewer's comments

"This levelset is essentially a dumbed down version of the official Golden Mask expansion game, as you end up travelling through similar locations, right through to the Vegas level. There is a step in the right direction over "The Last Emperor" because at least the length has been greatly reduced and there's slightly more of a variation between the task. The first level (The Summit), I'll be blunt, was far too boring, but I actually quite liked the third (The Temple of the Golden Mask) as there are some quite original gameplay tasks on offer (I liked the breakable tile runs). Enemies are generally well placed, although they do tend to gang up on you at times, secrets seemed to be nonexistent, while sound usage wasn't at all bad. Textures and lighting are still very repetitive though and the rooms are still too huge. Overall, still not yet a decent piece of work, but who knows, we may see something really good in the future, as this had the glimmer of something good." - Ryan (16-Jun-2018)

"Since it's a Gold to The Last Emperor I played both in a row for a full picture - and I'm glad it's done already: everything I said about the previous levelset, including too many permastuck places and unpicked pickups which I forgot to mention, can be pasted here from my comments on Part 1. Only this time I guess the best part of this 3-hour raid is the starting room where every corner brings a weapon surprise. Later it's just a rapid downhill followed by insane repetition of keys, switches and enemies, however again the latter come in usual combinations, so if you love shooter games and don't care about the vistas just go for it, you won't regret. (I kinda don't and do..)" - DJ Full (29-Sep-2017)

"Having just finished Fake Dagger, I'm confident this is the spiritual expansion pack (if that makes sense). What you get here is, essentially, a knock-off of the original TR2Gold levels. However, there's a major difference to the author's other effort, this actually isn't all bad. Ok, the first level (The Summit) was awful " I wished I'd never complained about the boxy rooms as what we were given here is a lot of weird looking areas, very annoying to navigate as we try to locate brown levers in all-brown walls. Such fun! If you make it past this awful entry point, the rest of the levels are actually a lot more manageable, though they can still be a bore sometimes with insanely long climbs and lots of running through generally empty rooms. It's not the best levelset you'll ever play, but definitely not the worst, and I somewhat enjoyed Stalingrad and Temple of the Golden Mask. Generally speaking it's a very straightforward set of levels, although time consuming and could still use a lot more polish. 120 minutes. 06/17" - Treeble (04-Jun-2017)

"Much of the gameplay in this game is about pulling switches and finding keys to, obviously, open doors. But there are also some nice parts with traps and enemies. Riding the snowmobiles was entertaining. Sometimes you get confused because the textures are repetitive and is hard to spot some alcoves. This game is similar to Golden Mask, especially the third and fourth levels. 2 hours, 30 minutes and there are no secrets!" - alan (06-Nov-2016)

"Yes, it's TR2 (ALL of this builder's releases have been TR2) and yes, it's crude, but it provides some substantial entertainment, and that's all I ask of any level. There are four separate levels here in distinctive settings, and each could have been released as a standalone. Manarch2 has provided an otherwise thoroughly documented walkthrough, but if the concluding stats are to be believed he missed all six secrets. Doesn't seem very likely in my opinion. Anyway, I'll never replay this one, and I don't feel overly motivated to try out the builder's earlier TR2 releases, but I had a good time playing these levels one and actually looked forward to firing up my computer between sessions so I could resume the game." - Phil (12-Apr-2016)

"So yeah, this currently final release from Tr1997 is essentially what would happen if TR2 Gold was made by an amateur game designer over the course of a couple of days and then potentially released to market for all to salvage shortly afterwards. Don't get me wrong though. While there have been at least some actual noticeable efforts made by Elnur for once in trying to make his levels more player-friendly(such as toning down the overall length considerably or adding some more traps into the fray to name a few), its still at the very core, a rather mundane and not very fun experience. Texturing is still fairly repetitive, lighting is still practically non-existent, rooms are still a tad bit too big and blocky(on top of feeling generally empty and devoid of much life) and the gameplay still relies a bit too much on the tried-and-true switch pulling and enemy slaughtering formula of the past couple of levels released prior, in an attempt to keep the potential player engaged(though not greatly in its favor.) In conclusion, while definitely a step in the right direction overall, this levelset is still considerably far-off from being anywhere close to recommendable for anyone to actually have fun with. Hopefully we'll start to see a level released by Tr1997 someday that is actually worthy of the Tomb Raider title at some point in the future(perhaps even under the more popular TR4 engine?) But as it is, I suppose we'll just have to wait and see." - Ceamonks890 (11-Sep-2014)

