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Author(s): Angea
total rating:6.54 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 7 5 7 4
Dutchy 6 5 4 5
Gerty 6 8 7 7
High Priestess 6 5 5 6
Jay 6 8 7 7
Jose 6 8 7 7
Lara_Fox_Croft 8 8 7 7
manarch2 5 6 6 6
MichaelP 6 8 6 6
Orbit Dream 7 8 7 8
Phil 7 7 8 8
Rambo 5 7 6 6
Ryan 6 8 7 7
sonnyd83 7 8 6 5
category averages
(14 reviews)
6.29 7.07 6.43 6.36

Reviewer's comments

"This is a level that will likely put a smile on your face. The rooms are rather square and the lighting is probably a bit too bright and colourful, but it does have a certain something that fits the fairytale setting. In gameplay terms, it's very straightforward, with nothing much to tax the (experienced or inexperienced) player (the traps are easy to avoid and the pushable puzzle is obvious), but it does have a certain feeling of charm running through the heart of it and the modified enemies were a nice addition. Not a Hall of Famer, but a pleasant experience nevertheless." - Ryan (23-Apr-2018)

"gameplay&puzzles: I don't really understand why this level has these rates for the gameplay, everything works correctly, and this is pleasant, maybe the 3 levers was a bit 'hard' to understand, but not that much, I mean 3 levers, this is not too long for a try. Ok, the level is short, but put a 5 is really hard...Even if the puzzles were not that genious they still better than "push levers to open doors". Enemies, object&secrets: I did find any secrets, statistics show "0/70" but I suppose there is no real secret in the level. Enemies were nice and quite easy to deal with (the horsewoman was a bit buggy (harms seperate to shoulders).Objects were nice, Thanks to Apofyse and Magplus ! Atmosphere, sound & cameras: I did like the news sounds, thanks to SFXmanager (Magplus)!Musics are cools and fit to the level. The atmosphere was nice, even if a bit "non magical". There is maybe a lack of cameras but its ok. Lighting&textures: textures were seamless, so quite good, even if a bit "the same everywhere" but for a castle level this is quite normal, you can't put 200 different textures if you want a coherent architecture. Lighting was too brigh for me. the level is easy and worth to play, recommanded !" - Lara_Fox_Croft (23-Aug-2015)

"Colourful level with nice texturization but simple architecture. I was amazed of the new objects and enemies; for me the best of the level. I think lights are not well worked, 'cause often the rooms are very bright. No tricky tasks except in the room with three floor levers: what's the hint to know the secuence to pull them? Nice musics and correct cameras, I missed some more flybies, traps, enemies, ammo and another guns to take some action. Anyway a level worth to play." - Jose (12-Feb-2015)

"No idea where this game is set in though I can agree it mostly resembles a castle, however a very mixed up one. Pickups are great, plants are cartoonish and furniture is none. Repeat for great puzzles (including one especially creative pushable, though I still would like to move two balls instead of four), cartoonish texturing and no lighting, with exception that we can see something. Add to that some neat touches like: teleporting us back through one of the harder traps to avoid a tedious backtrack through it; a magical aquarium sequence I've seen in no other game; or a choice between watching or skipping credits before the game ends. But if the finish is that original, why to conclude it just by pressing a switch in the dark? Did Lara obtain the artifact just to get stuck in the dark below a trapdoor? The final blend of good and bad occurs in the enemy field: we get plenty of revolver bullets, but this is still not enough for multiple horsemen, harpies or unusually resistant, lion-like creatures, so we often find ourselves switching weapons in the middle of the fight - and despite of free path choice in the castle we'll be more prepared for a certain fairy ambush if we follow the order of pickup names. SUMMARY: Balance is the key this builder haven't found yet, but I smell a talent in here and I hope to uncover more of it in the future - so I'll recomend this one despite of relatively low ratings." - DJ Full (17-Oct-2014)

"My frequent gripes about dark levels have become somewhat legendary in the community, much like my former penchant for admitting use of the flycheat in spots where I found myself unable after repeated attempts to proceed as the builder intended. There is a spirited exchange going on right now in the reviews forum related to the darkness issue, and I am elated to hear MMan say that it may soon become possible to provide in-game gamma adjustment for TR4 levels. If so, such relief could not come soon enough for me. Others have taken issue with my assessment of what's too dark in a level, and that's fine. What's sauce for the goose may not be sauce for the gander. But if anyone is interested in what I consider a level that provides good lighting, just check out Sonne. Sure, it's bright and colorful and even a bit cartoonish, but I have no trouble whatever seeing everything around me quite clearly and there's never any question of missing something in the shadows. I imagine some people would consider the lighting in levels such as this one to be "flat" or "uneven," but those terms have no meaning for me. All it takes to make me happy is to be able to see what I'm doing. If that means flat or uneven lighting, then so be it. As for the gameplay in Sonne, it's simple and rather straightforward. The retextured enemies are well rendered, and the 50 minutes of net gaming time makes this a level of average length. Nothing to rave about, but pleasant enough." - Phil (09-Oct-2014)

