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Author(s): Sarikman
total rating:9.22 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
AdamR 10 10 10 10
alan 10 10 10 10
Ceamonks890 9 9 8 9
DatoDavid 10 9 10 9
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
Ekrixi 10 9 10 9
Fabi 5 10 9 8
Jose 8 9 9 9
Lokky99 10 10 10 10
manarch2 9 9 9 8
Phil 9 9 9 9
Rainmaker 10 10 10 10
Rambo 7 8 8 8
requiemsoul 9 10 9 10
Ryan 10 9 9 9
SlyRaider 10 10 10 10
Torry 8 8 9 7
Xela 10 10 10 9
category averages
(18 reviews)
9.06 9.39 9.39 9.06

Reviewer's comments

"This is a huge level set comparable to the original TR3 game in length. The challenges were to my mind overly difficult and there were two parts that I remained hopelessly stuck, one in level two involving a ridiculous hoist, back flip, twist and veer to reach a platform above a pool of toxic waste and the second in level 11 with a extremely tight timed run over flaming platforms. ( SAVES on these two are to be found in the relative threads in the TRLE forums now thanks to Scottie and Vimmers). TR does not need to be this hard guys. We play for fun and relaxation not because we need frustration and anger in our lives (any more than is already there). This is why I downgraded the gameplay score. You start off as Kurtis for the first 6 levels and the textures on Kurtis had me laughing as I was always offered a distinct brown eye whenever the poor lad was forced to crawl. Surely that could have been rectified. The levels were challenging and the series of jumps, twists and veers involved were simply put, too damn difficult. Save often is the mantra here (but then the game would crash often so something was not right) another reason to save often. Then one level as Sophia with the last 4 levels as Lara. The Lara levels also had their challenges (specifically the timed run mentioned earlier and a huge room with death tiles all about and one with invisible tiles). The story line was good but I found the presenters hard to understand at times. I had to refer to the walk through on more occasions than I care to admit as there were really insufficient clues provided in game on how to proceed. All in all a pleasurable albeit frustrating raid." - Torry (19-Mar-2018)

"This is an amazing TR3 style adventure. You have the chance to assume the role of Kurtis, Sophia and Lara, over the course of eleven levels. Each one is packed with challenging gymnastics, timed runs, puzzles and platforming sequences, as well as the kayak and UPV from the original Tomb Raider 3. It looks quite good for a game with this engine and overall I absolutely loved the experience and didn't want it to end. Took me 9.5 hours to complete." - Ryan (28-Dec-2016)

"The best Tomb Raider game I have ever played until now. Loved playing as Kurtis, Sophia and of course Lara Croft. I must say this levelset is awesome, it's challenging, loved fighting bosses like Tony, Puna, the giant spider and other ugly creatures. The atmosphere and background music is fantastic. Very nice work with the loading screens. But also a very interesting storyline, with dialogues included. It seems you took a lot of time and effort to make this game, that's why you deserve the hall of fame and a 100% rating. I took 9 hours and 53 minutes to complete it all (I took breaks, obviously) and I could find 26 secrets of 39, also gald to hear a new chime ;) In this game we can see that a TR3 engine is a very powerful one, congrats!" - alan (16-Oct-2016)

"All I said about the basic version is also valid for this one, since the original levels are pretty much the same. Certain things like crashes or the block pushable have been fixed and the game got expanded with a whole solid build-up to the original part, so an adventure which felt complete feels even more defined. I seriously think the mines and the kayak don't quite belong and feel forcibly implemented, or maybe parts of them should go so the rest could be merged into a single level, what would add speed to the prisoner escape. Combat remains difficult as hell but I still awarded enemies with max score since outsmarting them feels great especially in the facility part, and several major and voiced characters act here as well. Some secrets are very clever, other are just casual crawlspaces I tend to miss but overall they're useful and satisfying to collect. SUMMARY: The builder wanted to prove it's possible to make an epic game with an old engine. Point achieved. Now I recommend him to launch the NG-nes and plunge into the world of the official editor so he can surprise us all including himself. Highly recommended with a dose of battle patience." - DJ Full (02-Jun-2016)

"An epic adventure. Fantastic traps and platforms, a lot of amazing enemies, good "block puzles", excellent music, solid aestehic and some hard section using vehicles A must-have. Highly Recommended and well-deserved Hall of Fame." - requiemsoul (15-Oct-2015)