"Just as his previous release, this is another levelset of this builder I left with mixed feelings. It definately is another step upwards since the overall length is reduced quite a bit and the builder has concentrated on more interesting gameplay ideas and challenging trap passages (there are several rather nice gauntlets in the third level) but - nevertheless - then there are still lots of rather tedious passages and design errors, especially several easy to get stuck-for-good moments if you haven't done things in the right order - there are lots of survivable drops here, with one you're able to skip nearly the whole last level. The design stays rather crude and simplistic throughout, and even some attempts to create non-blocky rooms somewhat fail to impress, but the room connections as such are still rather nice. Visually, the level has improved ever so slightly, because the rooms don't look so sameish anymore and the amount of texturing mistakes is a bit reduced, but the wallpaper effects and flat lighting are still existing problems. The overall impression makes me think the builder is working in the right direction, although he still has to improve heavily to create a decent level someaday. 2:30 hours, no secrets." - manarch2 (25-Nov-2013)

"The Summit (5/4/4/2, 40 min): Kind of a continuation from the middle part of 'The Last Emperor' with snow leopards, eagles, baddies, rolling snowballs and plenty of switches and snowmobile riding. There is even a little push puzzle and some breaktile running included.
Stalingrad (4/4/3/2, 36 min): More of the same with a few tougher battles on the snowmobile (always fun). This part is extremely heavy on switches and cards to use.
Temple of the Golden Mask (5/4/4/4, 49 min): Nice change of colour to mainly blue and gold and some decent action with moving spikewalls, boulders, pushables and breaktiles. I especially liked the room with the breaktiles over spikes run - probably the most original gameplay element in the entire level building history of this author. There is a deadend here if you do not find all three required golden gems before you slide down to the two monks.
Las Vegas (4/5/4/3, 25 min): You lose all your inventory for this last part, but that is not really an issue. Wacky Vegas textures are kind of fun, the gameplay again very simple, but with the highlight of killing a T-Rex and then a big bird for the rather abrupt ending.
All in all, an ever so slightly more refined effort by this builder, but still far away from being a truly entertaining raid, despite a few fun action moments with the good old TR2 enemies." - MichaelP (09-Nov-2013)

"Before this level gets the same destiny as 'The last Emperor', let's review it now. The author, once again, managed to create a bad looking AND boring set of levels, where, AGAIN, the only good things were SOME battles with the awesome enemies of TR2 Gold. The author continues to use TR2 songs but they feel bad in these places. This time some rooms are a bit less blocky than usual, but lighting is still completely absent and the textures are as always wallpapered. In this particular levelset, this should have been DIFFICULT to do, because TR2 Gold textures are the most varied and colorful of every original set of textures ('Furnace of the Gods' one has like 5 or 6 different ladder textures). I just can't believe that the author managed to bring the monotony to the TR2 Gold world! A game that's so original and varied even nowdays, transformed in a horrible mass of squared and one colored rooms, filled with enemies, switches and bugs. Also the equivalent of 'Kingdom' was missing. Probably, the author didn't manage to make one. Everytime I play one of this kind of levelsets, I kinda lose my desire to play TR. So short time after having played 'Search for the Golden Mask' by the talented Seth94, and comparing it with this, I simply felt lost. One of my favourite TR worlds ruined like that... What a pity. Even if this is surely but vaguely better than his first relase, I think the author is just ruining his reputation. Try to build something serious, that can be called 'Tomb Raider', or consider uninstalling the level editor forever." - Topixtor (08-Nov-2013)
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