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Author(s): Leonvdn
total rating:9.28 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 9 10
Gerty 10 9 10 9
Jose 9 10 10 9
manarch2 8 9 9 9
MichaelP 10 9 9 8
Phil 9 8 9 8
Ryan 9 9 10 10
category averages
(8 reviews)
9.25 9.25 9.50 9.13

Reviewer's comments

"If you've played the levels of this series in the order suggested by the load screen and in the walkthrough, the first thing that strikes you is that this concluding level does not have the eye-pleasing looks of the first three levels, almost if it had been built with a different engine (and judging from the "new" moves exhibited here, this could well have been the case). Although the surroundings have been crafted with the same artful detail as exemplified by the other levels, they're shrouded in darkness so that it's difficult to appreciate them to the fullest. To his credit, the builder has provided more than enough flares to get through, but for crying out loud, why not just light up your level so that I and others can enjoy ourselves (and the fruit of your diligent labors) while we're playing? This is basically a trapfest, typical of this builder's other offerings, but the tasks are not overly difficult, especially if you make use of Dutchy's clear and concise walkthrough. It took me an hour and 25 minutes to complete the level, and I had a good time here. Recommended." - Phil (15-Oct-2017)

"Very long level, not easy to play with a lot of traps and many dangerous situations. At least the timed runs were not too hard. Excellent architecture and texturization, a bit dark for my taste, the enemies are very well balanced and even the hydras were not too hard to kill. The best was that the author insures that the player doesn't abandone the areas without the necessary items. There are also enough ammo, guns and medipacks to be sure that the player can finish without problems. For me the best of all four levels in this series. Definitely a jewel of the custom levels you can't miss. Highly recommended." - Jose (26-Sep-2017)

"Brilliantly done, I must say. This level does not let you in easy as you have to master a series of fiendish traps (including moving circular blade traps and rotating flamethrowers), use Lara's new moves and negotiate tricky acrobatic manoeuvres to find the final Skribblerz Stonez. It's nice to find a level that manages to achieve a darkish ambience without resorting to excessive darkness. Good thing, too as the surroundings are beautifully made. A fitting end to this series and my personal favourite of the series." - Ryan (08-Jun-2017)

"I will completely ignore the praisable visuals and begin with pointing out the red horizon because what really shows a builder's class is the ability not to ruin the game with simple yet wrong choices which affect everything - it was very easy to pick blue, green, orange, purple or yellow sky but Leon chooses red which sets the perfect contrast to underline the entire level and so everything becomes fitting including the default red ninjas. And since everything else makes equal artistic sense, I will stop here. Platforming is also masterful - the place is very small and tight but every sector is so useful eRIC would be proud. The game uses familiar elements given a totally new function to satisfy my hidden need to witness evolution in progress, and the music in stargate corridor is so grotesque even death was a new happy experience, then performed by the fired ninja as well. The ending was a tad downhill, I felt too much babysitted because when I see an artifact protected by deadly flames I don't need an instruction to disable them, especially after I was doing that all the way to the place without being told to. The music in this location shouldn't be looped, especially if it's the only tune which could be replaced with something more fitting. Last, the finish trigger should be 1-2 squares further because even though it's clear Lara escapes the temple, I still got that nasty impression of staying trapped in the cramped corridors, btw why not to grant some open space to interrupt them any other time during the game - wouldn't it be great to see some local oasis for a bit of break? Globally, the game has a viral midair roll error so please fix it because it should never happen a good level like this has a basic mistake like that. SUMMARY: Without a breath just like Forgotten Scribe, but mostly far beyond any TRLE desires you could have so play and learn efficient space usage especially if you're a builder." - DJ Full (01-Mar-2017)

"This is great level and I was glad that I still remembered quite a bit from the beta testing I did, as exploring is a must. Nice traps where you have to put on your thinking cap and that will keep you on your toes. The enemies are placed very well and the flybys are very helpful. Loved the flares that kept on burning for a long time. I liked the new textures and the architecture of it all. The timed runs were doable and there is some tricky jumping to do as well. All in all I had a great time (again) going through this level." - Gerty (13-Jan-2017)

"Quite an awesome experience here - as it is rare for me these days that I play a level in one straight session, but this one just keeps you on your toes and makes you explore the next corner, and the next, and the next... There are many traps to master, quite an array of enemies to fight and all that mixed with a few clever jump sequences, moderate timed runs and a few nice secrets. I also really liked the choice of music and some cool variations of well known traps, like the moving slicer dicer. The only thing that did not work so well for me were the textures, which while individually beautiful seeemd a bit of a mix in their application that I found not so convincing, but that is a minor gripe in an otherwise truly inspiring level that you should not miss to play." - MichaelP (19-Dec-2014)

"The best level of Skribblerz Stonez 4 with a quite unique atmosphere, with most objects and textures being new, and there are some particular interesting objects like the moving circular blade traps, coffins and fires. The texturing and lighting are done with utter precision and it's hard to fault them, yet I think that every room looks too similar to each other so that the looks don't quite excel. The architecture of the areas is quite well done, and things like audio tracks, flybys (especially the one with the ninja that gets killed) etc. are handled professionally, yet the areas are too small scale to be uttermost breathtaking. One personal thing is that strange red horizon that felt rather unrealistic. Gameplaywise, there are lots of different tasks that include a number of nice puzzles, timed runs and jumps, and the task density is pretty high, yet everything moves on a bit too quickly and thus doesn't reach a high level of immersion. There is some particularly nice use of new moves and there are a lot of text hints that help you in the puzzles. Overall I enjoyed my time in this level quite a lot and it's certainly one of the best level from the series in general, though it still lacks a certain something to get really top ratings at least from me. I found three secrets in the 40 minutes I spent in here." - manarch2 (28-Aug-2014)

"I think it's finally time to give a perfect 10 to this adventure because it was a VERY EXITING ADVENTURE through babylon atmosphere. This level is perfect and we have also a very nice use of Meta2tr to give a more realistic design. I have really enjoying the gameplay with a mix of brain teaser, action and killing like the hydra at the end. Very nice news objects like a real babylonian or sumerian theme. So I don't think speak more about this game is necessary. To resume it's a JEWEL with everything we can found in a Tomb raider game. Congratulation to the author. 10 10 10 10 ====> because 11 was impossible." - Bigfoot (26-Aug-2014)
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