"I have to blaim myself for ignoring the existence of this reboot, since it is out for so long and I forgot to play it and review it, as I promised Sarikman long time ago, before he released this adventure. I stopped playing levels for some months now and I quited writting reviews, but I had to keep that promise and actually I didn't regret it at all. This adventure is amazing. I liked it even more than TR3. The gameplay really takes you back at old memories, but also it is offering a new experience. The plot was linear, with the dialogues giving you clues about the story. I enjoyed the challenges (few are very difficult) and the bosses's fights. The textures and the lighting are very good for a TR3 level. I think it is one of the most beautiful TR3 levels. One drawback is the strange acts of objects at some areas. They seem to vanish when you are looking at them from certain angles. Music is once again well applied and you will listen to some really interesting tracks, few of them based on TR themes, like the menu theme which I enjoyed a lot. Highly recomended." - DatoDavid (01-Oct-2015)

"A very well-crafted re-imagining of the original 'Poseidons Sanctum', with brand new levels helping to compliment the overall design of the maps from the original release, with the latter receiving some nice, subtle tweaks to match the quality up with the newer ones. And while the voice acting hasn't really improved all that much since the 2011 version, that shouldn't stop you from playing what is now the definitive interpretation of 'Poseidons Sanctum'. Highly recommended, especially if you enjoyed the original." - Ceamonks890 (26-Jul-2015)

"An awesome adventure when we can control several characters. I had really impressed by this TRLE Adventures and I would like create a walkthrough of it! If you ask you if you must test this level, I answer you yes, of course, without wait more time!!" - SlyRaider (05-Apr-2015)

"Few years before, I decided not to write more reviews 'cause I realised this isn't my style and I just played levels without reviewing anymore, but playing this level this month, I couldn't just not tell anything about it. Having played the original, this was a refreshing remake and a great expansion. I couldn't imagine that we are able to play TR3 levels not with just one character, but with three different and all of them work perfectly. Also, it is a nice scenario of what may have happened to Kurtis after AOD. You will start as Kurtis who is imprisoned by Sophia who is trying to get Kurtis's mental powers so she is using drugs on him. Kurtis's abilities are reduced by the drugs and he needs a potion to restore them. So, you will find yourself trying to escape from Sophia's facilities and make a cure from her plants. You are unarmed and this is something very interesting, because Kurtis will use his abilities to warn you and help you find solutions on how to kill the guards without weapons. You will encounter mercenaries and mutants and finally Kutis takes a kayak and leaves this prison. Then he will get into a mines cave where you will use some mine carts (some of them are challenging) and you will find the key to a garage in order to take a quad bike and get to Lara's home. The Croft manor is very beautiful, even some of the items dissappear and reappear (I think TR3 isn't so strong to support them very well). This manor is much more beautiful than the original TR3 and here I'd like to add that the whole game is more beautiful than the TR3 which makes me wonder why on earth they didn't make the levels like Sarikman's back then. After all these, you will play as Sophia who is trying to find Poseidon's trident, so, she is digging. At the archeological dig you will encounter wasps, crocodiles and monsters. The spider boss was my favourite here. And then Lara shows up in the game. She is informed about what Sophia is planning and she is trying to find the trident before her. The gameplay is almost the same as the original game, but the lighting and the texturing are better applied now. The levels had great gameplay and now they look more beautiful. Well the whole game is a masterpiece for the TR3 lovers. It is beautiful, challenging, with nice plot, hard fights, ultimate use of acrobatic skills and you will face all the vehicles and bosses from TR3. I really liked the use of the cameras. There are many in all levels and sometimes it may not be convenient, but it gives a more cinematic atmosphere. Tottaly recomended, even if you avoid older engine's levels." - Ekrixi (28-Mar-2015)

"I am in a dilemma... From one side I see beautiful levels, cleverly arranged areas, nice to explore and on the other side I am REALLY FRUSTRATED by certain areas supposed to be hard. Certain traps just require ridiculous precision which turns a challenge into frustration. I don't even want to think about the kayak part. Aaaaargh! So annoying!! In a few words: Creative, beautiful, smart but often annoying." - Fabi (12-Mar-2015)

"This is a fairly great effort that managed to entertain for almost six hours. The amount of time the builder must have spent here is incredible, and even more so given this is a TR 3 effort. The gameplay is quite varied with vehicles of all sorts to be used, very nice use of traps and a few good puzzles, yet I feel that none of the levels come close to the last two levels of the original game (and also this one, as it follows the new levels) - both have a striking charm and are packed with great platforming and puzzle-based tasks. The other levels are very good too, yet there are some less exciting parts (Bioresearch Domain, Croft Manor in particular) where the gameplay felt a little tedious. But always when the game got a little slow a neat ride or task stopped that increasing boredom and this game absolutely never felt like an ordeal at all. There are many nicely built and placed enemies and objects which spice things up greatly, the "locking" of the guards in the first level, the help of the prisoner in the third and the UPV coming to my mind first, and the hunt for 39 more or less well hidden secrets will keep players on their shoes too. The quality of the atmosphere of the older levels has been maintained, while there are some slightly bland looking parts the architecture is almost as good as it can get in TR 3 adventures. I very much liked the choice of audios that really was very apt in every situtation, but as some others stated before, the overhead cameras were a few too many and the builder could've reduced them a bit. Textures, while generally competently used and often beautiful to look at, are sometimes a little rough around the edges and some look far too often mirrored. The "natural" environments aren't handled as well as the man-made structures like the buildings and temples and thus don't look quite as realistic as they could. The lighting is mostly good though, with only few places where a little more contrast would've been good (apart of the gamma change). Overall, this is a very complete and highly entertaining adventure with a great storyline and more things that spice up the thing than you'd expect in TR 3. Needless to say, it's highly recommended from me." - manarch2 (13-Feb-2015)

