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Author(s): GMac
total rating:7.72 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 7 7 9 8
Gerty 7 8 8 8
JesseG 7 8 8 9
Jose 7 7 8 9
manarch2 7 7 8 7
MichaelP 7 8 7 8
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 9
Ryan 7 7 8 9
category averages
(9 reviews)
7.11 7.44 8.00 8.33

Reviewer's comments

"This is a short level at 30 minutes, but it's a good one. There's some effective use of the sliding tiles that we don't see very often, and the lengthy course near the end is fairly challenging. I liked the device of stepping into colored lights to be transported elsewhere, one such sequence being essential for obtaining the only secret in the level. I don't recall a single flare pickup, but the lighting was such that you never really needed to light one. The museum itself is a vast sprawling expanse, but Dutchy's clear and concise walkthrough kept me on track throughout. Recommended despite its brevity." - Phil (08-Oct-2017)

"The same old style from George, a good architecture, well ornated and textured rooms, create a good atmosphere with lights, musics and flybys, and no very hard tasks (well, this time the jump from the elevator-tile to the opposite side of the pit was a bit tricky). As usual, very few enemies to shoot and few pickups; this time I think he was out of ideas and abused of the sliding floor puzzles. Anyway a solid level nice to play to have a good time. Take a try." - Jose (25-Sep-2017)

"This second level is much more compact than the first. Lara must explore a mostly deserted museum (although a few coyotes and a guide make an appearance) to reach the next Skribblerz Stone. There's a lot of sliding activities to perform as well as rotating flamethrowers to avoid and some raising platforms to negotiate. The looks here are not as grey as in George's other levels (not that that's a disadvantage) but I was pleased to see some more colourful scenery. A nice little level." - Ryan (07-Jun-2017)

"Identical questions as for the old version but now it looks more like a museum with exhibit cases, while the challenges got more varied and creative. There is less of long running, the end is strong with so rarely seen ocb 128 and we get an aftermath as well. I had just one trouble: finding the dog platform despite of the hint which should show the ladder instead. SUMMARY: I like the revision more, it left me more satisfied than not. A nice run." - DJ Full (01-Mar-2017)

"If you've played the first Museum level by George you are on familiar grounds. The sliding floors (yes plural) one has to do here are rather fun, even when I died a few times. Felt a bit sorry for the coyotes stuck upon the roof, poor beasts must be starving. I had to put them down in order to get the so needed key, so they are out of their misery. There is a boss fight at the end, those can be a pain in the behind, but this one was rather fun I have to admit." - Gerty (13-Jan-2017)

"In the second level of this release, it's time to raid a museum full of elevator platforms, slippery floors, and nasty enemies all trying to send Lara to her doom. My favorite part was the texturing, I felt the author knew just what to put in every room. But one thing from stopping me from giving a perfect score in that category is that I felt the lighting was a little too gray-scale throughout - some more color would have made the looks pop a bit more. The combat was pretty intense (in a good way) near the end and the secrets (well, the one I managed to find) felt satisfying to find. The biggest drawback I would say is the short length, making it feel like things ended right when the going gets good, especially considering almost all of the level takes place in just one chamber. Still, a nice raid that gives some bang for its buck. Time: 30 minutes." - SSJ6Wolf (22-Oct-2015)

"This is pretty similar to the first Museum level,but with a considerably more compact playing area which,in turn,allows for a somewhat faster feeling of gameplay progression.Not that any of the tasks on offer are particularly challenging (indeed many important key objects just seem to be lying around in your path),but the athletic sliding and jumping sequences create a more action oriented feel to the game.In one case,the builder seemed so pleased to have mastered the sliding floor set- up that he used it twice more in very quick succession,but always with a good sense of fun.Atmospherically,this was another 'pervasive gothic grey' level,which seems to be de-rigueur for this builder.Perhaps that's a disadvantage,but it never fails to do its job.Texturing is as superb as expected,while the enemies (although not frequently used) are placed carefully;and the level builds to a decent enough Finale. None of GMacs adventures outstay their welcome,and this one came in at a perfectly compact thirty minutes - which means that no-one has an excuse to ignore it!" - Orbit Dream (01-Dec-2014)

"Indeed rather brief - even shorter than the original Museum level that I played just before this one, but nonetheless great fun while it lasts. Lots of deja vu here in comparison to the first part - including a lot of empty space to traverse - and then a nice addition with the sliding elements and moving elevator. Thanks to the camera guidance you will probably never wonder for Long what to do next and none of the tasks bears any real challenge, so this is suitable for players of all kinds. It ends after just over 20 minutes with a little boss battle. 1 secret." - MichaelP (28-Nov-2014)

"The shortest entry in Skribblerz Stonez 4 feels like a direct continuation of the first Museum level with the same kind of atmosphere and many objects and textures used in both levels. There's still a lot of running around vast areas, some good sliding puzzles, if a bit easy at second glance, and a few jump sequences with rotating fires that are no threat at all. The looks don't quite significantly change, with the lighting being a tad less bland and flat as in the first part, and only a few textures make up for a change from all those grey rooms. Some levers and doors miss sounds, but that's not a large issue. While the level feels rather interesting to follow it doesn't quite reach the same standard of most of the other Skribblerz levels, yet remains a fun 20 minute game. Found one secret." - manarch2 (28-Aug-2014)
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