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Author(s): Quentin
total rating:1.38 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 2 1 2 1
Ceamonks890 0 2 1 1
DJ Full 2 2 1 2
Gerty 1 2 1 1
High Priestess 1 2 2 2
Jay 2 2 2 2
Jose 1 1 1 1
Larabiker301 1 2 1 1
manarch2 1 1 0 1
MichaelP 0 2 1 2
Orbit Dream 1 2 1 2
Ryan 1 2 1 2
category averages
(12 reviews)
1.08 1.75 1.17 1.50

Reviewer's comments

"A short level consisting of killing lots of enemies inside some blueish boxes, among other colors. Some of the enemies appear from nowhere. There's only a canopic jar to find and a key that has no use in this level. Not recommended." - alan (21-Nov-2018)

"Very slightly longer than the previous offering, but aside from a couple of coloured lighting experiments and more sparsity between the ammo and weaponry pickups, there's no real noticeable differences between them. Admittedly, it was somewhat cathartic to blow up groups of crocodiles with the grenade launcher and there's a very small "item to open door" puzzle, but it's still not my kind of level." - Ryan (14-Jun-2018)

"Again paper walls, missed textures, square rooms and the use of the "texture walls", "texture floor" and "texture ceiling" buttons. The game is only about pickup guns and ammo, shoot a lot of enemies and open a door at the end (I finished with a key in the backpac). Nothing more. For me was bored and tedious." - Jose (22-Jun-2014)

"Released only a mere 6 days after the previous level, what's been improved in this sequel to the builder's initial debut? To be perfectly honest, not all that much. Outside of a crawlspace at the beginning, a small simple puzzle in the form of collecting a canopic jar to open a door and picking up a 'hypostyle' key that seemingly goes unused, there's not much available here in terms of variety to diversify from the seemingly-endless amounts of tedious shooting(which I believe has actually gotten worse, since the builder's first release!). Instead of harpies and undead skeletons, as in the builder's previous release, we get crocodiles, ninjas and scorpions to fight in this sequel instead. But that doesn't make playing this levelset any more fun, as there's often so many enemies on screen at once, that they seem to appear and disappear as soon as you enter a different area. And just like the first game, opening the door with the acquired canopic jar leads us to a room that ends the game anticlimactically and ultimately, comes across as a massive time waster. While it did take me longer to complete this level compared to its predecessor, extending gameplay time by having players kill a seemingly-endless amount of enemies is just a very poor way to do it. Outside of the issues I've described, nothing but the lighting has seemed to have had an overhaul in some form since the last release, as there is still wallpapered textures throughout, a lot of unnecessarily huge boxy rooms, still no sign of a proper story etc. In conclusion, I hope that we'll eventually get to see this builder create something with some actual substance in future and therefore be actually worth more of a player's time, as constantly shooting enemies gets really old, really fast!" - Ceamonks890 (17-Feb-2014)

"I actually enjoyed this one better than the first of this nature by the same builder, perhaps namely because I was able to defeat it without losing more than three quarters of Lara's health and using only the pistols. Basically a lot of back flipping and then jumping & rolling mid-air over the ninjas to keep ahead. Having large rooms enables Lara to put distance between herself and the various forms of enemy." - High Priestess (11-Feb-2014)

"Again very boxy rooms and loads of enemies appearing out of thin air, right in front of your nose. Fun was to trigger as much of them and then blow them up with one grenade." - Gerty (06-Feb-2014)

"Even better than Part 1. This time even a puzzle was included, the finish is less surprising and baddy usage varies significantly, however the amount of ammo provided still doesn't match the number of enemies attacking and the corridors are way too long as for such a short game. All the rest is the very same as in Part 1, only instead of unmarked spikes we have unmarked burning floor :D Recommended!" - DJ Full (05-Feb-2014)

"I thought it would be hard for this level to be less marvellous than the first in this mini series, but the setting is even worse than in the previous level, with a mindless connection of squaric rooms, 90 % of the level being textured with a single texture (both resulting in such a bad room climate that I decided to give a zero to atmosphere), weird "experiments" with the room lighting and some wildly placed enemy triggers. I must say that the debut level at least had some effectively placed enemies, but in here it was rather ... crude. The only real idea in this level was to open the door after all enemies in this room were killed (but it's marred by the unmarked death tile in this room), which is pretty much the only real task in this level which again ended fairly abruptly after 5 minutes." - manarch2 (03-Feb-2014)

"Slightly longer than the first level, this is still very short and pretty much a repeat performance, with more huge empty rooms, even more enemies, albeit different types this time, and more varied fire power. If you like shooters, you might find this therapeutic, but apart from the fun of blowing things up with the grenade gun, this wasn't really my cup of tea." - Jay (03-Feb-2014)

"Another 10 minutes of mindless shooting in empty square rooms. This time there really is a LOT of killing to be done, but the grenade launcher and the revolver help deal with the myriads of ninjas, crocodiles and scorpions and you can also just ignore many of them and run away. The only other remarkable thing is an effort at using colourful lighting, which is almost overdone and there is key to find that I never had to use anywhere." - MichaelP (02-Feb-2014)

"There are many custom level sequels out there which the community would absolutely love to see.There's also this one.The Karnak mix of enemies is different to the previous offering,and the amount of ammo and weaponry is somewhat sparser.You could construe this as being a more effective gameplay element,but it's still easy to despatch every enemy with relative ease - or even ignore many completely.Everything has been constructed at great speed,but at least some attempt has been made to experiment with coloured lighting;which,I suppose,shows progress.Nonetheless,12 minutes of relentlessly predictable yet somewhat cathertic killing." - Orbit Dream (02-Feb-2014)

"Another level from Quentin that features shooting...and shooting...and more shooting (where does Lara get all these bullets). You run through the level dispatching ninja after ninja, croc after croc, with the addition of scorpions. The textures are wallpapered and a few missing and the lighting is a bit colorful but nothing else special is done to it. There were some technical problems as well; the amount of baddies triggered at the same time (not due to me running away 'cause I did prompt to kill everything that was triggered) is known to take up a huge chunk of memory which will cause enemies to disappear and reappear which was not frustrating to me but is still something to point out. Overall-Simply a shooter, Time-5-10mins, Difficulty-Easy, Secrets-0/0." - Larabiker301 (02-Feb-2014)
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