"My hat's off to Jose and manarch2, the former for taking the considerable time necessary to map out and write walkthroughs for this massive series, and the latter for locating and documenting all secrets and updating dmdibl's walk for the former release (four levels that are incorporated into this one at the end). There are six levels in which you play as Kurtis, a seventh as Sophia, and you conclude as Lara. You get a varied assortment of settings, including the standard TR3 vehicles (not to mention the UPV, which I hadn't encountered in quite a while). I easily averaged more than an hour for each of the seven levels reviewed here, and for some reason only one (Old Mines) was unusually - maybe even unreasonably - difficult for me. Some of those mine cart jumps and turns required multiple tries, and that segment with the breaktiles had me screaming with rage at times. The last rating category is a bit difficult for me to gauge, as in TR3 you have the gamma adjustment option (I played with mine set at 9). As for textures - well, again, it's TR3. For me it's kind of like watching women's tennis when you know Federer vs. Nadal is coming up next. I know, I'll get accusations that I'm a sexist for that comment, but reality is reality. Sarikman has done about as well as can be done with the old TR3 engine, but I'm starting to wonder why he invests all that time and energy when the newer tools are available for the production of more eye-pleasing adventures. Still, it's an engaging and fun raid, one that's recommended for a nice change of pace." - Phil (08-Feb-2015)

"Gameplay & Puzzles: There are good parts but there are not many new ideas, just the ones from TR3 being used a bit differently. Gameplay is sometimes challenging but sometimes boring, too many levers, too many unnecessary parts that make this level too long, too many repetitions of tasks played before (for example, the lasers). The older set was more entertaining, it's also in here but I didn't play it again, it's not very thrilling for the final levels as I already know what they are about. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Good enemy fights and some nice objects, some new ones and some nice which remind on the classic game. I liked the stealth parts. The secrets were also good mostly (some too easy). Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: This category is also not as good as it was before, the rooms are a bit bare, but architecture is quite good. Sounds are also very well done but cameras... a couple of fixed cameras are great, but there are several dozens in each level, way too many. It's really annoying that I always had to press the look button, also in jump sequences, after one reload. Lighting & Textures: This category is a bit better, the lighting is better now and the texture set is really something fresh. There are some mistakes, in the mines for most, and sometimes the textures didn't fit to the others. Total: 7,75/10, it would be better if this game wasn't too long, with many boring parts in between better to great ones." - Rambo (07-Feb-2015)

"This is by far one of the most beautiful levels made for TR3. Its atmosphere is fantastic, gameplay is very challenging and the music suits well. The story felt quiet completed with a smart use of dialogues and the variation of the playable characters. It was nice seeing mine cart one again in a game and it was quite interesting seeing what happens to Kurtis after AOD, from the creators perspective. You can actually recognize how complete this adventure is by just seeing the main menu and its lovely music track written for this level. It combines a classical orchestra with rock elements. Many times I spent in main menu just to listen to it. This time the author manage to handle the texture and the lights more successfully even in the levels from its previous release. The only thing I could find a bit annoying was the flickering of few objects at certain points but without having effects on your progress. All in all maybe it's the best level made with the unofficial level editor. Totally recommended." - Rainmaker (01-Feb-2015)

