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Author(s): Aza
total rating:8.70 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Drakan 10 10 10 10
JesseG 8 9 9 8
manarch2 7 8 8 9
MichaelP 8 9 9 9
Relic Hunter 7 8 9 9
category averages
(5 reviews)
8.00 8.80 9.00 9.00

Reviewer's comments

"This was an enjoyable and well-rounded raid. The best part to me was the use of objects. There were some creepy one- eyed aliens, the moving receptacles, and the boss at the end. My least favorite part was the fog, which is quite atmospheric but just a bit too thick for my taste. The gameplay had a little of everything: torches, pushblocks, timed runs, and combat. This level should be a pleasing raid for all kinds of raiders. Time: 57 minutes." - SSJ6Wolf (13-Nov-2015)

"I enjoyed this level dedicated to Bedazzled. It is very pretty in texturing, lighting and building (with input from the fog that gives a very good render). Everything is done with care. The puzzles are very good and there is nothing difficult. The music is very well chosen and enjoyable. to make absolutely." - Drakan (04-Feb-2015)

"Aside from the touching aspect of being a tribute to a very valuable community member (who sadly is no longer with us at the time of me writing the review), this is a rather competent level of about 45 minutes that will draw you in with dense and very accomplished atmosphere and a few rather unique touches. Excellent use of fog throughout, some tough battles, with the highlight of having to conquer the queen (head) by shooting out the eyes, maybe a few too sneakily hidden jump switches and occasionally a bit of back and forth between areas that seems to artificially prolong the game, but nothing too bad in terms of backtracking to really worry about. So, very happy to finally see this listed at, 3 years after its original release, which triggered me to get around to play it after all and it was time well spent..." - MichaelP (14-Oct-2014)

"I got hooked into the level with its neat castle aesthetic and the dense yet never overbearing fog effect, and felt quite eager to explore my surroundings. The lights and textures fit together well to create a fairly warm and mysterious atmosphere befitting of the stone and brick tiles of the castle, while also adding in a natural spin with some vegetation and more natural environmental architecture to keep things fresh. The areas are nicely constructed and are an improvement on the author's use of space in a level, and the boss room is rather impressive. Though I felt that it wasn't always clear what to do in certain rooms. I got stuck at the beginning for a while trying to make sense of what my actions changed in the main room as I couldn't always tell how I deactivated certain traps or what the proper progression path was. Once the author's expectations of carefully observing the environment sink in the gameplay becomes more brisk and better paced. I felt that the level can benefit from introducing better challenges and puzzles, as there is a good amount of switch finding or activating things on certain tiles, and not enough of interesting platforming or some logic puzzles. The boss posed a nice challenge of avoiding its death beam and I wished that kind of challenge would have lasted a little longer. For what it is though, Bedazzled provides a solid hour of good entertainment." - Relic Hunter (05-Sep-2014)

"With any of Aza's works you can be sure to get a good, even if not exceptional, level that is thoroughly entertaining from start to finish and has strong looks too. This special effort has a unique atmosphere with its densely fog effects and a very nice warm lighting. Lookwise there's not really much to fault in here except maybe that the level lacks major standout areas, but each room is crafted with enough care that makes it quite believable. I also liked the choice of music, which creates a very nice feeling at times, especially the modern track at the start. Here and there the architecture feels a bit artificial and the texturing could be a little more clean, but that's about it. The gameplay moves on briskly from one room to another without being too quick, and there are some particularly nice platforming parts, but it's a bit low on actual puzzles and there are a few longer backtracks but more than often the builder has provided useful shortcuts so that is quite okay. A very sweet, but also quite short level at 35 minutes that surely manages to please everyone. Found the three secrets of which the last one offers a nice extra puzzle." - manarch2 (27-Aug-2014)
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