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Author(s): rufierto
total rating:8.30 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bigfoot 10 9 10 10
JesseG 8 9 7 8
Kiva 9 8 6 8
manarch2 7 8 8 8
MichaelP 8 8 9 8
category averages
(5 reviews)
8.40 8.40 8.00 8.40

Reviewer's comments

"A nice but short level. It combines Combat, Puzzles and Jumps very good, but the atmosphere (for the most part) was weak. i enjoyed this litttle trip alltogether." - Kiva (30-Aug-2016)

"The third level of the series brings Lara through some nefarious temple, jungle, and lava areas in search of a mask. The gameplay to me was the strongest part of the level, with a nice balance of combat, pushblock puzzles, and traps. In particular I enjoyed the challenge players faced when getting to the secrets (I found 2 of them). The atmosphere was the weakest - and by that I mostly mean the geometry, which I feel should have been constructed more carefully. I found several places that could easily serve as a minor shortcut or reach the edge of the world. The textures also could have used more attention, as several triangle faces weren't rotated correctly. The lighting helps compensate however, and does a good job contributing to the climate of each area. Overall, while this level doesn't feel as polished as the other Stonez levels, it packs quite a nice variety of things into a fun raid. Time: 52 minutes." - SSJ6Wolf (23-Oct-2015)

"The end came rather sudden after just under 40 minutes, but until then I thoroughly enjoyed myself in this quest, which starts with a mild brain teaser of a push/raising block puzzle that was fun and then offers a nice mix of traps, enemies and jumps to master along your way. The flipmap from inside to otuside was a nice surprise and meeting up with a TRex is always a good moment in a TR Level. Found the 3 not so hard secrets as well. Very solid offering - an enjoyable raid." - MichaelP (28-Nov-2014)

"This particular level starts with a cleverly designed multi globe puzzle that is visited several times in the first half. Later on there's a teleport effect to a kind of prehistoric outside area which is very nicely put into scene. There are quite a few interesting platforming sequences throughout, yet most of them don't quite present a large challenge as they are straightforward and pretty easy. The atmosphere is quite solid in both parts, yet the sceneries have a bit of a too sterile feel and especially the outside areas don't feel quite natural. The texturing is pretty clean, but the lighting feels a bit uniform and could be improved on some occasions. On the plus side there's good use of sounds and cameras, and the three secrets are nicely placed, yet it's still a level that I left with mixed feelings after 25 minutes." - manarch2 (28-Aug-2014)

"A very nice level who start in a temple who remembers me The Library of tr4 with nice pushables and some items to find. I really like the moment when Lara use the "Gift of Kings" and was teleported in prehistoric periods whis Dinosaurs, small village and even a pyramid. I have really enjoying the gameplay inside the pyramid to give the Skribblers Stone. The level is not really hard and I think could be play by everyone even by the beginners. The three secrets are also not really hard to find. Maybe a pity the author use some tr4 objects with 128 textures but I don't think it's really important. The lighting is very well use too, not too dark and not to clear. All aeras has in one atmosphere like three very small levels. Recommended :)." - Bigfoot (26-Aug-2014)
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