"A simple but pleasing level of about 40 minutes that largely relies on presenting you with strong use of rainbow colours and nicely remodeled fairytale enemies. Progression is smooth and rather easy, with a few mild traps, one not so hard timed challenge and a rather obvious push puzzle. The enjoyable visuals are spoiled a bit by the rather Basic and square architecture, but all in all it is a nice raid that will likely put a smile on your face." - MichaelP (21-Sep-2014)

"Visually,this stays faithful to the builders previous level.It's all bright,sunny and colourful - which is fine for a while,but it doesn't lend itself to particularly immersive atmosphere.Gameplay was a somewhat stop-start affair,caused by an imbalanced 'switch/camera clue' ratio,which definately discriminated against the latter. Nonetheless,there was an undeniable feeling of fun which ran throughout;helped by some amusing and colourful enemies (I loved the bouncing blue lions)and objects.The puzzles were never too difficult to work out (especially now that there's a Walkthrough available) and there were some neat visual effects. This is a level which it would be churlish to dislike,so those who want an hour or so of bright and colourful exploration would be well recommended to give this a go." - Orbit Dream (21-Sep-2014)

"This is rather different than her previous one and even if the lights were kind of bland, it is a vast improvement gameplay wise in my opinion. The levers blended in so good that I passed them several times before spotting them. But all in all it is a nice romp." - Gerty (21-Sep-2014)

"What a charming little level this is, with its rainbow colours, lovely artwork and delightfully re-textured objects - heart shaped medipacks, a 'horseman' riding a unicorn, even the scary fairies are enchanting with their butterfly wings. The gameplay is simple and readily achievable for all players and even with all the enemies it manages to feel quite relaxing. OK, it's not Hall of Fame material, but it's impossible to dislike." - Jay (12-Sep-2014)

"A nice use of colour in this level but not so much it is hard on the eye. The castle setting was pleasant although it took me longer to complete than it should due to reloading a previous save after days of not playing whereby a chain hadn't been pulled (much to my forgetfulness), leaving me perplexed as to why I could not progress. Also my inability to spot a ladder on a pool structure delayed my progress. There was perhaps only one "tedious" enemy - the fairy creature on horseback which involved an enormity of jumping around a fairly small enclosure whilst firing incessantly. Once she was on ground level she was fairly easy to finish off. A pleasant little exploration with cheerful colours to add to the warmth of the environment and far nicer than castle levels where dark and dingy corridors dominate." - High Priestess (08-Sep-2014)

"Not a bad level, didn't play the previous one so no comparison there by me. Texturing was very boring for my taste, just paste the same texture over all the walls except for some colored painting textures here and there. Lighting was non-existent, all rooms are the same inside or outside which also makes it rather boring and it could have looked much better with light/shadow effects. The block puzzle was too much... come on, FOUR times the same (except for the appearing enemies)? Other puzzles were better thought out. Next time try to do something more with textures, lighting and I might play again." - Dutchy (08-Sep-2014)

"Gameplay & Puzzles: There is not so much to do here, the builder's other level has better puzzles. For example, the room with five levers to use is boring as well as the block puzzle which has to be done four times. Some nice ideas are still there. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Same as in the builder's other level, also no secrets. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The architecture is also simple, and there is not a very special atmosphere here. Sounds and cameras are okay. Lighting & Textures: Textures are a bit too much of the same, and the lighting is flat often, but there's still good use of colour, not that much as in the builder's other level. Total: 6/10, the builder has shown she can do better so this is a bit disappointing." - Rambo (03-Sep-2014)

"Named after a song by Rammstein, this is one of the more unusual levels I've played. This took me 1 hour 45 but could be done in less because items are hidden quite well. The action takes plays in what appears to be a fairytale castle, full of you've guessed it, fairies, and violent ones at that. The whole look of the castle I'm sure was intended to be very pleasant and colourful, but a major issue was the extremely repetitive wall texturing near the start, a little more variety would have been good. With regards to the gameplay, I feel one or two things were a little elusive, e.g. the placement of the pushable globes, I did figure it out, but there was no way to know where to place them, other than looking at the direction of the levers. You need to get hold of a crown, but there's some hard work involved. You need to fight a few fairies both in the air and on horse, negotiate a few swinging plants, a lever puzzle where the clue is in the colour of the water. It's better within the castle than outside in my opinion. Some of the sound effects are quite nice, e.g. the sparkling noise when the rising block comes down. All in all, a very pleasant level which is quite inviting and not too difficult, but further work on the textures and lighting is required, and one or two more clues would be useful." - sonnyd83 (30-Aug-2014)

"This is definately a more eye pleasing level than the builder's first effort, with still rather colourful, yet more decent textures used in here and overall the fairy tale atmosphere works OK. But at the end this is still a fairly flat level, architecture is very simplistic (I liked the look over the castle ground from the high tower though) and the lighting fairly bland. I didn't quite enjoy the gameplay as much as in the builder's debut, for most puzzles in here concern using a number of levers in each room and aren't as creative as they could be. Also I came upon the sun flower by chance, it's too obscure to place it in a room you'd never visit again. The enemies and objects are largely the same as in the builder's debut, and overall there could be more ammo so that the fights would be halfway interesting, just shooting several minutes with pistols only is boring. I hope the builder keeps up with the good ideas in her first level and takes the looks of this one as foundation to improve. Found no secrets in 25 minutes." - manarch2 (29-Aug-2014)
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