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Author(s): Leonvdn
total rating:9.20 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 8 8 9 10
Drakan 9 9 9 10
Jay 10 9 9 10
Jose 9 10 10 10
manarch2 8 9 8 9
McRaider 10 10 10 10
MegaGamer 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 9 9 9 9
Orbit Dream 8 8 9 9
Phil 8 9 9 8
requiemsoul 8 8 9 9
Ryan 9 9 9 10
The Boo 9 9 9 10
category averages
(14 reviews)
8.93 9.07 9.21 9.57

Reviewer's comments

"If you're looking for full-ahead gameplay, well, you found it. From start to finish this level lets up. The gameplay offers a surprising amount for such a short time (not the shortest of the SS5 levels, though. This took me close to 35 minutes). Deadly elevators, spike traps, treacherous flame blowers, platforming sequences and plenty of opportunities to utilise Lara's new moves. The main focus here is on Lara's athletic ability, rather than brain-teasing exercises, but it's none the worse for that." - Ryan (20-Jul-2017)

"One of the most mysterious level builders gives another dose of unusualness but this time I don't get what it means because the Team skipped all storylines - what might work in recognizable scenery, but not within entirely fresh content: we don't know what place we explore, what people live there, who Amojan is, what he does and what special property his Stone has. Textures look like bits of Tibetan slash Sumerian slash Greek and the enemies match the latter, but it's all a wild guess. Another weird tendency of the Team to include less and less secrets culminates here with none at all, a great opportunity wasted to include solid immersive background, and just like in Dragon of Alexandria the action exclusively takes place in narrow corridors. As follows, the only surviving bits of discovery are opening the golem gate and getting the final stone, both quite satisfying after creative and effortful trap challenges. An extra point I award for the most satisfying wooden spike sound I'm able to recall. SUMMARY: After playing all Skribblerz Stonez, I see it began with serious diversity but then the builders started to mimic each other including each other's mistakes. This time not even Leon resisted, so I played a very nice map with one question left: what was it about?" - DJ Full (07-Mar-2017)

"Fantastic architekture, wunderful textures and a nearly perfect soundtrack combined with linear and sometimes challenging gamplay. If you also like egyptian levels play this one." - The Boo (07-Feb-2016)

"For me the best of all this set of levels. Impressive objects, nice texturization, well choosen musics, variety of enemies and guns, correct cameras, good architecture, tasks not too difficult but not too easy... A level you can't miss. Thanks Leon!" - Jose (13-Jan-2015)

"Good level but less interesting than his fantastic previous maps. A bit lineal and short." - requiemsoul (07-Jan-2015)

"There is just something in the way Leon connects the tasks that resonates really well with me, so yet again I had a ball through his inventive and engaging sequence of Trials in this sadly too short adventure of just above 35 minutes for me. Very interesting how the builder creates the Illusion of three dimensional objects and in many places manages to get rid of the classic boxy feeling of rooms, although sometimes it almost seemed a bit too much for my taste. Enemies are a bit of a non-factor and I did not find any secrets, but it was still a great, short raid while it lasted. Not to be missed." - MichaelP (24-Dec-2014)

"Level very catchy with excellent gameplay. Objects, textures, atmosphere, everything is very well done. Some places are a little dark but the light matches indefinitely.Excellent" - Drakan (26-Oct-2014)

"With this builder it's needless to say on how great the object and texture sets are and how wonderful they're integrated into the setting. This level is basically one large trap sequence that takes on for just about 20 minutes before it comes to an unceremonious and premature end. Just like in his previous levels the fast pace and the small scale of the rooms prevent a certain kind of immersion to let this level receive top marks, but what is present here is done with profession and I thoroughly enjoyed the various jumps, the use of elevators, moving fires and trying out the various new moves. Since this game is pretty short there's luckily no feeling of tedium with the platforming, and it's varied enough to keep you interested to the end. The enemy attacks were effective, one thing is why there aren't any secrets in this level? Anyway a reasonably well done effort and for the short time it has an enourmous amount of gameplay, so if you're searching for a not very complex game to twist your fingers a bit, this might be the perfect choice." - manarch2 (30-Aug-2014)

"Again a great level who I think it is a pity to do not give more of 10 10 10 10 ... but 11 is impossible. Like the previous Skribblerz stone of the author, this game is a jewel with a perfect use of Meta2tr to give more realistic atmosphere to the level. The news textures are aslo very well use with a perfect choise of textures. The news objects are also very well build ... personnaly I hope a day build objects as good as this adventure. It's also with a great pleasure we discovred the musics of GAME OF THRONE and I LOVE Game of Throne :D. One more level to keep on your computer. Recommended for everyone because the gameplay is not really hard and can be play even by the beginners. Don't miss it. Another jewel building by Leonvdn." - Bigfoot (26-Aug-2014)

"I'm not a fan of trapfests, where you feel obliged to save after each advance, no matter how slight, and that's what this one is. However, the builder has considerately placed a water source near many of his ubiquitous flame blowers, and since I play in god mode I found it saved a little time in my lazier moments to perform the required tasks in a leisurely fashion while engulfed in flames, and then to take a refreshing quick dip before moving on to the next area. Even so, and even with the help of Dutchy's well-written walkthrough, it took a bit more 50 net gaming minutes for me to reach the end. Most if not all of the action takes place in a dark indoor setting, so there's none of the lush jungle scenery that you get in the other SS5 levels for a welcome boost in the ambience department. Still, it's a well crafted raid that definitely keeps your full attention at all times and serves as a fitting cap to a very entertaining set of levels. Recommended." - Phil (24-Aug-2014)

"This is probably the most enjoyable of this particular Skribblerz Stones series,as it's easy to follow;completely linear;and all about tricky-ish jumps and fun gauntlets.There are very few places where you actually need to ponder where you need to go,or how to get there;but the challenge lies in achieving these particular aims.The environments are built almost entirely to facilitate this style of gameplay,and in a lesser level would look contrived;but it's a testament to the skill of this builder that you rarely question the architectural implausibilities as you're simply having too much fun!The texturing is superb;while the lighting is atmospheric - although the all- pervading 'ominous gothic darkness' of every level in this series does get a little wearisome after a while.Enemies are fairly limited,but their comparative absence isn't missed;while cameras always assist. This is an enjoyable hour long agility test;although those looking for a few actual puzzles may be a little disappointed." - Orbit Dream (06-Aug-2014)

"Trials indeed. There are some wonderfully inventive traps and tricks going on here. This may be the last (at least in the order I played) level in the Scribblerz Stones set, but it most certainly isn't the least. It really is the most satisfying gameplay with slightly under an hour of action packed raiding that might just leave you a little breathless. Really, everything about this level was just to my taste and I can't recommend it highly enough." - Jay (23-Jul-2014)

"A very entertaining and excellent level in my opinion. Architecture, textures and lighting are perfect and recreates a breathable atmosphere...for my eyes a pleasure...the gameplay is entertaining with not many tasks difficult to complete which makes it very fluid...I have enjoyed a great game and certainly a level recommended, thanks Leonvdn!" - McRaider (20-Jul-2014)

"What a beautiful level this is! The gameplay was outstanding, objects were great, the atmosphere was breathtaking, and textures were well placed, and the level was well lit. Probably the best Skribblerz Stonez level out there! Recommended!" - MegaGamer (18-Jul-2014)
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