"Finally, after few weeks of gameplay, I finally made it to the end of this project and all I have to say, it's that it is awesome. I could never imagine a TR3 level could be so fantastic. Having played the original, I can't say that I saw many differences in gameplay in the four Lara's levels, but this game includes 7 more levels added in the beggining of it. Of course Lara's levels this time look even more beautiful and with much better lighting. I am very pleased to play these levels with that look. It is interesting how Sarikman made it possible to use three playable characters and the sounds of each one is well aplied. The gameplay is best about this game. You will meet some interesting puzzles, all well hinted if you have your eyes opened. The dialogues let the story role and many times they ar the hint for puzzles. There are parts which demands all the athetic skills of the character. The enemies are well chosen and many of them are strong enough, but with the right use of the right weapon they will turn the fights in really enjoyable scenes. The traps will cut your air. Also, the music tracks are well chosen and very nicely applied. I really loved the main menu theme, which is written inspired by this game. That shows us how much Sarikman tried to make this level-set, a complete game. I believe even Core couldn't make a game like this when they released TR3. The textures and the lighting are very beautiful and even it is an old engined game, you will forget it when you play a litle bit of the game. That makes me wonder why the builders of TR3 didn't make their levels look like it. The only thing that isn't realy nice, it's how few objects fade if you look at certain points in few areas of this game, but I think it is because of the old engine. Anyway, this is sonething that it won't disapoint you, as the game is a real masterpiece of TR3. You will spend your time very delightfully playing this reboot." - AdamR (26-Jan-2015)

"Another good work from this author. I don't know why he added the last four levels from his previous adventure, 'cause I couldn't find significant changes to replay them again. Anyway you don't need to play them again if you don't want, 'cause they are the last ones. The gameplay is good, with a lot of traps, gymnastics, action, some puzzles and all what you can demand for a TR adventure; sometimes there are tricky tasks forcing you to reload several times, but never impossible or frustrating. Enemies are well balanced and varied, all you remember the mutants, the giant wasps, etc. from the TR3 original game, and guns, ammo and medipacks are enough to finish the game with no problems. Perhaps there's an abuse of the fixed cameras in many areas, but you always can restore them with the "Look" button. The well choosen musics are very very good, for me the best of the game, and clever placed in appropriate locations. It's a pain that the author didn't use high resolution textures, but even so they are correctly applied and the environments are nice. Highly recommended for all the TR3 lovers." - Jose (23-Jan-2015)

"I enjoyed every single moment of this amazing adventure I loved every bit of it kurtis had really awesome levels Sophia's level was amazing and Lara's Levels where amazing as well just like the original Poseidons sanctum the boss fights were amazing too including puna's fight which was really awesome too" - Lokky99 (15-Jan-2015)

"This is a real treat for the TRLE community. A phenomenal set of levels that really put one's tomb raiding skills to the test. The story is actually rather involved for this manner of game, having multiple scenes of dialog that flesh out the plot in a coherent fashion. It substantially adds to the experience, and gives purpose to the athletics Kurtis, Sophia, and Lara put themselves through. The game will also hand you your nostalgia goggles, reinventing many of the more memorable sections from TR3, including the boss battles. That is part of the large amount of charm that this game has. And this is a full game. It took me eleven hours to beat this reboot, and whether I was shooting rockets at enemies' faces or gritting my teeth at some of the more difficult platforming sections, I was having a blast. This is one of the most satisfying custom level experiences I have had in a while simply because of how complete the adventure felt by the end. On the technical side of things, the TR3 engine shines here. All of the locations are well-constructed to be both functional and eye-drawing. While there are quite a few corridors to take Lara (or whoever you are playing) between sections, there still is plenty to take in and enjoy in terms of atmosphere. Lighting is also well-done, making caves dark and brooding, and places like Lara's Mansion almost serene (though don't let its looks fool you). The soundtrack is a wonderful compilation of both ambient and extreme pieces to fit both quiet and action-packed moments. Cameras are placed aptly, and greatly assist the player with some of the more difficult puzzles and jumps. Gameplay is fairly linear, but I don't think it takes away from the experience at all. There is something very satisfying about making it through some of the nail-biting sections. The puzzles are very similar, offering a decent challenge (for those who don't spend their lives solving puzzles), but never dipping into the realm of obscurity. While the answer might not be immediately obvious, it will be very rewarding when it finally shows itself. Secrets are more of a mixed bag; some are hidden with care and others are pretty obvious (though they come with tricky jumps). Overall, a nice balance of platforming, combat (including some stealth), and puzzle-solving. There are a couple things that could be considered for future levels. The most prominent point is that the early levels appear to be much more challenging than the later levels. This is probably at least partially due to the nature of the reboot--having levels added to the beginning of the sequence instead of after. It does, however, make some of Kurtis' obstacles rather annoying almost too quickly. Second, there are a couple of points when it is difficult to figure out what one is supposed to do. The example that comes to mind is in the Orthodox Church, where the item to get into the church seems like it should be inaccessible even though it is not, because of how the building is constructed (staying vague in case new players read this review). Still, none of this harms the experience one bit. Overall, this is an astounding piece of work. A lot of time was poured into making this game, and it pays off. It took me three days to complete, and every minute was well-spent. Granted, I have not played the original, so I am unsure how much was retained in the reboot. As a first-time player of Sarikman's work, I applaud them for their wonderful creation. I look forward to the next project, whatever that might be." - Xela (14-Jan-2015)
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