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Author(s): GMac
total rating:7.67 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 5 7 7 7
Jose 6 7 8 10
Lara_Fox_Croft 8 5 6 8
manarch2 7 7 8 7
MichaelP 7 7 9 9
misho98 7 9 8 9
Orbit Dream 7 7 9 9
Phil 8 8 9 9
Ryan 7 7 9 9
category averages
(9 reviews)
6.89 7.11 8.11 8.56

Reviewer's comments

"Unlike the second Museum level that I played before this one, this is situated around one giant Hall with bridges and surrounding balconies. Because of this, it can get slightly tedious when your next objective is located near the other end of the game map. That (and maybe the lack of enemies that might not suit some players) must be the only weakness in this otherwise well put together level. Despite that, it does manage to be entertaining and throws in a few nifty spike and trap sequences, plus three secrets and a brilliantly thought out torch puzzle near the end. The environments and texturing are as well done as you would expect from George, and for those who aren't afraid of running around a bit, this is a well done raid." - Ryan (21-Apr-2019)

"I played both Museum levels at about the same time and found them equally impressive. The first installment is a bit longer at fifty minutes, and like the second one the game map covers a huge swath of territory. I felt that the flybys overstayed their welcome more than once, but the gameplay is inventive and challenging. The time-saving device of jumping into transportation lights was considerate to the player, although the guardian played little role except to get in the way during the elaborate torch exercise near the end. The secret statuettes are named after other members of the Skribblerz team. Lighting and texturization are quite player-friendly, and I had a good time here. Recommended." - Phil (09-Oct-2017)

"As usual from this author, perfect design with a good architecture, texturization and lighting. There are also many flybys with cool musics to create a good atmosphere, but I missed some camera shots when using switches or placing keys to guide the player. Very few enemies to shoot, the gameplay is not very good except for pure explorers who can enjoy the nice environments, 'cause it's based only about look for keys and pull some switches, except the entertaining tasks with the torch to light those bowls. Even so I can recommend this level, nice to play and with no difficult tasks, suitable for beginners." - Jose (03-Sep-2017)

""Without getting into adventures..." What adventures? Why am I here, what am I supposed to discover and who's that guy helping me? Is there any meaning, any explanation or am I again digging too deep into something I should just play? But that's what I do by default so the need for understanding is bound to appear in the next order. One thing I really liked is the dragon names, it would be great if everything else had equally solid background. SUMMARY: It's epic, it's monumental, it's GMac being GMac but this time it feels like a chunk ripped from a bigger context never to reveal." - DJ Full (28-Feb-2017)

"The first flyby shows you a massive area but you're actually going to explore all and be done it about half an hour or a little more. I thought it would be a non linear adventure with lots to explore but there's actually a certain way to do everything. The tasks were definitely fun but you can feel that something is lacking. You also get a lot of cool weapons in the beginning but the only enemies you encounter are dogs that are easy to deal with. There's a lot of empty space to run trough and it can get boring at times but the massive rooms are quite impressive actually and the idea to teleport trough floors is clever. The final puzzle with the torch was interesting although not really hard, I also liked the combination of fire and spike traps. The whole place doesn't really look like a museum, more like a temple. Music was overly dramatic at times not really fitting with the situation. Other than that this is one solid game with pretty good visuals and a nice relaxed atmosphere." - misho98 (30-Dec-2015)

"g&p=the level was not so creative in term of gameplay, we have so TR4 basic gameplay, swithes door and keys, for a big part of the level, but near the end we have a quite nice puzzle with the wooden torch mixed with raising blocks (this part was the best. You have some traps, spikes, burners... E,O&S= I found 2 secrets, with the name of (I guess reviewers/beta testers) people. objects were not really amagazing and looked a bit out of place, I suppose the builder took objects on internet without creating them. Enemies were dogs. Really easy to deal with. A,S,C= It was quite good, even if a bit empty. Sounds were not so good a bit too "different" each other. L&T= I saw some "compressed" textures (the problem of triangle) except this, it was nice (lighting is pretty good). To conclude, the level was not so bad, compare to some levels, but it sounds like a big and empty amount of rooms." - Lara_Fox_Croft (24-Jan-2015)

"I'm surprised that this level has been described as a half-hour adventure,as it kept me thoroughly occupied for around 70 minutes.It is undoubtedly true,though,that there is not a particularly large amount of activity spread over that duration and gargantuan playing area.In fact,on a few occasions,it was a beautiful level involving Lara on a search for some gameplay. Nonetheless,the torch puzzle was creative;and the use of teleporters to propel you upwards or downwards was quite nifty.Mostly,though,this was all about running through a huge environment suffused with this authors trademark 'gothic grey'.The texturing and lighting were of the high standard you would expect;sound and cameras were used pleasingly;and objects were placed with great care.This is a classic exploration level taking place within a grand environment;but you may find yourself using the sprint key more often than you'd like,and unfortunately not because of any timed runs (which would perhaps have been a useful addition)." - Orbit Dream (29-Nov-2014)

"Sometimes, initial flybys can fool you... with the one here, you may think you are up for a massive raid, as it conveys a huge area to explore, but in fact you should be done in about 30 minutes. And that is maybe the biggest weakness of this level, as there is a lot of literally empty space to explore. It does not get too tedious though, largely thanks to the use of the teleporters, but it still feels rather undemanding for the player. Nevertheless, the progression and required activity is smooth, the torch puzzle room is clever and fun, you meet up with the guide a few times and can find 3 secrets along the way, as you reach the four museum keys in largely linear sequence. So. not a bad adventure at all, in classic style of the builder." - MichaelP (24-Nov-2014)

"A pretty short offering here and best described as an ideal beginner level. The gameplay isn't very diverse, but what you get here is pretty interesting, mostly created by the nice sense of height and the multiple teleporters (the experience wouldn't be nearly as good if Lara had to run up and down long and painful stairs all the time). There are some small trap sessions where your only goal is to avoid the spikes and fires on a flat level, and a rather interesting torch puzzle, but nothing is too demanding and new players will be pleased by this game. Overall though the exploration for several keys is interesting, but it doesn't make up for a memorable gameplay experience. The setting is pretty solid overall, introduced with very nice cutscenes, and the texturing is nearly faultless. Still, I felt like there's too much of the same in every area, so a bit more diversity in the use of textures would've suited the level well, and while the lighting is quite good in small scale rooms, it feels a bit flat in the larger ones. The various colour light effects don't really hide this. Given the used setting, there could've been more decorative areas, and only five or so jackals as the only enemies for the shotgun and revolver pickups at the start are a bit low. Still, I liked the hideout of the three secrets which require careful observation and a bit of planning (at the third), and the use of the guide is rather smart too. The music can get very dramatic at times where there's no real need for, but this time it rather added to the atmosphere of this giant area, as well as the dizzying and long flybys. Overall I spent 25 enjoyable minutes in here. Welcome back." - manarch2 (16-Jul-2014)
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